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Creating The New World Order

Step One: Create chaos and blame it on the Muslims

 . As of May 2018. The US Government has failed to produce one single credible shred of evidence to back-up their fairy tale that nineteen suicidal-paradise-seekers, inspired by a dying billionaire on a dialysis machine, planned and executed the murder of over 3,000 people on 9/11/2001.
Independent journalists working on 9/11 have collected more than enough compelling evidence to execute George Bush Junior for Premeditated Bestial War Crimes Against Humanity. 
Below is a brief summary of that evidence.


                                                above State Of The Art Demolition. Controlled Atomization.
Not the work of suicidal half-wits but definitely the work of homicidal maniacs.
E = Mc2 and far more simple mathematics proves aluminium 767's do NOT, repeat do NOT, turn skyscrapers into dust. 
Anyone who believes two jet planes weighing 100 tons each can turn two buildings weighing 500,000 tons each into dust should stop watching BBC Fake News and seek psychiatric help. Immediately.

Where Was NORAD?

Over the previous forty-years the American taxpayer had paid in excess of NINE TRILLION DOLLARS for the North American Aerospace Defense Command Air defense (NORAD) system that was monitoring every square inch of US airspace on the morning of September 11th 2001.

The President Of 9/11 & NORAD 

 North American Aerospace Defense Command

NORAD's Prime Warning System (PWS) uses a startling array of satellite back-up systems., 24\7 live-feed from tens-of-thousands of orbital and geostatic spy cameras is augmented by sister satellites using ultra violet, ultra sonic and infra red. What the camera's can't see the other systems relay back to NORAD in measurement, sound and thermal images. The same constellations of satellites that tells your Global Positioning System (GPS) its position can tell NORAD your GPS and your cell phone position. 
NORAD's solar-powered-eyes-in-space will continue transmitting, 'just doing their job of protecting America,' for centuries to come, before gravity pulls them down and they burn up in Earth's atmosphere. 

In the Cold War it was stated. 'NORAD HQ will function indefinitely even after losing all input.'  (Presumably waiting for the Nuclear Winter to spring into mutant life ).

NORAD HQ is hot-wired and satellite-linked into every USA military base and operational units, trains, planes and ships wherever they may be (this now includes the Bush/Halliburton/Blackwater Robothug Army that out-number's US troops in Iraq).
The only person on the planet who can countermand any signals from any part of North American Aerospace Defense Command System is the President of America. 

 The film WarGames gives you a fair idea of the size of NORAD HQ below., Only astronomers and astronauts get to glimpse the satellite fields feeding NORAD's countless computers.

NORAD’s nuclear proof headquarters complex, 
deep beneath Cheyenne Mountain, Wyoming.

To prevent air attacks on key US targets, NORAD's satellite fields transmit constant reference signals known as blankets. The Washington DC blankets, covering the Pentagon and the White House, were designed to pick-up a stray hang-glider.
To facilitate mock attacks (War Games) the blankets can be suspended. This requires the President's signature. The President is briefed on any necessary changes in satellite-signal-codes on a daily basis.
Unless the President has ordered otherwise NORAD operator's are automatically warned, by satellite driven computer systems, when an unauthorized aircraft appears in their sector. i.e. If a one-hundred-ton jet deviates from it's scheduled flight path in US controlled airspace. If the civilian Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) fail to contact NORAD, to register an "errant aircraft" as an Emergency, NORAD will contact the FAA and an FAA radar operator could get fired for losing the plot.

Civilian air traffic controllers play a very minor, subordinate, back-up, role in the Defense of America. Any aircraft appearing on an FAA radar screen is already being tracked and double-checked by NORAD operators using more accurate military satellite tracking systems. 

During the morning of September 11th 2001, it was reported: Two 757 and two 767 passenger jets flying over North America had, had their transponders knocked-out. When this happens the jets flight number fades from air-traffic-control and monitoring radar screens. Ground control systems automatically replace the missing flight number with an Emergency signal. Emergency signals migrate to designated radar rooms to warn the regional National Guard, regional-civilian-air-traffic-controllers, local coast-guard monitoring-posts, secret-service-monitoring-posts and NORAD. Albeit NORAD has its own, totally independent, Prime Warning System (PWS).

