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Strong Poison

The Root Cause Of Chernobyl and DU Deaths

Plutonium (Plute) is a silver-gray TRANS-URANIUM ELEMENT found in very small quantities in nature with uranium ores. Plute was first produced artificially by Glenn Seaborg in 1940.
Plute is now produced for nuclear weapons in nuclear power stations.
Six pounds of Plute destroyed the entire City of Nagasaki! Apart from its explosive "qualities" Plute is also an everlasting FATAL POISON.
By 1979 the Nuclear Apologists Club had already produced more than enough Plute to split the Earth into brick sized lumps. Only a lunatic would advocate producing anymore Plute. 
By ordering their new nuclear power (plute) stations - ten in Great Britain and one-hundred in America, the Queen and the
President will intentionally, massively, increase uranium poison induced abortions, miscarriages, birth defects, early deaths from nuclear cancers of the brain, throat, chest & stomach - and the heart breaking misery these things bring - in the British and American workforce.
The Bush/Royal family cut of the proposed $Multi-Trillion "new nuclear build" program will be at least 20% per station.

The same $Trillions invested in sea-power and solar-power systems would make the entire world a healthier, safer place, and save untold $Trillions Tax Dollars in the future; simply by not producing nuclear waste (which has to stored for thousands of years at the taxpayers expense) and give the UK and USA safe, clean, cheap, reliable electricity supplies. Making life better for ordinary people is the absolute opposite of everything the Bush/Royal family stand for.

Deadly Cousins

 George W Bush ('Eye’s so close he could get by with a monocle.'  Christopher Hitchens).

 January 2001. Harold Brooks-Baker, of Burke’s Peerage, confirmed George W. Bush (Dubya) is a blood relative of Queen Elizabeth 2. It would be naive to think the cousin’s have no mutual interest in global commerce. Those with the most money dictate the political agenda. They can spread the wealth and by so doing stop the bloody wars. Or proceed like the pair of vampires above.   

Wreck Iraqi's Freedom"


Daily Results

 June 17, 2008. Not reported by the mainstream media; fifty died in yet another car bomb blast in Iraq. Many believe these bombs are planted by the occupying forces to keep the conflict going. Innocent people are being wasted in Iraq for no other reason than making obscenely excessive profits for oil and arms conglomerates owned by the worlds richest thugs


One of tens-of-thousand's  "left alive " innocent child victims of the bankers illegal war in Iraq. 

The Iraqi dead and wounded we see on the TV are only half the story. The spineless UK and US media neglect to report the spectacular rise in birth defects and cancers in young Iraqi's caused by British and American made DU ammo (nuclear waste) embedded in the Iraqi environment - since the 1991 Gulf War.


Smoke & Mirror's
The Power Mad Moron
& The Monarch

On the back of their 9/11 "the powers that be" launched the illegal and absurdly named "Operation Iraqi Freedom."
To ensure the chaos they needed to keep the illegal occupation going for years to come "the powers that be" sacked any General who forecast Rumfeld’s mini-army would never conquer Baghdad let alone the whole country (Iraq is 168,000 sq. miles).
"The powers that be" embarked on this slaughter-fest with every intention of privatizing war itself. Armed contractors (Blackwater et al) now outnumber US troops in Iraq. Each Blackwater Robothug cost the taxpayer four times the price of a regular US troop. 
All profits from the growing Legions of the Robothug private army are destined for the same Swiss & Liechtenstein accounts in receipt of stolen Iraqi oil money ($M30 worth of Iraqi oil has "gone missing" every single day since the illegal invasion).

What began with monstrous lies, sold to the gullible majority, by a pernicious little thug fraudulently installed as the US President and the passing Prime Mouthpiece of Britain's phony Head of State is nothing more than genocide for profit. 
Oil was at $36 per-barrel when Bush sat in that schoolroom while his  Black Op's murdered 3,000 US citizens on 9/11... 
Over one million people have now been murdered in the 9/11 manufactured "war on terror."
Oil Per Barrel Update
4,071 US Military Deaths In Iraq Update

          June 27, 2007 Exit 
The Oily Rag


Some unfortunate people still think the Queen's passing whipping boy, Blah Blah Blair, was responsible for sending the Queen's troops into Iraq. Blaming the oily rag instead of the engineer ignores the bleeding obvious. If the British Head of State, like the Russian, French and German Heads of State, had refused to go along with the American Head of State. There never would have been a debate in Her Majesty's
Parliament on the false claim, rightly rejected by the Russian, French and German Heads of State, that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction - ergo no British involvement in an illegal war.
To increase the royal fortune the Queen ordered her whipping boy to tell the blatant lie that Iraq could arm and fire nuclear missiles at London on 45 minutes notice. The Queen's favoured spooks whispered to doubting Members of Parliament that Blair's Weapons of Mass Destruction hysterics were probably true. That's how the Queen took Britain into an illegal war.


