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October 2013

Queen orders French outfit (EDF) to build another nuclear terrorist target at Hinkley Point, Somerset, England. The Queen will sign this dirty deal guaranteeing EDF twice the current market price for electricity it generates from the new reactor. This will push energy bills far  higher than you can presently believe.  EDF and the Queen's Prime Mouthpiece, Doris Cameron, say it will cost £16 bn. Like every other new "nuclear build " this figure will treble by the time it is built. 

Another French outfit nuclear Areva, promised  the Finnish people a new reactor would cost €3.5bn. So far it has cost over  €7.bn.   It should have opened in 2012. It is still nowhere near finished! At least another €1.bn will be spent before it produces any electricity! 

At that stage it could suffer a mechanical fault like the new reactor at Three Mile Island, which was three-month-old when it had to be written-off due to a partial melt down...  Or it could suffer from human error and blow-up like Chernobyl. Writing off thousands of square miles of surrounding farmland and causing the forced evacuation of that land and countless early deaths from the reactor's everlasting nuclear poison.


 Or like Fukushima it could be opened-up by extreme weather conditions.  Fukushima is still spewing  its everlasting poison out into the air and. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-24606357





August 2009

             Porritt: The Penny Drops

Former head of the Green Party Sir Jonathan Porritt is stepping down as Chairman of the Government’s Sustainable Development Commission (SDC).

Sir Jonathan has finally realised Her Majesty's
Government is hell bent on building more Chernobyl's.
Her Majesty will not tolerate losing her massive nuclear profits in favour of giving her subjects cheap electricity.

Porritt says. 'We had eight years of prevarication when we could have been deploying renewable energy... Little more than a year ago, nuclear companies were telling the media nuclear reactors would not require public subsidies. Now, they are all in there asking for billions of public money.'



Ministers Of The Nuclear Crown
Plan Ten More Royal Earners

Ordered in 1965 for £M90, the nuclear reactor at Dungeness B, South East Kent should have opened in 1972. Fundamental design flaws made it obvious the project should be cancelled.
But, like Sizewell B, it was built with the taxpayer’s (your) money. The Queen’s ministers kept pouring your money into the Queen's nuclear companies until Dungeness B was finally declared open in 1989.  Seventeen years late!!!

Mrs Thatcher told Parliament the project had cost the taxpayer £M409. She neglected to include constrution cost. The true figure was well over £1 bn.
A nice little earner for Crown controlled nuclear companies. And another royal insult to the honest taxpayer.  More

NuclearI Power 
Nuclear Waste Station Built on Shifting Sand!

January 25th 2007.
BBC News reported: Dungeness B nuclear waste station, on the Kent coast, now requires 600 tons of gravel dumped on the shingle foreshore,
right, every twenty-four-hours
to compensate for the action of the tide (long shore drift).

The BBC failed to report; this constant earthmoving project is costing the taxpayer £4,000 to £5,000 per-day. Everyday of the year.
As is usual in all things nuclear the BBC only reported half the story.
Despite many objections Dungeness was built on a shingle beach with a history of shifting. In the 1890's stretches of this shingle foreshore disappeared overnight.
Recent rising sea levels, not envisaged when Dungeness was built by the sea, have increased the danger of Dungeness being swamped in a surge tide.

When nuclear reactor's are left without operator's
close themselves down. providing they have a constant supply of clean water.
eft without operator's and Swamped in seawater they can only explode. as you saw at Fukushima
Had the Nuclear Nutter's Club (Carlyle, Areva, BNFL/BNG/Westinghouse, Halliburton, Bechtel et al ) been allowed to build nuclear waste stations on those coasts hit by the Indian Ocean tidal waves. Those coasts would now be a nuclear contaminated No Go Area - lost to mankind.


Nuclear Nutters Club want to build three potential
Chernobyl's at the worlds most radioactive site!

November 9, 2009

Three of the ten sites earmarked as "suitable for new nuclear development" by energy secretary Ed Miliband are next to Sellafield the most hazardous place in Europe.   more 
Like everything else built at Sellafield this latest nuclear madness will cost the taxpayers billions.
Nuclear engineers estimate it will cost at least £50bn to clean-up the existing nuclear mess at Sellafield alone.

The full list of sites designated by the government as suitable for potential Chernobyl's are
Sellafield, Cumbria; Braystones, Cumbria; Kirksanton, Cumbria; Sizewell, Suffolk; Hartlepool, Cleveland; Heysham, Lancashire;  Wylfa Peninsula, Anglesey; Oldbury, Gloucestershire; Hinkley Point, Somerset, and Bradwell, Essex.

Last month a Spanish-led power consortium won the bidding to buy 470 acres of land put up for sale by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority around Sellafield. A deal was sealed yesterday between Her Majesty's
Government and the winning consortium, Iberdrola (Spain), GDF SUEZ (France), and Scottish and Southern Energy.



         Nuclear Nutters Club Jump The Gun

Greenpeace is threatening to take legal action against E.ON and other nuclear companies for rushing ahead with plans to build new reactors before they have got the proper planning consents following reports that preparatory bore holes will start being drilled on 3rd August at Oldbury in Gloucestershire.

EDF is also thought to be considering similar work at Hinkley in Somerset. Greenpeace points out we are still waiting for the final national policy statement on nuclear, the finalised “justification” report and the assessment of reactor designs by the Nuclear Installations Inspectorate (NII).
Greenpeace has asked the government to ensure that no work goes ahead unless and until it has been formally permitted. (1)

E.ON denied it was jumping the gun: “We will do nothing of a serious nature until the government gives the green light. This is just preparatory seismic work to make sure the ground is suitable. We are not preparing the foundations or anything like that”.
E.ON has awarded Hydrock Group Ltd a preliminary ground investigation contract, involving the drilling of some 22 boreholes with work due to start on 3 August 2009. (2)
(1) Guardian 27th July 2009 http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2009/jul/26/greenpeace-legalaction-eon-nuclear-reactors 
(2) Nuclear Engineering International 21st July 2009
and  more


            165 British Nuclear Accidents Since 2001!

August 2, 2009

Speaking in Parliament SNP energy spokesperson Mike Weir lamented the fact that there have been 83 escapes of coolant from reactors and 82 fires since 2001.
Six fires and nine leaks have happened in the last six months.
One of the nuclear sites with the most incidents was Hunterston in North Ayrshire, which recorded 24. There were also eight fires or leaks at Torness in East Lothian, seven at Dounreay in Caithness and one at the Rosyth naval dockyard in Fife.

“This catalogue of fires and leaks is extremely disturbing, and the obvious fear is what could have happened if any one of these incidents had not been detected in time. It paints a very unsettling picture about the state these installations are in, and how they are operating. I have now written to the Health and Safety Executive’s Nuclear Directorate asking them to investigate whether current safeguards are adequate.”  Mike Weir

'One day my boy all this will be set-aside'


"Nuclear New Build"


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