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The French Blair and Nuclear Lizzy

N. Sarkozy. March 26, 2008 Windsor Castle
After becoming the President of France Mr Sarkozy, like Mr Blair, turned his back on the people who voted for him.
He now pursues the policies of the
greed-stricken Queen Lizzy  and her globalist-partners. In France Mr Sarkozy is known as "Sharky" . He is despised by all except the comatose billionaires he works for.

Despite the fact that 95% of the population are fervently against nuclear reactors the Queen has invited her French and American business partners to build ten more Chernobyl's in this green and pleasant land.
The Queen's nuclear proliferation has nothing to do with keeping the lights on and certainly not with the Defence Of The Realm. It has everything to do with being born congenitally insane, obscenely rich and repulsively fucking greedy.

Her Majesty's
cousin Mr Bush has already allocated $13 BILLION TAX DOLLARS for "new nuclear build." The cousins will of course deny they own or part own and totally control the nuclear conglomerates receiving an endless supply of the honest taxpayers billions. These billions should be used for better hospitals, more teachers, affordable housing ect.


The vilest terrorist threat to Great Britain is the so-called "royals" and their foreign business partners - who profit from all things nuclear. Looting public money to build and run ten more totally needless Chernobyl's - will add millions of tons of fatal nuclear waste to the Sellafield time-bomb.  Who in their right mind could say the Queen cares about Great Britain? Let alone the British. 


The royal family have had escape planes on stand-by 24 hours-a-day seven-days-a-week since the Russians tested their first Atomic Bomb in 1949.  
In the event of a British Nuclear disaster helicopters will land in the palace grounds, be it Balmoral, Sandringham or Buck House to ferry the royals to RAF Northolt or RAF Lossiemouth on the first leg of their journey to one of their private palm-fringed islands in the Pacific.

As far as the Queen is concerned. Her subjects are already dead.

Nuclear Lizzy
The French Connection

photo above, Scarborough Evening News  April 25, 2008

The Queen's new Chernobyls are absolutely guaranteed to increase your electricity bill and that's the very least damage they will do.  

Every nuclear site in the world leaks. Only now is it being reported nuclear waste dumps in Normandy and the Champagne region have been leaking for years. Radioactive levels ninety-times higher than all international "safe" levels have been found. No other type of electricity production produces these never-ending environmental disasters and never-ending costs.


Her Majesty's
propose ten new nuclear power stations "expected to cost £2 Billion each".   
The Guardian,
January 7, 2008

Twenty-odd-years-ago we were told Sizewell B would cost £450 Million. Her Majesty's
Government then "revised" the cost to "no more than £950 Million."
We now know Sizewell B cost the taxpayer £2.9 Billion.

Here we are two decades later and we are expected to believe a nuclear power station that cost nearly £3 Billion twenty-years-ago can now be built for £2 Billion. How dumb does
Her Majesty think the British people really are?




You can safely wager the above £2 BILLION-per-power-station will become at least £4 BILLION-per-power-station. I say again. At least £4 Billion per-station. And that's just for starters. The Queen used Her Majesty's
Energy Act, 2004, to make you the taxpayer and your children, grandchildren, great-grand-children & great-great-grandchildren and their offspring's offspring, responsible for the never-ending-costs incurred in handling and storing the fatal cancer causing nuclear waste from Her Majesty's
potential Chernobyl's.
This 50-year-old storage pool at Sellafield will cost as many BILLION to dismantle (decommission) and replace. An insane expense that no other power production system can incur.
The nuclear waste in this pool has to be kept like this for at least one-thousand-years. Which means building another hideously expensive storage pool every fifty-years, which means building more and more nuclear dumps, destroying even more of God's Earth to store the used nuclear plant - which like the waste stays fatally radioactive for centuries.
Replacing Sellafield's storage facilities, alone, will make the £50-£100 Billion Northern Rock bail-out look like bus fare. 
Let loose the contents of this nuclear waste pool would poison everyone in Great Britain. The poison will last a million a years.
So tell me here and tell me now. What kind of greed-stricken fucking lunatic would advocate building more Chernobyl's?
Here's a clue.
The uranium that makes this totally needless waste comes from the Queen's African and Australian uranium mines. The Queen's uranium makes nuclear bombs and DU (depleted uranium) ammunition.  After the Gulf War 1991 the Queen was told DU kills her troops who use it. Her Majesty's
 response was to increase production and distribution of DU. Proving yet again the Queen and
her family have
less interest in the welfare of British troops than Osama bin Laden.

