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 What The Bloody Hell Is It For?

Twelve years ago Field Marshall Lord Carver asked Her Majesty's Government. "Trident, what the bloody hell is it for?"  Answer came there none.
The silence stems from the fact that Her Majesty The Queen is the main shareholder in all the companies involved in building and supplying this bloody useless relic.
Royal War Profits

                                     see   The Case Against Queen Lizzy


New York: Towers Of Strength

July 28, 1945

right, New York Times photograph showing the damage done to the 78th floor of the Empire State Building by a B25 Bomber. The bomber got lost in the fog and ploughed into the skyscraper at 300 mph.
The accident killed fourteen. The damage cost $1 Million to repair.

Amazingly some people still think aluminum jet planes can knock down skyscrapers! These people could be forgiven if we were still in September 2001. But they've had sixteen long years to figure this out.
An aircraft weighing One-Hundred-Tons can not knock down a skyscraper weighing Half-a-Million Tons and standing One-Quarter-Mile-High.
Thirteen Hundred Cubic Feet of jet fuel can not turn a steel and concrete skyscraper of Fifty Million Cubic Feet into dust. Only the likes of the BBC can deny 9/11 was designed to start the phoney "war on terror".
The distinguished theologian Professor David Ray Griffin had written over twenty books on history and human behaviour before 9/11. He has now written ten books illustrating that 9/11 had to be an inside job.  


Bullingdon Play Will Upset Doris Cameron

Posh, a new play by Laura Wade, now playing at the Royal Court, was inspired by the infantile Bullingdon Club. The play features a gang of filthy rich Tory tosspots planning how best to rule Britain when they leave Oxford and take over Parliament. 
Laura Wade, said the play would "raise questions about the Tories ability to govern".

Divide and Rule: Five schools in England sent more pupils to Oxbridge, over the last 3 years
 than nearly 2,000 others combined,
Schools' Oxbridge divide 'stark'.  

   War Declared

British students protesting in London handed the Queen a final note stating that unless we hear from her by 5 o'clock, that she will withdraw her plan to triple student tuition fees, a state of war would exist between us.

I have to tell you now that no such undertaking has been received, and that consequently every right thinking British person is at war with Her Majesty's Government.  

Student's Demand

'Off with their heads'

Putrid Prince Charles and his equally sick bitch, Clammy Cammy, were confronted by protesting students who surrounded their bullet proof car chanting    'Off with their heads'




A Very Liberal Charlatan

 Her Majesty's
Business Secretary:

The Right Honourable Vincent Cable

Mr Cable, an Ex Chief Economist for Shell Oil, became infamous for refusing to help Forgemaster stay in business and pushing through a massive hike in student fees while giving Trillions, of the honest taxpayers money, to the Queen’s thieving bankers - who should have been jailed.  Mr Cable enjoys nothing more than telling lies to his constituents. He recently  told undercover reporters he could “bring down the government” by leaving it and telling a few home truths about his fellow Servants Of The Crown.  He made a grovelling apology the moment his totally empty threat was reported. Cable has no intention of leaving the Queen’s cabinet and even less intention of ever telling the truth about the  Queen’s criminal government.




Fukushima Fallout: Mutant Births

Speaking about job opportunities in
Her Majesty's
Parliament, July 13, 2011,
The Queen’s Prime Mouthpiece, Doris Cameron stated: "There is a big opportunity for new nuclear build" -
like Chernobyl and Fukushima.

From the day Her Majesty The Queen opened Britain's first nuclear power plant (Calder Hall - Sellafield, 1953). Her Majesty's
Government has slavishly advocated building more and more
nuclear power plants
Could this be because Her Majesty owns several uranium mines and her family hold massive stakes in the worlds largest nuclear/waste/weapons companies?


Japanese fish soaking up nuclear poison





Nuclear Hurts

All Fools Day 2011


Traces of radioactivity from damaged nuclear reactors in Japan have been detected in rainwater in the USA and in Scotland.

