Nuclear Power? No Thanks Lizzy - Jim Hutchinson 2009

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83-year-old Anne Power asked the Queen not to poison our water supply.
 The Queen's Police were ordered to assault her.
 What you see here is a planned attack.

83 year-old Anne Powers and the good people of Lancashire are campaigning to stop a cowboy fracking outfit, Cuadrilla, fracking their environment into a toxic desert. Due to Anne and the other brave campaigners Lancashire Local Council voted to deny the Fracking Licence the Queen had granted Cuadrilla. Months later the Queen signed a piece of paper that reversed the Council's democratic decision. The Queen's License to frack will be implemented Nazi Style regardless of any humane concerns.
Regardless of the Queen's Nazi thugs, in their fittingly yellow uniforms, protesters will be there day and night, 24/7 to stop Cuadrilla creating a toxic desert. Join them if you can.  and see 

The Queen's Thugs in Action 25th September 2017: Attacking A Peaceful Protester.
Following his royal orders; the thug in the baseball cap is about to shove this truth seeker into the ditch. Her Majesty hates the truth. The truth is not the royal way.

The Queen's Thugs in Action 21st Sept. 2017 Molesting A Peaceful Protester

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