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"Dramatic declines in local infant death and childhood cancer rates occurred soon after the closing of nuclear power plants."

A study by the Radiation and Public Health Project and the STAR Foundation documents a 17.4% Decrease in infant mortality within 40 miles downwind of the nuclear plants two years after they were shut-down.
In three of the eight areas studied with earlier shut downs, cancer diagnosed in under 5-yr-olds declined 25.0% in the seven years after reactor shut-down.

New York State Assemblyman Richard Brodsky stated. "We finally have reliable peer-reviewed accurate data attaching US nuclear power plants to death and injury in their host communities. Nuclear apologists can no longer deny nuclear power production leaks fatal nuclear poison into the environment on a daily basis - without any accidents occurring."

Nuclear Power: A Failed Experiment
Scott Cullen, of STAR, said. "Nuclear power is a failed experiment. This study confirms the best of public health principles: that when you remove a known cause of illness, health improves. "

One Reactor Damages The Health of Millions

At a Westchester County Health Committee meeting, independent scientists testified that teeth from the area around Indian Point nuclear power plant have the highest concentrations of man-made isotopes found to date in America. The principal author of the study Joseph Mangano, MPH MBA, stated. "Children exposed to radiation risk cancer, its as simple as that."

This was by no means the first peer-reviewed, evidence proving nuclear power stations murder children in the womb.
The "pro-life" President and his cousin Nuclear Lizzy ghoulishly ignored it.  
  UPDATE  Spotlight  Press Releases   also see  Deadly Deceit, Low-Level- Radiation, High-Level-Cover-Up, 1991    


Six Years Ago Nuclear Lizzy Was Warned "Nuclear power is simply too dangerous and expensive.''

December 2001. In a draft nuclear power review, drawn up for Her Majesty's
Government, leaked to The New Scientist.
Tony Blair's Performance & Innovation Unit reported. "The very high illness rates for children and young adults" in the locality of nuclear power stations made nuclear power unacceptable."

Following similar nuclear review's which signalled the welcome end of nuclear power in German and Sweden. The Performance & Innovation Unit reported.  "The best way to cut carbon pollution is to replace oil and coal-fired power stations with renewable energy sources. "Nuclear power is simply too dangerous and expensive.''   

Nuclear Lizzy was not amused. She ordered her whipping boy to get Mandy Mandleson and Alley Cat Campbell to find some form of weasel words to sell nuclear power to the public...
Three years went-by but even the foulest pair of profound liars in Great Britain could not invent a strap-line to spin nuclear power to the British public.
Whipping boy Blair was then ordered to announce the Queen's intention to build "a fleet of new reactors" and ignore any public protests (the same way he was ordered to ignore the one million British people who turned-out to march in protest against the illegal war on Iraq the week before it was illegally started).
The whipping boy did as he was told. Greenpeace had expected this royal move. They took the case to court. The judge ruled that the whipping boy's ridiculous statement, that nuclear power "has a role to play ..." was unlawful.  Greenpeace, read the full story as explained in court  



The Special Relationship


Creating Wars For Personal Profit



Smoke & Mirror's
Illegal Wars For Profit


"The Nuclear Powers
That Be"

In the Gulf War, 1991, waves of air strikes obliterated Iraq's stockpiles of banned chemical weapons supplied by President Regan and Her Majesty The Queen via their arms sales teams, Vice President George Bush, Senior, (now Knight of the Grand Cross) & Defense Secretary Rumsfeld. Prime Minister Mrs. Thatcher (now Baroness) & Defence Minister Heseltine (now Lord). 
To penetrate Iraq's chemical ammo dumps depleted uranium ammunition made from nuclear waste was used (Dirty Ammo or DU). 
 An astonishing fifty-six-percent of US troops who served in the two-month-long Gulf War are now on Permanent Medical Disability Pay. Sixteen-thousand US troops and six-hundred British troops came home only to die a slow death of uranium poisoning. Thousands more coalition troops are dying in pain.
This horrendous own goal should have stopped "the powers that be" using nuclear waste as ammunition (DU). Instead they increased DU production and distribution in the certain knowledge that it kills the troops who use it!? This undeniable, treasonous, premeditated and ongoing mass murder of their own troops can only be described as satanic greed.






 "Executive Decision"

