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2018 the death toll has trebled since 2006 

May 14, 2009
Her Nuclear Majesty's Dounreay Dump.
Cleaning up the Queen's "fast reactor" experiment at Dounreay, Scotland, will cost the Queen's taxpayers at least £300 MILLION for new facilities to store thousands of tons of nuclear waste no decent Head of State would have made in the first place.
Dounreay on the windswept Caithness coast was an ideal location to develop safe, cheap wind and sea power-systems. But not now. The site is contaminated forever.

May 15, 2009 Queen Lizzy's Sellafield Leaking Like A Sieve

A slow leak of radioactive liquid has been upgraded to Level 2 on the International Nuclear Event Scale. This particular leak was found in Pre VIP Visit Safety Checks the same day Prime Mouthpiece Brown was sent up to the site to announce the Queen's intention to build new nuclear reactors near Sellafield. The event was initially rated at Level 1 (an 'anomaly') on the International Nuclear Event Scale (INES). Today the leak was upgraded to INES Level 2 ('incident').
 A similar (undetected for months) leak in 2005 led to the government owned Sellafield paying £2 .5 MILLION in Health & Safety fines. Which the taxpayer, of course, had to pay. Once you make the insane decision to produce nuclear waste the area in which you make it will cost the public purse billions to "keep safe". Fifty-per-cent of the buildings on the Sellafield complex, above, are already classed as nuclear waste; each building will take ten years to take down using hideously expensive robotic equipment. The taxpayer will be made to pay hundreds of billions for "making safe" the Sellafield site.
The hundreds of billions going straight into nuclear outfits owned by the Mother of all Public Money Thieves - The Queen. Had the Queen directed her government to develop safe-power-systems after Three Mile island this public money would be going to pensions, schools and hospitals.

Queen Lizzy's Final Solution

Weeks after Three Mile Island came close to ascending in a mushroom cloud. The Queen drew up a new escape plan. Under the royal family escape plan for nuclear war (1949) drawn-up by the late Queen Mum. Any gold salvaged from bank vaults would go to America, along with British Sovereignty for the Duration. The Queen's new plan guarantees Britain’s Gold and Foreign Currency Reserve will only be used to pay companies holding Top Secret Contingency Contracts. All these companies are actually offshore procurement agencies created to supply, when needed, all the necessary equipment to turn Britain into a nuclear dump. American made radiation-proof-vehicles, radiation-suits, lead-lined-body-bags, etc., until the Gold and Foreign Currency Reserve has been spent. Through their nominees (you guessed) the royals own all the companies holding Top Secret Contingency Contracts.
Under the infamous Maastricht Treaty Lizzy arranged for Britain’s Gold and Foreign Currency Reserve to be moved to nuclear proof vaults under
Selling-off our water & power supplies; and every other governmental responsibility was only Part One of Queen Lizzy’s clever little plan. Public Services Are Not Required In A Nuclear Desert. Leasing-out Britain as an International Nuclear Dump is Lizzy’s Final Solution.  
All government employee’s - doctors, nurses, policemen, firemen, ect, not employed in the armed services, are off the pay-roll the moment an Alpha Rated Nuclear Event is declared.
Since 1974 the royals nuclear escape plan, has been known around the Household as the 'Lucan Agenda’.  

Ministers of The Nuclear Crown Have Been Ordered To Bury The Problem

Criminal lunatics (the Queen's nuclear business apologists like Julie Kirkbride) advocate the Ostrich Method of dealing with nuclear waste. These same lunatics will not be around when the underground dumps inevitably heat-up and explode. Spewing-out their everlasting poison.  When nuclear waste canisters burst it will cost the public purse Trillions to "keep safe". Could anyone think of a better way of keeping the poor poor and the nuclear-vested royals obscenely rich?

Energy White Paper January 10, 2008
Paragraph 3.52 states:
"If the protections we are putting in place through the Energy Bill prove insufficient, in extreme circumstances the Government may be called upon to meet the costs of ensuring the protection of the public and the environment".
In short, the multi-billion cost over-runs that accompany all and every "nuclear new build" will be paid by the taxpayer. Instead of going to safe cheap power-systems, that would save billions for schools and hospitals, billion after billion of public funds will go to the Queen's nuclear stations that will create evermore multi-billion-pound-bills for the taxpayer to pay for storing the Queen's nuclear waste.
Only a Minister of the Thieving Crown could fail to see the protection of the British and our green and pleasant land is best served by rejecting the Queen's insane plan for ten, hideously expensive, potential Chernobyl's.

