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Royal Planning



 Understanding Her Majesty's
'Flog It' Policy
and Why She Only Employs Thieves

Cheap, Clean Energy:
Suppressed by The Queen

 "Just seventy-five 2.5 megawatt machines on the horizon equates to a substantial oil discovery in the North Sea, with massive environmental savings." Lord Moynihan. Renewable Energy Debate 23 June 2005. HoL Hansard.  

Half the taxpayers money the Queen has wasted on her nuclear investments since 1979 could have halved Britain's electric bill; had that money been spent on offshore wind and sea power systems.

Her Majesty's Transmission Charges

Bonnie Scotland has wind and water power in perpetual abundance. The Queen has no intention of using them.
The Pentland Firth, described as "the Saudi Arabia of tidal power." Has been left gagging for development despite numerous appeals by environment groups to the Queen's business managers Thatcher, Major, Blair, Brown, Cameron and May.

A proposed hydro station with a 100 year design life could be up running at Loch Ness. And more important could be the first of many in Scotland, were it not for the Queen's contrived transmission charges. The Beatrice marine wind farm, out of sight in the Moray firth, will pay up to £20 million per year more in charges than a wind farm in the blue-belled fields of Merry England.

This is how
Her Majesty's transmission charges stop our greatest natural resources being developed: Scots power stations now have to pay the government  £18 - £12 for every single kilowatt connected. The price drops to £5 in the North of England. But if you build a wind farm in Devon you will be given £5 per kilowatt! 
Her Majesty's transmission charges (Energy Act 2004) were designed to stop safe, cheap power-systems being developed.  
It is government policy to promote the building of Wind Farms in beauty spots to goad the gullible into accepting potential Chernobyl's - tastefully landscaped with rows of conifers - of course. 
Denmark’s sensible development of safe, renewable energy has led to a £4 billion a year export market employing 15,000 people. Scotland could do the same if we had an honest Head Of State.





Her Majesty's Parliament

 When the Queen opens her next Parliament with what is referred to as The Gracious Speech she is hoping to introduce the latest Serious Crime Bill * in which poaching a salmon or a trout is classed as a Serious Crime! If you refuse to answer any questions about your alleged involvement in this heinous crime you will be jailed for FIVE YEARS for not answering questions!! And, I Kid Ye Not. The same Bill, that Her Majesty can't wait to sign into law, do's not class armed robbery as a Serious Crime!!! ** So there you have it. Can you think of any sane reason for keeping a monarch who thinks more of what happens to salmon than her subjects facing armed robbers? The time has come to end the royal pantomime and the blatant theft of taxpayers money it stands for.

* Baroness Ainley. ** Lord Goodhart & Viscount Bledisloe, Serious Crime Bill debate House of Lords 7 February 2007.

When she isn't throwing bones for her parliamentary poodles the Queen has her own gun dog stud at Sandringham where one's common subjects can snap up a royal pup for a mere two-thousand-pounds.


One's dogs have always been better fed and housed than one's pensioners. That is the royal way. One's subjects never realize they work hard all their lives so we royals don't have to do a stroke.

The magnificent Buckingham Palace & Windsor Castle are public buildings. The royals have lived in these  buildings rent free for centuries. In 1992 a fire damaged part of Windsor Castle above Ministers of Crown immediately announced the taxpayer would pay the estimated £6 million restoration bill! The public made it known through the media the royal parasites should pay their own bills. This led to a palace statement.
"The Queen [a multi-billionaire] has offered to pay the bill for the fire by raising the money herself."  It was then announced. "Buckingham Palace [a public building] will be open to the public." The Queen then sold tickets at £10 each for a quick tour round half a dozen of the palaces' 690 rooms.
This proved an extremely nice little earner. In 2002 it came to light the Queen had collected £20 million more than she needed to pay for the Windsor fire. Royal secretary Sir Michael Peat told the Select Committee on Public Spending the Queen had "used" the £20 million on the royal art collection. So that's all right then. Half-starved pensioners scared to leave their own home never cross the royal mind.

The war years at Windsor

above & left  The Queen Mum with Lizzy and Dizzy displaying the fact that they would never have to do anything in life - other than play-acting below, Lizzy & Dizzy in Pantomime rehearsal and in the Dwarf Bean plot Windsor Castle



The London Blitz. 
Winston Churchill inspecting bomb damage.