What kind of April Fool would advocate building even more Chernobyl's?   
Nuclear Hurts








Nuclear Madness


Military helicopters are dumping tons of sea water onto the stricken Fukushima nuclear power station.

This is a very sick cosmetic exercise that will only shorten the lives of the helicopter crews.  








Chernobyl Update

Children are a good indication of how bad
Nuclear Power Station leaks really are...    


Fukushima, Japan, March 15, 2011.
02:27 GMT.
 So far three American built Japanese nuclear reactors have suffered loss of coolant and exploded. Due to an earthquake. Japanese scientists warned of the inevitability before these reactors were built.
How many will die of leaking Japanese nuclear waste? 

    Twenty Five Years of Nuclear Power Lies

Read the truth about Chernobyl.
Nuclear Power R U Sure?



January 2011:  Vatman and  Friends Raise Food Prices

Financial speculators who arranged the banking swindles are now purchasing bulk food supplies and future crops. These 'City Criminals' are all set to make massive profits...

The UN’s food price index 'basket' comprises the costs of five essential foods – meat, sugar, wheat, corn and dairy produce.
Global prices have risen for the last six months, with wheat prices doubling, sugar at an all-time high and pork up by 25 per cent.
Further huge increases are expected in the coming months.



   Child Sex & Pope Benny The Nazi


 The Christmas Address

Victims of clerical (perverts in frocks)  sex abuse reacted furiously to Pope Benny's claim yesterday that child rape (paedophilia) wasn't considered an “absolute evil” as recently as the 1970s!!!  In his traditional Christmas address yesterday to cardinals and officials working in Rome, Pope Benedict XVI also claimed that child pornography was increasingly considered “normal” by society. “In the 1970s, child rape was theorised as something fully in conformity with man and even with children,” the Pope said.         more __________________________________


The Queen's Phoney War On Terror


Dr. David Kelly, right, was a world leading weapons expert who apparently committed suicide days after he exposed Her Majesty's
Government lies concerning ficticous weapons of mass destruction -
used as the reason for the Queen's illegal invasion of Iraq.

Dr. Kelly’s body was found in woods close to his Oxfordshire home in 2003 shortly after he exposed Her Majesty's
Government's false claim, through the royalist London Evening Standard, that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction which could be targeted to hit London within  45 minutes.

Her Majesty's
hand picked Judge, Lord Hutton, lied when he said "the principal cause of death was bleeding from incised wounds to his left wrist which Dr. Kelly had inflicted on himself".
The fact that Lord Hutton lied is borne out by Her Majesty's
Government's medical and scientific records relating to Kelly’s death – the official post-mortem report and police photographs of his body. Her Majesty The Queen has decided all this crucial evidence will be classified as Top Secret for the next 70 years!
What more do you need to know?

"Something of the night" Tory Peer Michael Howard, a failed Tory Party Leader, is now saying he agrees with a group of prominent medical experts who claim Her Majesty's
Judge, Lord Hutton, was ordered to cover-up Dr. Kelly’s murder by Her Majesty's

Nobody who knows the track record of the sinister royal creep Lord Howard, right, could believe he is doing anything for justice. Howard's intervention is a damage limitation exercise ordered by the same Head Of State who ordered her troops into Iraq to boost her oil profits. In the process of securing her oil profits, by murdering millions of innocent people, the Queen and her cousin George W. Bush  committed more War Crimes against their own troops than Hitler ever dreamt of. 

Experts including Michael Powers, a QC and former coroner, and Julian Blon, a professor of intensive care medicine, said in a letter to The Times that the official cause of Dr. Kelly’s death – haemorrhage from the severed artery – was “extremely unlikely. Insufficient blood would have been lost to threaten life. Absent a quantitative assessment of the blood lost and of the blood remaining in the great vessels, the conclusion that death occurred as a consequence of haemorrhage is unsafe”.


                       9/11 & Bin Laden: Are You Sure?

