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If you opened this nuclear waste container in the middle of a crowded football stadium. Everybody in the crowd would die a horrible blistered death of nuclear poison within hours. The Queen's pursuit of nuclear profits  has stockpiled 90,000 tons of this stuff at Sellafield alone. Who? But a lunatic or the nuclear invested Queen would produce any more eternally fatal nuclear waste?

Lizzy's End Game

As the Queen told her passing prime mouthpiece Maggie Thatcher.
"Public Service's are not required in a nuclear desert. Flog it. Gas, water, the national grid. Anything the ratepayers and taxpayers have paid for we can steal by the stroke of my pen. The peasants must be kept in their place. The poorer they are the less danger they are to me. Make certain their kids never get a proper education by jamming forty into each classroom with an untrained teacher. The last thing you must give the peasants is education. You'll see what I mean after the lid comes off Sellafield. When that happens. You and I must make certain we are ten-thousand-miles-away when the peasants wake-up to reality and see how we robbed them blind."

Poison Peddlers



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