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Poor Pay The Price as the Rich Get Richer

By Joe Mount 16 July 2011

Detailed health profiles for each English local authority were published on June 28 by the Association of Public Health Observatories (APHO).

The Department of Health-run programme aims to gather useful public heath information from government statistics. The profiles highlight large health inequalities and the underlying poverty in Britain’s major towns and cities.

Key indicators of poverty, such as the rate of early death from heart attack and stroke, are double the national average in former industrial cities in northwest England such as Manchester and Liverpool and impoverished boroughs of London such as Tower Hamlets.

The statistics paint a picture of a society riven by inequality, with poverty, gutted social programmes and long-term unemployment taking a toll on health and quality of life of working people and their families.

In central Manchester, the gap in life expectancy between the poorest and richest people is 10.1 years for men and 6.4 years for women. Women in this area have the lowest life expectancy in England. The rate of smoking-related deaths is the worst in the country and is two-thirds higher than the national average.

The area is also bottom of the table for the number of people dying from heart disease, cancer and stroke under the age of 75. Drug misuse and alcohol-related health problems are also widespread, with a higher than average number of people addicted to opiates and admitted to hospital for harm caused by alcohol.

In this city centre area, which contains some of England’s most deprived areas, APHO reports that 41,610 children (41 percent of the total, compared to 20 percent nationally) are living in poverty and 24 percent of 11-year-olds are obese. Reports from previous years show that child poverty has increased since pre-2008 levels, damaging health and having an adverse effect on the well-being of the young.

In Manchester, youth are affected by higher than average rates of tooth decay. Teenage pregnancy is more common in central Manchester than any other local authority in England, with a rate 4.5 times higher than the area with the lowest rate, signifying enormous social inequality.

Bolton, a former mill town in the county of Greater Manchester with a population of 265,000, has over 104,000 people living in the most deprived fifth of areas in England, as measured by a combination of economic, social and housing indicators. Since before the 2008 financial crisis, an additional 1,719 children live in poverty, bringing the total of children in low-income houses or receiving means-tested benefits to 15,540 this year.

Educational attainment is also poor in Bolton, where only half of school pupils attain five General Certificates of Secondary Education (GCSEs.) Tellingly, this rate is only slightly lower than the national average because many local authorities, such as the ex-industrial town Burnley, have pass rates less than four in 10. This compares with the highest pass rate, eight in 10, in England’s more prosperous regions.

On the east coast, the metropolitan borough of South Tyneside, which borders the city of Newcastle, has one of the lowest proportions of adults with a healthy diet in the country, at 19.8 percent, according to its APHO profile. The national average is 28 percent and the healthiest areas have up to 48 percent of adults eating healthily. Other problems include a high percentage of mothers smoking during pregnancy (27 percent) and over a fifth of 11-year-olds being obese.

In London, boroughs such as Tower Hamlets (population 235,000), poor health results from general deprivation, evinced by an average life expectancy that is 12 years shorter than those in more well-off areas.

The area has a greater proportion of children living in poverty than anywhere else in England, with 30,745 children, 57 percent, living in low-income households. As in Manchester, one in four children are obese, and the proportion of school pupils who spend more than three hours per week playing sport or in physical education (PE) lessons is less than half, which is below the national average and falls far short of the national best of 80 percent.

The Marmot Review, published last year by the same organisation, found that well-off sections of society live, on average, seven years longer than those of the poorest—which also suffer higher rates of sickness and disease.

British society today is characterised above all by its vast social polarisation. As the majority of the population faces a day to day struggle to get by, the nation’s super-rich enjoy more privilege than ever before, with their wealth rising by £77 billion to £336 billion in 2010, their biggest gains in 22 years, according to the Sunday Times’ “Rich List”.

Health inequality is set to worsen, as cuts and privatisation are applied to the National Health Service (NHS) as part of the austerity plans of the coalition government, which seeks to shift the cost of the more than £1 trillion bank bailouts onto the backs of the population.

