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Globalist Control The Workers

Oil Refinery Strikers Conned Back to Work

Feb. 5, 2009. Oil workers have accepted a deal promising 102 new jobs for "British workers" on Humberside. However. EU Law makes it illegal to exclude any foreigner who applies for any British job. And as immigrants always work cheaper who do you think will end-up with the new jobs?


memo, Harlot Harman

Last year, Harriet Harman QC, the Queen’s so called “Equality Minister” was told to introduce new “Equality Laws.” The American model called “Positive Action” is already in force. Better educated White American’s are being turned down in favour of ethic groups for every kind of job you can think of. This is how the rich control the poor. The less educated poor people are - the less pay they will accept.

Unlike Hitler’s Race Laws that stopped foreigners even applying for jobs. Globalization, under the banner of “Equality Laws” and “Positive Action”, guarantees foreigners will get first choice of every job available. White students with high grades will not know they are being denied their rightful place at University in favour of less qualified immigrants.
Globalizing EU Laws are made to erode adult education teaching standards down to
University of Freedom Fry’s levels. The Globalist's want Universities owned entirely by corporate (Globalist) ghouls. When that happens students will be no more educated than
Pavlov's dogs. Albeit with “Degrees” in Hamburgerology, Advanced Celebrity Worship, Royal Arse Licking and How NOT to Bark.


Her Majesty's

Shadow Immigration Minister Arrested For Revealing
Truth About Immigrants Swamping Britain

Having sworn his allegiance to the richest parasite in the western world Tory MP Damien Green is supposed to keep his mouth shut about Queen Lizzy's Globalist Agenda.
However, Green has been feeding the rumour mill with the true rate of foreigners (cheap labourers) Her Majesty's "government" is shovelling into Britain to keep wages down.
His facts and figures came from a whistleblower in the Home Office

Green's office in Parliament, his home and his constituency office in Kent were searched by the Queen's Gestapo (so-called "anti terror squads") looking for - and apparently finding - Top Secret Home Office documents.
After seven hours questioning Green
was released on bail until February.
His arrest was an obvious warning to those few honest Civil Servants remaining in Her Majesty's
Service who may be thinking of blowing the royal whistle.  

Green’s arrest was the last act of Sir Ian Blair who left office the same day. (Nov. 28, 2008). As London’s top cop Blair led the barefaced lie's about the State Murder of an innocent man on the London tube. Jean Charles de Menezes was shot in the head seven times by one of Her Majesty's
Death Squads to frighten the public and keep the Globalist's phony "war on terror" going. 

After they murdered 3,000 US citizens on Sept. 11, 2001 the "powers that be" used ABC, the BBC et al to convince the gullible that Afghanistan should be invaded and occupied. The "powers that be" were then able to increase Afghan Heroin production by 1,000 percent.


 Afghan Truth'er Arrested

February 4, 2009. Lt Col Owen McNally was arrested in Afghanistan for breaking Her Majesty's
Official Secrets Act. i.e. telling the truth.
McNally has passed on the true death and injury rates of innocent Afghani's being used as target practice for so-called Top Guns.

Last year US and NATO jet fighters conducted over 1,000 murderous air strikes on Afghan towns and villages. These slaughter missions and thousands of similar airborne war crimes, between 2001 and 2008, are all based on the false premise that 9/11 was NOT an inside job.

As in Iraq tens of thousands of totally innocent people are being slaughtered in cold blood for no other reason than perpetuating the US manufactured "war on terror". US Generals minding the Afghan puppet government in Kabul were said to be "furious" at McNally's attempt to get the truth published through Human Rights Watch.
Lt Col McNally joined the Army in 1977 as an ordinary private. Her Majesty's Ministry of Defence say. "He is being returned to the UK for questioning." McNally faces 14 years jail for having the balls to tell the truth.  more
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