 September. 7th  1940. The codeword Cromwell was issued. Hitler’s invasion was expected at any time.
On that day, French Chef René Roussin was told, escape planes were on stand-by to evacuate the royal family. The Queen (later Queen Mum) had chosen him, as one of forty chosen Household Staff, to accompany the family to America. The invasion didn't happen but the escape planes were kept in constant readiness and the family were always ready to abandon Britain at a moments notice.’ Throughout the war the royals pulled off all kinds of disgraceful publicity stunts (photo shoots) pretending to take part in the war effort.  While all the time knowing their escape planes were only a car ride away.’  In one stunt, Movietone News show’s Lizzy,
above right,  ‘Digging For Victory’ in one of the kitchen gardens at Windsor Castle. According to the commentary the royals had to manage, ‘like their subjects, on home grown potatoes, powdered eggs and that tiny ration-issue of meat and sugar that leaves everyone feeling hungry.’ In truth, the war made little difference to the royal menu. Roast beef, spring lamb, fillet-steak, venison, grouse, partridge eggs, pheasant, trout, salmon, most things the family would normally order, in season, were served as per usual. They even insisted on their personal Royal Coats of Arms stamped on their individual butter pats, as per usual! Throughout WW2, wherever the family were hiding, deep beneath Buck House or Windsor Castle, or up at Balmoral, they were served the usual surfeit of the best of everything. Their favourite chocolate pudding was served on gold plate, as per usual.
The King, George 6, drank a decanter of 20-yr-old malt every night. The Queen Mum sipped Gordons & Dubonnet - day and night. While Londoner’s sheltered from Hitler’s bombs in foul-stinking Tube stations. The royals were waited-on hand & foot as per usual, in the ‘Little Palace,’ 100 feet beneath the 690 roomed Buckingham Palace.
 (The Little Palace, only 24 rooms, was built, at the taxpayer’s expense, shortly after the first bombs to fall on London were hand-dropped from Zeppelins - 1915).  
They did of course sally forth from their halls of plenty to visit the latest bombsite and tut-tut.
Then as now, photo shoots were essential, to fool the ignorant into thinking the royals care about Britain. Had they not put on the walk-about-pantomime even the least intelligent would have realised how needless royal parasites really are. Visiting East End bombsites they had to be surrounded by armed guards. Men who had fought for King & Country in WW1, only to be treated like vermin ever-since, had threatened to ‘lynch the two-faced bastards.’  Throughout WW2 a company of Grenadier Guards and two Troops of Armoured Car shadowed the royals. Ready to speed them to their escape planes the moment an invasion was confirmed. Anyone who got in the way would have been shot.  
As you read this. Helicopters are standing by. Ready to lift the royals to the nearest  ‘clean’ airstrip the moment the lid comes off Sellafield or any other potential Nuclear 9\11. USAF jets will fly the family to ‘a safe location.’ Anyone who gets in the way will be shot. 
Shouldn’t we be shooting them?



The Annual Windsor Pantomime 1941

below two more Ivory Towers

Balmoral                 Sandringham

                           Princely Pursuits

left, left Palace flunky Michael 'Pansy' Fawcett with his master. Presently Charles has a staff of 91, including 29 personal flunky's. Having nothing better to do, Charles feels the need for his team of dresser’s to change his clothes three, sometimes five, times, a day!  His hand-lasted shoes (John Lobb) cost £1,800 a pair. His walk-in shoe cupboards outshine Emelda’s. Charles's countless Turnbull & Asser shirts cost £200 - £500 each. His Saville Row suits (Anderson & Sheppard) cost around £2,500 each. Although Clammy Cammy got rid of hundreds of ‘older suits’ when his mummy told him he was to separate from Diana, over 100 suits rarely leave the various palace dressing room wardrobes for the 'baggage train' of 100 suits that follow him everywhere he go's. If Charles becomes King he will have over 700 servants - presently attending his mummy. All at the taxpayers expense, of course. This family pay for nothing. The billions they have in US and Swiss banks was made from the Slave and Arms trade or stolen from the Civil List over the last three centuries. The Queen receives a gift from the taxpayer of £M7.9 spending money (Civil List) per annum, on top of which the taxpayer picks up the £2 Billion bill for royal security.


