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 "Olkiluoto" Nuclear Power Station should have opened 10 years ago.
Due to design flaws it is still being built! The final promised price of
€2.5 Billion"
will be at least 10.5 Billion!  Google Olkiluoto for today's estimate of the final price.

"Nuclear New Build"

The Usual Progress

The much talked-up European Pressurised Reactor (EPR) at Olkiluoto, Finland continues pouring other-peoples-money down the nuclear drain. The same way the cost of building Sizewell B went from £450 million to £2.9 billion! The Finnish Folly is on the same criminal path.

In May 2007 the publicized "final cost of €2.5 Billion" was revised-up to €4 Billion. By 2009, the "final cost" estimate had risen to 6.6 Billion!
The estimate of €
6.6 Billion could easily treble as the "nuclear new build" has now "failed its building standards inspection on over 1,000 separate counts!" And all these faults despite the "nuclear new build" being three-years behind its building schedule.
The French media also revealed the other-peoples-money to finance the Finnish Folly came from €610 Million Export Credit paid by the hapless French taxpayer i.e. back-door State Aid (now being investigated by the EU) and dubiously cheap bank loans. Most of the dodgy loans could be re-called and thereby end the project. The Finnish taxpayer could end-up paying billion's of Euros for sweet Fanny Adams. Not by a long chalk the first nuclear-new-build-multi-billion-fuck-up. 
2018. Google "Olkiluoto" to check today's estimate of the final price.


Lizzy & The Frog

The French nuclear giant Areva are responsible for this latest criminal waste of time and money in the pervert's pursuit of totally needless new nuclear power stations. Even pro-nuclear Finnish politicians are voicing their anger at the cowboy outfit Areva for farming-out parts of the nuclear engineering contract to Polish cheap labour.

Not surprisingly Her Majesty will use the French cowboy outfit Areva in her plan to build ten potential Chernobyl's in Great Britain.      http://www.areva.com/servlet/cp_   

        also see  Michael Meacher, Chris Mullen,  Energy  Jan 10, 2008.  Hansard     

        &  David Heath, Charles Henry, Colin Challen, Energy  Jan 22, 2008.  Hansard


Premeditated Royal Waste Of Public Money


The Queen's new Chernobyl's are absolutely guaranteed to increase your electricity bill and that's the very least damage they will do.  


Anybody who say's we need any more nuclear power stations has been born too soon. It will be many decades before medical science can help these poor souls with a brain transplant.

  Enfant Terrible of the French Nuclear Industry

Finnish Folly: Info 

Premeditated Royal Waste Of Public Money

The Queen's new Chernobyl's are absolutely guaranteed to increase your electricity
bill and that's the very least damage they will do.  


Anybody who say's we need any more nuclear power stations has been born too soon. It will be many decades before medical science can help these poor souls with a brain transplant.

Royal Waste

The British taxpayers are being told they will have to pay at least £74 BILLION to "keep safe" the nuclear waste from the Queen's existing nuclear stations.
Forty years ago Her Majesty's Government was telling the taxpayer nuclear stations would produce "electricity to cheap to meter." It turns out they are the most expensive and infinitely the most dangerous, on earth.
Regardless of the infantile claptrap you hear from fawning Ministers of the Nuclear Crown it is always the taxpayer who pays the horrendous bills for the provably insane practice of building nuclear waste stations like Sizewell B.
Bad Reactors  also see Whoops

Chernobyl poisoned an area the size of Wales for all time

The Importance of Proper Research

Nuclear apologists used to claim nuclear power delivered thirty-two-million-kilowatt-hours-per-ton of uranium ore. Independent (proper none government) research has forced the apologists to reduce this claim to nine-and-a-half-million-kilowatt-hours-per-ton.
As you would expect nuclear apologists have failed to adjust their estimates for Carbon Emissions in their ridiculous claim that "nuclear power reduces global warming."    

 Get One Outta Here!

From the start of her reign the Queen has had to plan for the possibility of Great Britain becoming a nuclear wasteland. The British public (you & yours) have never entered those plans. The royal family have escape planes standing by 24\7. If the lid comes-off Sellafield or Sizewell tomorrow the royals will be enjoying the sunshine on one of their palm fringed private islands the day after. It will be days or even weeks before you and yours learn from the cow-towing media that Britain has become unfit for Human Habitation. The Queen's simple subjects will be left to die like Alexander Litvenenko, the Russian spy who took twenty-three-days to die of nuclear power station poison. Google  Litvenenko + News + Jan 2007

Giga? Mega?  WHAT'S?

 1 kilowatt hour will power a one bar electric fire.