To ensure her uranium profits the Queen has passed laws to make more and more nuclear waste that no-one wants needs or knows what to do with. Storing this waste is guaranteed to divert billions of taxpayers money into the Queen's nuclear investments and on into the Queen's global bank accounts. The Queen does not need these multi-billions. She inherited the billions her ancestors had made from coal, arms and ammo, opium, cotton, slaves and slavery.
From the start of her reign, shielded by the Rothschild's, the Queen has used her companies to siphon the taxpayers money into her own offshore accounts. At least £200 Billion has been stolen in this way; depriving the public of good schools, affordable homes, accessible hospitals, cheap power and everything else that makes for a good life for ordinary people. The last thing Nuclear Lizzy wants is for people to be happy and relaxed enough to start thinking what happens to the thousands of billions of public money passing through Her Majesty's
Government sticky fingers every year.

Building more nuclear waste stations is just another way to reduce and deplete British standards of living. Most members of the British public fail to see the Queen for the born thief she is.
Her Majesty's
White Paper (Jan,10, 2008) confirmed the taxpayer will pay the extra cost if private company estimate's for building nuclear power stations are wrong. In short; when the Queen's business partners say. "Sorry. The cost for Sizewell C will be £10 Billion and not the £2 Billion we estimated."
The Public Purse, that should be used for the taxpayers benefit, will be raided to pay the Queen's cartel. The
Queen's January White Paper also gives the same private companies (owned by the royals and their cronies) carte blanche to cap future liabilities! Leaving the honest taxpayer once again to foot the multi-billion-bill when present estimates for future nuclear-waste-storage and decommissioning treble and then treble again. 

  Sellafield UK:  Worlds Nuclear Dustbin
By January 2008 the latest accident at Sellafield had cost the taxpayer £600 MILLION Between August 2004 and May 2005, twenty-tons of dissolved nuclear fuel rods, containing enough plutonium to make twenty Nagasaki size bombs, was happily sloshing around the floor, unnoticed by the staff at the Sellafield, Thorp, reprocessing plant.
The fatal liquor
had escaped through a broken pipe. When the Sellafield management finally woke up to the fact they were sitting on another Chernobyl, we were told, their gross criminal negligence would cost the British taxpayer "appox. £180 MILLION to clean-up the accident". 
By January 2008 the accident had cost the hapless taxpayer £600 MILLION and the clean-up continues. Her Majesty's
Official Government
Inquiry into the nuclear leak, that no-one noticed for eight months, unearthed enough evidence of criminal industrial practices to order the immediate closure of Sellafield. But that would not suit Her Majesty's
uranium investments.
Her Majesty's
Inquiry merely condemned the management for its “long-standing failings in key safety arrangements” and a “failure to learn from previous events.” The final bill for this near catastrophe will be added to the £72 BILLION Public Money the Queen has already earmarked for cleaning-up the unholy mess previous nuclear waste production has made in Great Britain.

Despite the danger of a Nuclear 9\11 now the Queen's foreign policy has invited suicide squads to live amongst us. Despite the dangers of a Chernobyl type accidentDespite forty-years of proven financial insanity of building and running nuclear power stations. Despite the fact that Increasing the production of everlasting nuclear waste automatically rules out any possibility that nuclear power can save future carbon dioxide emissions, Ministers Of The Crown will ignore common sense, take their bribes and build ten more Chernobyls to rob the Public Purse of billions of billions. Can you wonder why Her Majesty's
so-called Government has no money for a decent pension?

 The truth about chips

 Queen Lizzy's Little Earner:




 Nuclear Power: Chernobyl

In April 1986  Chernobyl power station released  300 times more nuclear radiation than the Hiroshima bomb.  2,000 villages in Belarus and The Ukraine had to be abandoned. Fall-out in the water supply means the majority of Chernobyl victims have yet to be born! Tens of thousands if not millions of Russians, like the child in the photo, will pay the price of one nuclear power station leak.

Below. Reactor No 4. Chernobyl. "Over-heated and flipped it's lid..."  " It was a steam explosion. A nuclear explosion would have been a million times worse."

Reactor No 4 at 01:23:40 and 01:23:42. April 26 1986.
who say we need nuclear power are perfectly happy to poison the earth and everything on it.
Hardly the sort of chaps we want in government.
Don't Ya Think?


Nuclear Power?

No Thanks Lizzy

.The Queen's White Paper Jan 10, 2008 Paragraph 3.52 states:
"If the protections we are putting in place through the Energy Bill prove insufficient, in extreme circumstances the Government may be called upon to meet the costs of ensuring the protection of the public and the environment". In short, the multi-billion cost over-runs that accompany all and every "nuclear new build" will be paid by YOU the taxpayer. Instead of going to schools and hospitals endless billions of public funds will go to the Queen's nuclear stations that will create evermore multi-billion-pound-bills for the taxpayer to pay for storing the waste. 
The Queen's potential Chernobyl's are guaranteed to increase your electricity bill and that's the very least damage they will do.