NORAD Standing Orders and Federal Laws dictate that the Top Brass are informed immediately an "errant aircraft"  Emergency is called.
The person in charge of the Top Brass, President George W. Bush, left his temporary command post that morning at
8:30 am.
The President's bullet & blast proof secret-service-motorcade, complete with military & civilian satellite-live-feed-news-links, proceeded on it's stately progress to a scheduled school visit in Florida.
Journalists noted the motorcade was moving suspiciously slowly.   

08:48.  CNN New York began reporting a plane had apparently hit Manhattan's North Tower.

8:30 - 08:58.  It would take over twenty-five-minutes for the President's motorcade to travel the nine-miles to the school.

08:58. The motorcade arrives at the school. Mr Bush begins his scheduled half-an-hour photo-op with giggly smiley school children.

09: 03. The media report a plane had hit Manhattan's South Tower.

09: 05.  As Mr Bush sits listening to children's stories his Chief of Staff, Andrew Card, whispers something to him. Andrew Card allegedly whispered. 'America is under attack.' Card is whispering long enough to tell Mr Bush thousands are feared dead in the Twin Towers. Where over 20,000 office workers were just starting their day.

If Mr Bush could not understand the gravity of the situation his Chief of Staff is the person employed to tell him he should now move to a secure place and start a Emergency cabinet meeting. Mr Bush remains sitting in the classroom, giggling with the kids, in the certain knowledge that thousand's of American's (who pay his wages) are being hideously murdered, burnt alive, on his watch.  
09: 05 - 09: 28. Mr Bush continues his school visit.
World War Three could have started. Mr Bush is more concerned with sticking to his photo-op schedule.  
09: 28-30. The Bush motorcade makes its scheduled departure from the school.
09: 32. The media reports an explosion at the Pentagon.  Half-an-hour later we were told it was a 757 jetliner - that had gone wildly off-course 46 minutes earlier at 08: 46, had NOT been intercepted by any of our thousands of fighters planes! And had amazingly NOT been shot down by the automatic ground-to-air-missile-batteries protecting Washington DC!, had struck the Pentagon.
If this was true. Why was there no credible 757 wreckage anywhere near the Pentagon?
A tail-fin, or part of a wing? A wheel? A seat? A window? Why were the first reports about a car or truck bomb? Why were all public and private CCTV cameras near the Pentagon immediately confiscated along with their film by the FBI?

We then began hearing the first of many fairy tales that would establish beyond all reasonable doubt 9/11 was a botched Bush-Black-Operation.
That first fairy tale concerned the alleged Pentagon pilot. Who, we are told, executed a stunning spiralling Top Gun attack profile bringing the 757 in over the Pentagon lawn, to hit the ground floor at over 500 miles per hour.  

Notice how the roof is still intact after the first explosion. This part of the Pentagon was being refurbished. Also Notice the wooden power cable drums above and below, which would have been burnt to a cinder if a passenger jet had fire-balled into the wall - as the BBC et al comically insists. If the photo above was the only authentic photo in existence it is still more than enough proof that the "powers that be" are lying and should be hung for High Treason.  

According to the fake media the 757 miraculously hit the Pentagon wall at over 500 miles per hour. Making a small hole into which the entire 100 ton plane then disappeared and incinerated itself without scorching the Pentagon lawn!

The first films and photographs taken at the scene clearly show a Boeing 757 with a wingspan of 125 ft., and a tail height of 44 ft., DID NOT CRASH at the Pentagon.

Any licensed aircraft engineer will tell you a 757 can NOT fly at high speeds in heavy air. The density of the air below 5,000 feet would immediately over-heat and shatter both of the six-ton-jet-engines. A 100 ton 757 moving down the runway at 200 miles-per-hour (mph) is forced off the ground by the air cushion created by weight and speed. If by some miracle a 757 could reach top speeds in heavy air; without blowing its engines to pieces. The air cushion created by a 757 moving at 500 mph would force the aircraft to stay at 60 feet above ground level. So how come we were told a 100 ton 757 hit the Pentagon ground floor at 530 mph? Can YOU see it?


