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Bush Cancer Spreads

We all hoped the President of Paranoia would slowly pass into history. Unfortunately, not least for America, that ain’t going to happen.
Mr Bush destroyed
American Civil Rights. Bush Legislation means the President alone decides who is and who isn’t an Enemy Of The State. Once a “suspect” has been arrested and jailed he or she has no right to a civil court trial. The “suspect” must accept a military lawyer as their defender! Who-so-ever tortures the “suspect” be it the Police, the FBI, the CIA or Blackwater goons, are now shielded from prosecution by the President Of America - whoever he or she maybe.
If peace brakes-out in Afghanistan and Iraq next year John McCain or Barack Obama are hardly likely to give up these Stalinist powers and seventy-two-year-told McCain's first job was dropping Napalm Bombs on innocent men women and children in Vietnam

This cancer began with 9/11. It will continue to spread until the perpetrators of 9/11, namely, Bush, Cheney, Rice, Myers, Rumsfeld, their financial backers and their underlings have been executed for their bestial crimes against We The People.

So called "News reporters" from Fox, Sky, CNN, ABC, CBS and the BBC never question the official 9/11 Commission Report. In return they receive eye watering pay cheques.

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Monumental Lies   


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