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How Nuclear Power Steals £Trillions from Sensible Energy Technologies

The French “safe reactor” experiment at Olkiluoto, Finland, echoes the nuclear industry’s record of abject failure.

“The Finnish Folly” has been a total disaster for all concerned. Initially backed by the hapless French taxpayer through French government loan guarantees, Areva, the French government-owned nuclear giant, began construction in 2005 on what was supposed to be the world’s safest nuclear power station. Countless design flaws have made the “safe reactor” a sick joke.  Google "Olkiluoto, Finland".         

In May 2007 Areva guaranteed a "final cost of €2.5" for the "safe reactor". Areva later admitted the project is four years behind schedule and presently €5 Billion over the guaranteed final cost of €2.5 Billion!

Finnish government ministers - now being accused of accepting bribes from the nuclear industry - could have spent the original €2.5 Billion on developing wind and solar energy. Those projects would now be up and running - and earning money.

Unlike wind power or solar power the costs of nuclear power go up over time rather than down. Despite the fact that French reactors are all of similar design, the cost of building their last reactor, in 1998, was 350% higher than forecast says Steve Thomas, professor of energy policy at the University of Greenwich in the U.K. The so-called “safe reactor” project will make the 1998 350% hike look small in comparison.   ( Another sick joke: Evaporator 4 Sellafield )

The French government habitually adjust facts and figures to favour nuclear power. The industry gets direct and undeclared indirect subsidies, government loans and loan guarantees, on anything they want. The myth that France gets 70-80 percent of its power from 58 reactors is often cited as the model for other countries. But the entire French nuclear industry is 85 percent owned by the government, who buy in green electricity from Germany, says Mycle Schneider, a Paris-based energy and nuclear policy analyst.

Government Cover-ups

French nuclear power has a long history of covering-up radioactive leaks. Only last year it became known that a nuclear waste dump in the Champaign Region has been leaking its poison, into the water table, for at least three years. Cover-ups and cost-overruns continue unabated with unashamed government collusion.

Another taxpayer funded “safe reactor” under construction In Flamanville, France, is falling years behind schedule and billions over budget.

Areva deny the “safe reactor” project could eventually be cancelled. They do however admit French and Finnish taxpayers will pay the final cost - whatever that maybe.


Professor of Economics Paul Joskow, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology stated., “A number of U.S. companies have looked with trepidation on the French  project and the magnitude of the money wasted so far.”

Building nuclear reactors is as much a waste of time and money now - as it was in the 1970's. When the accident, in a brand new reactor, at Three Mile Island, led to the cancellation of 42 proposed new reactors across the USA.

The atrocious Bush administration made it possible for Florida and Georgia to raise electricity rates so that consumers will foot the bill for new nuclear reactors, before construction even begins!
However; the rollout of “one-hundred new nuclear reactors” announced by President George W. Bush was nothing more than a lunatic’s pipe dream.

Nuclear power can not reduce greenhouse gases. Mining and processing the uranium and then looking after the nuclear waste, for the next two thousand years, will produce more carbon emissions than any other type of power station.
Nuclear power stations are the most expensive on earth.

see Environmental Maths



Chernobyl: Altered States - Nuclear fish

Everything that still grows around Chernobyl contains nuclear poison.These catfish no longer swim away from humans! You can step into this stream and catch them with your hands.

Eating one could kill you.

Everything that still grows around Chernobyl contains nuclear poison. Fish grow twice the size they used to, but only live half as long.


Below. Pripyat, the nearest ghost town to Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station, in August
, slowly disappearing in a nuclear poisoned forest of deformed nature.

Nuclear Power supporters are quite happy to let this happen to YOUR town!
Her Majesty's
in Her Majesty's
Parliament will tell you this can not happen in Britain.

Her Majesty's
Ministers swear their allegiance to the royal family and their maze of nuclear investments. Not to the British people.



                      Her Majesty's Parliament March 4, 2009
Asked how many new Chernobyl's Her Majesty intends to build in Britain?
Her Majesty's Minister for Energy, Mike O'Brien, replied.
"It will be for the [foreign] energy companies to determine how many. There should be no cap on the amount of new nuclear build. We are taking active steps to facilitate rapid early deployment of new nuclear build in the UK. This is demonstrated by events such as EDF's recent purchase of British Energy, and by the development of Joint ventures by RWE and E.ON, and Iberdrola, GDF Suez and SSE to participate in the development of new nuclear power stations." Hansard



Nuclear Wildfires


The Russian Ministry of Emergency Services is threatening to prosecute anyone who reports the growing radiation leaks from the wild fires on the Ukraine border - one of the area’s permanently poisoned by Chernobyl nuclear power station.
The Russian forestry agency, which named areas where  forest fires would cause massive radiation clouds, has had its website wiped by the Kremlin. The agency complained. 'The destruction of vital information concerning public safety" is standard practice in the nuclear industry'.

Sellafield: The Most Radio Active Spot On Earth


Sellafield: Two hideously expensive nuclear cooling pools.
Each pool contains enough poison to kill everyone in Britain. Anyone wanting to build any more of these Targets of Mass Destruction can only be considered educationally sub normal (ESN).  A small nuclear device triggered at a British Nuclear power station would see the £ wiped off international money markets. Not that that would worry the inbred British Establishment who have always kept their ill-gotten gains in gold offshore.


Safe Power: July 2009

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