In the aftermath of the sacking of General McChrystal in Afghanistan it’s crystal clear the 2001 invasion was more than illegal. The head of the CIA has admitted no one in the US Intelligence Services has seen Osama Bin Laden in the last ten years!

Reliable Russian and American reports from 2000 show Osama Bin Laden had two years to live in 2000 - providing he stayed on a dialysis machine. American  & EU. Reports say he was buried in 2001... 

Who - other than an idiot - believes the official story of 9/11?


Tory Tosspots who promote Nuclear Power - on behalf of Her Majesty's
Nuclear investments - own land in faraway places.
Tory Tosspots also have plans to lease-out Great Britain as an International Nuclear Waste Dump after Chernobyl happens here.


The Blair Inheritance: Lies, Lies and more Lies



 27 January



Evidence Of Dr Kelly's Murder 
Will be Suppressed for
70 years



Her Majesty's
point man, Lord Hutton, ignored the evidence that Tony Blair manipulated and falsified intelligence in order to send Her Majesty's
troops into an illegal war to steal the Iraqi oilfields.

Hutton's excuse was that the veracity of the intelligence on which Blair made the case for war was “not within my terms of reference.”






Lies, Lies and more Lies

Below the Pentagon minutes after a missile went through the ground floor wall. Notice how the roof is still intact. BBC "news" readers are still saying a 100 hundred ton 757 jetliner caused this damage. How stupid can BBC "news" readers get?

The Reichstag Fire at the Pentagon, set alight that night, tells you all you really need to know about Mr Bush’s 9/11. 30 Second  CNN Video says it all

 9/11: The Mother Of All Inside Jobs

Half-an-hour after the missile went through the wall the Pentagon fire fighters had the fire under control. Rumsfeld ordered the fire fighters to withdraw.
An internal explosion then brought the roof down.


Where is the one-hundred-ton passenger jet?

'It wasn't until almost 45 minutes after the first explosion that another explosion weakened the structure enough to collapse the roof...'  Since when did a one-hundred-ton passenger crash into a building  without leaving any trace of itself, its passengers or their luggage?

Since when did a one-hundred-ton passenger jet hit a wall and fail to break  the windows two feet-away from the point of impact?
. Spot
the un-burnt white painted walls and the un-burnt wooden desk and table.  Funny how no-one ever spotted the Boeing 757 the BBC claim crashed here...

'It wasn't until almost 45 minutes after the first explosion that another explosion weakened the structure enough to collapse the roof...' 
What kind of idiot could believe a 100 ton passenger jet devoured itself in a blazing inferno without burning the furniture a few feet away?

Accessories To Mass Murder

Bush insiders hurriedly clearing-up the evidence of their missile that hit the Pentagon. Had anyone behaved like this at the Concorde crash site or Lockerbie, or indeed any real plane crash, they would have been jailed for destroying vital evidence. The Bush stooges above were probably given the "Freedom" Medal.


9/11: How Bush Did It


9/11: The Night of the Nazi Fire




 What The Bloody Hell Is It For?

                                The Case Against Queen Lizzy


New York: Towers Of Strength


July 28, 1945

right, New York Times photograph showing the damage done to the 78th floor of the Empire State Building by a B25 Bomber. The bomber got lost in the fog and ploughed into the skyscraper at 300 mph.
The accident killed fourteen. The damage cost $1 Million to repair.

Amazingly some people still think aluminum jet planes can knock down skyscrapers! These people could be forgiven if we were still in September 2001. But they've had eight long years to figure this out.
An aircraft weighing One-Hundred-Tons can not knock down a skyscraper weighing Half-a-Million Tons and standing One-Quarter-Mile-High.
Thirteen Hundred Cubic Feet of jet fuel can not turn a steel and concrete skyscraper of Fifty Million Cubic Feet into dust.
The distinguished theologian Professor David Ray Griffin had written over twenty books on history and human behaviour before 9/11. He has now written ten books illustrating that 9/11 had to be an inside job.  