The initial damage, above, was reported as. 'Looking like a truck bomb.'
Mr Bush stated. 'Intense heat' had melted the (alleged) 757 jetliner with its indestructible Titanium engines but not the passengers DNA!?

Aided by two fellow office workers Army Specialist April Gallop walked out barefoot on to the Pentagon lawn, above, after the first explosion that caused the hole she walked through. One of the guys helping her then walked back through the hole to help other people out. Yet Mr Bush say’s a one-hundred-ton 757 Jetliner was in this hole - in the process of burning itself into untraceable cinders - at the time. April speaks of the explosion that she would later be told - by CIA spooks - was a plane crash.
A totally false statement that April, being made of the Right Stuff, refused to repeat.
Now-a-days you can watch the Bush paid spineless liar Jamie McIntyre contradict his original (on air) statement from the Pentagon on the morning of 9/11. McIntyre  told the truth on the day. He now says he saw aircraft wreckage at the Pentagon!!!!
The official  9/11 Commission Report is seen in academia as "A 600 page lie".

April Gallop explains her morning before the explosion that wrecked her office. She turned on her computer and bang the office became a bombsite. Her first thought was that she personally had triggered a bomb. In hospital hours later CIA agents visited her and told her to lie that she saw aircraft wreckage. April refused to tell the unholy lie that a passenger jet hit the Pentagon. (Google April Gallop - Jessie Ventura)

Along with April Gallop thousands of witness's working at the Pentagon that morning made sworn statements stating 'there was no jetliner at the Pentagon' the only damage they observed was a hole in 'the first floor wall twelve to sixteen-foot round.'  The eye-witness evidence along with the films from 84 local video cameras, that show there was no 757 jet crash at the Pentagon, was sealed under Presidential Order never to see the light of day.

Fake News
readers are so incredibly stoopid they actually repeated Mr. Bush's assertion that a forty-foot high, one-hundred-ton 757 with a wingspan of 125 feet hit the wall,
above & below,  disappeared inside, and made the little hole, right, on the other side! Can you believe such idiots exist?

 Every one of the two-hundred eye witness's mentioned above were, of course, excluded from Mr Bush's 9/11 Commission Report.

"From my close-up inspection, there's no evidence of a plane. 
It wasn't until almost 45 minutes later that the structure was weakened enough that all of the floors collapsed...  "
  CNN (09/11/01)    The Web Fairy 

Forty-minutes after the fire service's had played hundreds of tons of
high-pressure foam and water on the Pentagon wall a section collapsed.

We are told the alleged "religious fanatic pilot" believed a bevy of naked virgin's awaited him Godside. Maybe he took the 757 with him to impress the girls? He certainly didn't leave it at the Pentagon.


Weird Weapons used on the Twin Towers

09: 57. The last tower to be hit (at 09: 03). the South Tower, inexplicably exploded into dust.

10: 28. The first tower to be hit (at 08: 47). the North Tower, inexplicably exploded into dust.

As New Yorker's stumbled about choking with dust and disbelief. Our attention was easily diverted away from the Pentagon and what was clearly NOT a 757 crash site. The media focused on the genuine story that thousands had gone missing in the mayhem in Manhattan.

Demolition Day

Top Airforce General, Richard B. Myers told the Senate Armed Forces Committee he knew the North Tower had been hit when he went into a meeting that morning. 
When he came out he received a phone call from NORAD. Only then, said Myers, did he learn the other tower and the Pentagon had been hit. "The time,' said Myers, 'was about
9:40 am. The decision, at that point, was to start launching aircraft."
Considering the first alleged hi-jack was reported to NORAD at 8:13 & 8:20
am and allegedly hit the North Tower at 8:46 am, Myers testimony to the Senate Armed Forces Committee should have set-in-motion the President's Impeachment for the Premeditated Murder Of 3,000 US Citizens. Myers statement should also have kick-started two-dozen Court Martial's for the President's accomplices - The Top Brass - including Myers. But Myers, a director of Northrop Grumman, is obviously part and parcel of the Bush War on America. Myers was promoted and given a Freedom Medal.
also see
 Noises Off  and Myers & Northrop July 2009

Satellite Tracking To Ponder
 This clip shows tracking from take-off to landing. Bare in mind this is civilian equipment which is technically twenty-years behind what the US Military were using on the morning of September 11th 2001


Energy Beam Alchemy:
Concrete, Steel and People to Dust!