Charles, Prince of Parasites, displaying his total lack of intelligence 'hunting' the uneatable fox.  Charles is the first Prince Of Wales since 1659 to Marry a British wife, Diana Spencer.
Daddy forced him into marriage.  Charles would have been far happier left in bed with his boyfriend's and their wives. Diana was simply too normal for a "royal marriage."

Why you may ponder are we still paying for this royal Pantomime.
Shouldn’t we be shooting them?


January 26th 2007. BBC News 24 reported:
When Prince Charles heard he'd been given an American award he decided to collect it himself. Charles could easily have sent one his American Foundation staff to pick up the trinket. But no. He dropped his weekend fox-ripping to fly to a sumptuous self serving piss-up. After Mummy vetoed the very idea of using the Royal Airforce he bought all 62 Business and First Class seats on a British Airways scheduled flight!
He took his surrogate granny, four secretaries, four dressers and a dozen beefy bodyguards, leaving the other 40 Business and First Class seats empty for "security reasons." Ex Vice President Al Gore arranged extra security for the royal entourage in New York. If Charles cared about anything other than himself he would admit the unwarranted danger from nuclear power plants; join Greenpeace and campaign for the closure of all nuclear plants before we have Nuclear 9\11. Or worse.


Sellafield nuclear power station in Cumbria

Another Fine Mess

Between August 2004 and May 2005 83,000 litres (twenty-tons) of dissolved nuclear fuel rods containing enough plutonium to make twenty Nagasaki size bombs was happily sloshing around the floor, unnoticed by the staff at the Sellafield, Thorp, reprocessing plant!
The fatal liquor
had escaped through a broken pipe. This latest accident to close the nuclear fuel plant will cost the taxpayer appox £180 million - on top of the £70 BILLION public money already allocated to cleaning-up the unholy mess previous nuclear waste production has made.

Despite the danger of a Nuclear 9\11 now that we have suicidal squads now living amongst us.
Despite the dangers of a Chernobyl type accident
Despite the financial insanity of building and running nuclear waste (power) stations.
Despite the fact that Increasing the production of everlasting nuclear waste automatically rules out any possibility that nuclear power can save future carbon dioxide emissions,
corrupt Ministers of The Crown are calling for more nuclear waste stations! In line with the claim Iraq could mushroom London within 45 minutes. Ministers are claiming we need nuclear power to save the environment!!!    Environmental Maths

Nuclear Mission Accomplished

Since the 1991 Gulf War, there has been a thirty-fold increase in birth defects in parts of southern Iraq.
Fifty-percent of all Iraqi cancer patients are now under five-years-old. This is an eighty-percent increase since 1991 when the first "smart" nuclear waste bombs were dropped on Iraq.
Between 1991 and 2007 as much as two-thousand-tons of nuclear waste, in the form of Dirty Ammo or Du for short, has been exploded in Iraq.

Dirty Ammo or depleted uranium is nuclear waste. 
If it wasn't made into shells and bombs it would have
to be monitored for hundreds if not thousands of years. Exploding nuclear waste as a weapon is premeditated murder of the next generation and the next, and the next, and the next -  recurring. "The powers that be" can not deny they know exactly what they are doing. They have been studying the effects of exploded nuclear waste since the accident at Chernobyl in 1986. 

More trouble at'th plute mill 

Sellafield nuclear power station in Cumbria

 The proposed privatization of British Nuclear Group (BNG) is raising the hackles of environmentalists and Sellafield unions alike. Amicus national officer Doug Rooney stated.
 'The proposal to privatise British Nuclear Group will set up another Railtrack.'
Gary Smith, national officer at the GMB agreed.
 'Like Railtrack it will be dependent on public money, the private sector managers will look out for number one, any corners cut could lead to a catastrophic mistake.'

Apart from the inevitable cost cutting that comes with  privatization. The billions of taxpayers money given to the rail industry, after Her Majesty's
Government had sold it to their asset stripping pals,
will pale into insignificance when Sellafield is completely in the hands of companies owned (through the usual nominees) by the royals. These companies will receive the taxpayers money by the trainload. 


