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#ttet Northern Rock
And The Sub Prime Loan Arranger


"What's a sub-prime loan mom?"

"Well I guess a prime loan is made to someone who can pay it back. And a sub-prime loan is made to someone who may not pay it back."

"But who would lend money to someone like that?"

"Well it could be someone with more money than sense. Or I guess it could be some evil doer with a fiendish plan to make the poor poorer."

Bush and Northern Rock's squandered billions

Back in the mists of time when  the US Mail came by Pony Express. A few good men were ending the Wild West Gun Law in favour of the Rule Of Law. At that time The Office of Comptroller of the Currency (O.C.C) was established to monitor banks for malpractice and solvency. In 2003 Mr Bush turned the O.C.C remit on its head. As a favour to his Wall Street cronies Mr Bush ordered State Legislatures to stop investigating anyone in the predatory loan business (loan sharks). In order to enable what he called the "ownership society" he then used the O.C.C to invoke a forgotten clause of The 1863 National Bank Act to suspend predatory lending laws!!!

   All That Glisters

Mr Bush was actually proud of the fact that he had made criminally overpriced mortgages available to every Tom, Dick or Harriet capable of signing an acceptance form.
Having acquired their new homes Tom, Dick and Harriet realised they had no means of ever paying for them. Despite the Bush media using the phony war on terror to drown out unprecedented mortgage foreclosures - in Mr Bush's "ownership society" - evictions, homeless families and repossessed homes being boarded-up became headline news. By this time, of course, Mr Bush's clever friends had saddled US and European Banks with a $Trillion or so in unrecoverable debts; taken their multi-billion commissions and got the hell outta Dodge.
update Sept. 28, 2008.   Update March 2009   

 Fat Lady Waits to Sing

The last chairman of Northern Rock, Matt Ridley, thought "sub-prime-mortgages" were some new Yankee Yuppie way of stealing other peoples money and getting away with it. Ridley is just one of a hundred US and European "top bankers" who should now be arrested for criminal negligence, fraud & pernicious profiteering. By buying into the sub-prime-scam these top one hundred parasites have racked-up the following known losses of other peoples money -

as of February 23, 2008 

Citigroup have lost $24 billion

Merrill Lynch have lost $22 billion

UBS have lost $18 billion

Morgan Stanley, have lost $18 billion

Crédit Agricole have lost $5 bn

Bank of America have lost $5 bn

Deutsche Bank have lost $3 bn

Crédit Suisse have lost $3 bn

JPMorgan have lost $3 bn

Bayern LB have lost $3 bn

Société Générale have lost $3 bn

BNP Paribas have lost $1 bn

Commerzbank have lost $1 bn 

Swiss Re have lost $1 bn  

Goldman Sachs, Her Majesty's
Government official adviser on the sub-prime scam, have lost 
£1 bn Hansard column 209 Frank Dobson

British High Street Banks have lost £24 billion BBC News 23 Feb. 2008

The Treasury Select Committee were aware of the increasing cash shortage at Northern Rock for at least six months. Nothing was done. One reason for government inertia was that many other banks were losing money for the same reason as Northern Rock. That reason being the "sub-prime-mortgage market" (loan sharking) had gone belly up. 

When the Bank of Commerce & Credit International (BCCI) went belly-up customers had to wait fourteen years for compensation. Small depositors, who could not afford a lawyer, did not qualify for compensation. Northern Rock customers who remember BCCI have acted accordingly. Confidence in Northern Rock is going out the door with the billions customers have withdrawn. Some city annalists believe the banks are presently covering-up far bigger losses than those admitted above.

