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 Nuclear Waste Stations:

Three Mile Island 1979  

By the Grace of God Unit No 2 did not go nuclear. Had the reactor temperature continued to rise Unit No 2 would have lifted Three Mile Island up in a ten-mile-high mushroom cloud. The fallout would have caused the permanent evacuation of Pennsylvania. 

Despite the usual denials from nuclear power apologists. Three Mile Island did release fatal uranium atoms which remain embedded in the surrounding countryside. Wherever nuclear poison gets out - its the kids who suffer first.

Known Effects of Three Mile Island Nuclear Leak.
Dauphin County, Pennsylvania.
Published Nov. 2005.

Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. Infant death rate, age 0-27 days, 1979-2002,
23% above US. Average

Cancer death rate age 0-9 years, 1980-2002,
45% above US. Average

Rate of births under 5½ lbs, 2000-2002,
37% above US. Average

Cancer incidence rate age 0-14, 1993-2002,
17% above US. Average

Child death rate, age 1-14, 1979-2002,
13% above US. Average

This isn't the first evidence showing nuclear power  murders children in the womb. That nice Mr Bush and his cousin Queen Lizzy ignored it. Both are hell bent on building more Chernobyl's. One of which could be on your doorstep. 
Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. Known Effects of Three Mile Island  Update
Putting this information together takes years because the 'powers that be' have created Nuclear Power Information Obstruction & Nuclear Power Misinformation Departments far more effective than Hitler's Nazi Propaganda Department.  

Simple Truth The Queen Ignores

Two years before  versus  Two years after shut down
 of nuclear plants in downwind counties

Joseph J. Mangano, Radiation and Public Health Project





LaCrosse, WI



Rancho Seco, CA



Fort St. Vrain, CO



Trojan, OR



Big Rock Point, MI



Maine Yankee, ME


- 9.3








Pilgrim, MA



Millstone, CT









National Center for Health Statistics
 Contact: Scott Cullen, STAR: (516) 819-4886
Joseph Mangano, RPHP: (718) 857-9825 and
Kelly MacMillan  (914) 720-5206
Baby teeth are needed at the Tooth Fairy Project      Call 1-800-582-3716 

 Call 1-800-582-3716   Update, Press Room at  Spotlight

 also watch  "What are we teaching our children?"  by Fred Surr, Ted Page, Janet Tashjian.  & see   The Royals Nuclear Establishment   &   No 4  

Nuclear Power Supporters

Corrupt politicians, mad scientists and rent-a-gob television pundits who promote nuclear power stations have usually been onboard a few executive Lear jets for a few fact-finding-freebies funded by the worlds richest nuclear outfits Westinghouse, Areva, Bechtel & Halliburton. Fact finding usually takes place around the tables of Las Vegas. Fact finders stay in the finest penthouse suites, sleep with the finest of Vegas-waxed-teenage-whores, see the best shows in town and receive stacks and stacks of slush fund chips to play with and/or simply cash-in and wire from the casino bank direct to their new account in Zurich.
Nuclear apologists in Parliament are presently aiming to stop the new Freedom Of Information Act applying to them. This has nothing to do with Mr Plod being able to read their letters from the public. It's all about who bankrolls these vile perverts.


Have you got escape planes standing by 24/7, private Pacific islands to go to
and billions in foreign banks? Like the royals.

The Nuclear Waste Queen

Any civilized person who has children will tell you. The only sensible thing to do about nuclear waste is stop fucking making it.
Who? Other than an inbred Satanist would knowingly poison Gods Earth for the sake of a few billion dollars more in one's obscenely over-stuffed orf-shore bank accounts?  
From the start of her reign the Queen has expected a nuclear accident or attack that would make Great Britain unfit for human habitation. The royals have always had escape planes standing-by 24/7, private islands in the Pacific to go to and long-standing plans to lease-out Great Britain as an International Nuclear Waste Dump. The royals see the public as cattle to be used solely to increase their personal wealth.

John Hutton. As the Queen's Business and Enterprise Secretary, Hutton stated. "nuclear power is safe, clean and good for the environment".

