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     Flings with one's  flunky's  

Anne Power A Real Lady


Nuclear Power 2018: Wasting The Planet

The Queen's Bent Realm   The Queen's Mates

Water Power Suppressed    The Cousins War  

 Fracking Olde England   Aussie Girl - Brighton Girl    

Exercising Her Majesty's Mineral Rights     Her Majesty's Plan  
    Welcome to The Sheep Pen a.k.a  America      67bb
Beijing: Fresh-Organ-Take-Away

Goodbye Age of Consent   Known Traitors   The Queen's Wealth

Marguerite Alibert Meller: Honorary 'Royal'

   Then & Now   

The Real Terrorists


Chernobyl Power Station poisoned

an area the size of Wales forever

 Japan: Nuclear Desert In The Works


Fukushima: Eyes Wide Shut  


    Bilderberg Roots: Royal Family Bankers

June 2012: Bilderberg attendees include the despicable cock-sucking Peter Mandelson - member of Her Majesty's House of Lords and Chairman of The Global Counsel - and the equal vile paedophile Kenneth Clarke, member of Her Majesty's Parliament and Her Majesty's Lord Chancellor     more



Chernobyl Today  


No Jail For Crown Licensed Thieves


 9/11: The Mother of All Inside Jobs 


How Hugh Grant discovered
Milly Dowler’s phone was hacked


 Bin Laden: Dead Again    

When Did Osama Leave The Building?

 Japanese Fallout: Fish and Rabbits  

Lauren's Warning


  God Save the Queen: R U Sure?



Is Thatcher Dead Yet?    

Chas and Clammy: "Off With Their Heads"


  Dancing In The Dark  Springsteen


  9/11: Inside Job 

Fooled Again   

    The Great Climate Hoax

 The Case Against Nuclear Lizzy

Real Terrorists

Obama Continues 9/11 Cover - Up

              Everybody Knows  

 Peter Finch

Painful Question's

George Carling

The Light Of Day

Who Killed Dr. Kelly?

Queen Orders Foreign Doomsday Machines
For Somerset & Suffolk

Queen Orders Two Potential Chernobyls
 To Be Built At Sellafield

Lockerbie Scapegoat:

Abdel Baset al-Megrahi


Lady Mandy's Progress

Her Majesty The Queen has now made her favourite Queen, Mandy Mandelson, right, a Baron, a First Secretary Of State and Lord President Of Her Majesty's Privy Council. Along with six other unelected members of Her Majesty's Cabinet Mandy has been tasked to oust Brown, with as little bloodshed as possible, and shoe-in the Queen's cousin, Doris Cameron, while covering-up the fact that most members of Her Majesty's Parliament are as bent as a £3 note.

June 18, 2009. Official, but redacted, documents released today confirm Gordon Brown, Doris Cameron and their grubby little gangs are nothing more than Crown Licensed common thieves.
Two days before he left office the Queen's last Prime Mouthpiece, Toady Blair, claimed
£7,000 for a roof repair and £260 to have all his "expenses" claims shredded! The last Speaker of Her Majesty's House Of Commons, Michael Martin, is a typical royal arse licker. Public opinion demanded Martin was fired for his part in stealing tens of millions from the taxpayer in false claims for expensesNot surprisingly the Queen immediately elevated Micheal Martin to Her Majesty's House of Lords, where he continues falsifing expenses to steal
the taxpayers money    

The Real Terrorists

1_Introduction   2 _9/11 - Designer Confusion     Everybody Knows

3_9/11 - Nazi Fires  4_9/11 - Dress Rehearsal - Up Steps Rosie

5_2001 Weird Weapons -  2009: Bin Laden Still Not Wanted 

6_ Crown Pigs  7_Lady Belinda   p55_9/11 For Dummies    

8 The Happy Fox frontispiece  pages 1-4                Closing Time

9 The Happy Fox pages 5-8 pages 8-10            Third Degree

 YouTube - YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS - George Carlin