Your electricity would be half the price it is now if the British and American Heads of State had closed down their nuclear reactors and ordered the building of safe, fresh-water-power-systems, sea-water-power-systems, solar-power-systems and marine-wind-farms after Three Mile Island very nearly poisoned Pennsylvania in 1979.



 The French Blair and Nuclear Lizzy
March 26 2008 Windsor Castle
After becoming the President of France Mr Sarkozy, like Mr Blair, turned his back on the people who voted for him. He now pursues the policies of the money-grubbing-globalists. Mr Sarkozy is now despised by all except the likes of Lizzy.



How Parliament Sucks Out Loud

Her Majesty's
Parliament Jan 10, 2008 

Minister of The Crown, John Hutton, was interrupted by only one MP, Paul Flynn, as Hutton delivered his statement of outrageous lies claiming we need nuclear power stations.
The Queen's nuclear proliferation program has absolutely and utterly nothing to do with supplying electricity. Safe-power-systems, wind, water and solar have been suppressed for the last forty-years for the simple reason they can guarantee our power supply at a fraction of the cost of nuclear waste stations. Like all previous nuclear rip-offs, the British taxpayer has witnessed to their cost, this latest one is designed to empty the public purse of multi-billions of taxpayers money that should be used for better public services.
As far back as 1976 The Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution, made it abundantly clear. The Defence Of The Realm is best served by decreasing our nuclear risks. Not increasing them.
The Royal Commission was royally ignored.

1979-1997 Public Records clearly show how Ministers Of The Crown fed your money into Liz's nuclear outfits. For every £80,000 taxpayer’s money Mrs. Thatcher & John Major poured into “nuclear waste research.” They spent just £1 (one) on research into safe-cheap-energy! Blair and Brown's records will show similar thefts of Public Money.

Gordon's First Job
The term ''Illegal Weapon Of Mass Destruction'' means any weapon or device that has the capability to cause death or serious bodily injury to a significant number of people through the release, dissemination or impact of radiation or radioactivity. In his very first Prime Minister's Question Time Gordon Brown confirmed Her Majesty's
intention to continue refusing proper investment in safe, cheap power systems in favour of increasing the royal fortune by building more uranium burning Chernobyl's in Great Britain to produce even more Depleted Uranium (DU) Weapons Of Mass Destruction.
Hansard 4 July 2007 Column 995 http://www.publications.parliament

Twenty-Five-Cents Per-Month

In Mr Putin's Russia Chernobyl’s victims receive a grand total of twenty-five-cents per month to buy clean food. The American and British media continue to ignore the millions suffering from the small leak at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station.

Greenpeace  Annya, above, was born in a village contaminated by the Chernobyl accident. A cancerous brain tumour at the age of four marked the end of Annya's childhood and the beginning of a life of pain and illness. Residents have been advised to leave the area but most cannot afford to move. Because the ground is too contaminated to grow food, those who stay get US$0.25 cents per month to buy clean food.
The next time you see a nuclear apologist on TV. Remember the majority of Chernobyl's victims have yet to be born and nuclear apologist's are not part of the human race. Those who promote nuclear power belong in rooms with mattress wallpaper.
The history of nuclear power victims clearly shows they are abandoned to die a slow painful death.
Only the money-grubbing swine we call "the powers that be" and their coin-operated-lackeys want to build more Chernobyl's. The only thing we can do for victims like Annya is to throw the nuclear-vested and their stooges out of all and every public office.  

A Sellafield Nuclear Cooling Pool
Containing enough  poison to kill everyone in Britain.  

Shortly after 9/11. A leaked in-house Sellafield Report forecast 30,000 deaths from nuclear poisoning within 48 HOURS of a large passenger jet hitting a British Nuclear Target of Mass Destruction. The Lockerbie 747 fell out of the sky just 50 miles due north of Sellafield. Just imagine the much heavier 777, like that one that slapped down at Heathrow, losing its engines over Sellafield, Sizewell, Hartlepool, Heysham, Torness, Hinkley Point, Hunterston or Dungeness.
The royal family will deny they profit from nuclear waste. But why else would this small island be running potential Chernobyl's like Sellafield above. If not to make money for the degenerate rich who can be out of this country within minutes? 


