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Fracking Gas Ally, Choking California
Methane gas is Eighty Times more potent than carbon monoxide

2016: Wildlife is slowly disappearing from Porter Ranch above.
"It’s completely quiet… birds, butterflies, rabbits, coyotes are missing… All of this gone… One family lost all twenty of their brightly coloured Koi fish, they just started dying… others are reporting similar loses in their garden ponds... Wildlife sightings are a rare thing around here". 

Invisible methane and radon gases are turning this once fashionable suburb into a Ghost Town. Methane and radon gases are fatal if ingested. Methane is Eighty Times more potent than carbon monoxide! Amazingly most of the laid-back residents of Porter Ranch, had no idea they were living over a time bomb. They are now moving out  in droves. February 2016, 10,000 Evacuated!
In October 2015, when the gas leak started, the average house price in Porter Ranch was $500,000 (£347,000). Estate agents are presently, politely, refusing to touch anything under or near the Porter Ranch gas plume
see below.
The gas is escaping from a 62 year old "oil dome"- a massive cavern
8,500 feet beneath Porter Ranch. After the oil was extracted the empty cavern was used to store natural gas. In recent years fracked gas has been piped into the cavern from many nearby fracking operations.  Fatal leak will continue. 

 Porter Ranch

The ongoing leak, captured here using infrared imaging, was caused by overfilling the storage cavern. The extra pressure caused the blow-out. The black plume is spewing out approximately 80,000 tons per hour! The monetary cost of the leak can easily be calculated see below. Only time will tell how many lives are being wrecked by this preventable blow-out - caused by Big Oil's long established criminal business practices. 



  Erin Brockovich  25th Jan. 2016: “Every person I’ve talked to — thousands of people — are suffering rashes, dizziness, shakiness, they feel like they’re in a fog, nosebleeds, massive headaches… Reports of animals losing their hair, animals vomiting, animals with diarrhoea. You are actually the guinea pig in this situation.  Company refuses to provide real-time photos or media access...

Think of the Children
Robert Kennedy Jr. Jan. 7th, 2016. "The children of Porter Ranch are suffering nose bleeds, they’re suffering terrible debilitating migraine headaches, asthma attacks, respiratory infections, eye infections, ear infections, stomach ailments. You have benzene, toluene, xylene, which are carcinogenic. You have hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide — which are neurotox, which can injure your brain, affect memory, injure your kidneys, your liver, your other bodily organs. There’s also a lot of radon gas being measured in the area..." "The wells Safety Valve was removed in 1979 and never replaced". This means the well has been operating illegally since 1979!   


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High Tec Evil 

July 2009. Stealth Bomber builders Northrop Grumman and the French nuclear outfit Areva have started construction of their joint venture plant in Newport News, Virginia, for the manufacture of heavy components for nuclear reactors.

How the completed plant will look (Image: Areva)
The new 30,000 square meter plant is being constructed at Northrop Grumman's shipbuilding site at Newport News. Known as Areva Newport News, it will be operated as a joint venture by the companies, with Areva taking the majority stake. It will be able to finish the largest nuclear grade steel-alloy components such as reactor pressure vessels, steam generators and pressurizers. The new plant expected to open in 2012.


Stealth Bomber Crash

Feb. 23 2008. A Stealth bomber crashed on take-off at Andersen Air Base, Guam. The $1.4 BILLION loss of the Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit bomber was the most expensive crash in Air Force history.
According to the crash report, moisture in three computer sensors caused the sensors to send the wrong information about the plane’s speed and how far up or down the bomber’s nose was pointed.


Laser Weapons

9/11: Inside Job


2009: Pentagon Control Heroin Trade

CNN and the BBC at el will tell you that the Taliban control of the opium trade. This is nonsense. The illegal invasion to control other people's oil and gas fields gave the US-financed Afghan "government" control of 90% of the world heroin trade.

Afghan poppy fields have blossomed and increased in number to all time record levels.

Last year it was widely reported the Taliban made $70 Million from the drugs trade. That's about 2% of last years profits from the Afghan poppy fields. Who do YOU think got the other 98%?
Could it be the U.S. who place suspected Taliban drug traffickers on a death list while Afghan Drug Lords who traditionally fought the Taliban have been left alone, year after year, to reach record production levels. 

Former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray has written of the drug convoys organized by President Karzai's pal, General Rashid Dostum, using army guards and trucks. The Karzai family, in particular President Karzai and his brother Ahmed Wali Karzai, are long-time major players in the Afghan poppy trade.

When the Taliban took-over the Kabul government, in 1996, opium production was estimated at 4,500 tons a year.
By 2001 the strictly religious Taliban had violently reduced production to around 50 tons.
Thanks' to the illegal invasion and occupation Afghanistan produced 6,200 tons in 2008!  In operations reminiscent of another war started on the back of lies - Tonkin Gulf - much of last years record crop left Afghanistan on US military transport planes.
(The same planes bring in  illegal explosive devices for the "Special Forces" to use to keep the phony "war on terror" going. American troops are blown-up by the British SAS and British troops are blown-up by the US
Green Berets.)

memo. Taliban leaders offered to arrest and hand over Osama Bin Laden when he was wrongly accused of The Bush Gang's atrocity of 9/11.

Our Boys in Afghanistan





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