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Kinlochleven Hydroelectric Scheme
 Highland Scotland, Built 1905 - 1909.

This was the first major hydroelectric project in Britain. Built by the British Aluminium Company to supply 440MW of power to its smelters at Kinlochleven and Fort William. The scheme cost £600,000. By 1938 the Kinlochleven Scheme had paid back all its construction costs.
2017: The scheme continues to generate electricity. 
No nuclear power station can ever pay for itself because of the  everlastingly fatal, totally senseless, waste it produces. After its fifty year life a nuclear power station becomes unstable and has to be dismantled - at five times the cost of building it! Her Majesty long ago decided that you, the taxpayer, your children, grand-children and their children, recurring, will pay for storing the everlastingly fatal, totally senseless, nuclear waste.  

 The insane cost of producing nuclear waste is the last thing you should worry about!  

Safe, Cheap, Power Generation Suppressed by Nuclear Lizzy

above, Hydroelectric schemes: Cruachan in Scotland & Dinorwig in Wales.
 Long ago, the Queen put water power on hold. The Queen puts her obscene
oil, gas and nuclear profits before the future of Britain and the British.


 Water Power:
The Electric Mountain 

The Visitor Centre has a spectacular view of ancient towering mountains and the magnificent scenery of Snowdonia. Admission to the visitor centre is free, there is a charge for the hour long tour of Dinorwig Water Power Station.



 An Eviromentaly Friendly Hydro (EFV) bus descending deep inside Elidirv mountain's labyrinth of dark and imposing tunnels. Visitors will experience one of man's greatest engineering achievements. The guided tour takes about an hour.

Kids love going underground in hard hats :)

Parties catered for. Please ring for details on 01286 873050.

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Offering a superb range of delicious meals and light refreshments. During the summer, you can enjoy your meal in the picturesque garden area.

The centre has a cashpoint.



A fantastic new soft play area suitable for children age 12 and under. Hours of fun!



 Visit The Electric Mountain 





Feb, Mar, April, May:

7 days a week


Jun, July, Aug:

7 days a week


Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec:

7 days a week


   A Hydnding deep inside ancient E dir   

'The Gentle Giant In The mountain Cave...'   'Great family day out.'

  Tucked away under the beautiful Snowdonia mountains, truth seekers will find Dinorwig Water Power Station. A fine example of how to produce safe, cheap, clean power.  Dinorwig cost the taxpayer £M450. Opened in 1984, Dinorwig had returned it’s construction costs by 1997.
No nuclear power station has ever or will ever return it’s construction cost because we never stop paying for storing the totally needless, totally fatal nuclear waste it produces.

To produce 1,700 mega-watts, as Dinorwig does, an oil-fired power station uses over 4,000 barrels of oil every 24 hours. Using rainwater instead of oil, SAVES Britain tens of thousands per day - depending on the price of oil. (remember when oil reached $147 a barrel...)
Using uranium, instead of water, to produce 1,700 mega-watts. COSTS Britain
Millions per year and that's before we start paying for storing the fatal nuclear waste that no honest Head of State would produce in the first place.        Bloomberg: Today's Oil & Uranium Prices


Dinorwig Water Power Station, above, was one of several pumped-water-storage power stations envisaged in the 1960's. Five suitable Scots sites could have been developed on the same scale as Dinorwig. Her Majesty's Government a.k.a. Queen Elizabeth The Useless rejected the very idea of more Power Stations running on God's Own free rainwater - which would drastically reduce the royals obscene oil, gas and nuclear profits. One wouldn't want that! Would one!?

right Dinorwig's reversible pump/turbines are capable of reaching maximum generation in less than 16 seconds. Using off-peak electricity the six units are reversed and used as pumps to transport water from the lower reservoir, back up the mountain.


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Rock Dams


Mott MacDonald

    As the need for caverns and large underground spaces increases, Mott MacDonald is at the forefront. Our experience to date includes large span caverns for hydropower projects, storage facilities of all types, underground stations for metros and railways.


Dump trucks at the Kárahnjúkar hydropower project Iceland.

Dumptrucks Infront of Kárahnjúkar Dam




see  The Karahnjukar Hydropower Tunnel

    Notable cavern projects by Mott MacDonald. 

  Kárahnjúkar hydropower project, Iceland

Channel Tunnel, UK.  

Heathrow Express cross-over, UK

 ‘Muela hydropower, Lesotho

Dinorwig pumped storage, UK.




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