The Queen's Pawn and The Giant Chessboard:

Show Me The Way To Go Home



Heading home to one of the royals SAS guarded palaces Harry Hewitt often needs his SAS bodyguards to help him from the nightclub into the royal transport.



Christmas Games
At The Palace

Queen's Pawn
To Prolong
Wars For Profit 

                Big Ears           Harry                  Daddy                                

As the loutish son of a commoner Harry Hewitt is a time-bomb ticking under the specious monarchy. Royal family history dictates, by one foul method or another, Harry will follow his mum into an early grave. The Queen has decided having him body-bagged in Basra would be a bit too bloody obvious.
On Christmas Eve 2007 he was secretly flown out to a secure cave in Afghanistan from where he could later emerge for the
photo-shoots the Queen had ordered to prolong two illegal wars - started on the back of Mr Bush's inside job - 9/11
The Drudge Report, the website that gave us Miss Big Gob Lewinski, reported Harry was hiding in one of Osama bin Laden's sub-prime caves
and the Terminator photo-shoot was cut short for "safety reasons."
Does Harry know he is a doomed pawn on the Giant Chessboard?
No. His lack of intellectual pursuits have led to his nickname Half-Brain-Harry. His mum, God rest her soul, didn't know her arse from her elbow until she was thirty. Its doubtful Harry will make it that far. The Queen will probably arrange to have him bumped-off on a crack cocaine overdose in a posh shithouse; or a broken neck on the ski slopes.
He will then be buried as a "war hero".

The public were shown
the BBC war promotion footage of Half-Brain-Harry directing US bombers to drop 500 pound bombs  Depleted Uranium (DU made of nuclear waste) on innocent men, women and children living at "Taliban Targets."
The United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) estimate the occupation has driven 2.4 million Afghani's from their homes. Those who stay in Depleted Uranium contaminated area's will lose the ability to conceive.
Half-Brain-Harry had been murdering
and maiming the same Taliban that Mr Blair and Mr Bush assured us were "eradicated" in 2006.
These are the
same Taliban who offered to hand-over Osama bin Laden providing he was given a fair trial in a neutral country. Mr Bush had no intention of giving bin Laden the opportunity to prove Bush, Cheney, Myers, Rumsfeld and Rice planned and perpetrated 9/11...

How to start wars for personal profit

Mr Bush say's 1,300 cubic feet of jet fuel can turn a skyscraper of 50 million cubic feet into toxic talcum powder! Do you know anyone, over the age of five, who could believe such drivel? 


Fighter interceptors, which the taxpayer pays to be in operation 24/7, were not called-up to any of the four alleged hijacks on 9/11. NORAD's mighty fighter squadrons were not goofing-off watching Scrubs. Bush had changed normal North American Air Defense procedures to keep NORAD fighters out of the loop until the Bush attacks were over. It was the patriotic duty of the 9/11 commissioner's to report this simple fact. In failing in that duty the commissioner's Conspired With The Enemy.
Namely Bush, Cheney, Myers, Rumsfeld and Rice.

September 11, 2001 above, the Pentagon two minutes after the first explosion that Mr Bush say's was caused by a one-hundred-ton 757 jetliner hitting the wall at 530 miles-per-hour! Can you see any sign of a one-hundred-ton 757? Nobody else ever did.

Two hundred witness's working at the Pentagon that morning made sworn statements 'there was no 757 at the Pentagon' and the only damage they observed was a hole in 'the first floor wall twelve to sixteen-foot round.'
Some pathetic people still believe a forty-foot-high 757 moving at 530 mph flew through the wall,
in the photo above, and made this small exit hole on the other side of the room! 

The photo above of the undamaged lawn was taken forty-minutes before the later explosion that caused the roof to collapse.
The collapsed roof damage shown by the BBC and the rest of the corrupt media did not happen until forty minutes after the first explosion.
Not one of the two-hundred eye witness's mentioned above were invited to appear in Mr Bush's 9/11 Commission Report.


