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Victorian Values

The hated Prince Albert. 'That greedy German,' bagging gold Sovereigns from the Civil List for the royals foreign vaults. The royals would have you believe their ancestors cared for Britain and the British. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Hiding The Loot. right, Queen Victoria, checking her "percentages" from the British Empire. In today’s money, Victoria’s Civil List (unearned income - or public money for nothing) equalled £8 MILLON per year. For 64 years!
Then as now, royal loot being quietly banked abroad.

Civil List Select Committee Papers, now at Kew, prove Victoria stole the present day equivalent of £34 MILLION from the Civil List. Peanuts compared to her insider profits from slaves & slavery - opium, arms, tea, cocoa, cotton, sugar, grain, sheep, coal, iron, rubber, rail & shipping shareholdings and similar anchors of the British Empire - where the sun never set. 


Victorian Values: Child Slaves 

1841. The Earl of Shaftsbury, visiting a "Black Country " (midlands) coal mine. Shaftsbury, actually tried to improve things for the poor. Whole families were forced to work down Victoria's Duchy coal mines. Six and seven year olds were chained to the coal trucks used in tunnels to small for pit ponies.
Mining disasters were a regular occurrence. Mine owners Albert & Victoria wrote pious letters about the poor families being exploited saying "how awful" it all was.
Whenever the royal train passed through the midlands Victoria had the blinds drawn. The sight of belching factory chimneys offended the royal eye. Many of the worst run factory's,
worst run coal mine's, and the slum's where the worker's were forced to live, belonged to the royal family. The land remains in royal possession - through the usual banker\nominees.  The present "royal family" retain their Victorian Values. Wherever they go they expect people to bow & curtsey to them. For no other reason than they have more money than the knee benders. Rather silly don’t you think? 



 Contemptible Notion

Queen Victoria was worried. Having married her eldest daughter, Vicky, to the future Emperor Of Germany. Victoria realized Vicky, as Empress, would outrank her - a mere Queen.
Tory lickspittle Benjamin Disraeli came up with the arse-licking idea of pleasing his boss by Crowning her Empress Of India.
Getting this contemptible notion through Parliament gives you some idea how the phony monarchy corrupts Parliament.
What price the aim’s of honest men with Parliament stuffed with the "royals" placemen?  



 Lizzy's Role Model - Queen Victoria

In today’s spending power Victoria was given a cool £M8 per-year public money to play with. Small beer indeed when compared to her insider profits from the slave trade, the opium trade, the arms trade, tea, cocoa, cotton, sugar, grain, sheep, coal, iron, rail & shipping investments and similar anchors of the British Empire - where the sun never set.

Following the well trodden path of  her thieving forefathers Victoria banked her loot abroad. Forget the fawning TV portrayals of Victoria.
At least seven attempts were made to kill her.
Hated for their immense wealth. Victoria and her German husband, Prince Albert, became Britain’s leading experts in feigning poverty. Rather than allow her staff to buy toilet paper. Victoria ordered all the free magazines and newspapers, sent to the various Palaces, to be cut-up in squares. Rather than buy new, she had decades-old carpets in George 4
th’s Brighton Pavilion removed and re-laid in the London Palaces. While all this fake frugality was going on, she stole millions, now worth billions, from the Civil List which made it’s way into Swiss banks. After Albert died, 1861, Victoria hit the bottle. For over 20 years she refused to appear in public. Placemen and cousins shuttled her correspondence to her agents abroad. After a visit to Balmoral in 1874, Prime Minister Gladstone noted. ‘The Queen was dressed as if Albert died yesterday.’ Dubbed the ‘Black Widow’ Victoria slept with Albert’s portraits by her bed. Even more weird, despite the fact she was sleeping with at least one of her bodyguards, John Brown, she had Albert’s hot shaving water, razor and soap brought to her room, every morning for years after he died.  

  Punch 1906

By the reign of Victoria's son, King Edward 7th  (Dirty Bertie) 1901-1910. Most British newspaper owners were on the Palace pay-roll. It was left to truthful publications like the magazine Punch to remind the public of the royal family's core business - The Slave Trade.

memo. King George 2 perfected offshore banking.  George, who spent most of his time at home in Germany, made certain, even if they lose the throne the family fortune would be safe - off-shore. Apart from looting the Civil List, George 4, 1820-30, William 4, 1830-37, Victoria, 1837-1901, Edward 7, 1901-1910, George 5, 1910-1936. Edward 8 1936. George 6, 1936-52 and the present blasphemous occupant of the British Throne have banked untold £Billions from illegal insider dealing in government contracts. 
Recent shenanigans to exempt the monarch from inheritance tax show’s the Queen's utter contempt for the British public. 