Mark Seifert runs a support group for evicted families in Cleveland County, Ohio. In the Clinton years evictions in Cleveland County never rose over 1,000 per year. Speaking on Dispatches. Ch 4 TV. Feb. 18, 2008, Seifert stated. "Last year we saw nearly 17,000 evictions, 9,500 of which were in the city."
From the day Mr Bush entered the White House, 2001, no new jobs have been created in Cleveland County. There is no chance of any ordinary family obtaining a sub-prime or any other kind of mortgage to buy any of Cleveland's overabundance of empty houses. Armed drug gang's from out of state are now using these
repossessed homes as crack houses. Another drain on police resources is re-evicting evicted families who have returned as squatters. Banks grown tired of paying to repossess and re-board their repossessed properties have decided it is cheaper to demolish them and sell the plot to the highest bidder.
The same ghouls who dreamt-up the sub-prime loans scam are now buying-up cheap plots wholesale.

"The evil power of money has been politically established, and it must be politically annulled. It is a public wrong, and the public must administer the remedy."    Richard C. Cook  

Con Party Leader Doris Cameron

Northern Rock ran out of money because David "Doris" Cameron's fellow old Etonian and fellow money-grubbing Tory, Matt Ridley, ploughed billions of his customers money into the sub-prime market. "Doris" is talking her usual brainless bollocks when she say's. Nationalising Northern Rock will damage Britain’s financial reputation.” Northern Rock can now borrow money from the Bank of England cheaper than any other bank. This will keep the vultures circling over what's left of the troubled bank.
The vultures
(International bankers) will not be closing their UK offices. As Her Majesty's
Chancellor of The Exchequer, Alistair Darling and Her Majesty's
Treasury Secretary, Yvette Cooper, have stated in Her Majesty's
Parliament. "It will be business as usual." 

Which means.
Treasonous thugs in red braces running Wall Street, French, German, Swiss and British banks will carry-on earning multi-million bonus's for dreaming-up new ways of robbing the workers.

March 19, 2008. The Northern Rock Shareholders Action Group had asked for £5 per share compensation.
A spokesman for
the group today described the government offer of 5p per share as "complete robbery." Obviously the spokesman had forgotten "complete robbery" is the only reason capitalist banks open their doors.

Mr Bush, the mindless thug who signed the order to enable the sub-prime-scam, will also carry-on with business as usual. 

Troops killed in the needless war in Iraq 2003 - Today


    February 2008
Bush Tells Private Security Firms
Shoot To Kill

Spawned in Cleveland in 1996, when private firms colluded with the FBI to combat computer hacking InfraGard is a growing collection of neo-con (read Nazi) collaborators within the private security industry.  InfraGard share their customer-details-data-bases with the FBI, 350 of the Fortune 500 companies have a representative in InfraGard.
InfraGard members are described by one of their number as 'the owners and operators of the US infrastructure - from agriculture to high finance.'

FBI agents oversee the eighty-six InfraGard chapters presently comprising some 26,000 members.

Both the Secretary of Homeland Security and the Attorney General have made it known InfraGard receive daily intelligence reports. FBI Director Robert Mueller has publicly urged InfraGard members to inform the FBI of any 'disgruntled employees; any suspicious activity or any unusual events.'
The author Matthew Rothschild has discovered InfraGard is far more than an information exchange. 
A whistleblower told Rothschild about an InfraGard meeting where agents of the FBI and Homeland Security had discussed in astonishing detail what InfraGard members can do. 'The meeting started off innocuously enough, with the speakers talking about corporate espionage. All of a sudden we were knee deep in what was expected of us when martial law is declared. It was our responsibility to protect our portion of the infrastructure; and if we had to use deadly force we could not be prosecuted! And they did say when - not if - martial law is declared.'
Rothschild confirmed this with Curt Haugen a former FBI agent and InfraGard member. When Rothschild asked about InfraGard members using lethal force, Haugen stated. 'As a private citizen you have the right to use force if you feel threatened.'
So there you have it. With the troops and the National Guard busy stealing oilfields Mr Bush intends to have dissenting Americans shot dead by his homies Blackwater, Halliburton and every other brain-dead, Sam Hall "security" outfit.

