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HMG Sellafield Poison Factory

This 50 year-old storage pool at Sellafield will cost as many billion to dismantle (decommission). An insane expense that no other power system can incur. But that's only for starters! The nuclear waste in this pool has to be kept like this for at least one-thousand-years!!! Which means building another hideously expensive storage pool every fifty-years, which means building more and more nuclear dumps, destroying even more of God's Earth to store the used nuclear plant which like the waste stays fatally radioactive for centuries.  Who but a fucking lunatic would advocate building anymore Chernobyl's?


Here in the courthouse the whole town was there

I see the judge high up in his chair

explain to the courtroom what went through your mind

and we'll ask the jury what verdict they find

I felt the power of death over life

I orphaned his children I widowed his wife

I beg their forgiveness  I wish I was dead

I hung my head I hung my head

I hung my head I hung my head

Johnny Cash

The Trial of Tony Blair  Channel 4 TV June 2007.


Pope Benedict  November 2007

Pope Benny the Nazi is worried. Apparently he is not being invited out and adulated as much as he thinks he should be. He has employed Tea with Mussolini director Franco Zeffirelli as his “image consultant.” Jesus Wept. No seriously., Jesus fucking Wept!  

Added.  Xmas 2007. Blair coverts to RC. Benny the Nazi should have said no and improved his image.



   Safe, Cheap, Power
Generation Delayed

Pumped-Storage Hydroelectric

Cruachan, Scotland & Dinorwig, Wales
 The next generation of pumped water storage power stations will be built underground. All we need is a decent Head of State with more interest in the future of the country and the people than oil and nuclear rip-offs.


 Water Power

 The Electric Mountain 

The Visitor Centre has a spectacular view of ancient towering mountains and the magnificent scenery of Snowdonia. Admission to the visitor centre is free, there is a charge for the hour long tour of Dinorwig Water Power Station.

cafe imageTHE DEN - NEW!
A fantastic new soft play area suitable for children age 12 and under.
Hours of fun!

Parties catered for.
Please ring for details on 01286 873050.





Offering a superb range of   delicious meals and light refreshments. During the summer, you can enjoy your meal in the picturesque garden area.
The centre has a Barclays Bank cashpoint.


 Visit The Electric Mountain 



Feb, Mar, April, May:

7 days a week


Jun, July, Aug:

7 days a week


Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec:

7 days a week


  tour bus image A Hydnding deep inside ancient E dir   A Hydro bus descending deep inside Elidirv mountain's labyrinth of dark and imposing tunnels, visitors will experience one of man's greatest engineering achievements.

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Electric Mountain



Channel Tunnel

    As the need for caverns and large underground spaces increases, Mott MacDonald is at the forefront. Our experience to date includes large span caverns for hydropower projects, storage facilities of all types, underground stations for metros and railways.


Dump trucks at the Kárahnjúkar hydropower project Iceland.

Dumptrucks Infront of Kárahnjúkar Dam




see  The Karahnjukar Hydropower Tunnel




    Notable cavern projects by Mott MacDonald. 

  Kárahnjúkar hydropower project, Iceland

Channel Tunnel, UK.  

Heathrow Express cross-over, UK

 ‘Muela hydropower, Lesotho

Dinorwig pumped storage, UK.

Pumped Hydroelectric Energy Storage

         'The Gentle Giant In The mountain Cave.'

 'Great for a family day out.'

  Tucked away under the beautiful Snowdonia mountains, truth seekers will find Dinorwig Water Power Station. A fine example of how to produce safe, cheap, clean power.  Dinorwig cost the taxpayer £M450. Opened in 1984, Dinorwig had returned it’s construction costs by 1995. No nuclear power station has ever or will ever return it’s cost because we never stop paying for storing the totally needless, totally fatal nuclear waste it produces.

To produce 1,800 mega-watts, as Dinorwig does, an oil-fired power station uses over 4,000 barrels of oil every 24 hours. Using rainwater instead of oil, SAVES Britain at least £200,000 per day - depending on the price of oil.
Using uranium, instead of water, to produce 1,800 mega-watts. COSTS Britain
£200,000 PER DAY Before we start paying for storing the fatal nuclear waste that no honest Head of State would produce in the first place.        Bloomberg: Today's Oil & Uranium Prices

 Dinorwig Water Power Station was one of several pumped-water-storage power stations envisaged in the 1960's. At least ten suitable Scots sites that could have been developed were rejected by Her Majesty's
Government. Power stations running on Gods own free rainwater would drastically reduce Her Majesty's
oil and nuclear profits.
And one wouldn't want that! Would one!?



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