Nuclear Lizzy's Energy White Paper January 10, 2008 also tells you what the Head of State really thinks about her subjects who pay for her family to live in obscene luxury surrounded by armed guards and seven hundred fawning servants.
Paragraph 2.66 states: "We have not estimated a monetary value that might be associated with potential accidents."
In short. A Nuclear 9/11 would close the Bank of England. Nobody can live in a Nuclear Desert - In the wake of a nuclear disaster the Queen's subjects will be left to die a slow death. The Queen and her cronies will retire to their private-palm-fringed-islands. From where they will lease-out Great Britain as a nuclear pelting farm.


The way forward for Britain and the British people starts with reducing our Nuclear Targets of Mass Destruction. Not increasing them. 
Make no mistake; those who would build more soft nuclear targets in this green and pleasant land are the real terrorists.
People living 200 - 300 miles away from Chernobyl are now, 2009, falling ill with low-dose-radiation-syndrome (LRS), a sister of Gulf War Syndrome, caused by uranium fall-out in the food & water supply.

The Next Prime Mouthpiece
In these "days of austerity" the Queen's next Prime Mouthpiece, Doris Cameron is plotting to hit the workers with a quadruple whammy. Doris will raise the retirement age to 70, cut pensions, cut healthcare and double student fees. Doris dare not even think about cutting the Queen's insane nuclear power plan. From an idiot's point of view that would be disloyal to the Crown and Doris Cameron is not only a prize winning idiot she shares the same inbred ancestors as the Queen!
As a genuine member of the criminally insane "royal familyCameron's up-coming gig in Downing Street will make the Thatcher years look like the teddy bear's picnic.

May 5, 2009 
The Daily Telegraph began disclosing how servants of the Crown stole hundreds of millions of the taxpayers money to ape the royals obscenely pampered lifestyle. One claimed £1,645 for a floating palace for his ducks. Other claims included thousands for underground heating for a tennis court and maintenance for a helipad.
The Daily Telegraph however will never dare go near the bribes MP's receive from the nuclear cartel.

Nuclear Power Supporters

Corrupt politicians, mad scientists and rent-a-gob television pundits who promote nuclear power stations have usually been onboard a few executive Lear jets for a few fact-finding-freebies funded by the worlds richest nuclear outfits Westinghouse-Toshiba, Areva, Bechtel-Halliburton. 
Fact finding usually takes place around the tables of Las Vegas. Fact finders stay in the finest penthouse suites, sleep with the finest of Vegas-waxed-teenage-whores, see the best shows in town and receive stacks of slush fund chips to play with and/or simply cash-in and wire from the casino bank direct to their new account in Zurich.
Nuclear apologists in Her Majesty's Parliament are still aiming to stop the new Freedom Of Information Act applying to them. This has nothing to do with Mr Plod being able to read their letters from the public. It's all about who bankrolls these thieving perverts.


There are two types of profound imbecile's promoting nuclear power stations.
There's the illiterate type who can not understand the argument - let alone the evidence of their own eyes - and the Palace sponsored type. Messer's Brown and Blair being prime examples of the latter. Brown and Blair were against nuclear power and nuclear weapons of mass destruction - until the Queen gave them massive amounts of the taxpayer's money to speak in favour of (and pass laws in favour of) building new Chernobyl's, new nuclear subs and waging illegal wars. All of which add billions of the taxpayers money to the royals nuclear arms and oil investments.
For their loyal services to the royals Swiss bank accounts Brown and Blair have been given bullet proof limo's and SAS protection - for life. The Queen gave Blair, her last Prime Mouthpiece, £96,000 per year pension taken from the hapless British taxpayer. Brown will be royally granted a similar pension - of taxpayers money. 
The Queen will make sure all self-serving-pigs caught aping the monarchy by helping themselves to the taxpayers money will get similar pensions of the taxpayers money!
Crown licensed thieves, like those above, are extremely busy feathering their off-shore-nests with their share of stolen taxpayers money before we have a British Chernobyl. When the lid comes off Sellafield or Sizewell B the Queen's rats can well afford to leave the sinking ship.

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