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The Queen's nuclear power agenda:

The UK Risk

Chernobyl fallout applied to the UK « No2NuclearPower 

Click on your area to see how much of Britain will have to be abandoned
if Murphy's Law comes to your local nuclear power station

Chernobyl fallout applied to the UK « No2NuclearPower 


Chernobyl - 2018


Right.  One of the 2,000 nuclear ghost towns and villages around Chernobyl where deformed nature has taken over. In the next 30 years most of Japan will come to look like this. Fukushima is in the process of leaking ten times more nuclear poison than Chernobyl.  


Everything that grows around a nuclear accident
will be riddled with fatal uranium poison for thousands of years.

The UK Risk

Chernobyl fallout applied to the UK « No2NuclearPower 

Click on your local nuclear site to see how much of Britain will have to be
abandoned if Murphy's Law comes to your county.

Chernobyl fallout applied to the UK « No2NuclearPower 


Costing The Earth: Nuclear Power 

The much talked-up "nuclear new build" at Olkiluoto, Finland continues pouring other-peoples-money down the nuclear drain. The same way the cost of building Sizewell B went from £450 million to £2.9 BILLION. The Finnish Folly is on the same criminal path.
In May 2007 the publicized "final cost of €2.5 Billion" was revised-up to €4 Billion. 
As of January 2014 the price has risen to € 6.6 Billion! And it may never be finished. This particular "nuclear new build" has now "failed its building standards inspection on over 1,000 separate counts!" And all these faults despite the "nuclear new build" being seven-years behind its building schedule.

The French media revealed the other-peoples-money to finance the Finnish Folly came from Export Credit stolen from the hapless French taxpayer., In short back-door State Aid (now being investigated by the EU). Most of which could be re-called and thereby end the project. The Finnish taxpayer could end-up paying billion's of Euros for sweet Fanny Adams.
Not by a very long chalk the first nuclear-new-build-multi-BILLION-fuck-up.

The British taxpayers have recently been told they will have to pay at least
£74 BILLION to "keep safe" the nuclear waste from the Queen's nuclear stations. Fifty years ago Her Majesty's Government was telling the taxpayer nuclear stations would produce "electricity to cheap to meter." We now know nuclear power is the most expensive and infinitely the most dangerous, on earth. Regardless of the infantile claptrap you hear from thieving, fawning Ministers of the Crown it is always the taxpayer who pays the horrendous bills for the provably insane practice of building nuclear waste stations. Finnish Update

Also see Washington Monthly article Bad Reactors  & Whoops


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   Lizzy & the nuclear cowboys Areva

The French (government owned) nuclear giant Areva are overseeing the criminal waste of time and money in Finland. 
Even pro-nuclear Finnish politicians are voicing their anger at Areva for farming-out parts of the nuclear engineering contract to Polish cheap labour.
It gets worse. There is a second Areva nuclear station being jerry built in France. Concrete pouring at the site in Flamanville was stopped last May after a safety inspection found "anomalies" due to an "unacceptable" lack of safe construction practices. Along with the Finnish Folly the French Folly is expected to cost more than twice as much as the cowboy builders, Areva, said it would.
Not surprisingly the British Head of State will use the French cowboy outfit Areva along with her US business partners to build Sizewell C in Suffolk. The first of ten potential Chernobyl's Nuclear Lizzy is plotting to build in Great Britain.
The Queen not only owns uranium mines the so-called "royal family" own and control half the worlds uranium/nuclear weapons producers


photo Scarborough Evening News April 25, 2008.






The Chernobyl accident happened 26 April 1986.


Temporary Waste Dumps

One of Chernobyl's eight-hundred "temporary" nuclear dumps where plants, trees and grass now grow radioactive and mutated.
This photo shows one of a squadron of helicopters that flew straight from the Afghan battlefield to help in the doomed-to-fail nuclear clean-up.



                            Greenpeace Girls Take The High Road

Greenpeace Girl 240 feet above the half built Nuclear Folly at Olkiluoto in Finland. Six activist's climbed this construction crane to bring the worlds attention to the insanity of nuclear power. 