Royal College of Nurses (RCN) union General Secretary Dr. Peter Carter is throwing his weight behind the government’s plan to cut NHS funding by £20 billion by 2014. The Telegraph reported Carter’s remarks that politicians would “have to be brave to make these decisions” to close hospitals that are a “drain on the system”.

A series of Freedom of Information (FOI) requests carried out by the Trades Union Congress’s “False Economy” campaign revealed that the plan will in fact cost 53,150 jobs. Of these, 24,000 are in hospitals, 10,000 in primary care trusts and 6,000 in mental health trusts. These numbers are themselves underestimates, because over a dozen hospitals refused to respond to FOI requests.


9/11 was an Inside Job? How Dare You!


 I did not have sex with that woman. How Dare You!


Come All Ye Faithful?

After an American religious cult was busted for alleged child rape the comedian Bill Maher stated.

"I'd like to tip off law enforcement to an even larger child-abusing religious cult. Its leader also has a compound, and this guy not only operates outside the bounds of the law but he used to be a Nazi."

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, alias Pope Benedict 16th, alias Benny The Nazi. Head of the Vatican (alias The Religious Slave Procurement Centre).
Benny The Nazi has a long history of covering up the foul deeds of his "Holy" colleagues.

Child Rape: Business as Usual

 April 15, 2008. Visiting his pal, George "Skull & Bones" Bush, Pope Benny The Nazi above left, celebrated Hitler's birthday at the Yankee Stadium. He told the crowd he now wants forgiveness.

When Benny The Nazi was using the name Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger he enforced a Vatican decree, Crimen Sollicitationis, issued in 1962, which protected church based child rapists from prosecution and effectively silenced the great majority of their victims.

Father Tom Doyle was a Vatican solicitor. He was sacked after he complained thousands of child abuse cases were being brushed under the carpet. Father Doyle described Crimen Sollicitationis as “an explicit written policy to cover up cases of child sexual abuse by the clergy.”

In January 2006 BBC researchers translated the
"Crimen Sollicitationis" decree from the Latin and posted the translation on the BBC website.
The decree tells Cardinals, Arch Bishops and Bishops how to protect their understudy's committing child rape. The process involves a sacred oath of secrecy being imposed on victims and witnesses.
Victims and witnesses are then threatened with excommunication if they break the “sacred oath.”  
Degenerates who embrace Skull & Bones use similar  "sacred oaths." 

As a schoolboy Colm O'Gorman was abused by a priest when Benny The Nazi was enforcing the Vatican cover-up. In February 2006 O'Gorman presented a BBC Panorama programme in which he stated. "It's the same story every time and every place. Bishops appoint priests that they know have abused children to new parishes and more abuse happens."

Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor was rash enough to complain to the Director General of the BBC about the Panorama programme. The Director General, Mark Thompson, rejected the complaint.

The Archbishop of Birmingham, Vincent Nichols accused the BBC of "a deeply prejudiced attack” on Benny The Nazi! Nichols did not dispute the cover-up of rampant child abuse by so-called Holy men, or the fact that the rapes and the cover-ups continue under what Benny The Nazi now calls "Exclusive [Vatican] Competence" for child abuse cases. Watch the full Panorama programme via Google  BBC + Pope + Priests + Paedophiles + Panorama 
Extract here
and here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btmuS2H79Y0   and see "Crimen Sollicitationis" 

Pope Visits Dope

Benny The Nazi now asks for forgiveness. He deserves a lethal injection.  The aim of Benny’s Vatican Gang is exactly the same as The Bush Gang; breeding slaves for power mad rich perverts to abuse.
If these two ever get their way there will be no civil or human rights. No age of consent. Sacrificing children on the alter for the entertainment of idle rich perverts would happen for real instead of the mock sacrifices they presently make do with at Bohemian Grove and similar venues.

Long ago Benny and the Bush Gang decided one "world government" is what they want for you and yours. The destruction of American civil rights was a small part of creating one "supreme global authority" with one global “church,” one global bank and one global army of low IQ Robothugs.
The "supreme global authority" will abolish money and wages as we know them. Your employer (Bechtel, Blackwater, Woolworth, McDonald's et al) will transmit Credit Units for the work you do to your personal identity microchip - in your arm.