Banking for Hitler

Wall Street: Readers should note. Mr Bush's grandfather, Prescott S. Bush, was a Wall Street banker and an avid financier of the Nazi's. Prescott S. Bush  serviced the bagman of The Third Reich, the Nazi industrialist Fritz Thyssen. In 1942 Washington seized all US Nazi banking operations. Prescott S. Bush was charged with Trading With The Enemy, lower than low friends in high places prevented his case ever going to court. All Nazi assets were returned after the war. Prescott S. Bush received $1,500,000.
also see

President 9/11 Orders Surge In His War On US Poor.
In his State of the Union address Mr Bush asked Congress for $300 MILLION for America’s 15 million children living in official poverty. This works out at $20 per child. At the same time he demanded Congress extend his tax cuts to America’s 15 million millionaires for ten years. This works out at
$287,000 per millionaire. Or $4.3 TRILLION, out of the public purse, given to people who don't need it. Who, but a complete and utter arsehole, could support the President of 9/11?


Noises Off

 Put yourself in the pilot seat of a 757 passenger jet. You're at 30,000 feet. Its a perfect morning. No wind, no rain, no turbulence, no problems. All of a sudden every light on the communications panel goes out. All channels, receive and send, are dead to the world, even the crew intercom won't work. You then see an F16 fighter on your port wing. Amazingly you can hear the fighter pilot in your headset. He tells you there is a hostile threat to your aircraft and you must follow the F16 to a safe landing site.

You follow for ten minutes then the F16 pilot hands you over to a military air-traffic-controller who talks you into a safe landing at a military base.

As you are coming to a stop the controller tells you there is a possible biological threat on your aircraft but don't worry. Just stay put while the ground crew flush it out. An Oxygen tanker pulls-up alongside. The ground crew quickly connect a pipe to the jets air conditioning system. Twenty-seconds later you and everyone else in the aircraft have choked to death on cyanide gas...

Study President Bush’s face when he was allegedly told.  "America is under attack." 
In actual fact, he was told. "Some bastards have stopped Cheney’s remote control boys crashing a plane near the school
and the same bastards stopped the WTC7 and Pentagon look-a-likes taking-off."  
At this point Bush had no idea if Cheney could contain the bastards - who could easily arrest Bush for High Treason and hang the repugnant little shit before sundown. 

 9/11: The Shooting Script Bush Had To Shelve

 As President Bush takes his seat in front of a roomful of children an explosion is heard. He leaps to his feet and tells everyone to stay put and stay calm. He strides outside gesturing and calling for people to do this and do that. He appears to be taking charge of the situation. The media crew don’t realize the secret service goons are herding them into ‘best camera’ position. One of the goons produces a box for President Bush to stand on. The President fiddles with an earphone in his right ear while pressing an oversized cell phone to his left ear. Directly behind him a column of black smoke rises from the plane wreck that caused the explosion. He keeps glancing back at the smoke. He gulps and blinks as he appears to listen to the cell phone. Half-a-dozen reporters with microphones are now milling in front of him. He shouts. "Keep calm, Keep calm. It's OK. The danger is all over. I'm being told some terrorist group called Al Key-da, or, Al Kew-da, tried to hit the school with a hi-jacked plane. It sounds as if the passengers overwhelmed the hi-jackers. I’m being told these terrorists are some kind of Is-la-man-ic fun-da-ment group, who hit the USS Cole."
He breaks-off to listen to the cell phone again. Then he says. "These terrorists are claiming responsibility for the plane crash in New York. But there's no more danger. So everybody just stay calm. And just go about your normal business. The danger is over. Just stay calm."
He steps down from the box and makes his way to the motorcade telling everyone. "The National Guard are on full alert. So just stay calm. Stay calm."

