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Nuclear Power Supporters

Corrupt politicians, mad scientists and rent-a-gob television "reporters" who promote nuclear power stations have usually been onboard a few executive Lear jets for a few fact-finding-freebies funded by the worlds richest nuclear outfits Westinghouse, Areva, Bechtel & Halliburton. Fact finding usually takes place around the tables of Las Vegas. Fact finders stay in the finest penthouse suites, sleep with the finest of Vegas-waxed-teenage-whores, see the best shows in town and receive stacks and stacks of slush fund chips to play with and/or simply cash-in and wire from the casino bank direct to their new account in Zurich.
Nuclear apologists in Parliament are presently aiming to stop the new Freedom Of Information Act applying to them. This has nothing to do with Mr Plod being able to read their letters from the public. It's all about who bankrolls these vile perverts.

 Nuclear Waste Stations:
The Evidence The Royals Ignore
Three Mile Island 1979  

Despite the usual denials from puerile nuclear power apologists. In March 1979 Three Mile Island released fatal uranium atoms which remain embedded in the surrounding countryside.
Wherever nuclear poison gets out - its the kids who suffer first.

Known Effects of Three Mile Island Nuclear Leak.
Dauphin County, Pennsylvania.

Published Nov. 2005.

Infant death rate, age 0-27 days, 1979-2002,
23% above US. Average

Cancer death rate age 0-9 years, 1980-2002,
45% above US. Average

Rate of births under 5½ lbs, 2000-2002,
37% above US. Average

Cancer incidence rate age 0-14, 1993-2002,
17% above US. Average

Child death rate, age 1-14, 1979-2002,
13% above US. Average
This isn't the first evidence showing nuclear power  murders children in the womb. That nice Mr Bush and his cousin Queen Lizzy ignored it. Both are hell bent on building more Chernobyl's. One of which could be on your doorstep. 
Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. Known Effects of Three Mile Island  Update
Putting this information together takes years because the 'powers that be' have created Nuclear Power Information Obstruction & Nuclear Power Misinformation Departments far more effective than Hitler's Nazi Propaganda Department.  

"The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."  Edmund Burke  1770

Simple Truth Nuclear-Vested Ghouls Ignore

Two years before  v  Two years after shut down
 of nuclear plants in downwind counties

Joseph J. Mangano, Radiation and Public Health Project





LaCrosse, WI



Rancho Seco, CA



Fort St. Vrain, CO



Trojan, OR



Big Rock Point, MI



Maine Yankee, ME


- 9.3








Pilgrim, MA



Millstone, CT









National Center for Health Statistics
 Contact: Scott Cullen, STAR: (516) 819-4886
Joseph Mangano, RPHP: (718) 857-9825 and
Kelly MacMillan  (914) 720-5206
Baby teeth are needed at the Tooth Fairy Project      Call 1-800-582-3716 

 Call 1-800-582-3716   Update, Press Room at  Spotlight

 also watch  "What are we teaching our children?"  by Fred Surr, Ted Page, Janet Tashjian.  & see   The Royals Nuclear Establishment   &   No 4  


                              Bogus Laws

Having gotten away with their mass murder on September 11, 2001 "the powers that be" have now started stripping the electorate of the vote. Laws passed in the name of the bogus "war on terror" were designed to destroy the public's (Your) Civil Rights. They will do nothing to stop suicide bombers. US and UK anti terror laws are intended as the first steps backwards to the days of slavery when owners branded their "property." This time round the Queen and the President will be using bar-codes.

see The truth about chips



  FBI Website - 2008

 "Usama Bin Laden is wanted in connection with the August 7, 1998 bombings of the US Embassy in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania and Nairobi, Kenya.
These attacks killed over 200 people. "

Note. Bin Laden is Not Wanted for 9/11. There is no evidence he was involved, or in any tangible way connected to the Bush-Cheney-Rummy-Rice attack on America that killed 3,000 US citizens.

'9/11: The Trial

Bush Threatens Jail or $50,000 Fine
for producing Clean Energy!

Out of every 100,000 birds roosting near US Windfarms. Just three birds per year are likely to fly into the turbines. This has led the Bush administration to write an energy bill (H.R. 2337) to close down all US Windfarms on the pretext that wind farms are an unacceptable threat to wildlife! Baring in mind that the second most powerful person in America, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, has stated she will allow Bush to get away with the mass murder of 3,000 Americans on 9/11 and the President’s needless slaughter fest in Iraq, this proposal has every chance of becoming law.  Wind Power To Successful For Bush     Jail Or $50,000 Fine For Producing Clean Energy    

June 2008, Wind exports worth 4.7 Bn Euros

The Danish Wind Industry Association has just published the annual industry statistics for 2007. This is impressive reading.
The Danes are presently producing 20% of their electricity from wind and expect 100% green power.



 1949. Shortly after the Soviets tested their first Atom Bomb. It was agreed, in the event of a nuclear disaster, American armed forces will implement the immediate evacuation of the royal family. The royals will be flown to one of their private palm fringed islands in the Pacific or Indian Oceans. British forces will not be involved because they would realise their families are being abandoned to die of fall-out. When the troops get to know of the royals long-standing-escape-plans the "royals" become bullet riddled toast.


"The Royals" couldn't care less if the lid comes-off Sellafield. They have always been ready to abandon Britain at a moment's notice. When you choose to live surrounded by armed bodyguards and a flock of fawning servants. It really doesn't matter what part of the planet one happens to be killing dumb animals to pass the time of day. Do's it? 

Henry Ford actually said:
History is bunk to them that can't f**king read."

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