page 11   page 12   The Happy Fox page 16       More Like the Movies 

14  "Special Relationship"  p16aa _Noises Off                    One

15  Poisoning Kids For Profit / Mountain Girls                    Bonnie Girls

Ranting Alex Jones: The Only Sane Man Left Standing?       Wanted Man

The Nukes Are Coming  A Right Royal Rip-off                      The Boss

9/11: The Eyes Have It   Liar Liar Condi Rice                       Scrubs 

16   April 26, 1986  -  Prince Pawn  17 The Germans: Pocket Guide 

17aa Pocket Guide 2  Garrison Keillor Show

18 The Princess & The Coalman    Peter Finch                      Sad Café  

19 Royal Agenda  20 Doris: The Next Prime Mouthpiece      Esther 

21 Real History 22 Environmental Maths       Linley Outed in Aus

23 Georgian England   24 Priny   25 Royal Slave Ships     Man In Black

26 Priny's England   27 Nell Gwyn
  28 The Vote                Kate  

29 Role Model Royal Wedding  30 Who's Baby?               Total Eclipse

31 John Wilkes  32 Georgian Gals  33 The Regency         Tinutus

34 Royal Madness    35 Young Charlotte                           Start the Fire

36 The Whitewash of King George 3rd  37 June 1815       Steve Miller

38 Child Bride  39 Priny v Caroline   40 Lord Russell        Orange Special

41 The Next In Line   42 Victorian Values  43 Cover-Up     America Now

44 Instant Empress   45 Hired & Fired  46 Dirty Bertie      San Quentin

47 Royals, Masons & The Ripper Murders                        Riders In The Sky

48 Pump & Circumstance     49 Royal Daughters             Torn

50 George 5 & 'Motherdear'    51 George 5 in India          San Quentin

52 Royal Lip Service     53 Lizzy Bowes Lyons                 Old Dixie 

54 Family Planning       55 The Gathering Storm              Pinball

56 Royal Nazis               57 The Queens Uncle                  Willie Nelson

58 Exotic Poison           59 EU Council Of Muggers         Jingo Lo Ba

60 Nuclear Bubbly         61 The Impossible Turn        Famine? Yeah Right

62 The Real Oscars        63 The Kalingrad Express           The Frey  

64 Bush: Real Records   65 A Very Posh Murder               Sooner or Later  

66 EU: Hell In A Handcart   The Truth About Chips           Poncho

67 Nuclear Charlie     68 The Long Debate             Start The Fire with Lyrics

69 Enron copies Lizzy     70 Dounreay     71 Nadia            Dead Donkey

72 The Next Phony      73 Shoulder 2 Shoulder 

74 That Spy Plane     75 "BoJo" - Illegal Nuclear Dumps      Morning

76 The Next Saddam  77 Crown Bombers   

78  Set Aside & Schoolgirl Nymphs   79 Shifting Sand            Pinball 0

80 The War at Windsor Castle  81 7 - 7  82 Outed & Blair's Legacy

83 Cindy Sheehan    How To Save A Life

84 Amy Worthington-Katherine Gunn  85 The Bush Gang     Santana 2

86  Whistleblowers: Jessica Lynch & Karen Silkwood           Pinball 1   

87  Whistleblowers: September 2007                               Roger Daltry

88 Monsanto - Tunnel Vision   89 The Black Death   Famine? Yeah Right

90 Off Palace Business   91 Hog Wash

92_25 Cents Per Month  93 The BSE Murders                     Fanx Tara
94 Bush Robs Katrina Victims To Pay For Needless War

95 Oops!  Jona Hug Accidents & Incidents                       Moonlightning
96 Saving Pennsylvania - The Nuclear Nutter's Club             

