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Earthquakes Caused By Fracking

Despite years of damming evidence. Queen sells more Fracking Licences

 “Oklahoma experienced 585 magnitude 3+ earthquakes in 2014 compared to 109 events recorded in 2013, and an average of 2 per year before fracking started” .


Confirmed: Oklahoma Earthquakes Caused By Fracking

Anastasia Pantsios | April 23, 2015
 Despite the enormous increase in earthquakes in Oklahoma that started when fracking began there. The state was in official denial about the cause.  Now the state has not only admitted that fracking is behind the quakes, but it put up a website titled Earthquakes in Oklahoma that is a “one-stop source for information on earthquakes in Oklahoma.” The site includes an interactive map that displays the dramatic change not only in the number of earthquakes but in their distribution. Instead of a scattering around the state, they’re clustered heavily in areas where fracking operations are disposing of fracking wastewater by re-injection. 

The Queen has ordered her Passing Prime Mouthpiece to facilitate the drilling of tens of thousands fracking wells throughout the UK.  This means Mrs May will send in busloads of uniformed thugs to attack peaceful protesters. Anti fracking protesters are not frightened by Elizabeth The Useless and her League of Tory Thieves.

            Mindless Taser Totting Uniformed Thugs  Preston New Road. March 2017.
The first Fracking test caused earth tremors that damaged 80 properties.
The tremors were recorded by Blackpool Tower (above in the distance)
and six miles South down the coast in St. Annes



Crown Larceny: Nothing New

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Dec 15, 2015     State Of Emergency finally declared as natural gas leak enters fourth month 
A State of Emergency was today declared for the gas leak in Porter Ranch, Southern California.
The leak stems from a broken shaft at an underground gas storage facility in the caverns underneath Aliso Canyon. The leak has been spewing out 100,000 pounds of natural gas per hour since late October 2015!  9,000 residents, thus far, have been forced to relocate after suffering nose bleeds, sore throats and headaches for months. Her Majesty the Queen intends to store natural gas underneath Lancashire.
above Relief Well at Aliso Canyon. _______________________________________________________________



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