   The Pentagon Farce


left Man stood beside what President Bush said was a 757 Engine belonging to Flight 77 at the Pentagon.  
Every non-government aviation engineer asked to date has stated this engine part,
left, has never been used in a Boeing 757. It simply hasn't got the strength to play any part in the operation of a one-hundred-ton-jet. Non-government aviation engineers say this is part of a missile or military drone.
below Man working on a real 757 Engine



9/11: Noises Off


9/11: For Dummies








House Of Common Thieves

Mackay and Kirkbride are but two of hundreds of royal puppets, employed in Her Majesties House of Common Thieves.

A typical nuclear power supporter, thief and servant of the Crown, Julie Kirkbride MP embezzled £172,973 taxpayers money.
The Telegraph used government documents to prove Kirkbride and her MP husband Andrew MacKay are but two of hundreds of royal puppets who's sole purpose in life is stuffing their offshore accounts with the taxpayers money before the lid comes off Sellafield.

A Town Near Chernobyl



  Sea Power:
  The Way Forward

There is a massive flow of water between Guernsey and France; an immense amount of energy is flowing there 24 hours a day. It will carry on eternally and it is untapped.
We could utilise this power with a range of barrages around our coast, or tidal lagoons.
Instead Her Majesty's
Government are throwing our money away at the nuclear power industry.
Billions upon billions of pounds are being thrown at nuclear waste; there was another £20 million this morning, just like that. There is also the £93 billion for clearing things up, and uncountable billions to build nuclear power stations.
In contrast, our investment in tidal energy and other marine energy is in sums of £60 million here and £50 million there. We have a huge opportunity that we are neglecting because of the
[Queen's] nuclear lobby. We should look at our priorities again. We must use the power of the tide. It will go on for ever. It is clean and does not produce a legacy of poisoned fuel, and it will add greatly to the prosperity of the places where it is operated. The future should be tidal. It certainly should not be nuclear.     Hansard. 16 July 2009.         


"The firemen who were sent to put out the
reactor fire were fried on the spot by gamma radiation".

The Queen's New Chernobyl's



For every visible gunslinger packing a Glock machine pistol, like Carol Quirk, centre, there are six undercover SAS marksmen in close attendance wherever  "royals" happen to be.

October 10, 2003, Lizzy illustrated her total hypocrisy by attending a St. Paul’s Cathedral service for those killed serving in Iraq while continuing to deny any responsibility for the family’s of over 600 Gulf War veterans who have died thus far, from Gulf War Syndrome.  
The Queen's family, indirectly of course, own the companies making and supplying Her Majesty's
forces with dirty (depleted) uranium ammo. Ten years of satellite images show how the same ammo has left a Chernobyl footprint in Iraq. Thousands of Her Majesty's
troops returned from the first Gulf War with cancer caused by exposure to Her Majesty's
dirty ammo and 'preventative medicines.'

Defence Minister, Privy Councillor and Lizzy’s grouse shooting partner, Nicholas 'Fatty' Soames, denied there was any such thing as Gulf War Syndrome. Fatty Soames owns one of the outfits supplying Her Majesty's
forces with vastly overpriced 'preventative medicines.'

Apart from Miss Marples above, packing heat, and an armed SAS team mingling with the mourners. A team of police marksmen were deployed on St. Paul's roof. Anyone even threatening to murder a "royal" will be gunned-down before any murder is committed. Anyone who kills you or your children will be let out of jail to kill again.  God Bless The Fascist Regime.  photo October 10th  2003. London Evening Standard. 


How Many Times Can CIA Assets Die?

Back in January of 2001, Dr. Sanjay Gupta said that Osama bin Laden was in the last stages of kidney failure. 
In July 2001 Dr. Gupta's patient, bin Laden, was visited by the CIA while being treated in the American Hospital Dubai
Reliable Russian and American reports from 2000 show Osama Bin Laden had two years to live in 2000 - providing he stayed on a dialysis machine. American  & EU. Reports say he was buried in 2001... 