 1 megawatt hour will power 1,000 one bar electric fires  

 1 gigawatt hour will power one million one bar electric fires 

2007. Worldwide, there were only 300,000 megawatts coming from 439 nuclear waste stations. Installing these 300,000 megawatts cost five as much per megawatt as installing oil, coal or gas or hydro. Trillions of Dollars will be taken from Public Funds to store the fatal waste from these 439 stations. Only a lunatic would advocate building more nuclear waste stations when every other power system is five times cheaper and a million times safer.
Google Hermann Scheer Energy Autonomy

Totally corrupt politicians promoting new Chernobyl's will also tell you 9/11
was carried out by a gang of Camel drivers

So-called "BBC News reporters" have yet to ask the question.,
Why did 80% of the Twin Towers never hit the ground?

Eighty percent of the Twin Towers steel and concrete was pulverized into lighter than air dust! It wasn't just the people that completely disappeared. It was their desks, their computers, their windows, walls and ceilings, elevators, stairwells and furniture. Only one keyboard was found from above the twentieth floor...

The Real 9:11



Poisoning Iraq

Since the 1991 Gulf War, there has been a thirty-fold increase in birth defects in parts of southern Iraq. Fifty-percent of all Iraqi cancer patients are now under five-years-old! This is an eighty-percent increase since 1991 when the first "smart" nuclear waste bombs were dropped on Iraq.
Between 1991 and 2009 two-thousand-tons of nuclear waste, DU for short, has been exploded in Iraq with the inevitable results.

 photo below  Child of Iraq 2006 Al-Quds Press News

July 2007. According to the Iraqi Health Ministry. Iraqi hospital's can’t cope with the over-whelming number of birth defects and child cancer patients. Most of who arrive beyond any positive treatment.  

Dirty Ammo or DU is nuclear waste. If it wasn't made into shells, bullets and bombs it would have to be kept safe and monitored for thousands of years (at the taxpayers expense).  Any sensible person who has children will tell you the best thing to do about nuclear waste is stop fucking making it!
Using nuclear waste as a weapon is premeditated murder of the next generation and the next, and the next, and the next - 

Hitler's poison was confined to the Gas Chambers that died with Hitler.
Once in the environment DU never stops killing people. Lizzy and Dubya 's personal nuclear profits from DU will eventually make the Holocaust look like a nose bleed. 




The pro-life President and the Nuclear Queen's favourite uranium ammo (DU or DIRTY AMMO) is now used on a daily basis. Afghan and Iraqi hospitals are seeing the results on a daily basis.


2006. Dr Abdul Kazimi, Director of Iraqi nuclear medicine, estimated. "Over 7,500 Iraqis will be infected with depleted uranium (DU) cancers every year for decades to come." This was a very conservative estimate.

2009. The deliberate nuclear contamination of Iraq and Afghanistan continues unabated


Following the hoof-prints of Margaret Thatcher & John Major the Queen's last lackey, Blah Blah Blair did absolutely nothing to stop the Queen's long term plan to starve safe energy systems of proper investment in order to build ten more Chernobyl's in Britain. The latest passing Prime Mouthpiece, Blah Blah Brown, will follow royal orders to waste at least £200 BILLION taxpayers money on subsidizing totally needless brand new Nuclear Targets Of Mass Destruction and utterly futile Trident nuclear submarines.  


 "Regime Change"

Thus far "Regime Change" has murdered over one million people, and halved Iraq's monthly (recorded) crude oil output.

For two years the price of a barrel of oil doubled. A nice little earner for the Bush family, the Bin Laden family and the Saudi & British royals who have $Trillions invested in oil.

Troops killed in the needless war in Iraq 2003 - Today






WMD Lies Now Costing Taxpayer
$330 Million PER DAY! This money was collected from the taxpayers to pay for schools, roads and pensions ect., Can you wonder why America is falling apart.

In January 2001, Mr. Bush said. "Regime Change" would increase Iraqi oil output which would mean cheap gas for American's, and the increased revenue would pay all the US military expenses."
Iraq is now costing the US Taxpayer
 "$330 Million PER DAY" CNN. Situation Room October  22, 2007.  


Old Stuff

           Suppressed: Safe, Cheap Power

Near-shore 100ft high turbines cost  £M2 each. The £M348 slated for safe energy (Her Majesty's White Paper 24 Feb. 2003) would have been well  spent on 174 of these.
This would reduce the price of turbines. But this did not happen.
Passing prime
mouthpiece Blair was ordered to spread the money between a assortment of energy saving initiatives & safe energy schemes.  
And. To make extra sure the royals oil and nuclear profits are in no way reduced, Her Majesty's Government spread the money out over a period of four years. This guaranteed no real progress towards much cheaper and
infinitely safer power supplies. In the meantime should the Suicide Club pay a visit to Sellafield, the royals will be more than happy to do a Lucan.
The Queen’s personal fortune (in Swiss & US Trusts) makes at least £M4 every 24 hours.
That’s £M348 every 87 days. The royals fortune, rooted in Crown controlled Arm's & Ammo and the Slave Trade, will continue to grow at the same obscene rate irrespective of any British Nuclear disaster. The fact that a Sellafield accident could end British history has never worried Queen Lizzy.  Would you give a flying fuck for Britain if you owned land and property all-over the world and had multi-billions in foreign banks? 

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