Typical nuclear power promoters

 The Cheshire Hams.       To increase oil and nuclear waste profits, pin-stripped parasites were ordered to close down 177 of Britain’s 223 coalmines. Passing Trade Minister Neil Hamilton and his wife-cum-parliamentary secretary, were involved with the National Nuclear Corporation (NNC) NNC’s head office being in his then constituency, Tatton, Cheshire. Better known as the Nuclear Nutters Club, NNC was created to steal the taxpayer’s money using the Secrets Act to pour billions of public money into needless nuclear waste production.
  1992. Hamilton set-out to sue the Guardian for £M10 - For calling him a puerile liar. On the day of the court case he was shown the evidence against him. He ran from the court. Ordered to pay legal costs, he told BBC News he would have to sell his £M1 Cheshire home. As usual he was lying. Years later he tried to sue Al Fayed - For calling him a puerile liar. After losing the case; he again said he would have to sell his  £M1 Cheshire home to pay his legal costs. As usual he was lying.

The Hamilton’s are typical nuclear power promoters. No decent person ever promoted the production of nuclear waste - which poisons God's Earth and everything on it. Anyone who say's Britain needs nuclear power stations has got to a be a 24 ct bare-faced-born-liar. “On the make and on the take.”

memo Disgraced Trade Minister Tim Smith, a friend of the Hamilton's, gave evidence to Sir Gordon Downing and the Nolan Committee on minister's illegal income. As Her Majesty's
Trade Minister, Smith admitted he had taken bribes amounting to £25,000 from Harrods owner Al Fayed. Asked what he did with the money. Smith replied. 
 "I paid it into an account of one kind or another."   

None of Her Majesty's
many and varied "Government Inquires" charged with rooting-out bent ministers made any attempt to find Smith's, or the Hamilton's,
or the Archer's or the Aitken's off-shore accounts. 
Why?  Well one wouldn't want anyone finding one of one's own accounts. Would one?       

The tiny Channel Island tax haven of Sark, population 700, has a total area of two square miles.
A recent investigation by The Observer found 23,000 "nominees” registered in Sark.
Apart from hiding minister's everyday bribes, off-shore nominee’s handle the £Billions stolen from the taxpayer via crony contracts concocted in the cabinet room - cosily covered by Her Majesty's
Official Secrets Act.

Nuclear power murders God's Earth - and everything on it.
Ten years after Three Mile Island and three years after Chernobyl poisoned an area the size of Wales Queen Lizzy ordered Sizewell B

In April 1986  Chernobyl power station released  300 times more nuclear radiation than the Hiroshima bomb.  2,000 villages in Belarus and The Ukraine had to be abandoned. Fall-out in the water supply means the majority of Chernobyl victims have yet to be born! Tens of thousands if not millions of Russians, like the child in the photo, will pay the price of one small leak from a Nuclear Power Station.


  Royal Progress

Typical Tory Spivs Tebbit and Parkinson Flogging Off Public Assets for private profit.  Satan's Daughter proved you can steal public assets and get away with it as long as the Head of State gets the principal cut. Every country with a government of spivs followed Thatcher's lead.
Everywhere privatization has been forced on people Heads of State and their bent ministers are immensely richer and the poor are going backwards.
Britain needs an elected Head Of State. Not another born parasite, born with billions in foreign banks and bent on asset stripping Britain before Murphy's Law pays a visit to Sellafield and makes Britain unfit for Human Habitation.

The Danish Way - Safe, Clean & Cheap

Off-Shore Wind - Power Unlimited

 Half the American wind farms that ‘sprang-up like sunflower’s’ after Three Mile Island. (1979) Were built with Danish made turbines. Surprisingly  Danish offshore wind farms and turbine factories have created thousands of ancillary jobs by becoming popular tourist attractions. The Japanese are fascinated by these new windmills. The Danish government long-term energy plan, 1995, set a target of 20% of electricity consumption (6.8 TWh) from safe-clean-power-systems by 2003. This target was easily surpassed. Denmark now has 9.2 TWh of it’s electricity coming from safe renewable sources. Danish private investments in safe-power-systems are now 38% above the government suggested targets. By
the Danes will have 50% of their electricity from safe-clean-power-systems.
Her Majesty's
"government" will have less than 10% Always providing a couple of embedded suicide squads haven't opened-up Sellafield or Sizewell B and turned this green and pleasant land into a radioactive NO GO AREA.