 At 8:46 the North tower was struck. At 9:03 the South tower was struck.
At 9:26 the Federal Aviation Authority, NOT the so-called Commander-in-Chief, grounded all aircraft.
Any anti-American terrorist group capable of flying big jets with pin-point accuracy into specific buildings wouldn't hesitate to fly one into a school to eliminate their Prime Target, the President Of America. And where better than the highly publicized school visit in his brothers theifdom of Florida? Considering the shock and horror the TV coverage of the twin towers was bound to produce. Bush needed a plane crash near that school to make himself look like a target and convince everyone the attack had nothing to do with him.
The school plan, along with the Pentagon plan, were rudely interrupted by a Few Good Men who guessed what was happening and managed to throw a couple of spanners in the works.
Perhaps it was the actions of Dubya's vote rigging gangster brother that convinced the good guys the game was afoot?
Four days before 9/11, Governor Jeb Bush passed a law enabling him to put Florida under Martial Law. Surface to Air Missile launchers had been installed on the roofs of the country club where the President stayed the night before - just nine mile from the school. These missiles could have been fired at a fake terrorist hi-jack flying towards the school. 
The fiasco at the Pentagon can only mean someone stopped the look-a-like of Flight 77 taking-off.
The sustained inertia at the school strongly suggests a similar glitch in Daddies Game Plan.
Bush was sat in that school when the second tower was hit. Why, at that pivotal point in American history, did he make the "Executive Decision" to stay there?
A real terrorist attack would have put the President's life in grave danger.
Why risk all those children's lives by hanging around for another twenty minutes? If he wasn’t waiting for a fake attack, that never came, crashing near the school?
Why did he leave the school only to circle over Florida, in Air Force One, for another thirty-five-minutes!?
Before making a pointless flight and a pointless landing at Barksdale, North Dakota., before taking-off again for a nuclear bunker in Nebraska!
Why chase about from state to state? If his chain of command was in tact?   
While Bush was running scared. Cheney, Rummy and Myers apparently cauterized the good guys.
Black Ops concocted a Plan B to explain what had happened to flights 77 and 93, already irretrievably locked into the script as "hi-jacked by terrorists." 
Plan B culminated in hurriedly planted false evidence at the Pentagon and in a Pennsylvanian field, that fooled nobody - other than fools.

9/11 - 3:15 pm. Bush Hides in Bunker 


The nuclear bunker at Offutt Air Force Base. Nebraska. NORAD and the FAA reported "Skies Cleared" at 12:16 pm. Bush stayed in the Bunker until 4: 25 pm. Seen here at 3:15 pm., asking Cheney via the tele-link if its safe to return to Washington. The question had nothing to do with foreign terrorism but everything to do with what went wrong with the plan to cause far more bloody mayhem that day and thereby end Presidential Elections and install the Bush Gang as the owners of America and its taxpaying workforce.




Real & Present Danger

 In the Real World no group of suicidal terrorists will never be able to shut down American air defence signals.
The attacks on 9/11 could only be made possible by Presidential Orders. The real and present danger to America is a nuclear suitcase bomb detonated near a nuclear power plant. This could easily be put together by the Bush Gang. A nuclear hit will be far easier than the convoluted logistics Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld and Myers put together for Mr Bush's 9/11.  
also see Plute Mills

A person fit to be called President of America would order all US power companies to phase out nuclear power plants(read Targets of Mass Destruction) and build safe, solar, wind and sea power-systems to make America safer. This would also eliminate any need for occupying Iraq and Afghanistan to steal oil and poppy fields. George W. Bush has plans for One Hundred more hideously expensive Nuclear Targets Of Mass Destruction! He's already promised $13 BILLION TAX DOLLARS to his business partners in nuclear power plant construction.
When it comes to caring about America nobody has ever cared less than George W. Bush. Do Not Be Surprised if his next attack on America involves a mushroom cloud.

George Bush
Do you know anyone, over the age of four, who could support a President who plans
to build One Hundred Nuclear Targets of Mass Destruction across North America while warning of dastardly terrorist attacks every five bloody minutes!? Do not click on the red link below if you are a Bush Family - Royal Family supporter. Or in any other way mentally retarded and unable to face the absolute truth. 

Endgame - Far Worse Than Hitler's Final Solution

Did You Know?

Comparing Dubya Bush to Adolf Hitler is a grave insult to Hitler. Hitler won the Iron Cross twice. Hitler was legally voted into office. Hitler had an IQ far higher than average. Dubya refused to serve in Vietnam and then Deserted from the funk hole his Daddy found him in the Texas Guard. Dubya's pals installed him in the White House by bribing Supreme Court judges and fixing the voting machines. Dubya hasn't even got an IQ.

  Where was Cheney on 9/11? Jersey Girl  


________________________________________ __________________________________

Mr Bush's chemical laser's were so powerful they left a clean-up-job that is still killing clean-up-workers six-years-on.
Government redefines ongoing Ground Zero Deaths   

Ground Zero Six-years-on
Whatever these guys are cleaning-up it is still capable of corroding newly fitted steel beams, above, at Ground Zero. Clean-up-workers are still wearing chemical hazard protection suits as if it had been a Shell-chemical-plant that exploded in New York. Not an office-block.
Photograph's above courtesy Professor Judy Wood. Click on either one for all you need you know about Mr Bush's 9/11.


Update March 2008  9/11 - The New Hiroshima - Part 2



The Bush Gang

Pickard & Freeh
Jeb Bush


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At the brittle age of eleven Belinda's parents divorced and two of England's oldest schools expelled her. The second time she was sacked for 'unnatural practices' the Head of Queen Anne's sent for her father. Arnold Tain was castigated for 'criminally supplying false reports that did not emanate from her previous school.'  Arnold found his only offspring had been blacklisted. No amount of forged reports could rid him of his 'over sexed violent tempered foul mouthed little slut.' As her first English school report described her. For the next twelve months private tutors came and went. Their efforts proved fruitless. The last tutor to throw-in-the-towel told Arnold she was 'mad as nails and quite capable of murder.'    

Lady Belinda

The Rape of Iraq



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