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Ministers of The Thieving Crown

Typical parliamentary thieves and dedicated Servants Of The Crown, Julie Kirkbride MP and her husband Andrew Mackay below, embezzled over £172,000 of the honest taxpayers money.

The Telegraph paid a Whitehall insider £120,000 for government documents proving Kirkbride and Mackay are but two of hundreds of royal puppets, who's sole purpose in life is stuffing their offshore accounts with the taxpayers money before the lid comes off the Sellafield nuclear complex.

 Crown Licensed Thieves

Caught fiddling £172,000 in false expenses Doris Cameron's accomplices Kirkbride & Mackay, above, refused to leave their phony baloney jobs until the then up-coming General Election. At that time Her Majesty used over £80 MILLION of the honest taxpayers money to reward over one-hundred-thieving Members Of Her Majesty's Parliament for their services to the Crown.

 The Pay Off Sample List

 The Dirty Dozen

Convicted in the court of public opinion, but never in any danger of appearing in Her Majesty's Court, over one-hundred criminal Member’s of Her Majesty's Parliament - who should have been jailed - will continue robbing the public purse for the rest of their worthless lives. Over one-hundred-thieving-cretins "standing down" will receive eye-watering annual pensions - of your money - for their services to the Thieving Crown.
Update October 25, 2009     Update October 3, 2015




September 25, 2009

MP's Expenses:  Whistleblower did it for the troops

The man who leaked the details of MPs expenses fraud was incensed by the neglect of British troops. The Daily Telegraph said he decided to sell them the information (for £120,000 ) after discovering that serving soldiers were earning extra money by guarding civil servants sorting through MPs expenses receipts. This discovery made the whistleblower "Mad as hell".

The serving soldiers, moonlighting as security guards, guarding the sorting office were dismayed at the "extravagances" claimed by MPs in contrast to their low pay and a total lack of much-needed equipment for front line troops in Iraq and Afghanistan... 

A new book will reveal how politicians diverted millions of pounds of taxpayers' into phantom mortgages and buying themselves second homes. At the same time as serving soldiers were "moonlighting" as security guards to earn extra money for body armour and other equipment Her Majesties politicians would not provide!

The soldiers' "fury" at the way MPs were "lavishing taxpayers' money on themselves" led to the decision to leak the data, via a middleman, to a newspaper.   MPs' expenses files.

ADDED INFO.   No Expenses Spared by Robert Winnett and Gordon Rayner.
(ISBN: 9780593065778)

The book No Expenses Spared is now at Amazon

The Daily Telegraph reported. "The man behind the leak, who is a civilian, has broken cover to tell his story for the first time, in the hope that it will shame the government into finally supplying the right equipment for soldiers risking their lives in Afghanistan."

The whistleblower said. "It's not easy to watch footage on the television news of a coffin draped in a Union Jack and then come in to work the next day and see on your computer screen what MPs are taking for themselves. Hearing from the serving soldiers, about how they were having to work there to earn enough money to buy themselves decent equipment, while the MPs could find public money to buy themselves all sorts of extravagances, only added to the feeling that the public should know what was going on".

No Expenses Spared explains the fraudulent "flipping" of second homes, fraudulent expense claims were also made on fully paid up mortgages. Moat cleaning and a duck island with duck house were among the things thieving MPs claimed public money for. Not content with all this MP's regularly practiced illegal tax avoidance. The book describes how the audit staff "became so agitated that they had to be told by managers to calm down" after reading the obviously fraudulent claims.

The audit staff had been involved in processing the files for censorship before their intended publication by parliament. One file that "particularly enraged" the staff was Prime Minister Gordon Brown's who claimed £6,000 for cleaning his flat and had the money paid to his brother.
Another item on the list of Brown's claims was Sky TV sports package, which cost £36 per month. Brown's salary as the Queen's Passing Prime Mouthpiece, at this time was £144,000 per year.


 Her Majesty's House Of Common Thieves









On the make and on the take Andrew Mackay MP and his bitch Julie Kirkbride MP embezzled
at least £172,973 taxpayers money. The Queen decided they should not be prosecuted.
According to these two common thieves, Britain needs to build more Chernobyl's. The only people who profit from needless nuclear power stations are the royals and their principal bankers the Rothschild's. And, of course, nuclear promoting scumbags in their pay. 


UK Banana Republic

The first Sunday Times Rich List equates the Queen’s Realm with a banana republic.
"Under 1% of the population own 70% of the land, something you expect
from a third world dictatorship - an absolute disgrace…"

The Peasants Reward For Not Revolting   

Sixty million British subjects live in twenty-four-million dwellings. 
These twenty-four-million dwelling's sit on 7.7% of UK land.
The Queen and her pals - own around two thirds of the UK.
This means around 70% of the land is owned by 1% of the population.
Every British home pays £550 per year on average in council taxes while each landowning home receives £12,169 per year in criminally contrived EU hand-outs!
By signing Britain into the Common Market (EU) the Queen made sure her subjects would always be systematically robbed by the obscenely rich.
2009: Reservations of land have been placed by builders to a value of £37 Billion. The land reserved is almost wholly owned by “aristocrats” which means none of it on the land registry! This land is a small part of subsidized rural estates held by offshore “trusts” and “companies.” These outfits pay no tax due to Her Majesty's maze of tax loopholes for the rich and worthless, totally pointless people, like herself. 

The royals and their pals measure their land by the square mile whereas the Queen’s subjects survive in an average of around 300 square yards per family. 

Sixty-six of the Queen’s placemen (hereditary peers) were recently removed from the House of Lords list. The total wealth of these sixty-six born parasites is estimated at £16 Billion.