Video clip courtesy of

The top floors are turned into human, concrete & steel dust before the "airplane-damaged-zone" starts to move!  Those people who believe the Twin Towers were not demolished by the Bush Gang are slowly being weeded out of society - and planted in lunatic asylums.

Laser Destruction Beams


The Boeing YAL-1 Airborne Laser (ABL) weapons system is a megawatt-class Chemical Oxygen Iodine Laser (COIL) mounted inside a modified Boeing 747.
The original laser-weapon concept was to target ballistic missiles. Thus far the airborne laser has proved far more effective on sub-sonic and stationary targets.


War Games

9/11 was the first time, ever, that a low-life draft dodger had been put in charge of USA War Games. Putting Vice President Dickhead Cheney in charge the Defense of America was an act of Treason in itself.
Dickhead Cheney is a truly evil degenerate felon who naturally refused to serve his country in Vietnam. Five times he found lame excuses to dodge the draft.
As the Head of Halliburton Cheney set-up illegal offshore companies to supply Libya and Iran with banned equipment. Cheney is a natural Enemy Of The American People and a soul-mate of the sniggering-coke-sniffing-throwback George 'Dubya' Bush. 

"Executive Decision"

At 8:46 the North tower was struck.
At 9:03
the South tower was struck.
At 9:26 the Federal Aviation Authority, NOT the so-called Commander-in-Chief, grounded all aircraft.

Any anti-American terrorist group capable of flying big jets with pin-point accuracy into specific buildings wouldn't hesitate to fly one into a school to eliminate their Prime Target, the President Of America. And where better than the highly publicized school visit in his brothers theifdom of Florida? Considering the shock and horror the TV coverage of the twin towers was bound to produce. Bush needed a plane crash near that school to make himself look like a target and convince everyone the attack had nothing to do with him.
The school plan, along with the Pentagon plan, were rudely interrupted by a few good men who guessed what was happening and managed to throw a couple of spanners in the works.
Perhaps it was the actions of Dubya's vote rigging gangster brother that convinced the good guys the game was afoot? Four days before 9/11, Governor Jeb Bush passed a law enabling him to put Florida under Martial Law. Surface to Air Missile launchers had been installed on the roofs of the country club where the President stayed the night before - just nine mile from the school. These missiles could have been fired at a fake terrorist hi-jack flying (remote controlled) towards the school. 
The fiasco at the Pentagon can only mean someone stopped the look-a-like of Flight 77 taking-off.
The sustained inertia at the school strongly suggests a similar glitch in Daddy Bush's Game Plan.

Bush was sat in that school when the second tower was hit. Why, at that pivotal point in American history, did he make the "Executive Decision" to stay there?
A real terrorist attack would have put the President's life in grave danger.
Why risk all those children's lives by hanging around for another twenty minutes? If he wasn’t waiting for a fake attack, that never came, crashing near the school?
Why did he then leave the school only to circle over Florida, in Air Force One, for another thirty-five-minutes!? Before making a pointless flight and a pointless landing at Barksdale, North Dakota., before taking-off again for a nuclear bunker in Nebraska!?
Why chase about from state to state? If his chain of command was in tact?   
While Bush was running scared. Cheney, Rummy and Myers apparently cauterized the good guys.
Black Ops concocted a Plan B to explain what had happened to flights 77 and 93, already irretrievably locked into the script as "hi-jacked by terrorists." 
Plan B culminated in hurriedly planted false evidence at the Pentagon and a Pennsylvanian field, that fooled nobody - other than fools.   The fake videos   The fake passenger jets


9/11 - 3:15 pm. Bush Hides in Bunker 


The nuclear bunker at Offutt Air Force Base. Nebraska. NORAD and the FAA reported "Skies Cleared" at 12:16 pm. Bush stayed in the Bunker until 4: 25 pm. Seen here at 3:15 pm., asking Cheney via the tele-link if its safe to return to Washington. The question had nothing to do with foreign terrorism but everything to do with what went wrong with the plan to cause far more bloody mayhem that day and thereby end Presidential Elections and install the Bush Gang as the owners of America and its taxpaying workforce.
Had everything gone to plan Bush would have murdered over 50,000 US citizens NOT 3,000 on the morning of September 11, 2001.