In May 2003 President Regan's favourite fall guy, Colonel Oliver North, stated. 'I'm certain that Osama is dead. And so are all the other (CIA) guys I stay in touch with'.

In October 2008, former CIA case officer Robert Baer was interviewed on National Public Radio.  Asked about bin Laden he said: 'Of course he’s dead.' 

In March 2009 The American Spectator published an essay by  Foreign Service officer Angelo Codevilla entitled 'Osama bin Elvis'.
Explaining his title, Codevilla wrote: 
"Seven years after Osama bin Laden's last verifiable appearance among the living, there is more evidence for Elvis's presence among us than for bin Laden"

"So? When did Osama Leave The Building?




May 19, 2011


Super Bank Robber issued Super Injunctions


Super bank robber Sir Fred Goodwin, right, was sleeping with another thief at the Royal Bank of Scotland when he used some of his stolen loot to gag the likes of Andrew Marr who could have reported Goodwin’s’ “girlfriend”.




Alcoholic Tory tobacco salesman,
Ken Clarke, left, wants even more privacy laws for rich thugs like himself and Fred Goodwin.  The French already have such laws which means the French public are only just learning about their next potential President, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who excels in raping the servants.



Strauss-Kahn on $6 Million Bail

June 6, 2011. Maids from New York hotels in front of the Criminal Courts building in New York City as the alleged maid rapist Strauss-Kahn arrives. Strauss-Kahn is accused of raping a maid in a $3,000-a-night hotel suite in Manhattan.

Years ago the Lord Chief Justice, Lord Woolf, warned that judges “must not ignore the fact that if newspapers do not publish information which the public are interested in, there will be fewer newspapers published, which will not be in the public interest”. Little did Lord Woolf know that 9/11 would turn every newspaper into the pathetic comics they now are. You can be sure the media will slag off the chambermaid and Strauss-Kahn will walk.


Lies, Lies and more Lies

     The Climate Change Hoax

BBC News - January 20, 2010 

The gang of crooks known as the International Panel on Climate Change, (IPCC), have finally admitted their “Climate Change” nee “Global Warming” warning of  “Glacier Meltdowns” was based on speculation. The chairman of the IPCC “Doctor Rajendra Pachauri” turns out to be an ex railway engineer and not the oft quoted “world’s top climate scientist”.  Bereft of principles or any scruples the absurd Doctor Pachauri has become the spokesman of the nuclear bias “Energy Research Institute”. Another totally criminal outfit, like the IPCC, set-up to promote the ridiculous idea of building more Chernobyl's to cut carbon emissions; despite the fact that mining uranium and handling nuclear waste produces twice as much carbon as any other method of electricity generation.
The so-called “Energy Research Institute” is about to receive  £10 Million of your (taxpayers) money via Her Majesty's
corrupt government.
Changing Her Majesty's
head puppet - from Brown to Campbell  - will not change Her Majesty's
money-grubbing-policy of robbing the British public of safe, clean energy supplies… 


January 16, 2010

The United Kingdom Meteorological Office temperature forecasts have been higher than actual temperatures for nine years out of the last ten! The day to day Met Office information fed to "weather presenters" at the BBC, ITV and SKY TV is based on false information fed into criminally contrived computer models (garbage in - garbage out). 
The Met Office and brain-dead "weather presenters" at the BBC,  ITV, and SKY TV have been slammed for failing to predict that the UK would suffer the present cold winter or the previous three wet summers. 
After being rapped for their now notorious "2009 barbecue summer" forecast - which miserably failed to happen - the Met Office/weather presenters winter forecast for 2009 -
was for a 66% likelihood that the winter would be warmer than average.


Knaresborough North Yorkshire, UK. January 10,

November 29th, 2009

A hacker who happened across the computers at the University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit has now released hundreds of emails from the so-called “Climate Research Unit” clearly showing how a despicable collection of criminal “scientists” have been secretly fixing reports of “global warming” - which is no more a threat to civilization than it was when man first walked the Earth.
Human activities add little if anything to the Earth's temperature. That big red thing in the sky control's life on Earth. Not factory chimneys, farting cows or the Queen's piss-poor passing Prime Ministers.