The Queen has now promoted Hutton to Minister of Defence. Putting an idiot like Hutton in charge of Nuclear Targets/Weapons Of Mass Destruction gives you some idea how much the Queen really cares about Britain and the British.

memo The man made element Plutonium 239 (239) is ten thousand times stronger than cyanide. Visible amounts of 239 have a potential killing cycle of 240 thousand years. Not the oft-quoted 24,000 years. The 24,000-year 'half-life,' often heard in politicians' sound bites, only applies to invisible atoms. An eggcup full of 239 atoms will kill anyone - who's daft enough to go anywhere near it - for the next 240,000 years. Plutonium 239 kills 100 cells per minute. The human body contains billions of spare cells. The spare cells are programmed to mend any damage. When the body is invaded with 239 atoms, that can never stop killing cells, the body starts to die faster than nature intended. If the body conceives in this condition the results are horrific.

Ten million 239 atoms will fit on a grain of sugar. Splitting 239 atoms as we did in 1945 at Nagasaki, do's not destroy all the atoms. The incredible speed of the blast means many atoms stay intact. When these atoms escape from nuclear power stations they are called Nuclear Contamination or Nuclear Fall-Out. People who promote nuclear power stations are called Fucking Lunatics. Nuclear power stations are the most dangerous power stations on Earth and a total waste of public money.
By 1976 Windscale-Sellafield had already stockpiled enough nuclear weapon material to furnish the Armed Services with more warheads than we could ever use. Without choking to death on our own Fall-Out. In the 1976 Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution the distinguished nuclear physicist Sir Brian Flowers stated.
"It would be irresponsible and morally wrong to commit future generations to the consequences of fission power."
Sir Brian was well aware that between 1957 and 1976; British reactors had produced enough nuclear weapons material to suit our Defence Requirements for the next 200 years. By which time nuclear weapons will be obsolete.
The Royal Commission was royally ignored. The Queen's cartel had no intention of giving-up their obscene profits from their nuclear firms operating under Her Majesty's
Official Secret Act. Funded by the stroke of the royal pen with an endless supply of the taxpayers billions. After Chernobyl leaked some of its poison in 1986 only a greed-stricken inbred lunatic would build another Target Of Mass Destruction at Sizewell and call it a power station. The Defence of the Realm is best served by decreasing our nuclear risks. Soft targets like Sizewell. Sellafield. Torness. Hartlepool. Heysham. Hinkley Point. Hunterston and Dungeness are Against the Interest of the State. Anyone who say's otherwise should be shot on sight.


                     A Little History

In 1939 over one million acres of Great Britain were commandeered for battle troop training. Farm owners, home owners, village tenants and tenant farmers received seven days notice of their coming evictions. Crown Notification Order(s) carried the enlightening explanation. 'Emergency Powers Act: All Land And Property Reverts To The Crown.' 
After WW2 old established landowners received ample compensation (tax-payers money). Ninety-nine-point-nine-percent, of all those evicted, received sweet nothing.
1986. The accident at Chernobyl scattered 70 tons of nuclear waste. Fall-out poisoned 8,000 square miles. Two million had to leave the area. We now have over 900,000 tons of nuclear waste stored at Sellafield. Sizewell B which the Queen ordered in 1989, three years after Chernobyl! Is now adding to the problem.
A Chernobyl size accident at Her Majesty's nuclear dustbin (Sellafield) will make every square inch of Britain unfit for human habitation. Not that that would worry the royals - who have escape planes standing-by for just such an event.
The main beneficiary of Britain’s nuclear industry is the Crown. To be precise; forty-seven members of the so-called "royal family," who, through the royal maze of banker \ nominee’s, own the controlling interest of every type of nuclear outfit operating in Great Britain.
As all land reverts to the Crown, in whatever the Crown decides is an emergency, who do you think will profit most if Sellafield's plutonium hits-the-fan and turns Great Britain into an International Nuclear Dump?


"The institution of royalty  is an insult to the human race"

Mark Twain



07:15:00 January 14th 2003  
It took a squad of Greenpeace girls ten minutes to reach the doors of Sizewell’s control room.
A squad of suicide bombers would have made 9/11 look like a flea bite.

