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top#t Family Secrets: The Cowgirl

Known as "Annie Oakley" in the Sandringham stables Cowgirl Zara, right, was given full page spreads in the meaningless (royalist) media as a potential show jumper in the 2008 Olympics.
Zara is the daughter of Princess Anne and Peter Cross, a detective of the Royal Protection Squad. When Princess Anne told Mummy she was pregnant Cross was moved to an ordinary police job in South London. But 'the Royal and her Dick affair' carried on (and on - much to the delight of MI5 snoopers). The Queen's spooks reported the couple spending steamy nights in a workers cottage on Anne's Gatcombe Park estate, Gloucester. Mummy was not amused. Mummy of course, as Head of The Church Of England, is Britain's shining example of righteous living.

DNA results pending - that is.             see below





Son?    Daddy?A cuckold palace parasite. The Grumpy Greek.  

DNA Tests Pending

The growing ranks of Republican's are demanding DNA testing of all members of the royal family in receipt of the British taxpayers money.
he royal family have centuries of really obscenely dirty secrets. Republicans believe it is high time the final curtain fell on the sordid saga of royal sex charades. Revelations of more recent royal-bed-hopping would put a fitting end to the phony House Of Windsor.
Four years into her marriage to a worthless Greek playboy the Queen ordered him to stop shagging their young cousin, Princess Alexandra. 
Phil The Greek refused. He has not slept with the Queen since that day.
'The Alex affair went on for many, many years.'
 phony House Of Windsor.



One, one's Greek and Alex.

his young shag

When Alex's daughter, Princess Marina, got pregnant she was told she must have an abortion! Marina was mortified at the family's hypocrisy. She threatened to tell all she knew about the so-called "royals" to a Sunday newspaper.

A team of handpicked palace-flunkies was quickly assembled to persuade the Princess to keep her mouth shut. The flunkies made it clear to Marina; if Britain became a Republic she would be one of a festering cartload of unemployed and unemployable ribbon-cutters. Her life of luxury rested entirely on her keeping royal gob firmly shut to keep the "royal" lie going.

The books below have all the gory details and the lists of names of royal-bed-mates.
Phil the Greek's bed-mates include Susie Barrantes (Fergieís mum), the Duchess of Abercorn, the Countess of Westmoreland, Jane Russell, Anna Massey, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Shirely Maclaine, Merle Oberon and the usual curtseying queues of palace flunketts and pathetic polo wives.
It wasn't so-much the bed-hopping but the fact that Phil made certain the entire royal circle knew who he was screwing that drove the Queen into screaming fits of temper - and into the hands of Royal Appointed psychiatrists. Their advice was to forget Phil the Greek (who nobody had ever liked anyway, the Queen Mum loathed him) and spend more time with her Hurrah Henry boyfriends.

One such was Lord Porchester (Porchy). Who fathered Prince Andrew. Recently released State Papers confirm the [pregnant] Queen was discussed in Cabinet on three occasions in 1959 and the subject of those discussions was to be kept secret much longer than the standard 30 year rule. One of the session papers was stamped Not To Be Seen For 50 Years. The other two were stamped Not To Be Seen For 100 Years. These last two will reveal what contingency plans were put in place to handle the unlikely event of the British public learning who Andy Pandy's Daddy was.

                              Andy Pandy                 Porchy                        Phil The Greek

Son?    Daddy?A cuckold palace parasite. The Grumpy Greek.  

In 1993 The New York Times Magazine exposed the Queen's habit of shagging her underlings in an article quoting the columnist Nigel Dempster, telling the author Christopher Hitchens, 'Get hold of a picture of Prince Andrew and then one of Lord Porchester at the same age. Youíll see that Prince Philip could never have been Andyís father.' The Queen did not dare to challenge the article. She did however increase the budget for the Buckingham Palace Press Office - the outfit set up decades-ago to buy the silence of media owners and editors - with taxpayers money.


Flings with One's Flunkies

     She's a Knockout  - Princess Edwina.Son?Pat Plunkett. One of Lizzy's hoo-rah horsey plonkers and Princess Edwina's daddy.Daddy?barred from Lizzy's bed in the 1950's the Grumpy Greek now boast's of having 'laid a thousand proper women.'

Another palace flunky to comfort the randy Queen was Princess Edward's father, Baron Patrick Plunket above centre. Edward & Andy Pandy's resemblance to their real fathers is something royal-arse-licking BBC "reporters" never mention - if they wish to stay in work. You can learn the truth about the randy, now rancid, Queen and her incestuous "royal" circle by reading the books below.