A Little History

In 1939 over one million acres of Britain were commandeered for battle troop training. Farm owners, home owners, village tenants and tenant farmers received seven days notice of their coming evictions. Crown Notification Order(s) carried the enlightening explanation. 'Emergency Powers Act: All Land And Property Reverts To The Crown.' 
After WW2 old established landowners received ample compensation (tax-payers money).  Ninety-nine-point-nine-percent, of all those evicted, received sweet nothing. 1986. The accident at Chernobyl scattered 70 tons of nuclear waste. Fall-out poisoned 8,000 square miles. Two million had to leave the area. We now have over 900,000 tons of nuclear waste stored at Sellafield. Sizewell B (which the Queen ordered in 1989) is adding to the problem. Should the Suicide Club pay a visit to Her Majesty's
nuclear dustbin every square inch of Britain will become unfit for human habitation. Not that that would worry the royals - who have escape planes standing-by 24/7.
The main beneficiary of Britain’s nuclear industry is the Crown. To be precise; forty-seven members of Queen Lizzy's family, who, through the royal maze of banker \ nominee’s, own the controlling interest of every British nuclear company. As all land reverts to the Crown, in whatever the Crown decides is an emergency, who do you think will profit most if Sellafield's plutonium hits-the-fan and Great Britain becomes an International Nuclear Waste Dump?
  Nuclear Lizzy has to be stopped before her little earner dwarfs Chernobyl.

see   nuclear power, bottomless drain  &  the cheapest way

  &  What Dad Never Knew

Never mentioned in the forelock-tugging mainstream media is the Greenpeace report, An American Chernobyl, which records 187 American near-misses since the leak at Chernobyl in 1986!

  Ministers Of The Insane Crown

Most people with an interest in Britain's future believe it is time to end the insane business of producing totally needless, totally fatal, nuclear waste. Only criminally overpaid Minister's Of The Crown fail to see the protection of the British and our green and pleasant land is best served by rejecting the Queen's insane plan for ten hideously expensive potential Chernobyls.
The January 10, 2008 White Paper weasel words tell you exactly what the Head of State really thinks about her subjects - who pay for her and her family to live in obscene luxury surrounded by armed guards and seven-hundred fawning servants.
 Paragraph 2.66 states:
"We have not estimated a monetary value that might be associated with potential accidents." In short, it is pointless trying to predict the cost a British Chernobyl or a British Nuclear 9/11. Suffice to say either will close the Bank of England.
In the wake of a nuclear disaster the "royals" will be more than happy to do a Lucan to one of their private islands in the Pacific. The Queen's subjects will be left to die like Alexander Litvenenko, the Russian spy who took twenty-three-days to die of nuclear power station poison.


For every visible gunslinger packing a Glock machine pistol, like Carol Quirk, (centre,) there are six undercover SAS marksmen in close attendance wherever  "royals" happen to be.

October 10, 2003,
Lizzy illustrated her total hypocrisy by attending a St. Paul’s service for those killed serving in Iraq while continuing to deny any responsibility for the family’s of over 600 Gulf War veterans who have died thus far, from Gulf War Syndrome.  
The Queen's family, indirectly of course, own the companies making and supplying Her Majesty's
forces with dirty (depleted) uranium ammo. Ten years of satellite images show how the same ammo has left a Chernobyl footprint in Iraq. Thousands of Her Majesty's
troops returned from the first Gulf War with cancer caused by exposure to Her Majesty's
dirty ammo and 'preventative medicines.' Defence Minister, Privy Councillor and Lizzy’s shooting partner, Nicholas 'Fatty' Soames, denied there was any such thing as Gulf War Syndrome.  Fatty Soames owns one of the outfits supplying Her Majesty's
forces with vastly overpriced 'preventative medicines.'

Apart from Miss Marples packing heat and an armed SAS team mingling with the mourners. A team of police marksmen were deployed on St. Paul's roof. Anyone even threatening to murder a "royal" will be gunned-down before any murder is committed.  Anyone who kills you or your children will be let out of jail to kill again. God Bless The Fascist Regime.  photo October 10th  2003. London Evening Standard. 



Henry Ford receiving his Nazi medal given to him by Hitler through Nazi diplomats. 

Henry Ford actually said:
History is bunk to them that can't fucking read.






Two Tomorrow's - Lady Belinda

"Every nuclear fuel dump and nuclear facility in Great Britain could join in this chain reaction. If that happened this bunker would be smashed-open like an egg."
Colonel Jones paused before adding cheerfully.
"The school I went to taught us to look on the bright side."
He smiled the kind of smile he used to lead his men wilfully into battle. The assembled ministers of the crown had no way of knowing they were supposed to smile back.
Lady Belinda  


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