If you should disagree with the "rules", let's say you refuse to go to "church," your credit chip, not your tracking chip, will be switched off. This will change your status from citizen to "terrorist" or "outlaw" and -in the interests of "world peace" - a squad of Robothugs will be sent to kill you.  

The ultimate aim of "world government" as envisaged by the Queen, her principle bankers the Rothschilds and her cousin Mr Bush is no courts, no jails, just workers who behave exactly as proscribed and incinerators for anyone who doesn't. see The truth about chips Your death camp is ready

Religion Explained



No Surprise There Then

From the start of the Iraq occupation in 2003 Mr Bush has spent $500 Million Tax Dollars financing the anti-American TV station al Hurra to keep his phony war on terror going.  
 Congressmen accuse this station of emboldening Iraqi’s to kill American troops
 60 Minutes


Good News

WASHINGTON  June 25, 2008. 

According to a Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll released today
three out of four American’s blame their "President" and his appointees for eight years of economic decline. America is finally waking up to the fact that a gang of hoodlums hijacked America.


75% Blame Bush

Apart From Choirboys. What Do Popes Do?

The further you go back in history the worst they get. So lets start with a relatively good one. Pope Pius 12th, former Papal Nuncio in Berlin Pius 12th supported Hitler during and after WW2. As the custodian of a vast amount of Nazi gold in Vatican Bank vaults Pius 12th assisted scores of Nazis war-criminals to escape down the aptly named "Rat-line" to South America.   

The outspoken pontiff, John Paul 1st, signed his own death warrant when he stated his intention to stop the Mafia and the CIA using the Vatican Bank as a 24/7 money laundry for counterfeit currency, drugs & arms deals and gold bullion stolen by Heads of State from their own Treasuries. Financial writers welcomed the new Pope and urged him to look into the criminal dealing of the Continental Bank of Chicago, jointly owned by the Vatican and the Queen.
The happy reign of John Paul 1st  lasted 33 days. He was poisoned, allegedly by a nun, with a cup of tea.


As a young man John Paul 2nd  worked with the Nazi loving Bishop of Krakow, in occupied Poland.
Together they used all their dubious "religious" skills to suppress the opinion of Catholic Poles while Polish Jews were being shipped-off to slave labour camps where millions were starved and worked to death or simply shot for being old or sick. John Paul 2nd very soon revealed his "holiness" when an earthquake struck in southern Italy. The Italian media appealed to him to use the immensely rich Vatican Bank to send some urgently needed aid. He refused to send a penny.
In Mexico where countless millions live in over-crowded-stinking-squalor, John Paul 2nd  told his flock to carry-on breeding like rabbits because the rich need more slaves. Although he didn’t use those words. That would have been telling the truth.

More popery at  www.rense.com/Datapages/skolnickdatapage.html


The New Religion: The Patriot Act

The infamous Torture Camp At Guantanamo Bay, Cuba holds roughly Four Percent (4%) of the so-called "war on terror suspects." The controlled media never report many similar prisons around the globe where kidnapped "war on terror suspects" are being held illegally - without charge.

Khaled Masri was arrested by the CIA, bungled aboard a ghost flight and flown to an Afghan jail. For five months he was starved, beaten, sodomized and questioned about alleged terrorists he had no knowledge of.

In May 2006 the Bush government issued a press release admitting this was a case of "mistaken identity." 

Alexandria. May 19th 2006. Federal Judge T. S. Ellis stated Masri, "has suffered injuries" and he "deserves a remedy." But, as the Judge explained, the President's Patriot Act means this case posed "a risk of exposing Bush government secrets."

The judge was powerless. To keep his own job the judge had to dismiss the clearly sound case against the CIA. Who are manifestly guilty of wrongful arrest, wrongful imprisonment and despicably torturing an innocent man for five months!
So there you have it. President Bush's Patriot Act means anyone can now be "mistakenly" arrested, jailed and tortured (possibly to death) for no other purpose than perpetuating the bogus war on terror.