* Queen Elizabeth II, a woman who is not amused.
Nicholas Davies, Carol Publishing ISBN 1 55972 217 7

The Royals. K. Kelley, Bantam Books ISBN 07338 0162 5

The Royal Marriages. Lady Colin Campbell, Smyth Gryphon ISBN 1 85685

Prince Philip - a critical biography. John Parker, Sidgwick & Jackson ISBN 0 283 99929 2


Princess Anne, Peter Cross and their daughter Zara

Also see http://aanirfan.blogspot.co.uk/2015/03/royal-linked-to-child-abuse-ring.html


The public are beginning to notice how the Prince of Charlie's treats his second wife with the same distain she receives from the public. Insiders say 'he can no longer stand the sight of her. The atmosphere between the pair could reduce Global Warming.' Rarely seen in public these days Camilla is apparently, belatedly, regretting inviting Charlie to a threesome in her marital bed; her quickies on the royal train, jerking her supercilious-self off on phone sex (to the amusement of the snoopers at Menwith Hill). Clammy Cammy was sleeping with Charlie in his 29 room apartment in Buck House while he courted Lady Diana Spencer. Clammy was still married to a polo playing tranny.

After Diana's death, as Camilla's relationship with the future King became known, the British public took to Camilla like a Duck to the Nevada desert. In November 2003 Mummy, allegedly, told Charlie.
'Marry your mattress and I will leave the crown to William.' 

Charlie ignored Mummy's threat. He also ignored public opinion of his nasty, lazy, old and sagging mattress.
Charlie wanted to use Windsor Castle chapel for his second marriage but that would mean granting the chapel a licence to marry commoners and Mummy would never continence the thought of Debbie & Jason having their big day in Windsor's five-mile-square-back-garden. Charlie was tersely told to apply to Windsor Town Council.  The 'quiet wedding' heavily guarded by plain clothes squads of armed SAS troopers and coppers galore was conducted at the town hall.

Twelve month after the wedding the Duke Of Edinburgh, allegedly, described Charlie's second marriage as ''the Chas & Clammy Pantomime." Most of Charlie's 130 personal staff would agree with that sentiment but they could go to jail for disclosing what they know of the daily charade in the demonic world of "Chas & Clammy."

Separate Lives

"Extra security" for Charlie's part time wife costs the taxpayer £40 Million per year on top of the annual £2 Billion taxpayers money stolen from state pensions, schools ect., to pay for security for the richest family in the land. Extra security is necessary because Clammy now spends half her time, miles away from Charlie, sipping cocktails in herbal baths at Ray Mill House, her old home in Wiltshire, (which the taxpayer pays security for 24/7 whether she is in residence or not).
In the last ten months the dysfunctional Duchess has left Charlie talking to his plants while she went on two cruises and a trip to Antigua.
March 2008, Charlie spent his usual Swiss skiing holiday at Klosters sans the wife. June 2008. Had there been a cup for the most unloving couple at Royal Ascot Chas and Clammy Cammy would have won it on facial expressions alone.


more at  Republic  and  Royal Bounty: Opium & The Slave Trade

Last year the local newspaper in Sandringham, Norfolk reported,
 Her Majesty the Queen generously gave an unnamed donation to the local Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB). Staff at the bank photocopied this cheque, from the richest woman in the world with around  £17 Trillion in tax havens at her command. Her cheque was for £15 (US$30).
This particular CAB branch has now been closed to the British people who fund it, as the huge Polish community in the area is seen as more needy
. God Save The Queen?

June 2008:
Poverty In The Queen's Army 

A recently published report on troop moral, prepared between July 2007 & January 2008 for Richard Dannatt, Chief of the General Staff, highlights low pay and under-manning as the Army's major problems. The average frontline soldier earns a meagre £16,000 a year, whereas the average politician who voted the troops into two illegal wars takes home £90,000 a year, from the taxpayer, for sitting on their fat arse's in Her Majesty's Parliament demanding even more pay for Members of Her Majesty's Parliament while fiddling their housing & office expenses to steal another twenty to forty grand per year.

The report states.  'A number of soldiers were not eating properly because they had run out of money by the end of the month.' Bankrupt troops are now given 'food loans' for the Armyís 'hungry soldier scheme.'
The Independent reported this demeaning procedure. 'Soldiers have to fill out a form which entitles them to a voucher. The cost is deducted from their future wages, adding to the problems of soldiers on low pay.'