 Four 9/11 "Hi-jacks" Never Took Off!

Some Air Traffic Controllers began stopping take-offs without waiting for the FAA national ban on take-offs, which came at 09:26. At 09:00. UA Flight 23 was about to leave Newark for Los Angles when Newark controllers instructed the pilots to return to the departure gate.
Six passengers of Middle Eastern appearance left the airport in a hurry without waiting for their luggage. Their luggage was found to contain jihadist propaganda.
Later that day concealed weapons were found on three cross country jets that failed to take-off because of airport delays or mechanical problems. Had these four planes taken-off, they too would have been intercepted and escorted to secure airstrips. One of the look-a-likes would have been flown into WTC7 to complete the carnage in New York. One would have been crashed near the school to make Bush look like a target. The other look-alikes would have been flown into oil & petrol storage depots causing even more spectacular explosions, smoke and flames, for 24 hour TV "News" puppets to blame on "Mooslim terrorists."
Bush supporters, unknowingly led by Bush Black Ops thugs, would have been torching the Mosques before dawn. Law abiding citizens would have accepted Martial Law to stop the violence.
Without imposing Martial Law the President can not end Presidential elections and install his cronies as the owners of America.
Make no mistake. That was - and still is - the plan.



Propaganda - Ground Zero   

Their own involvement in 9/11 meant the Bush Gang spent three days quelling what could have been a military take-over of the Bush White House. Having bought off, or bumped off, the insurgents who learned the truth from the fact that no fighter intercepts were being ordered, or saw a "hi-jack jet" landing at a military base, President Bush's minders eventually hauled him to Ground Zero to make an "impromptu" bullhorn speech written by his West Wing scriptwriting team and stage managed by his army of minders. Lackey's dressed as workmen were planted in the crowd. "I can't hear him."  "We can't hear him."  The lackey's mumbled until some sap shouted-out "We can't hear you." Bush notched-up the bullhorn and parroted the few words he'd been rehearsing for eight hours. He promised to "get those responsible."
Two days later he told the media. "Osama bin Laden is wanted dead or alive."
Three years later he told the media pack he couldn't care less where bin Laden was!?
Here we are 16 years-on and its crystal clear, to all who read the evidence, 9/11 was put together by America’s richest thugs who had no problem setting-up a bunch of Muslim misfits daft enough to take the fall.


"If you stop asking questions it becomes a religion."  Bill Maher

July 28, 1945

New York Times photo showing the damage done to the 78th floor of the Empire State Building by a B25 Bomber that got lost in the fog and ploughed into the skyscraper at 300 mph. The accident killed fourteen. The damage cost $1 Million to repair.
Some people still think jet planes can knock down skyscrapers!!!
These people could be forgiven if we were still in September 2001.
But they've had 16 years to figure this out.
An aircraft weighing One-Hundred-Tons can not knock down a skyscraper weighing Half-a-Million Tons and standing One-Quarter-Mile-High.
Thirteen Hundred Cubic Feet of jet fuel can not turn a steel and concrete skyscraper of Fifty Million Cubic Feet into dust.



History will recall the Bush Gang had a brand new weapon and no enemy.
So they used it on American's to create the phony "war on terror."

Never before in demolition history has 80% of steel framed buildings been turned into lighter-than-air dust. The space-station photo above shows the World Trade Center dust still rising three days after Mr Bush's mass murder.



Smoke & Mirror's
Four Missing Aircraft

 Hard Facts   

All critical aircraft parts have their own, unique, serial number. Each number is tracked from manufacture to scrap yard by international laws governing every aviation engineering company. Most critical parts are virtually indestructible.