The Patriot Act(s) also gave the "government" the unbridled right to burgle any American home or office in search of anything the government" of the day say is anti "government" material.
These raids, the "government" will tell the court, stem from information from the "suspects" workmates or neighbours - whose names will not be disclosed to the court for "National Security" reasons!
So even without imposing Martial Law Mr Bush has given the "government" all the power they need to control the public as the Gestapo did in Nazi Germany.


The Phony "War on Terror"

"Rendition" is the gangster practice of kidnapping and disappearing Muslims to keep the illegal wars in Iraq & Afghanistan going. The phony "war on terror" has led to South African and British snatch squads being trained in America. These squads operate as if they are above the law in every country they are sent to. Rarely do they get caught. The victims could end-up being tortured to death on a British United States Air Force (USAF) base like Mildenhall or in the middle of the Indian Ocean on the British island of Diego Garcia.

March 12, 2008. Two former captains of the Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior Peter Bouquet and Jon Castle and their ship the Musichana were arrested off the coast Diego Garcia for protesting on behalf of the illegally evicted population of the island.
When the Pentagon decided to build a massive nuclear staging post at Royal Air Force (RAF) Diego Garcia, (above) the Queen leased-out the island to Uncle Sam. Two thousand islanders (Her Majesty's
subjects) were rounded-up like cattle and disposed of in the slums of Mauritius 1,300 miles away.
Eventually the islanders found a lawyer to fight their case. Eventually an English court ruled they had been illegally evicted and their homes stolen. George 'Dubya' Bush (who incidentally stole the White House) picked up the oval office phone and had a word with his cousin at Buck House. The Queen quickly issued an Order In Council that overturned the courts findings! Leaving two thousand dispossessed islanders in no doubt why some people choose to become suicide bombers.
Environmental and Human Rights activists, including
Peter Bouquet and Jon Castle, have formed the People's Navy to draw attention to the inhuman treatment of the islanders by the Queen and the fact that the Queen is using RAF/USAF Camp Justice, on Diego Garcia, as a torture/death camp to keep the phony war on terror going.
Ships of the Peoples Navy will continue to draw attention to Diego Garcia; where the gutless, spineless puppets who call themselves "news reporters" at ABC, BBC, CNN, CBS, ITV ect., dare not go.

 Orders In Council  The Real Terrorists responsible for the bogus war on terror  
Britain & South Africa accused of "rendering"


Blessed Are The Meek?

Now their Civil Rights have been taken away the purpose of Mr Bush's 9/11 has finally dawned on most Americans. Consequently the only supporters Mr Bush has left are the educationally-sub-normal and the totally-insane-religious-fanatics.
The people who still supports Mr Bush after he stole the White House, perpetrated 9/11, destroyed US Civil Rights, crippled the housing market, tripled the price of gas and brought down the Dollar can only be described as mad as f**king nails. Or "Endtimers" as they call theirselves.

How To Ruin America: Use Religion


The Endtimers

Luke 19: 27.  Jesus says
Go out among the people and bring back to me those who will not accept me as King over them and slaughter them in front of me

Mathew 12: 30. Jesus says
Those who are not with me are against me


Easy (CIA) Torture Jet
In March 2007 Tony Blair was asked if Britain was co-operating with renditions to Diego Garcia, a tiny Indian ocean island Royal Air Force base that the Queen leased-out to the US as a nuclear staging post, Tony Blair replied.
‘I am satisfied the US had at no time rendered an individual through the UK or through our Overseas Territories.’
Whistleblowers Ben Griffin and the former US Army General Barry McCaffrey and Amnesty International have proved Blair is a consummate liar.