January 19th,

"Experts" at the disgraced UK Meteorological Office now say they will stop indulging in long-term forecasts - we shall see.  Some of us can remember moaning meteorologists, crackpot scientists and lunatic politicians’ warning we would be entering the "New Ice Age" around 2000. This same gang of paranoid twats are now saying the world will fry if we don’t build more Chernobyl’s!

February 1684

An Ice Faire on London's  frozen Thames in 1684.
Proper scientists who study sun spots can prove that man's influence on climate change has little effect on the Earth's temperature.
In the ten years following WW2 industry produced more carbon monoxide than ever before. Far from inducing any "global warming" this massive increase of industrial air pollutants was accompanied by some of the hardest winters ever... The freeze-up of 1963 led to BBC reports  of a "Second Ice Age By 2000". 

Photo, London February 2009
Last year, Her Majesty's
Parliament passed the most expensive new law ever put before Her Majesty's
The Climate Change Act is going to cost Britain £18 billion a year - that's £720 for every household in the country - every year from now until 2050. As usual Her Majesty's
Parliament was acting upon the soporific blatant lies Her Majesty's
subjects are so good at believing.


Sept. 1, 2009. Lockerbie Man Traded for BP Drilling Rights

September 1, 2009. Lockerbie Man Traded for BP Drilling Rights
Once again the mass media are ignoring the evidence of a break-in at the Heathrow luggage shed where the suitcase was most likely switched...


 Winston Churchill on the "Illuminati"
Illustrated Sunday Herald
. February 8, 1920.

'A world wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization on the basis of arrested development and impossible inequality has been steadily growing. It played a great part in the tragedy of the French Revolution and now this extraordinary personalities from the criminal underworld from the great cities of Europe and America has now gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads and become the undisputed masters of that empire.'

Churchill was talking about the Queen's principle bankers, the Rothschilds

Rothschilds lackey Mandy


Andy Pandy Prince of Clown's



Phone-hacking Cop-bribing: Bad to worse

Stephenson out: Yates out:

Dick in!

After the Queen's top cops resigned over their part in the on-going phone-hacking cop-bribing scandal. Her Majesty put another of her proven faithful servants in charge of Her Majesty's
Metropolitan Police Force - Cressida Dick!

Cressida Dick led the high profile (frighten the peasants) operation to murder an innocent man - Jean Charles de Menezes

Her Majesty's
Not Sweden,

                Blocked Assange Bail  Dec. 16,

The judge’s approved bailing of Julian Assange earlier this week took another turn for the bizarre today when the Swedish government revealed that they had not appealed the bailing decision. Rather it was the British government which decided to keep Assange in detention despite the judge’s order to release him on 240,000 pounds bail... Read The Full Story


December 10,

WikiLeaks Will Continue

December 4th 

As part of efforts to block the release of documents obtained by WikiLeaks, there is an escalating campaign, led by the US government, to bring down the organization’s web site - no longer directs to WikiLeaks’ servers. The site has now been reopened on several other domain names. Keep trying and one of these links will work: , , , and


December 1st.
Amazon drops WikiLeaks

Growing Consumer Backlash as Amazon Shuts Down

Much Needed Whistleblower   more


November 2010

WikiLeaks under cyber-attack from CIA and MI5.

WikiLeaks are reporting a "mass distributed denial of service attack", after leading  newspapers, including the New York Times, France's Le Monde, Germany's Speigel, Spain's El Pais and the Guardian in the UK published US embassy cables.

The cables published on the WikiLeaks website contain candid statements, by CIA/MI5 agents, about the Queen's pathetic puppet's Gordon Brown and David "Doris" Cameron.

The US State Department is threatening WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, with arrest because these revelations touch on secret [illegal] military operations. Mr. Assange has promised more of the same.





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