Victorian Values: Contrived Low Wages

1874. Queen Victoria was regally enraged when a new book exposed her Establishment’s stranglehold on wages. Acre-Ocracy by John Bateman, published 1874-6. Proved most of Britain belonged to 2,225 super-rich families. Bateman's evidence illustrates how Victoria's cabal fixed wages so low, starving workers sold their half-starved children to factory & mine owners, chimney sweeps and brothel keepers. Victoria and her pals wasted no time hiding their ownership of mines, farms and factories in a lawyers maze of agents and nominees.
added April 2009. Reservations of land have been placed by builders to a value of £37 Billion. The land reserved is almost wholly owned by “aristocrats”. Which means none of it is on the land registry! This land is a small part of EU subsidized rural estates held by offshore “trusts” and “companies.” These outfits pay no tax due to Her Majesty's maze of tax loopholes the for rich, worthless, totally pointless people - like  the so-called "royals".

Victorian England February 1850. The Times reported perhaps the most reliable figures concerning emigrant deaths in passage. ‘In 1847, 100,000 left Britain, 17,000 were buried at sea, 20,000 died shortly after reaching their destination.'  Scarlet Fever and Typhus took their toll on the emigrants 'coffin ships.' June 1850. In a letter to Prime Minister Lord Russell, Albert demands another £50,000 per year public money for his English and Scots stables & kennels, grouse & pheasant moors, pigeon woods and stag shooting facilities.   

A Pennsylvania coal mine - 1908  

Children of Victoria's Slave Empire. The grandparents of these kids had survived the Victorian coffin ships from England, Ireland and Scotland. Officially, boys started work underground aged fourteen. In reality it was more like ten. Their mother's and sisters sorted the coal at the pithead.



 right,  Jeffrey Epstein, multi-billionaire financier pal of Prince Andrew and guest at the Queen's birthday party. Epstein is about to plead guilty to a charge of procuring underage girls for his pals sex orgies. Epstein calls Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton and Donald Trump his “closest friends.”
No surprise there then. 
mailonsunday.co.uk  and http://www.express.co.uk/comment/columnists/adam-helliker/719148/Prince-Andrew-Jeffrey-Epstein-friends-book-New-York-Times-detective



New World - Old World Order

The so-called "royal family" were customers of the septic money lender Mayer Amschel Rothschild long before the first Rothschild bank was opened in Frankfurt. Both the Rothschild's and the "royals" obscene fortunes were made from war, slaves and slavery.
King Leopold 2nd ordered more brutal murders than Hitler.

A contemporary cartoon of Queen Victoria's cousin and colonial business partner King Leopold 2nd.
As the sole owner and Chief Executioner of the
Congo "Free" State Leopold ordered millions more brutal murders than Adolf Hitler had the time to. Leopold was also a serial child rapist. When he wasn't raping the Congo, Leopold 2nd was a client of the notorious child procuress Mary Jeffries also known as Mary Jefferies and Mary Jeffreys
For over twenty years, unimpeded by Her Majesty's
Government, Jeffries ran four London brothels including "Rose Cottage" especially for the likes of King Leopold 2nd and Queen Victoria's Heir Apparent, the Prince of Wales, 
Dirty Bertie.





1904. When King Leopold of the Belgium's visited his cousin the Kaiser in Berlin the Kaiser's wife, right, hated every minute of his visit. She described him as a "Devil incarnate who raped a virgin every single night and ordered his thugs to chop the hands off his African slaves children to make his slaves work harder". As soon as he left she had the palace chaplain exorcise the rooms he had stayed in!         
Auguste Viktorie


In 1908 King Leopold 2nd personally supervised the illegal burning of tons of documents accumulated by his Congo Free State (CFS) officials over the previous twenty-odd-years. These documents contained more than enough evidence to hang Leopold 2nd for genocide. They also contained leads to the banks where an estimated £100 million of slave labour profits had been salted away. The burning of the CFS documents took eight days!
he royals principle bankers, the Rothschild's, are presently bankrolling the unctuous promoters of a "New World Order" - based on slave labour.