2006 - 2007 America, Austria, Britain, Italy, Poland and Portugal were criticized for refusing to co-operate with the European Parliament Report on the illegal transport and detention of prisoners. The report listed over one thousand CIA operated flights between 2001 and 2005 in EU airspace and speculated CIA detention and torture facilities may be located at US military bases in EU countries. The report confirmed twenty-one-cases of CIA kidnappings in which the victims were residents in the EU at the time of their kidnapping, or transferred through a EU country. Amnesty International had previously reported the treatment of these twenty-one victims as war crimes. The US Congress are investigating "some thousands" of similar cases of illegal arrest and detention at "CIA Black Sites" since 2001 in direct contravention of the UN Convention Against Torture., The Geneva Conventions and International Law.

Her Majesty's
Secrets Act is now used on a regular basis to silence civil servants and military personal who disagree with the illegal occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq.
All these people want to do is tell the truth about ongoing war crimes started on the back of the Bush administration's first mass murder. Potential whistleblowers now face jail if they speak the truth. 

Never mentioned by Congress Committees or EU investigations is the largest CIA Black Site of all - Area 51, the size of Switzerland - where the 9/11 passengers and crew were probably incinerated.  God Bless The Fascist Regime 

Budapest  March 12, 2008: EU Torture Flights Business As Usual
The Hungarian newspaper Nepszabadsag ran a picture taken at Budapest’s Ferihegy airport of a white Boeing 737, registration No. N34315, previously used by the CIA to ferry “suspects” from the Middle East and South Asia to the United States. The Hungarian news service, MTI, reported the same plane had recently been photographed in central Europe and in Ireland. 
A spokesman for Budapest’s airport said charter flights from the United States often stop in Budapest on their way to Iraq, noting a Boeing 767 landed for refueling here Tuesday March 11, 2008. The Hungarian Foreign Ministry had no comment. UPI

Future Torture/Death Camps

Michael L. Weinstein

How the US military became The Church Of Mindless Slaughter  



 Tuesday, April 15th, 2008
Torturers in the White House


By Ruth Conniff
The biggest news of the last week went virtually uncovered by the mainstream print media.
ABC TV News reported last Wednesday that top Bush Administration officials, including Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, John Ashcroft, and George Tenet, Colin Powell, and Donald Rumsfeld met to discuss which particular torture techniques should be used against "suspects" in U.S. custody. The group signed off on specific techniques, including sleep deprivation, slapping, pushing, and potentially fatal waterboarding.
note After WW2 Japanese prison guards were sentenced to fifteen years for waterboarding American prisoners. The mainstream media are not pursuing the people responsible for torture anymore than they pursued the same people when they murdered 3,000 US citizens on the morning of September 11 2001.


 April 15, 2008   

Obama Would "Immediately Review" Potential Of Crimes In Bush White House

 By Will Bunch

Tonight I had an opportunity to ask Barack Obama a question that is on the minds of many Americans.
I asked him if an Obama administration would seek to prosecute officials of a former Bush administration on the revelations that they greenlighted torture, or for other crimes directly connected to the Bush White House. Obama said that as president he would indeed ask his new Attorney General and his deputies to "immediately review the information that's already there" and determine if an inquiry is warranted. He worried that such a probe would be spun as "a partisan witch hunt." However, he said "nobody is above the law." 

April 2, 2008, according to a CNN count. There has been at least 800,000 Iraqi and over 4,300 coalition deaths in the five-year illegal occupation of Iraq. At least 29,628 U.S. troops have been wounded in action. All this death and human destruction was caused by Bush Gang lies.

The Next Leader Of The Bush Gang?
Johnny NoBrain McCain

Senator NoBrain has come up with "a gas-tax holiday."  Senator NoBrain has come up with "a gas-tax holiday."
As President, he says, he would cut pump prices by temporarily waving the federal tax of 18 cents per gallon. Apparently, nobody he knows has the intelligence to tell him the 18 cents per gallon is now needed more than ever for road repairs now that his girlfriend Dubya has emptied the US Treasury.
Last November a Congressional Transport Safety Commission (SAFETEA-LU) set-up in 2005 to check America's roads and railways, reported the system is steadily breaking-down due to Mr Bush's Homeland Security stealing road & rail maintenance funds for the so called War on Terror.  Cutting the gas tax means even less road repairs and even less jobs in road construction. Johnny NoBrain's "gas-tax holiday" proves he can not understand what is going on in America. His plans for staying in Iraq "for one hundred years" prove this old napalm bomber is long overdue at the funny farm. The fact that Dubya has to borrow from Japanese and Chinese banks to pay the troops will never dawn on Senator NoBrain McCain.