Spreading Sizewell's nuclear poison all over England would not worry the royal family.
The royals have escape planes standing-by 24\ 7. They also have billions in offshore banks, private islands ten-thousand-away, long-standing plans to lease-out Britain as a nuclear dump and utter contempt for the British who pay for the royals obscener lifestyle.


July 4, 2007.
Mr Brown's First Appearance as Her Majesty's
Prime Mouthpiece
Sir Menzies Campbell, ...will the Government now abandon their headlong rush towards a new generation of nuclear power stations?
The Prime Minister, ...we have made the decision to continue with nuclear power. PMQ's July 4, 07 Hansard Column 995

If you opened this nuclear waste container in the middle of a football stadium. Everybody in the crowd would die a horrible blistered death of nuclear poison within hours.
The Queen's obscene pursuit of nuclear profits has stockpiled 900,000 tons of this stuff at Sellafield alone. Who? But a born lunatic would advocate producing one more ounce of eternally fatal nuclear waste?

Taking nuclear profiteers out of the loop, by developing sea & solar power is the only way forward. The first step towards a safer world will not be made by greed-stricken inbreds like the royal family.  They Are The Problem
To protect her nuclear investments the Queen long ago decided her taxpayers, who keep her and her family in increasingly obscene luxury, will only learn the true dangers of nuclear power stations in the wake of a nuclear accident or attack.    DU Dust from Tora Bora in Leafy Berkshire


 1949. Shortly after the Soviets tested their first Atom Bomb. It was agreed, in the event of a nuclear disaster, American armed forces will implement the immediate evacuation of the royal family. The royals will be flown to one of their private palm fringed islands in the Pacific or Indian Oceans. British forces will not be involved because they would realise their families are being abandoned to die of fall-out. When the troops get to know of the royals long-standing-escape-plans the "royals" will become bullet riddled toast.


"The Royals" couldn't care less if the lid comes-off Sellafield.
They have always been ready to abandon Britain at a moment's notice. When you choose to live surrounded by armed bodyguards and a flock of fawning servants. It really doesn't matter what part of the planet one happens to be playing dress-up to pass the time of day. Do's it? 


The Queen inherited Canadian, African and Australian uranium mines. Or to be more precise she inherited stolen land under which uranium was found. In his very first Prime Minister's Question Time Gordon Brown confirmed Her Majesty's
intention to continue refusing proper investment in safe, cheap power systems in favour of increasing the royal fortune by building more uranium burning Chernobyl's in Great Britain.  
Hansard  Columns 994-5 
The price of uranium has risen 500% in the last 6 years. The Queen's part in waging illegal war in Iraq has tripled her profits from the royals twenty-billion-pound stake in Arabian oil wells and more than doubled royal profits from the Queen's
dirty uranium (DU) ammo sales.

Crown Corruption
Crown Prerogatives dictate there can be no questions in Her Majesty's
Parliament probing Her Majesty's
control of the Arms and Energy Markets. Members of Parliament are not even allowed to think of how much the royals are making every single minute from their
oil, gas and
nuclear weapons investments. Which gives you some idea how patently impotent Members of Her Majesty's
Parliament really are. 

Nuclear Power Apologists, like the pair below, who would knowingly murder their own troops and destroy children in the womb with DU ammo are intent on building more nuclear waste stations. This pair belong in padded cells where we keep the other murdering perverts.


Nuclear Lizzy & Halliburton

2002. Anticipating the windborne nuclear [DU] fall-out from the up-coming illegal invasion of Iraq, 2003. The Queen handed over the job of monitoring the British atmosphere, for windborne nuclear poison, to her business partners Halliburton (who now run Royal Naval Dockyards). Vice President Dickhead Cheney's Halliburton Oil & Nuclear Services conglomerate came to most peoples attention for charging US taxpayer's $337 Billion for goods and services they never delivered to troops in Iraq. The directors of Halliburton will not be charged with any crime. Any gang of nuclear-vested-felons working for Queen Lizzy are evidently above the law.

