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Bring Out Your Dead

General Betrayus

General Betrayus (no that’s not a typo) had the bright idea of paying the Iraqi "terrorist Militia's" $300 per-man-per-month to stop shooting and bombing US troops.
This costs the US taxpayers $24 Million Dollars Per Month and, for a few months, gave the false impression the "Surge" was working.
The Betrayus pay-the-enemy trick works two ways. Firstly, the Militia's are tricked into perpetual civil war. Secondly, American taxpayers are told the occupation must continue until the violence ends. Which of course it never will because the banker's placemen, Betrayus et al, will find other way's to finance the Arab on Arab violence as we have repeatedly seen; the moment violence levels drop US Special Forces, Blackwater Goons or the British SAS will place car bombs in market places to keep the conflict going.

While the violence continues Iraqi oil worth $30 Million will disappear every day. Oil worth at least $30 Million has gone missing every single day since US troops "secured the oilfields" in May 2003.
General Betrayus has ensured the taxpayer will be filling the offshore coffers of the "war economy" bankers for years to come.


The Next "War President"

Obama blames 9/11 on bin Laden who had absolutely nothing to do with it. The President Elect works for the same bankers who financed the fraudulent elections of George W. Bush and the atrocity of 9/11 - which they perpetrated to start their illegal wars on Afghanistan and Iraq.

History Proves: Yes We Can!

And Yes We Will Kill Millions 

Death For Sale

April 5, 2008.

Robothug’s: Licence To Kill Renewed

The US State Department is extending the cost-plus contract for Blackwater despite Blackwater Robothugs slaughtering 17 unarmed Iraqi civilians while escorting a "diplomat" in Baghdad last September 16.
One of countless such incidents. Countless because “we don’t do bodycounts.”
Blackwater is one of several private Robothug outfits paid to protect US officials visiting Iraq. Long before Torture Chief Rumsfeld was removed from the main screen the ordinary grunts could not be trusted to guard the lives of Bush Gang visitors. The rank and file no longer distinguish arseholes in Iraq from visiting arseholes from Washington and London.

The Bush Effect

A severe form of malaria that can kill within 24 hours has emerged in the filthy slum conditions created by the illegal occupation of Anbar province, Iraq.

Local doctors have named the new killer disease Blackwater Fever after the Blackwater Robothugs Army the powers that be are now building up in Iraq to take over from the US Army when Martial Law is imposed on America. 

see The Outskirts Of Paranoia


 The Cost of George   Bush:  

September, 2008. Mr Bush has wasted over TEN $TRILLION
thus far.
Some American's do not realize he is borrowing from Arab, Chinese and Japanese banks to pay for his illegal wars - which costs American tax payers $330 Million Per Day!    
How His National Debt is Growing

Mr Bush is a global disgrace. He has caused a cataclysmic decline of confidence in America.  When Mr Bush stole the White House you could buy one Euro for 80 cents. Now it costs $1 Dollar 60 cents!
The knock-on-effect of Mr Bush has made his Wall Street friends immensely richer and every decent American shamefully poorer.


 Dr. Ron Paul

Real Change



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