Fanatical Endtimer John Hagee is NoBrain’s favourite Preacher.  Hagee’s preaches Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans as Gods retribution for the city’s sin. NoBrain recently stated. "I am very proud to have Pastor John Hagee’s support." NoBrain’s hatred of Iran chimes in with Hagee’s preaching of The End Time. Hagee tells his sheeple. The fairy tale "End Time" starts with a biblically prophesied battle to the death in Iran leading to the "Rapture" and the "Second Coming of Christ - yadda, yadda, yadda. see Religion Explained  

George Carlin

 US Troops killed by Bush 2003 - Today



April 5, 2008. Bush Robothug’s:
License To Kill Renewed

The US State Department is extending the cost-plus contract for Blackwater despite Blackwater Robothugs slaughtering 17 unarmed Iraqi civilians while escorting a "diplomat" in Baghdad last September 16.
One of countless such incidents. Countless because “we don’t do bodycounts.”
Blackwater is one of several private Robothug outfits paid to protect US officials visiting Iraq. Long before Torture Chief Rumsfeld was removed from the main screen the ordinary grunts could not be trusted to guard the lives of Bush Gang visitors. The rank and file no longer distinguish arseholes in Iraq from visiting arseholes from Washington and London.

The Monumental Lies Crusade


March 12, 2008. A USA Military Study, published today was not discussed by the mainstream (Bush) media.
The report proves the Bush administration were lying in 2001. Lying in 2002 and lying in
2003 when they repeatedly told the American people Saddam Hussein could organize an atrocity like Mr Bush’s 9/11.
The report was due to be posted on the Joint Forces Command website but the Bush Press Office, having previewed the report, cancelled plans for a press release. The report is based on the analysis of some 600,000 official Iraqi documents seized by US forces, in 2003, and thousands of hours of interrogations of Saddam’s captured officials. Other academic studies long ago reached the conclusion the Bush administration lied in order to occupy Iraq in order to steal the oilfields. The White House are now saying anyone wishing to buy a copy of the official report 'must apply to Joint Forces Command in Norfolk, Virginia.' The report will be sent [read lost] by the US Mail who have today been made the sole distributors.

What Andrew Card Really Said

  "Some bastards have stopped Cheney’s remote control boys crashing a plane near the school and the same bastards stopped the WTC7 and Pentagon look-a-likes taking-off."


Why Bush Attacked America

The ultimate aim of "world government" as envisaged by the Queen, her bankers the Rothschilds and her cousin George W. Bush is no courts, no jails, just citizens who behave exactly as proscribed and incinerators for anyone who doesn't. His 9/11 attack failed to impose the Martial Law Bush was aiming for because half his attack planes failed to take off.
Do not be surprised if Bush attacks America again while the Olympics are in progress. Iran will then be blamed for the Bush attack the same way the Arabs were blamed for 9/11. Iran will be "shock & awe bombed" to start another protracted Cold War to steal $Trillions of taxpayers money away from transport, heath care, schools, ect, ect., for the bankers world government project.  The Truth About Chips 

How Bush Attacked America 


June 2008:
Poverty In The Queen's Army 

A recently published report on troop moral, prepared between July 2007 & January 2008 for Richard Dannatt, Chief of the General Staff, highlights low pay and under-manning as the Army's major problems.
The average frontline soldier earns a meagre £16,000 a year, whereas the average politician who voted the troops into two illegal wars takes home £90,000 a year, from the taxpayer, for sitting on their fat arse's in Her Majesty's
Parliament demanding even more pay for Members of Her Majesty's
Parliament while fiddling their housing & office expenses to steal another twenty to forty grand per year.

