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Royal Profit From British Convicts

In the reign of James 2nd, the Duke of Monmouth, one of King Charles 2ndís fourteen bastards, tried to take-over the Throne. ĎThe Hanging Judge,í (later Baron Jeffreys) sentenced 1,000 'Monmouth Rebels,'  200 were strung-up by the roadside, 600 were Transported to the West Indies or Australia to be sold (indented) to the highest bidder. The average price of £15 per head going into the King's Privy Purse.

James gave 100 convicts to his pal the Governor of the Leeward Islands.1  He made another present of 100 convicts to his young, sexy French Queen, Mary of Modena. Mary would later collect £1,500 when the convicts were sold (£1,500 then is like receiving £75,000 today).

1 Caribbean land acquired through nominees in days of old remains in the royal portfolio, handled by the same creepy banker / nominees the royal family have used for centuries. 

Royal Investments

"Glass beads & Brass buttons to Africa. Slaves to the Indies. Rum & sugar to England. One thousand percent profit! The Middle Passage (Slaves) being an inexhaustible source of wealth."
The Golden Triangle

Ships owned or part owned by the royal family worked the Golden Triangle for three centuries.  Many plantations requiring tens of thousands of slaves were owned or part owned by the royals. British convicts were used to supervise (read subjugate) the slaves.  

Despite the growing anti-slavery movement the Queen's greed-stricken ancestor "Mad" King George 3rd managed to block the Abolition Of Slavery for thirty-years! When he opened Parliament in 1763 George 3rd made it clear the Slave Trade would carry on as-per-usual and there would be "no reforms."  John Wilkes MP called the Kingís Speech "an effront to mankind."
The King had Wilkes thrown into the Tower of London! He would have remained there had it not been for Londoner's threatening to riot in the name of "Free Speech."

Forced to release Wilkes the King then contrived to have him thrown out of Parliament. Wilkes had to flee to France. The Mad King wanted him hung for speaking-out against the royals traditional little earner the Slave Trade. Most film and TV portrayal's of the royal family imply people should bow and curtsy to them! In truth the public owe "royal" parasites nothing. Other than a fucking good kicking.

Film makers can always find Establishment money for fairy-tales, i.e. The Madness Of King George. The Whitewash Of King George should have been the title.

Transportation was a small part of the royals enormous stake in slaves & slavery. British convicts were sold (indented) to the royals plantation owning pals. 
Convicts, mostly petty thieves, were Transported for fixed periods after which they could return to Britain. Few made the trip back. Shortage of labour in the colonies meant better pay and living conditions than they would find anywhere in Britain.    

Empire Profits

 As the British Empire grew wider still and wider, royal profits from ships and shipping, the slave trade, the opium trade, the arms trade, tea, cotton, sugar ect, ect, were banked abroad. Then as now, unctuous nominees were only to willing to do the royals bidding. 

"Royal  historians" would have you believe the first four Georges and William 4th squandered their ill-gotten billions. In truth. From the reign of George 1st this German family have needed to bank their loot offshore - in case the British public get their act together and hang the "royal" bastards.
When William 4th came to the Throne the family were immensely rich.
Like his brother George 4th (Piny)  William 4th spent the last years of his "life" being carried around on portable bed. Sometimes called King Silly Billy, William 4th was more sinister than silly. His investments in slaves and slavery were common knowledge long before he became King.

Silly Billy never failed to voice his hatred of "reformers" who wanted Votes for none landowners. And an end to the Slave Trade. He was speaking for the entire royal family when he told the House of Lords. "William Wilberforce is a fanatic. I will never understand why anyone would want to end the Slave Trade." 

1836. As King Silly Billy slipped into a permanent drunken stupor arguments over who-got-what led to rumours his bastard sonís were planning to bump-off the precocious, ten-year-old-heir-presumptive, Princess Victoria Saxe-Coburg. In 1901 Victoria would leave one-hundred times more in foreign banks  than the fabulous fortune she inherited!  Young Vicky



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