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toptThe Way Backward: Nuclear Power 


"Psst. Wanna buy a Chernobyl?"

Laughing Postman joins 45 Minute Club in Nuclear Resurrection Shuffle 

May 2005. Labour Cabinet Shuffle. In return for his soul ex postman Alan Johnson became the Right Honourable Alan Johnson Her Majesty's Chernobyl Salesman.
In line with the government claim Saddam Hussein could arm mythical nuclear weapons and mushroom London within 45 minutes. Johnson of the DTI (
Department of Timidity and Inaction) will appear on your television mouthing Campbell-scripted-shit to the effect; Britain needs more nuclear power stations to save the environment!? 
Johnson will not be seen on any fact-finding tours of Chernobyl's “lesser” fallout zones. Where two million Russians live in fear of miscarriages, still births, horribly deformed births and childhood nuclear cancers - due to uranium fallout in their
And certainly not seen anywhere near Chernobyl’s abandoned zones; where trade and industry was wiped-out for all time by a human error at a nuclear power station. Why a man who once took part in real life, delivering the mail ends up selling potential Chernobyl's is yours to ponder. 

 Hansard   July 21, 2005. Column 1387, Alan Johnson: "When considering climate change and security of supply, we need to look right across the range, including at nuclear energy."

The fact that Ministers of the Crown are
still talking about building more Nuclear Targets of Mass Destruction, now we have al Qaeda suicide squads living amongst us, proves how much the Head Of State cares about Britain and the British.

Lizzy's Business Partner Mr Cheney

  New York Times.  February 13, 1997
The Dallas based Halliburton Company said today that its venture Devonport Management Ltd., had agreed to buy the assets and assume future liabilities of the Devonport Royal Dockyard Ltd. in Plymouth UK, from the British Ministry of Defense for $66.1 million. The dockyard services Royal Navy ships. Halliburton is an engineering, construction and nuclear energy services company.


 Nuclear Power Stations
Explode W
ithout Diesel Generators!

left. Nine Nagasaki’s? Fifty million people served by seventy-three power plants were left without power for thirty hours when the Grid tripped out, August 15, 2003. Nine nuclear power plants involved were taken off line.

During the "outage" diesel generators literally saved North East America from becoming a far bigger nuclear graveyard than the one Chernobyl created.


Every nuclear power station relies upon in-built oil pollution in the shape of diesel generators running refrigeration plants 24-7 for reactors, tanks and pools.
If the refrigeration ran on electricity from the Grid and there was a lengthy power failure the rise in temperature would mean “The Doomsday Scenario.”
Imagine nine mushroom clouds hanging over North East America. Imagine the unprecedented queues at the Pearly Gates. St. Peter would run out of ink.
If you're wondering why on earth anyone would call for more nuclear Doomsday Machines you'll find the answer in their offshore bank accounts.
Natural elements: the wind, the sun and the sea cannot provide aspiring Adolf Hitler’s with Swiss bank accounts stuffed with oil, gas and nuclear kick-backs. Government contrived outfits like Areva, EDF, BNFL, BNG, Westinghouse, Bechtel and Halliburton can.

__________Chernobyl 500,000 dead and counting___________

Steam rising from Palo Verde nuclear power plant, Arizona. 

Palo Verde has been designated a "prime terrorist target".
The lunatic George W. Bush plans to build one-hundred more.

uarding Palo Verde nuclear power plant, Arizona.  



Dad's Army American style

National Guard troops "guarding"
Palo Verde nuclear power plant, Arizona. 

March 2003, a truckload of National Guard was sent to reinforce Palo Verde security after Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham said there was an increased terrorist threat.     

(AP Photo/Matt York) 








The Way Forward:
The Opposite Of Fatal Nuclear Pollution

The Co-op Tower in the centre of "rainy" Manchester  UK will soon takes power from photo-voltaic panels. The panels, that look like windows, have no moving parts. They are silent and emission-free. The Co-op Tower produces more power than it needs. The excess power is sold to the National Grid.
A Cooperative spokesman said.
"This is a landmark development for the whole of Europe. It demonstrates that solar panels are viable almost anywhere."
Bryan Gray, Chairman of the Northwest Regional Development Agency said. "As climate change moves up the political agenda, the North West is leading the way for the rest of the UK."
The UK's leading solar company Solarcentury will complete the £M5.5 project by Christmas.
update www.solarcentury.com
Photovoltaic technology is nothing new. US global positional system (GPS) satellites have relied on these panels since the 1970's. Because they have no moving parts solar power systems can be built to last for centuries. No reasonable person would starve domestic solar power of development of funds and ignore 30 years of evidence proving nuclear power stations are a criminal waste of our land and the taxpayers money. But the Head of the British State has done just that since 1979. By passing a Law, to "privatize" nuclear power the Queen confirmed how she sees the British taxpayer - stupid.
Clearly there is no reason on earth for supporting aging, or building any new, nuclear power stations - other than the premeditated theft of the taxpayers money.
Keeping "privatized" nuclear targets running on money diverted from our public services, show's the Queen's utter contempt for the public - who incidentally pay all the royals bills. Building safe power systems will give Britain the dirt cheap power we need to produce the cheapest and the finest ships, boats, planes, trains, cars, machine-tools, electrical goods and computer systems in the world. But that will never happen if we until we get rid of the phony royals who are hell bent on turning Britain into a nuclear dump.


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Fuel Cell Future?

London now has the RV1 fuel cell bus. Very nice. Clean, quite and just as fast as any other city bus. But it’s the nuclear-petro-chemical giants, Halliburton et al who are financing fuel cell promotion. President Bush has, what can only be called lunatic, plans for building one hundred, hideously expensive, insanely dangerous nuclear power stations to make the hydrogen for the fuel cells!
The record shows his cousin Queen Lizzy wants more nuclear stations whether the "hydrogen economy" takes over from petrol and diesel or not. The royals have been on the nuclear gravy train from the day it arrived at Windscale station. Centuries of insider loot ensures the royals can well afford to leave the UK when the lid comes off one of their nuclear waste investments. 




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