The report states.  'A number of soldiers were not eating properly because they had run out of money by the end of the month.' Bankrupt troops are now given 'food loans' for the Army’s 'hungry soldier scheme.'
The Independent reported this demeaning procedure. 'Soldiers have to fill out a form which entitles them to a voucher. The cost is deducted from their future wages, adding to the problems of soldiers on low pay.'

The long hours they work mean troops in the UK have been paid far below the UK Minimum Wage from the day the minimum wage was introduced. On top of this insult home based troops are now forced to pay for their meals. As always the quality of 'army grub' leaves everything to be desired. The only thing organic being the mould on the pies. 

Chronic under-manning means nearly half of our troops are presently prevented from taking their annual leave. They are needed on base or in Iraq / Afghanistan.
Col. Bob Stewart, a former commander in Bosnia, has stated the Army is also 'badly equipped, particularly for training, and quite honestly I’m afraid to say it is losing its edge as a top-rate army in the world.'

Former deputy commander of the SAS, Col. Clive Fairweather, said of the under-manning. 'I really do think the Army is heading for the rocks and I don’t say this lightly.'

Thousands of troops interviewed for this latest report were close to the official definition of government defined poverty. Troops are leaving in ever-increasing-numbers because they cannot feed a family on current Army pay.
Life in Her Majesty's
Armed Services as portrayed by the Queen's Prince William, Prince Harry, Propaganda Office has failed to increase the number of new recruits or stop personnel leaving to improve their living standards.

Added June 9 2008.
 Army's Best Men Quit! 

Ex Army Instructor, now Tory MP, Patrick Mercer says his friend the SAS Commander, Brigadier Edward Butler DSO, has quit over the neglect of British troops. Butler is the third highly respected high ranking officer to quit in less than a year. Lieutenant Colonels Rick Williams MC and Stuart Tootal disagreed with the Queen's policy of expecting the troops to work for a pittance with no proper backup equipment and die in silence when they come home with DU Poisoning.

With God On Our Side? 
One Mans War Against The Evangelist Coup In The American Military 
Michael L. Weinstein
@ Amazon.com 

Other reports on the Crusade Of The Born Again Throwback



August 11 2008.  Raw Story:

A forged letter linking Saddam Hussein to the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks was ordered on White House stationery and probably came from the office of Vice President Dick Cheney, according to a new transcript of a conversation with the Central Intelligence Agency’s former Deputy Chief of Clandestine Operations Robert Richer.

The transcript was posted Friday by author Ron Suskind of an interview conducted in June. It comes on the heels of denials by both the White House and Richer of a claim Suskind made in his new book, The Way of The World. The book was leaked to Politico’s Mike Allen on Monday, and released Tuesday.


Bush: “Good Job”


 Troops killed in Illegal Wars 2003 - Today

 How Bush started his Holy War on the poor.  http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=U4WOXh8hbkI 


Bush Cancer Spreads

We all hoped the President of Paranoia would slowly pass into history. Unfortunately, for American's, that ain’t going to happen.
Mr Bush destroyed
American Civil Rights. Bush Legislation means the President alone decides who is and who isn’t an Enemy Of The State.
Once a “suspect” has been arrested and jailed he or she has no right to a civil court trial. The “suspect” must accept a military lawyer as their defender!
Who-so-ever tortures the “suspect” be it the Police, the FBI, the CIA or Blackwater goons, are now shielded from prosecution by the President Of America - whoever he or she maybe.

If peace brakes-out in Afghanistan and Iraq next year Barack Obama is hardly likely to give up these Stalinist powers especially now he has nailed his colours firmly to the Globalist mast by appointing the son of an Israeli terrorist to run his White House and Mrs Gobshite as his right hand man.
This cancer began with Mr Bush's 9/11 financed by the same Jewish bankers who want a one world "government" with 99% of the planets people born to die in slavery. This cancer will continue to spread until the perpetrators of 9/11, namely, Bush, Cheney, Rice, Myers, Rumsfeld, their bankers, bloggers and uniformed underlings have been executed for their bestial crimes against We The People.

                                            Jim Hutchinson - jhigate@yahoo.co.uk




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