One hour later; speaking at his desk on Air Force One. He repeats his call for calm. Then, gravely, reading from the autocue, he says. "Its my job to tell you. The Islamic fundamental group al Qaeda, who train their suicide squads in Afghanistan, are now claiming to have hit both the Twin Towers in New York, two Mississippi oil refineries. The Pentagon and a nuclear power plant in the north of Great Britain. We knew one of the towers had been hit when we arrived at the school just over an hour or so ago. But, as you know, that was reported as a simple accident. The other attacks happened just after the hi-jacked plane crashed near the school. Several Islamic websites are claiming al Qaeda suicide squads hi-jacked the six planes and smuggled a nuclear device into the nuclear plant in northern Scotland. I don’t think anyone can doubt that these are unprovoked acts of war on our way of life. Both myself and Tony Blair have issued instructions for all our citizens to leave Afghanistan immediately. We have no intention of talking to suicidal terrorists. Or to any folks who harbor them. Especially those folks who harbor them within our own borders. We will use every means available to stop these suicide attacks ever happening again. As of now. America is under Martial Law until such a time as those who aided these terrorists are either dead or put behind bars for life." 

London 8 pm 

 Rumours that radioactive clouds were moving south have sent international journalists scurrying to the nearest airport. The Downing Street press conference room is half empty and strangely quiet.
Enter Tony Blair in his smiling-through-adversity-mode.
He delivers the speech he agreed with the Queen and her cousin, President Bush, six months earlier.  
"I have just come from Buckingham Palace. The Queen and the royal family have refused to leave the country even though there may be more nuclear terrorists amongst us. The royal family are adamant they will not be driven from Great Britain by this outrage. Every member of Her Majesty's
Government join with the royal family in saying our hearts go out to those people living in the vicinity of Dounreay nuclear power station. To who we can offer no help. To send in the emergency services now would only forfeit more lives, as we learned at Chernobyl. The extreme North of Scotland is now being  sealed off. Her Majesty's
Armed Services
will contain the contaminated area and the BBC will be issuing hourly situation bulletins from nine o'clock tonight. I can assure those people in Southern Scotland and elsewhere in Britain, who are worried about radioactivity that they have nothing to fear. There is no need to stay indoors as is being suggested by some quarters of the media. Schools and public services will continue to function as normal in your area. As some of you may already know. The al Qaeda suicide squad who infiltrated the Dounreay nuclear plant as casual labourers are now appearing in so-called suicide video’s on jihadist websites bragging of their exploits. I think we can all agree these nuclear terrorists are the worst kind of unspeakable creatures on earth. Until we are satisfied there are no more of them in our country Her Majesty the Queen has authorized a State of Martial Law. Her Majesty the Queen will speak to the nation at noon tomorrow. Until that time the BBC will keep everyone fully informed of the Scots situation."

                                           Bush Laid Plans © Jim Hutchinson 2002-2009

Real & Present Danger

 No group of suicidal terrorists will ever be able to shut down American air defence signals. The attacks on 9/11 could only be made possible by Presidential Orders.
The real and present danger to America is a nuclear suitcase bomb detonated near a nuclear power plant.
This could easily be put together by the Bush Gang.
A nuclear hit will be far easier than the convoluted logistics Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld and Myers put together for Mr Bush's 9/11.

A person fit to be called President of America would order all US power companies to phase out nuclear power plants (Nuclear Targets Of Mass Destruction) and build safe, solar, wind and sea power-systems to make America safer. This would also eliminate any need for occupying Iraq and Afghanistan to steal oil and poppy fields. George W. Bush has plans for One Hundred more hideously expensive Nuclear Targets Of Mass Destruction!  When it comes to caring about America nobody has ever cared less than George W. Bush. 

"The Special Relationship
Fuck The Peasants




Indian Point: nuclear power station

Had there ever been a gang of anti-American suicidal fanatics capable of flying 767's with pin-point accuracy. Indian Point, just 70 miles from Ground Zero, would have been their target. NOT the Twin Towers. The nuclear fall-out would have closed down New York for the rest of this century. And Then Some. Point Taken?  photo Ron From AP. 