Britain's top twenty landowning families own an area big enough to swallow up the entire counties of Bedfordshire, Essex  and Kent - and then some. All the above facts about the Queen's Banana Republic are referenced up to the hilt at

The Queen's Gift

Last year the local newspaper in Sandringham, Norfolk reported, Her Majesty the Queen generously gave an unnamed donation to the local Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB). 
Staff at the local bank photocopied the royal cheque from the richest woman in the world  -  with £17 trillion plus in Swiss and other foreign banks. Her Majesty's cheque was for £15.00.
Isn't it time we put this toxic old tart in the bin?


Allegiance To What?

August 29, 2008

 A group of royal-ass-licking-toss-pots led by the London Mayor, "Bojo" Johnson, is unwittingly helping to get rid of the monarchy by drawing attention to the ridiculous royal oath swearing ceremony in Parliament. Batty, Blonde buffoon, Bojo descends from a degenerate German "prince." His Constitutional Monarchy Association has placed adverts in political magazines in an attempt to rubbish Republic's growing campaign to end the practice of Members of Parliament swearing their allegiance to the richest woman in the world- and not to the people who voted them into Parliament.

Bojo’s advert says monarchists are: "appalled that Republicans and certain factions in the media are determined to discredit our Monarchy."
This will only make even more people think about the absurdity of Queen Lizzy living in seven palaces at the taxpayers expense while pensioners freeze to death because they can’t afford to turn the fire on.

A Republic spokesperson said: "Republic's campaign against the oath of allegiance has clearly rattled the royalists cage. It is extraordinary to see the monarchy advertised in this way. I would be surprised if Buckingham Palace would approve of this sort of publicity. The last thing the palace wants is more scrutiny, but that is what this advert will prompt…"


The New London Mayor

Londoner's gave Bojo a surprising amount of support in the mayoral election. This was seen as a protest vote against the increasingly unpopular Labour government and not so much a vote against the serving Mayor, Ken Livingston - who bowed-out gracefully heaping good wishes on Bojo.
Bojo has been looking more bewildered than usual since he woke up with a proper job.
As a Member of Her Majesty's Parliament, for the true blue Tory town of Henley, Bojo became famous for blaming Labour for everything and doing nothing for his constituents. Running London may not prove so easy. 
Bojo like the leader of the Tory Party desends from the so-called "royal family."




Despite the extravagant costs of monarchy, and the behaviour of the royals, our arguments are concerned with democracy, the principle that this is our country and we should choose our heads of state. We should have the right to elect and hold to account all who hold public office and such people must remember that they are there to serve us, and not vice versa.


Nuclear Jack - Still At It

August 18, 2008. Ex Sellafield MP and Former New Labour Cabinet Minister
gets £36,000 per year for giving three hours of advice per week!  


Nuclear Jack Cunningham left Her Majesty's Government in 1999. The Queen made him Lord Cunningham for increasing her uranium profits - which he continues to do.

Today we learn he gets £36,000 a year for three hours a week of “confidential political advice” to the City of London Corporation.

Nuclear Jack was already under investigation by the Parliamentary Standards Committee for failing to declare his outside interests.

The City of London Corporation, which represents London's seedy money-grubbing district, receives Nuclear Jack's advice on how to sell nuclear waste creation on behalf of the nuclear crown and how to arrange private meetings with senior civil servants.
Nuclear Jack Cunningham: Spokesman for the utterly vile and totally needless nuclear power/ waste industry.

Do YOU want a nuclear future for YOUR children?

Nastya, from Belarus, was only 3 when she was diagnosed with cancer of the uterus and lungs following the Chernobyl disaster.
Research increasingly shows the deadly effects of even low levels of radiation.
One report found a 117% increase in leukaemia among young children living near all 16 large German nuclear facilities between 1980 and 2003. 

Her Majesty's Government imposed another 10 YEARS of nuclear restrictions on contaminated sheep farms, in north Wales, 20 YEARS after the fallout from Chernobyl closed down 7,000 British farms...



Her Majesty's House Of Common Thieves

None Of These Thieves Will Be Prosecuted For Stealing Our Money!


The Duck Pond Parliament

Update October 25, 2009

US troops killed in Iraq 2003 - Today  


Dead faces animation

Dead because of a lie. Dead because the rich wanted a war to make themselves obscenely richer. How can you not be angry at arsehole lickers like O'Reilly?
In 2003
O'Reilly predicated the Iraq war would last a week. Here we are in February 2017 and O'Reilly is still pushing out Fake News!

Lies  Used To Start the Slaughter.


                      Inside the toxic mind of the Queen's cousin Mr Bush

torture image


Special Relationship?

August, 28 2008.
Today at the High Court in London, an email from a Bush official threatened to curb intelligence sharing if the court revealed any details about "interrogations" at the
US Naval Base, and torture center, Guantanamo Bay, (Gitmo) Cuba.

Lawyers for Binyam Mohamed, held at Gitmo, have taken legal action in the UK to force the release of details which, they say, will prove Mohamed was illegally abducted and tortured into a confession. Mohamed claims that his torture included having his penis cut with a razor blade by Moroccan proxies for the US. In an email to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, which was sent on to the High Court, Stephen Mathias, a legal adviser to the US state department, said that the disclosure of information would cause "serious and lasting damage to the US-UK intelligence-sharing relationship."

Put simply, if the British High Court forces disclosure, the Bush administration will stop treating the UK as a trusted ally. No fear of Her Majesty's Court finding anything wrong with her cousins administration.



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