The long hours they work mean troops in the UK have been paid far below the UK Minimum Wage from the day the minimum wage was introduced. On top of this insult home based troops are now forced to pay for their meals. As always the quality of 'army grub' leaves everything to be desired. The only thing organic being the mould on the pies. 

Chronic under-manning means nearly half of our troops are presently prevented from taking their annual leave. They are needed on base or in Iraq / Afghanistan.
Col. Bob Stewart, a former commander in Bosnia, has stated the Army is also 'badly equipped, particularly for training, and quite honestly Iím afraid to say it is losing its edge as a top-rate army in the world.'

Former deputy commander of the SAS, Col. Clive Fairweather, said of the under-manning. 'I really do think the Army is heading for the rocks and I donít say this lightly.'

Thousands of troops interviewed for this latest report were close to the official definition of government defined poverty. Troops are leaving in ever-increasing-numbers because they cannot feed a family on current Army pay.
Life in Her Majesty's Armed Services as portrayed by the Queen's Prince William, Prince Harry, Propaganda Office has failed to increase the number of new recruits or stop personnel leaving to improve their living standards.

Added June 9 2008.  Army's Best Men Quit! 

The SAS Commander, Brigadier Edward Butler DSO, has quit over the neglect of British troops. Butler is the third highly respected high ranking officer to quit in less than a year. Lieutenant Colonels Rick Williams MC and Stuart Tootal disagreed with the Queen's policy of expecting the troops to work for a pittance with no proper backup equipment and die in silence when they come home with DU Poisoning.





Plute Mills

The Queen's



Lizzy's Plute Factory

Sellafield. The Most Radioactive Place on Earth

This 50 year-old storage pool at Sellafield will cost as many billion to dismantle (decommission).

This 50 year-old nuclear power station storage pool will at cost at least £50 BILLION to dismantle and bury in custom built vaults over the next fifty years. An insane expense that no other power system can incur. But that's only for starters. The nuclear waste in this pool has to be "kept safe" for at least 1,000 years!  Which means building more hideously expensive storage pools and dry storage plants every fifty-years, which means building more and more nuclear dumps to dump the old pools and ancillary plant, destroying even more of God's Earth with waste that no decent Head of State would have made in the first place.
As announced in Her Majesty's Parliament, January 10, 2008 (albeit in Minister of the Crown weasel words) the Queen intends to build ten more potential Chernobyl's in Great Britain. To do this she will steal £Trillions from the Public Purse to give to nuclear companies owned or part owned by the royals. The same billions spent on safe energy systems would half the price of all Britains electricity bills.



For every visible gunslinger packing a Glock machine pistol, like Carol Quirk, centre, there are six undercover SAS marksmen in close attendance wherever  "royals" happen to be.

October 10, 2003, Lizzy illustrated her total hypocrisy by attending a St. Paulís Cathedral service for those killed serving in Iraq while continuing to deny any responsibility for the familyís of over 600 Gulf War veterans who have died thus far, from Gulf War Syndrome.  
The Queen's family, indirectly of course, own the companies making and supplying Her Majesty's
forces with dirty (depleted) uranium ammo. Ten years of satellite images show how the same ammo has left a Chernobyl footprint in Iraq. Thousands of Her Majesty's troops returned from the first Gulf War with cancer caused by exposure to Her Majesty's
dirty ammo and 'preventative medicines.'

Defence Minister, Privy Councillor and Lizzyís grouse shooting partner, Nicholas 'Fatty' Soames, denied there was any such thing as Gulf War Syndrome. Fatty Soames owns one of the outfits supplying Her Majesty's forces with vastly overpriced 'preventative medicines.'   

Apart from Miss Marples above, packing heat, and an armed SAS team mingling with the mourners. A team of police marksmen were deployed on St. Paul's roof. Anyone even threatening to murder a "royal" will be gunned-down before any murder is committed. Anyone who kills you or your children will be let out of jail to kill again.
God Bless The Fascist Regime.  
photo October 10th  2003. London Evening Standard. 


 Winston Churchill on the "Illuminati"
Illustrated Sunday Herald
. February 8, 1920.

'A world wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization on the basis of arrested development and impossible inequality has been steadily growing. It played a great part in the tragedy of the French Revolution and now this extraordinary personalities from the criminal underworld from the great cities of Europe and America has now gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads and become the undisputed masters of that empire.'

Churchill was talking about the royals principle bankers, the Rothschilds

Rothschilds lackey Mandy


Jill was nine years older than Mikhail. He had never met a more fascinating woman. Over the following week they found they had a lot more in common than feeling randy. When these two started talking computer systems, they could empty the Albert Hall.   
Lady Belinda




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