When she ordered the totally needless Sizewell B in 1989 the Queen proved she couldn't care less if Britain is written-off in a nuclear accident. Keeping privatized nuclear reactors running on public money proves yet again how the Queen puts her nuclear profits before her subjects - who she will abandon to die of nuclear cancer the moment the lid comes-off one of her nuclear investments.   
Readers should bare in mind, from the start of the Nuclear Age, the royal family have had escape planes standing by 24\7. If the lid comes-off a British nuclear reactor the royals will be enjoying the Pacific sunshine on one of their palm fringed private islands before the cow-towing BBC are allowed to announce Britain has become unfit for Human Habitation.   



1979. The near-miss at Three Mile Island nearly wiped-out Pennsylvania. The British Head Of State had a very simple choice. She could direct her government to phase out nuclear waste stations.
Or continue pouring taxpayers money into nuclear waste companies owned, albeit indirectly, by the royals and their cronies.

Her Majesty's
Government continued pouring the taxpayers billions into producing needless nuclear waste.

1986. The accident at Chernobyl permanently poisoned an area the size of Wales. Within months children like the one in the photo were being born as a result of the nuclear poison in their parents food and water.
Once again the Head Of State could direct her government to phase out nuclear waste stations. Or continue pouring taxpayers money into nuclear waste companies owned, albeit indirectly, by the royals and their cronies.
Her Majesty's
Government was ordered to ignore the human consequences of nuclear power stations and continue pouring billions of public money into the most hideously dangerous, most hideously expensive power stations on earth.
This could not happen if we had honest Government Ministers.

Given the billions wasted on building the unwarranted Sizewell B and the unwarranted Mox plant at Sellafield. And the billions going to so-called "privatized nuclear power stations" Britain would now be the leading exporter of biogas, wind and marine power technology and your electricity would be half the price it is now.


   Safe, Cheap Power: Ignored for Royal Profit

If the world ran out of uranium, coal, oil and oil-gas tomorrow. Wind-power, sun-power, biogas and sea-power systems would be up and running the day after.
Britain would have dirt cheap, safe power now were it not for the royals energy cabal. 
Virtually free electricity would reduce the royals  obscene profits from oil, gas and nuclear pollution.
Royal profits, as you should have noticed, always come first.
Her Majesty's
Government has made no serious investment in safe-clean-power-systems. Or indeed in any type of society stabilizing heavy engineering industry since the near-catastrophe at Three Mile Island in 1979. Brown as Blair, Thatcher and Major before him, has proved Prime Mouthpieces have infinitely more love for their offshore accounts than they have for their country.


The Nuclear Nutters Club:

The Nuclear Nutters Are Building Another Target Of Mass Destruction

The French nuclear cowboy outfit Areva say they will complete the above nuclear reactor, at Olkiluoto in Finland, despite Health and Safety inspectors finding 2,200 construction faults - including fatal flaws in the welding - thus far! 

Ordered in December 2003, for "the final price of EUR 3.2 Billion Euro" the reactor has suffered the usual setbacks associated with building doomsday machines.
Last year the Finnish Parliament reported the Olkiluoto reactor would be three to four years late and would cost at least twice the original "final price." As of April 2009 the latest estimate of the final price is EUR 6.6 Billion. In the construction industry the project has become known as Titanic 2.
Oras Tynkynnen, of the Prime Minister’s office, stated. "Nuclear power has failed to deliver. It has turned out to be a costly gamble for Finland and for the planet."

As far back as 1985 Forbes magazine described the failed nuclear power industry as "the greatest managerial disaster in business history." Managers blame the workers but managers and workers have no part to play in the nuclear charade. Nuclear reactors are built on the direct orders of the person in charge of the government.
Only Heads of State can access the horrendous amounts of money needed to finance the insane production of fatal nuclear waste - that no decent Head of State would sanction in the first place.