  "The powers that be"

Guilty of the foulest premeditated crimes ever committed against humanity. Hitler did NOT set-out to kill the billions these bastards plan to




Poisoning Iraq

Since the 1991 Gulf War, there has been a thirty-fold increase in birth defects in parts of southern Iraq. Fifty-percent of all Iraqi cancer patients are now under five-years-old! This is an eighty-percent increase since 1991 when the first "smart" nuclear waste bombs were dropped on Iraq.
Between 1991 and 2009 two-thousand-tons of nuclear waste, DU for short, has been exploded in Iraq with the inevitable results.

 photo below  Child of Iraq 2006 Al-Quds Press News

July 2007. According to the Iraqi Health Ministry. Iraqi hospital's can’t cope with the over-whelming number of birth defects and child cancer patients. Most of who arrive beyond any positive treatment.  

Dirty Ammo or DU is nuclear waste. If it wasn't made into shells, bullets and bombs it would have to be kept safe and monitored for thousands of years (at the taxpayers expense).  Any sensible person who has children will tell you the best thing to do about nuclear waste is stop making it! Using nuclear waste as a weapon is premeditated murder of the next generation and the next, and the next, and the next - recurring.

Hitler's poison was confined to the Gas Chambers that died with Hitler.
Once in the environment DU never stops killing people.
Dubya & Lizzy's personal nuclear profits plans will eventually make the Holocaust look like a nose bleed. 




The pro-life President and the Nuclear Queen's favourite uranium ammo (DU or DIRTY AMMO) is now used on a daily basis. Afghan and Iraqi hospitals are seeing the results on a daily basis.


2006. Dr Abdul Kazimi, Director of Iraqi nuclear medicine, estimated. "Over 7,500 Iraqis will be infected with depleted uranium (DU) cancers every year for decades to come." This was a very conservative estimate.

2009. The deliberate nuclear contamination of Iraq and Afghanistan continues unabated


Following the hoof-prints of Margaret Thatcher & John Major the Queen's last lackey, Blah Blah Blair did absolutely nothing to stop the Queen's long term plan to starve safe energy systems of proper investment in order to build ten more Chernobyl's in Britain. The latest passing Prime Mouthpiece, Blah Blah Brown, will follow royal orders to waste at least £200 BILLION taxpayers money on subsidizing totally needless brand new Nuclear Targets Of Mass Destruction and utterly futile Trident nuclear submarines.   Proof, as if we needed proof, the bloody loonies intend to destroy the planet.

 "Regime Change"

Thus far "Regime Change" has murdered over one million people, and halved Iraq's monthly (recorded) crude oil output. The price of a barrel of oil has now quadrupled since the illegal invasion.
 A nice little earner for the Bush family, the Bin Laden family and the Saudi & British royals who have $Trillions invested in oil.

Troops killed in the needless war in Iraq 2003 - Today



A Little History

In 1939 over one million acres of Great Britain were commandeered for battle troop training. Farm owners, home owners, village tenants and tenant farmers received seven days notice of their coming evictions. Crown Notification Order(s) carried the enlightening explanation. 'Emergency Powers Act: All Land And Property Reverts To The Crown.' 
After WW2 old established landowners received ample compensation (tax-payers money). Ninety-nine-point-nine-percent, of all those evicted, received sweet nothing. 1986. The accident at Chernobyl scattered 70 tons of nuclear waste. Fall-out poisoned 8,000 square miles. Two million had to leave the area.
Her Majesty's
nuclear investments
have now accumulated over 900,000 tons of nuclear waste stored at Sellafield.
Sizewell B, which the Queen ordered in 1989 three years after Chernobyl! Is now adding to the problem. Should the Suicide Club pay a flying visit to Her Majesty's
nuclear dustbin every square inch of Britain will become unfit for human habitation.  Not that that would worry the royals - who have escape planes standing-by 24/7 for just such an event. The main beneficiary of Britain’s nuclear industry is the Crown. To be precise; forty-seven members of the so-called "royal family," who, through the royal maze of banker \ nominee’s, own the controlling interest, every type of nuclear outfit operating in Great Britain.
As all land reverts to the Crown, in whatever the Crown decides is an emergency, who do you think will profit most if Sellafield's plutonium hits-the-fan and turns Great Britain into an International Nuclear Waste Dump?