If Mr Bush and his cousin Queen Lizzy believed their own "Terror Warnings" they would close down their Nuclear Targets of Mass Destruction in favour of safe (and infinitely cheaper) solar, wind and water power systems.      

Wouldn't They?


June 27, 2007. Exit The Oily Rag


Some people still think the Queen's passing Prime Mouthpiece, Mr Blah Blah Blair, was responsible for sending the Queen's troops into Iraq! 

Blaming the oily rag instead of the engineer ignores the bleeding obvious. If the British Head of State, like the Russian, French and German Heads of State, had refused to go along with the American Head of State. There never would have been any debate in Her Majesty's
Parliament on the false claim,
rightly rejected by the Russian, French and German Heads of State, that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction - ergo no British involvement in an illegal war. To increase the royal fortune the Queen ordered her whipping boy to tell the blatant lie that Iraq could arm and fire nuclear missiles at London on 45 minutes notice. The Queen's favoured spooks whispered to doubting Members of Parliament that Blair's Weapons of Mass Destruction hysterics were probably true. That's how the Queen took Britain into an illegal war.

n Spot The Leader?

2002. When a group of professional military and commercial pilots met in Portugal to analyze Mr Bush's explanation of 9/11. The US and British media ignored the meeting. The pilots inquiry found the identification of all four alleged jetliners "invalid" and the logistics of 9/11 was simply "beyond the ability of any group of terrorists."

Andrew Card Really Said

  "Some bastards have stopped Cheney’s remote control boys crashing a plane near the school and the same bastards stopped the WTC7 and Pentagon look-a-likes taking-off."


April 2008. The British and US media continue to ignore the fact that professional pilots have always said the Bush version of 9/11 is provably false.  The BBC & 9/11


How Bush Stole

       Little did the good people of Florida know. Before the 2000 election. Bush's bother Jeb and his girlfriend Harris, above, had removed 50,000 black (Democrat) voters off the Florida register by employing a bent computer firm to wrongly identify the voters as recent felons - who are barred from voting in Florida. Even with fraud on this monumental scale, Al Gore only lost Florida, and with it the White House, by 537 votes...

  see The Best Democracy Money Can Buy. 
Greg Palast 

   Bush Secrets & Crimes



Bush Has 500 Concentration Camps Ready

Whatever George W. Bush say's about the US economy instantly qualifies for the WMD bin. From the moment the Bush Gang stole the White House America has been walking backwards.
Do not click on the red link below if you are a Bush Family - Royal Family supporter. Or in any other way mentally ill and unable to face the truth. 

Rich Cousins: Endgame 

Sub Prime Scam New York "Luv Gov."  Elliot Spitzer Tried To Stop It:


 Bush: Eight Years of Crash & Burn


On perhaps the darkest day in modern history a few bent judges disregarded the vote and gave the White House to George W. Bush, a poor little rich boy and convicted drunken felon.
Bush family crony, Texas Senator, Phil Gramm wasted no time adding the Commodity Futures Modernization Act (CFMA) to Mr Bush's first budget bill.
The CFMA deregulated the energy trading market which enabled the $40 Billion Californian electricity-price-hike that nobody was ever charged with (the records of that particular Bush Gang swindle were conveniently "lost" in the World Trade Center on 9/11).
 The CFMA also enabled money-grubbing-hedge-funds and investment banks to go to market with multi-billion "derivatives" or "Credit Swaps" unchecked by any and all government regulations.
So called "Credit Swaps" turned out to be bad debts and ficticous assets fraudulently sold as securities. From the moment it was introduced Senator Gramm's CFMA was blatantly giving the finger to honest market traders yet Congress did nothing to stop the obvious growth in "derivative" fraud.
Practically worthless "Credit Swaps" with a face value of some $54 TRILLION are now lying in the vaults of bent bankers who received hundreds of billions, in bonus's, for dealing in this obscene trade.



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