As of September 2017
The US "government" have failed to produce certified numbered parts that would positively identify any one of the following four aircraft.  

United Airlines Flight 175, a Boeing 767, registration number N612UA, carrying 65 souls. Reportedly flew into the south tower of the World Trade Centre. Reporters were later shown a jet engine in the debris. But refused permission to photograph that engines internationally recognizable ID numbers.

American Airlines Flight 11, a Boeing 767, registration number N334AA, carrying 92 souls. Reportedly flew into the north tower of the World Trade Centre. The Bush Gang had no problem finding the passport of an alleged hijacker in the rubble but no positive ID for the one-hundred-ton 767. 

American Airlines Flight 77, a Boeing 757, registration number N644AA, carrying 64 souls. Reportedly flew into the Pentagon. Emergency services attended almost immediately. In this case it would have been easy to use uniquely numbered parts to positively identify the 757 within hours. Had a 757 been there. 

United Airlines Flight 93, a Boeing 757 registration number N591UA, carrying 45 souls. Reportedly vanished in a Pennsylvanian field. Associated Press reported this plane was one of two that landed safely after onboard bomb scares. Local witness's said they saw some kind of plane braking-up in mid-air. Again no credible 757 parts.  
Retired USAF Colonel George Nelson has studied 9/11 from day one. In September 2005 he stated.   "As a senior air crash investigator for over twenty years. I have never heard of a land accident where investigators failed to identify the aircraft. It would be impossible for a crash to destroy or obliterate all the aircrafts critical parts or their unique serial numbers. I repeat, impossible." 
 Google and YouTube George Nelson + 911

As a young man George Nelson did not dodge the draft as did Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney.
As he worked his way up to Colonel he was in the ideal job to learn all there is to know about doppelganger aircraft. Whole squadrons of duplicate aircraft were built to use, illegally, over Vietnam. They operated from unofficial airbase's in a neutral country. The questions nagging the good Colonel are what really happened to the 265 souls onboard the missing aircraft?  Where were they really murdered? Or is that nice Mr Bush using them as lab rats at Area 51?   


Dawn, 30th Dec. 2006

Saddam Hussein refused to wear a hood. As the rope was placed round his neck he was taunted by some of his guards chanting the name of his life-long enemy Muqtada al-Sadr. Saddam shut them up by asking. "Is this the way real men behave?" Whatever else history records, Saddam Hussein died like a man. Facing a lynching party George W. Bush, who can't even face Cindy Sheehan, would be kneeling in his own shit wailing for his Daddy.   

In February 2008 Mr Bush cut 77 percent of his promised help for 9/11 first responders - from $108 Mllion to $25 Mllion. These were the men and women he grandstanded with in the weeks following 9/11 praising them as "true American Hero’s".
Thus far, Mr Bush has authorized over $7 Billion Tax Dollars to be paid out to silence those 9/11 victims and eye-witnesses who were willing to sign their Human Rights away. They got their money by signing away their right to sue the Bush administration and their right to sue the airlines.  
The 9/11 victims families that constantly ask for a proper legal trial to find out who stood down NORAD have not been given any recourse to any kind of trial. 
Mr Bush has given another $15 Billion Tax Dollars to the airlines for
"loss of business and new security measures".


Never Ending War Profits

History will recall the Bush Gang had a brand new weapon and no enemy.
So they used it on Americans to start their phony "war on terror".

The Consensus Trance

Turds employed as "News readers" will never report the simple fact that two one-hundred-ton passenger jets cannot turn two five-hundred-thousand-ton skyscrapers into dust.

Only a certified lunatic would claim this dust
is the result of a couple of passenger jets hitting the Twin Towers.
Had that happened the planes would have been smashed to smithereens
 - as happened in 1945 when a bomber hit the Empire State Building below.  






US Navy orders new electric hyper-kill railgun • The Register

February 10, 2009. The Queen’s Globalist weapons company 'BAE Systems will supply the US Navy with the latest mass murder weapon, the Electromagnetic Hypercannon' - which some believe was field tested on 9/11...     

 9/11 was used to reduce America to a sheep pen.


The President Of 9/11 Part 2



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