Needless INSANE Waste

The Queen ignored six years of protests against the building of Torness nuclear power station. In 1985 she sent Mrs Thatcher up to Scotland to open Torness. The following paragraph and figures (sans my italics) from British Energy.

 Nuclear Waste: Torness. The figures below do not include the used fuel but show the amounts of Intermediate Level Waste & Low Level Waste. These figures are from the UK Radioactive Waste Inventory 1994 and assume that the station is taken out of service in 2024. The figures are in cubic metres of waste as stored. Conditioning of waste will increase these amounts (Conditioning: nuke-speak for quadruple).  


pre 1999




post 2060























No Honest Head Of State would have made the above waste. When Mrs Thatcher was sent up to Scotland to open Torness. British reactors had already produced enough nuclear waste to make enough nuclear weapons to suit our Defence Requirements for 400 years. However, the royal cartel had grown used to their obscene profits from their nuclear investments funded by the stroke of the royal pen with endless billions of the taxpayers money. (The Queen inherited uranium mines. Or to be more precise she inherited vast swathes of African and Australian land stolen from the natives in Empire Days underneath which Uranium was one of the goodies waiting to be found.)  Uranium Price Up 300%  


Suppressed: Safe, Cheap Power

Near-shore 100ft high turbines cost  £M2 each. The £M348 slated for safe energy (Her Majesty's
White Paper 24 Feb. 2003) would have been well  spent on 174 of these.
This would reduce the price of turbines. But this did not happen.
Passing prime
mouthpiece Blair was ordered to spread the money between a assortment of energy saving initiatives & safe energy schemes.  
And. To make extra sure the royals oil and nuclear profits are in no way reduced, Her Majesty's
Government spread the money out over a period of four years. This guaranteed no real progress towards much cheaper and
infinitely safer power supplies. In the meantime should the Suicide Club pay a visit to Sellafield, the royals will be more than happy to do a Lucan.
The Queen’s personal fortune (in Swiss & US Trusts) makes at least £M4 every 24 hours.
That’s £M348 every 87 days. The royals fortune, rooted in Crown controlled Arm's & Ammo and the Slave Trade, will continue to grow at the same obscene rate irrespective of any British Nuclear disaster. The fact that a Sellafield accident could end British history has never worried Queen Lizzy.  Would you worry if you owned land and property all-over the world and had multi-billions in foreign banks? 


Bush Diplomats Get DU Death Sentence

The US military has never had so many sick and dying personnel. Most of which would have been avoided by not using nuclear waste as ammunition (DU). Mr Bush will deny the fact that one in every three US troops returning from Iraq has been contaminated with uranium particles and will die young as a result. His office staff know better. They are the people tasked with the criminal cover-up of the ever-increasing DU deaths and deformed infants born to US troops. While at the same time being expected to serve in Iraq!
Traditionally US diplomatic staff had the choice of applying for posts in a conflict zone - or not. As of December 14, 2007 there were 50 empty posts in Iraq with no applicants. Mr Bush made it known, if his diplomatic staff do not volunteer to go to deadly DU zones they will be fired, labeled as Traitors and never work again in America.

Ask The Family

Bring Them Home Now, the organization of concerned military families, warns on it's website. The only way to limit DU damage is to get out of Iraq & Afghanistan NOW. Not one more troop should spend one more day inhaling nuclear  waste.   (

U.S. Military Gulf War(s) Records

- Total number of disability claims filed as of May 2007:

1,620,906. - Disability Claims amongst Deployed: 407,911. - Disability Claims amongst Non-Deployed: 1,212,995. Percentage of combat troops that filed Disability Claims 36%.   

   Gulf War(s) U.S. Military Deaths: 73,846
– Deaths amongst Deployed: 17,847
– Deaths amongst Non-Deployed: 55,999


Congress Stonewalled on Record Troop Suicides

Bush Cancers In The Works

Troops Serving in Iraq
likely to come home with Man made cancer caused by du ammo

U.S.: 140,000 troops
BRITAIN: 7,100
Nations with under 500 troops:

Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, El Salvador, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Mongolia, Netherlands, Slovenia.

Source Amy Worthington: The Idaho Observer


WMD Lies Now Costing Taxpayer
$330 Million PER DAY! This money was collected from the taxpayers to pay for schools, roads and pensions ect., Can you wonder why America is falling apart.

In January 2001, Mr. Bush said. "Regime Change" would increase Iraqi oil output which would mean cheap gas for American's, and the increased revenue would pay all the US military expenses."
Iraq is now costing the US Taxpayer
 "$330 Million PER DAY" CNN. Situation Room October  22, 2007.      Facts To Ponder 

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