Undeniable Evidence Ignored

The “powers that be” have known the effects of exploding nuclear waste (DU) since 1986, when a steam explosion followed by a ten-day fire at Chernobyl nuclear power station allowed the wind to spread these same man-made DNA-destroying isotopes over 8,000 square miles of Russia. Chernobyl’s fall-out continues eradicating the genetic pool, blighting and shortening the lives, of two million people - who are simply to poor to move from the poisoned land.  photo below Greenpeace  2007.

Chernobyl's Fall Out

Natasha (12) & Vadim (8).
Natasha was born with microcephaly, Vadim has a bone disease and is mentally retarded. These children were born outside the official (fenced-off) Contaminated Zones a decade after the nuclear power station accident. Money-grubbing ghouls who want your kids to turn-out like this are called Nuclear Power Apologists.

February 2007. The Queen's Westminster Palace based Nuclear Power Apologists Club enjoyed a five-day-piss-up in France paid for by the British taxpayer and the illegal nuclear waste dumpers Areva.
With Bechtel / Halliburton as her main contractors, the Queen will use technology from the French nuclear giant Areva (who will use EU taxpayer's money) to build more nuclear waste stations in Britain.     and   Illegal Nuclear Dumpers  &   Nuclear Bubbly  French Piss-Up  see Hansard Lord Jenkin of Roding HoL Energy Debate Feb. 2007.    BBC News.  Nuclear poison stations 'must be on agenda'

  Nuclear Lizzy
The French Connection

photo above, Scarborough Evening News April 25, 2008

As the French try to stem the leak from a nuclear waste dump in the Champagne Region. Her Majesty's
Government propose ten new nuclear waste stations "expected to cost £2 Billion each". 
Twenty-five-years-ago we were told Sizewell B would cost £450 Million. Her Majesty's
Government then "revised" the
cost to "no more than £950 Million."
We now know
Sizewell B cost the taxpayer £2.9 Billion.

Her Majesty's
simple subjects are expected to believe a nuclear power station that cost nearly £3 Billion 20-years ago can now be built for £2 Billion!
You can safely wager the above £2 BILLION-per-power-station will become at least £4 BILLION-per-power-station. I say again. At least £4 Billion per-station.
And that's just for starters.
The Queen used Her Majesty's
Energy Act, 2004, to make the taxpayer and their children, grandchildren, great-grand-children & great-great-grandchildren ect., responsible for the never-ending-costs incurred in handling and storing the, fatal cancer causing, nuclear waste from Her Majesty's
potential Chernobyls.
Replacing Sellafield's storage facilities, alone, will make the £100 Billion Northern Rock bail-out look like bus fare.
No other type of power production can incur these horrendous "back-end" never-ending-extra-costs.



It is forbidden for Parliament to discuss the fact that the Queen has kept her private wealth a secret. But, in 1977, it was discovered through a Parliamentary question, that the Bank of England had established a special nominee company, the Bank of England Nominees Ltd. (BoEN), to hide investments of the Queen's portfolio, as well as those of others whom she recommends, such as King Fahd of Saudi Arabia, the Sultan of Brunei, King Bhumibhol Adulayadej of Thailand, and the Kuwaiti Investment Office. But, BoEN is only one of the means employed by the Queen to hide her real wealth. more


                            Chernobyl 2011
Thyroid cancer in local children is now a million times more likely than before the disaster.'  
Professor Hrodzynskyy, who heads the Ukrainian Government's commission on radiation security, told the Izvestia newspaper. 'Twenty-four percent of babies now born near Chernobyl have birth defects. Thyroid cancer in local children is now a million times more likely than before the disaster.'  

Unlike tidal waves and earthquakes, which come and go. Nuclear power stations never stop killing people. Fallout in the water table means most of Chernobyl's victims have yet to be born!  

                          The Most Criminal Act

  "Nuclear power plants, next to nuclear warheads themselves, are the most dangerous devices that man has ever created. Their construction and proliferation is the most irresponsible, in fact the most criminal, act ever to have taken place on this planet."  
Patrick Moore 1976


Needless INSANE Waste

The Queen ignored six years of protests against the building of Torness nuclear power station. In 1985 she sent Mrs Thatcher up to Scotland to open Torness. The following paragraph and figures (sans my italics) from British Energy.