The Queen inherited African and Australian uranium mines. Or to be more precise she inherited stolen land under which uranium was later found. The price of uranium has risen 500% in the last 6 years.
In his very first Prime Minister's Question Time Gordon Brown confirmed Her Majesty's
intention to continue refusing proper investment in safe, cheap power systems in favour of increasing the royal fortune by building more uranium burning Chernobyl's in Great Britain.
 Hansard http://www.publications.parliament.  Columns 994-5

Her Majesty's
Prime Mouthpiece and his like are pro
moting more nuclear power stations like Chernobyl because they can steal as much as they like from public services (taxpayers money) in the name of nuclear waste. Cleaning-up Her Majesty's
existing nuclear power station waste will cost the taxpayer at least £
Building more nuclear power stations will guarantee cuts in health, education, pensions ect., to pay for the nuclear waste Her Majesty insists on producing.

To prepare for her new fleet of Chernobyl's the Queen has seen fit to hand over the British nuclear industry to foreign companies in which she is heavily invested. The taxpayers Billions wasted on any future nuclear waste production will go straight out of the country. 


Royal Planning

 After Three Mile Island nearly poisoned Pennsylvania, 1979, a half decent Head Of State would have converted Sellafield into a safe energy development centre. Using sea, solar & wind power we can have the cheapest electricity in history. Britain should be exporting safe-power-systems to the rest of the world. Given an honest Head Of State we would be. Ministers of the Crown and the other professional liars on Lizzy's nuclear-gravy-train can well afford to pretend suicidal fanatics haven’t got nuclear site’s on their hit list. But unless you have an escape plane standing-by. You shouldn’t.

                Wheels Within Wheels Rob The Public Purse

  A secret team within the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is preparing the [spurious] case for new nuclear power stations. The companies set to bid for multi-billion contracts include Westinghouse the US arm of the State owned BNFL (BNG). The Guardian. 27 March 2005.

Governments build nuclear power stations to make nuclear bombs and depleted uranium (DU) dirty ammunition. Every other type of power station produces infinitely safer and cheaper electricity.
No private power company could ever budget for dismantling a nuclear power station [decommissioning] without increasing everyone's electricity bill ten-fold.
Despite Minister's denials the companies that build and run nuclear power stations have government guarantees stating the government of the day will pay the never-ending back-end costs of redundant reactors (and storing eternally fatal nuclear waste)
Government of the day, of course, means the taxpayer.

Charles: A Life of Pointless Piss-Up's

Frequent flyer Prince Charles receives an award for his meaningless waffles on global warming.
Charles would be better thought of if he wrote an open letter to Messer's Brown and Campbell inviting them to accompany him on a weekend fact finding tour visiting Chernobyl's younger victims - still being
born twenty-odd-years after the accident.
Until he faces the reality of nuclear power it will remain obvious Charles has both hands in the nuclear till. Anything that comes out of his mouth in the meantime is the usual, some would say criminal, waffle.


Another Way Forward:
Sea Power

2001. The Wavegen "Limpet" Shoreline Power Station. Wavegen’s oscillating water column (OWC) system uses the perpetual tide to supply the British National Grid. Her Majesty's
Government want nothing to do with virtually free power from the perpetual motion of the sea.

2002. Her Majesty's
Government allocated £
M2.3 for wave energy development. The same year Camden Council earmarked £M2.9 for refurbishing my local swimming pool, Parliament Hill Fields lido.

      2004. The Islay Bus -
The World's First Wave Powered Bus


The world's first electric motor minibus powered by wave energy. The Islay Bus re-charges overnight with cheap, clean power from the sea provided by the Limpet shoreline power system above.

 The Islay Bus produces no pollution, no rattle and a lot less noise. Running costs have been slashed from 23p per mile (for a diesel engine bus) to just 8p per mile.   
Why? I hear you ask. Haven’t we slashed costs and halved pollution in British cities by running electric buses albeit charged by conventional power stations? Well, the answer to that is quiet simple. Her Majesty's
Government gives “privatized” bus companies, 80% discount on diesel!  Members of Her Majesty's
Parliament are
NOT even allowed to think of how much the royals are making every single minute from the family's oil well investments. There has never been any questions in Her Majesty's
Parliament probing the Queen's control of the Energy Market. Which gives you some idea of how patently useless Parliament has become. 
Greenpeace put the Islay Sea Bus on the road.




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