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Bad Day In April

After three months of ‘Burial Duties’ dozens of super-fit soldiers died of what the Kremlin called ‘heart-attacks.’ Soldiers were threatening to go on strike. Tours of Duty were scaled down from three months to three weeks! Army Chiefs began to question the wisdom of sending anyone to fight nuclear waste... Over 200,000 convicts arrived in the First Exclusion Zone. In return for forgotten sentences they did most of the work building a 450,000-ton concrete tomb over the wrecked, white hot, reactor. Thousands of Battalions of civilian Liquidators were returned to their respective corners of Russia - after falling sick (Most of the 600,000 Liquidators have since died of ‘ionising cancers.’ ( i.e. both; skin peeling-off and internal organ failures )).


Below. Pripyat. One of 2,000 Ghost Towns in the nuclear desert around Chernobyl. Pripyat, the same size as Dover in Kent, is still too radioactive to demolish. The dust would kill the demolition crews. Chernobyl was a steam explosion. Had the reactor gone into a nuclear chain reaction. This town and it’s 45,000 inhabitants would have disappeared in a mushroom cloud. The fall-out from a nuclear explosion at Chernobyl would have sent most of Russia back to the Stone Age.


Kensington London: Mobile Chernobyl's


If you opened this nuclear waste container, right in the middle of a cup final football stadium. Everybody in the crowd would die a horrible blistered death of nuclear poison within 24 hours. "Doomsday Trains" like this one travel through London at least once a month.

The Queen's obscene pursuit of nuclear profits has now stockpiled 900,000 tons of nuclear waste around her nuclear weapons material plant, Sellafield. Who? Other than an inbred lunatic would produce any more totally needless, eternally fatal, nuclear waste?



Mikhail was trying not to think. Mikhail's goose could be cooked. Staring out of the ice-ringed window the starry void gave him no comfort. When he heard he'd got the island posting, he'd sent a message to London. Meeting up with his old friend could just be coincidence, but Valeri could have been ordered to spy on him. His meeting with Jill in Berlin had not been a holiday fling. Using the hacker's network the couple kept in constant touch. If the Kremlin knew of his anti-nuclear friends in England Mikhail was a dead man.  Lady Belinda



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