97 Water Power   98 Churchill   99 Torture Chief                    Leo Sayer

100 Health Of Millions Improved                                      Nothing Rhymed

101 BCCI  102 Shifting Sands - Belize                                    Chris Rea

103 The NIMBY Ploy    Northern Rock                                   Road To hell

104 Nuclear Suitcase Bomb  -  What Dad Never Knew         

105 Nuclear Power Station's Explode Without Diesel Generators!

106 The Queen's Business   107 Jean Charles de Menezes         Trisha  

108   DU  Coming Home     109 The Need To Know      Crazy in Love

110   9/11: The Trial  &  No Arabs! T R. Olmsted MD

p10  9/11 Refs    p11  9/11: How Bush Did It           Webb sisters from Kent

p14 - Royal Business: Worse Than Hitler's   


p14aa Lockerbie  p15 Dollar Down - Oil Up  p16 Poppy 

p16aa _Noises Off  p17 Liar Liar Condi Rice                           Road 2

Alex Jones Live from Texas    Windows Media

p18 _Mr. Minter & The Queen's Dirty Business

p19  Where There's Nukes. There's Brass   Endtime

p20  Royal Bounty: The Slave Trade ect..             The Real Dick Turpin

You Tube: The Halliburton Water Murders

Bechtel  Nuclear Scam                Misunderstood      Hard Knocks Joe Cocker

p21 Water Power = Cheap Power  p22  BSE USA   

p23 Learning Curve  p24 Bonesmen For The Crown  

p25 Queen Lizzy's Body-snatchers   p26 Lady Belinda

p27 Bad Day  Shut Nukes Down                     Billy Joel

p28 Family Secrets - Plute  p30 Bad Money - Blair's Song 

p31 Ouch!  -  Shoot To Kill   p32 Lizzy's Little Earner   

p 34 Fylingdales    p35 The Deterrent Myth  

p37 Lady Belinda      p38 Lizzy's Cartel                                 Strange Girl  

On With The Show   p40 The Real Terrorists       The Real Dick Turpin

p41 Sicko  &  Perpetual Waste   Jona Hug Accidents & Incidents 

p44 BBC Gone For Ever? - Nazis Fires   T Boone Pickens

p47 Bush Broadcasting Corporation  DU   Du1  Du2  Du4  Du7 p100  p107 

p55 9/11 For Dummies   p77  p88  200   700 - 710   711   Torn      First of May

The best free web hosting on the internet

    War On Terror: The Truth  

Elena: Nuclear Biker

Nadia  Queen Lizzy's Gas Dump

Finlandia: Nuclear Fantasy on Ice  DU Ammo

Third Rock  Dads  New Rules  Square Peg

 Queen Of Deceit  Royal Plans 
Fooled Again

   Mr. Brown's Replacement?
 Obama's Back-Up Plan  Religion Explained
 Bank robber Sir Fred awarded £1,900 per day for life
 Safe Power 


 The Cost of Mr Bush:  

 Before Mr Bush left office he wasted over ELEVEN TRILLION TAX DOLLARS.

Most American's do not realize Obama now has to borrow from Arab, Chinese and

 Japanese banks to run the "economy" Bush bequeathed to America which NOW

 costs American tax payers $330 Million Per Day

see  Child's Pay  at Bush in 30 seconds

 How Bush Spending is Still Growing and How Your Children & Grandchildren
 Will Pay his Borrowing back to Foreign Bankers!

also see  Child's Pay  at Bush in 30 seconds

  BBC: War Lies

this site is perpetually in the works  jhigate@yahoo.co.uk


Sunday, 17 June 2018 10:20

Bush Cancer Spreads

We all hoped the President of Paranoia would slowly pass into history. Unfortunately, for American's, that ain’t going to happen.
Mr Bush destroyed
American Civil Rights. Bush Legislation means the President alone decides who is and who isn’t an Enemy Of The State.
Once a “suspect” has been arrested and jailed he or she has no right to a civil court trial. The “suspect” must accept a military lawyer as their defender!
Who-so-ever tortures the “suspect” be it the Police, the FBI, the CIA or Blackwater goons, are now shielded from prosecution by the President Of America - whoever he or she maybe.

If peace brakes-out in Afghanistan and Iraq next year Barack Obama is hardly likely to give up these Stalinist powers especially now he has nailed his colours firmly to the Globalist mast by appointing the son of an Israeli terrorist to run his White House and Mrs Gobshite as his right hand man.
This cancer began with Mr Bush's 9/11 financed by the same Jewish bankers who want a one world "government" with 99% of the planets people born to die in slavery. This cancer will continue to spread until the perpetrators of 9/11, namely, Bush, Cheney, Rice, Myers, Rumsfeld, their bankers, bloggers and uniformed underlings have been executed for their bestial crimes against We The People.  
Jim Hutchinson  © 2007  jhigate@yahoo.co.uk




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