 The Royals & The Rothschild's Objective:
The return of
Victorian Values

Royal London 1871. The worst of London's slums were owned and left to stagnate by The Duchy Of Cornwall. This family in Bow are making matchboxes. They were paid 2d. Per-hundred-boxes (2d. = less than 1p). Children started this type of work aged two. Starving families with no work sold their children into the sex trade. Pimps boasted they could supply a virgin on a day's notice. The Victorian "gentry" - who the pimp’s supplied - had no intention of changing anything.

"All that the procuress had told her was that if she consented to meet a rich gentleman she would get lots of money."  William Stead. The Pall Mall Gazette, 1885

"Gentry" Ordered Virgins For Rape

"Pain became an essential ingredient for pleasurable sex and since the defloration of very young virgins can be excruciating Victorians were obsessed with a 'defloration mania.' The screams of children became indispensable, shrill torture was the 'essence of delight' and many gentleman would not silence a single note."
There was never enough 'voluntary prostitutes' to meet the Victorian demand
Entrepreneurs bought or kidnapped children to satisfy the perverts demand for 'involuntary prostitutes.'

1883. Chelsea Police Inspector Jeremiah Minahan had irrefutable evidence Mary Jeffries, a high class brothel keeper, procured scrubbed virgins at £15 each, for the ‘nobility.’ Minahan’s investigation revealed Leopold, King of the Belgium's, had paid Jeffries £800 for one month’s ‘entertainment.’ Jeffries despicable clients also included the Prince of Wales (Dirty Bertie) and Lord Fife, who was engaged to Dirty Bertie’s eldest daughter, Princess Louise. Her Majesty's
Home Secretary, Sir William Harcourt, directed Minahan's superiors to drop the case. Being a man of principle Minahan resigned to take the case to court. Not surprisingly, the judge had received the Queen's Instructions (royal brown-envelope).
Following his royal orders the judge had the audacity to warn the jury, only the brothel keeper was on trial and any mention of her clients outside the court would leave the jury open to prosecution!
Minahan proved Jeffries was running four child brothels in the better parts of London. Jeffries was fined £200.
The usual sentence for keeping one brothel was six months jail!
A squad of Jeffries "gentry" clients formed a guard of honour for her as she walked free from Westminster court. Then as now, there's one law for the rich and no justice for the poor. Her Majesty's
are employed to protect royal-arse-lickers. Not decent people.

Victorian Whistleblower William Stead Editor of the Pall Mall Gazette. In 1885 Stead's factual articles, The Truth About The Navy, forced Her Majesty's
Government to spend an extra £3.5 Million on Naval Defences.
The same year Stead was vilified by the loyal (Establishment) press for exposing organized child rape. He was jailed for proving how so-called "royal" and "noble gentlemen" spent some of their unearned income.

Using his extremely popular Pall Mall Gazette, Stead threatened that if Parliament continued to refuse to raise the Age of Consent. He would publish a list of "royal" and "noble gentlemen" who spent their time, and unearned income, raping kidnapped children. The very next day Parliament started the process to change the law.
The age was changed to 16
list of
"royal" and "noble gentlemen" had been compiled by Inspector Minahan's police constables watching Mary Jeffries brothels. Either Stead or Minahan leaked the list to at least one Member of Parliament, Philip Callan told the house "Jeffrey's clients were of the highest order" and he could name those involved. scroll right down this link to, Mr Callan

Previously in the House of Lords; Lord Oranmore had argued against rising the age of consent because most Lords had sex with a partner below the proposed new limit. "Noble Lords" had also argued against raising the age because it could lead to the prosecution of their sons!

also see  A Throne in Brussels: Britain, the Saxe-Coburgs and the Belgianisation of Europe  

By Paul Belien.    ISBN 184540033X, 9781845400330



Royal Standards

1800-1900 British inventions changed the landscape. Serving the new manufacturing industries meant sinking new mines. Building new factories - mills - foundries - shipyards - roads and railways. The work was done by the woefully uneducated. As Victoria’s Establishment grew richer, they increasingly exploited the poor. At the Great Exhibition of 1851, one of the exhibits attracting an admiring crowd was an envelope-making machine. Visitors, including Albert and Victoria, marveled at the speed of production; sixty envelops per-minute.
Nobody commented on the eight-year-old machine operators who could lose a hand as they fed-in sheets of paper at the rate of one per-second. London children crippled in industrial accidents lived like rats. Feeding on the rubbish in the ever-busy East India docks.
February 1852. The London Chronicle reported an increase in ‘brothels full of children, serving as much the gentry as Lascars [sailors] off the docks.’
These were the Hay Days of Mrs. Thatcher's "Victorian Values."

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