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                     March 2009: The Bush Legacy

Homeless American's queuing-up for food handouts by a local charity in Sacramento. Tent city's like this one sprang-up all over America during the Bush administration. Only now is the true extent of Mr. Bush's Domestic Polices being reported by the phony "war on terror" obsessed media.

The Forgotten

Greg Hayworth made a good living in his home state, California.
Now he lives with his wife and three children in a rundown motel room. The Heyworth's are the lucky ones. 
    The common people pick up the bill. see  Sir Fred The Bank Robber


The Queen has ordered Charles & Cammy to smile more

For over two years now Prince Charles and his second wife have been fighting like cat and dog. On the face of it, Queen Lizzy is sending the “troublesome couple” on a South American piss-up promoting the insane idea that we should pay tax on the air we breath (carbon tax). However, Queen Lizzy could be planning to have the couples private jet Laser Cannoned into a dust cloud at 30,000 feet above the Rainforest. Frying the worthless Charles will give Queen Lizzy the opportunity to hand over the throne to Worthless Willy Wanker. left
King Worthless Willy Wanker will carry-on looting the British Treasury to fill the family's
foreign vaults - as his forefathers have done since 1714.  


Her Majesty's New World Order

                                 New Rules: Don't Ask A Policeman!
10 year jail sentence for anyone taking a photograph of a policeman
Under section 76 of the 2008 Act and section 58A of the 2000 Counter-Terrorism Acts. Any person attempting to elicit any information which MI5 or the police say is likely to be useful to a person allegedly involved in “terrorism” will face up to ten years in jail and a fine.  
Justin Tallis a London-based photographer was covering the anti-BBC protest on Saturday 24 January. Thousands had gathered to protest the BBC's one-sided coverage of
Gaza. Tallis was threatened by a policeman who accused Tallis of intimidating him by taking his photo!
Tallis refused to hand over the photo, arguing he had a right to take pictures of police officers. The incident was caught on camera by other protesters and the photo-journalist Marc Vallee.
Had this happened after February 16, 2009. Tallis, Vallee and every protester with a camera would have been arrested as a terror suspect.
The Queen's death squads have carte blanc to pump bullets into the head of terror suspects.
 more on the Queen's New Law


The German Queen’s England February 2009

Roger Freitis worked for BMW on a temporary contract for two years.
He’s one of many who’s just been sacked with one hour’s notice.
Freitis helped to make his firm £3.4 billion in profits in 2007.
Now he’s jobless with a child and mortgage.

Andy Hornby sat back and did nothing while his team of spivs looted the HBOS banking group. Hornby pocketed at least £M1.3 in criminal bonuses derived from his spiv’s fraudulent figures.

When he got caught he was not arrested because this is “The Queen’s England” where any member of Her Majesty's House of Lords can demand £100,000 for passing laws that favour criminal practices.

Instead of arresting the bank robber Hornby, Her Majesty's Government allowed him to leave the bank he robbed with a £M2.4 pension.
In “The Queen’s England” where criminal bankers get billions of the tax payers money to replace the billions they stole you probably won’t be surprised to hear Hornby is now receiving £66,000 per month for acting as a consultant to Lloyds TSB.   

It Gets Worse: Her Majesty has decreed there will be no inquiry into big bank spivs who stole
£300 BILLION from British banks. On the contrary; the Head of State has ordered the honest taxpayer has been made to pay-back the £300 BILLION the spivs stole!!! One of Hornby's fellow bank robbers 50-year-old Sir Fred Goodwin, is now in receipt of a £M16 pension paid by the honest taxpayer. Goodwin will get over £13,000 per week for life (that's over £1,900 per day for life)  -  while Her Majesty's old age pensioners have to live on £91. 26p per week. 

                                                       God Save The Queen?


The Queen's England

The Queen's present Prime Mouthpiece, Gordon Brown, recently used the British National Party (BNP) slogan “British Jobs For British Workers."
The BNP were quick to point out Brown’s record clearly shows he has no intention of creating the proper jobs - with proper pensions - in industry that the BNP claim they would create.
The record shows; of the last three million vacancies filled in Great Britain nine out of every ten were filled by non-British-people!

January 29, 2009. The news has leaked out that the French oil outfit Total will sack hundreds of British workers at the Lindsey Oil Refinery and replace them with cheap labour from Italy. The Queen's subjects are finally learning how EU Directives Her Majesty gleefully signs into British Law have given Globalizing conglomerates the right to slash British wages by importing cheap labour. When the Queen's favourite Queen, Mandy Mandelson, say's the strikes are "unwarranted" you can bet your life they are. According to BBC News at Ten, (Jan. 29, 2009) 'over a thousand local people joined the protest'- against this latest example of EU Globalization.

Jan. 29 2009. Humberside. Mounted Robocop's sent to intimidate
peaceful oil strikers and local protesters who turned-out in support.  more

I Feel Your Pain

December 24, 2008. "In an unprecedented move the palace has released parts of the Queen's Christmas Day Message." 
In short; nobody other than the seriously senile will be watching this Medieval Propaganda on Christmas Day. So the controlled media have been ordered to broadcast her majestic, pathetic lies - about how much she feels the peasants pain - on Christmas Eve.
Twenty-seven-thousand Woolworth's staff will be slung out of work in a day or two because the Queen's bankers feel the need for a recession.
No doubt the Woolies girls will be over the moon with the "Queen's Message." Knowing as they do, that they and their families taxes pay for this "royal family" to live in obscene luxury; in seven palaces with over one-thousand personal servants groveling to the "royals" every whim while the "royals" are guarded 24/7 by the SAS - once again at the tax payers expense. Over the coming year as the bankers plan, to reduce wages even further, bites and unemployment gets worse the Queen will order higher levels of security for the "royals." Costing the British taxpayer even more.
                                                      God Save The German Queen



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