 Nuclear Waste: Torness. The figures below do not include the used fuel but show the amounts of Intermediate Level Waste & Low Level Waste. These figures are from the UK Radioactive Waste Inventory 1994 and assume that the station is taken out of service in 2024. The figures are in cubic metres of waste as stored. Conditioning of waste will increase these amounts (Conditioning: nuke-speak for quadruple).  


pre 1999




post 2060























No Honest Head Of State would have made the above waste. When Mrs Thatcher was sent up to Scotland to open Torness. British reactors had already produced enough nuclear waste to make enough nuclear weapons to suit our Defence Requirements for 400 years. However, the royal cartel had grown used to their obscene profits from their nuclear investments funded by the stroke of the royal pen with endless billions of the taxpayers (your) money.

John F. Kennedy had come to believe everyone had the right to happiness and that begins with a fair wage.
"The powers that be" shot him.

                            Bogus Laws
Having gotten away with their mass murder on September 11, 2001 "the powers that be" have now started stripping the electorate of the vote. Laws passed in the name of the bogus "war on terror" were designed to destroy the public's (Your) Civil Rights. They will do nothing to stop suicide bombers. US and UK anti terror laws are intended as the first steps backwards to the days of slavery when owners branded their "property." This time round the Queen and the President will be using bar-codes.

see The truth about chips & Your death camp is ready


Bush Threatens Jail or $50,000 Fine for producing Clean Energy!

Out of every 100,000 birds roosting near US Windfarms. Just three birds per year are likely to fly into the turbines. This has led the Bush administration to write an energy bill (H.R. 2337) to close down all US Windfarms on the pretext that wind farms are an unacceptable threat to wildlife! Baring in mind that the second most powerful person in America, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, has stated she will allow Bush to get away with the mass murder of 3,000 Americans on 9/11 and the President’s needless slaughter fest in Iraq, this proposal has every chance of becoming law.  Wind Power To Successful For Bush     Jail Or $50,000 Fine For Producing Clean Energy    

June 2008, Wind exports worth 4.7 Bn Euros

The Danish Wind Industry Association has just published the annual industry statistics for 2007. This is impressive reading.
The Danes are presently producing 20% of their electricity from wind and expect 100% green power.


In one of his last acts as the Queen's Prime Mouthpiece Tony Blair announced Her Majesty's
Government would build a fleet of new nuclear reactors at approximately £2 Billion each. Twenty-
years-ago we were told Sizewell B would cost £450 Million. Her Majesty's
Government then "revised" the cost to "no more than £950 Million."
We now know Sizewell B cost the taxpayer £2.9 Billion! Yet we are expected to believe a nuclear power station that cost nearly £3 Billion 20-years ago can now be built for
£2 Billion!
You can safely wager the £2 BILLION-per-power-station will become at least £4 BILLION-per-power-station. Her Majesty's
2008 Energy White Paper makes it perfectly clear the taxpayer will pay all "cost over-runs." And that's just for starters. Her Majesty's
Energy Act, 2004,  made YOU the taxpayer and your children, grandchildren, great-grand-children & great-great-grandchildren ect., ect., responsible for the never-ending-costs incurred in handling and storing the, fatal cancer causing nuclear waste from all of Her Majesty's potential Chernobyl's. 
Replacing Sellafield's waste storage facilities, alone, will make the Queen's £300 Billion Bank Bail-Out look like bus fare. No other type of power production can incur these horrendous "back-end" never-ending-extra-costs. The record clearly shows nuclear power stations are built to steal public money. Solar, wind and sea-power-system's are a million times safer than nuclear power. After they pay back their construction costs solar, wind and sea-power-system's produce virtually free electricity. The sun, wind and sea, however, can not be classed as secret and thereby provide Heads of State with billions of taxpayers money under criminally contrived State Secret Acts.

Henry Ford actually said:
History is bunk to them that can't fucking read."



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