Greenpeace Olkiluoto


The UK Risk

Chernobyl fallout applied to the UK « No2NuclearPower 

Chernobyl was surrounded by farmland. By 1994, fall-out-poisoned collective farms and nearly 2,000 villages covering an area the size of Wales had been abandoned - forever. 


                            "Temporary Nuclear Waste Dumps."
The BBC failed to report thousands of soldiers and civilians fell ill with radiation sickness and died while attempting to clean-up the nuclear accident at Chernobyl. The casualty rate forced the Kremlin to abandoned plans to bury all the vehicles and earthmoving equipment that became fatally radioactive in the futile attempt to clean-up a nuclear accident. If you watch the rubbish churned out these days by the BBC so-called news's reporters you may care to send them an email asking why they have no resident reporters in Chernobyl's "lesser poisoned zones" to report the ongoing birth of fallout damaged children. 

 A small part of Chernobyl's Nuclear Desert,
the size of Wales, where time has stopped.


Nuclear Power: Perpetual Waste Of Taxpayer's Money

Hanford nuclear waste dump is a manmade nightmare. With wet and dry nuclear waste plots sprawling over 500 square miles of Washington State.
In 1986 Hanford's two-inch-thick-steel high level waste tanks were found to be leaking.
quickly ordered a Thirty-Year-One-Trillion-Dollar clean-up.
But this is like painting the Forth Bridge. In 30 years time, the clean-up will have to start all over again! The cost at that stage will be astronomical. Unlike that marvellous Scots bridge which simply needs a coat of paint. Hideously expensive nuclear waste tanks get eaten away by the fatal waste they contain.

The Columbia River, home of the Grand Coulee Dam, is now at risk from Hanford's "nuclear seepage." 
Poured into a water reservoir - ten gallons of the plutonium liquid waste stored in high level tanks, like those below, would poison the water supply to the average size city. Apart from the poisoned citizens, every building with a water supply would have to be buried as nuclear waste.



Steel-fixers at Hanford nuclear waste complex, Washington State, working on the mat for new (hideously expensive) nuclear waste tanks.



( waste tanks also see page 15 - Mountain Girls )

Nuclear Power: Results



Pripyat, above, is one of 2,000 nuclear ghost towns around Chernobyl. Pripyat is the same size as Dover in Kent, the Garden of England




Nuclear Power: Results

The cost of building the nuclear power station "flagship," at Olkiluoto in Finland has been revised up from €2.5 to €6.6 Billion!
Whatever thieving politicians may tell you the taxpayer always gets stuck with the bill for these totally needless nuclear power stations. They are purpose built to rob the poor. Every other type of electricity production is cheaper and a million times safer. 


Ministers Of The Nuclear Crown

Ordered in 1965 for £M90, the nuclear reactor at Dungeness B, South East Kent should have opened in 1972. Fundamental design flaws that accompany all "nuclear new build" made it obvious the project should be cancelled. But, like Sizewell B, it was built with the taxpayer’s (your) money. The Queen’s ministers kept pouring your money into their nuclear companies until Dungeness B was finally declared open - in 1989!  Seventeen years late!!!  Mrs. Thatcher told Parliament the project had cost the taxpayer £M409 instead of the £M90 originally estimated. As usual the Queen's Thief Thatcher was lying. The true cost, with the labour costs Thatcher omitted, was well over £1 BILLION.
A nice little earner for Crown controlled nuclear outfits. And another royal insult to the honest taxpayer. 
After the time and taxpayers money wasted on Dungeness B only the Queen’s nuclear-cartel could have conspired to pour £2.9 Billion (Three Millennium Domes) into building another in Suffolk - Sizewell B.
The year before Sizewell B was ordered,
1988, British reactors had already produced enough nuclear weapons material to suit our Defence Requirements for the next three centuries. By which times ‘nukes’ will be as relevant as crossbows. So, why would anyone order another bomb factory at Sizewell B in 1989! Three years after Chernobyl! If not for base financial gain?

The Royal Agenda

Since 1979, when the brand new reactor at Three Mile Island proved a nuclear accident would wipe-out a small country like Britain, Privatisation (selling-off public assets for private profit) has been the only visible policy pursued by Her Majesty's Tory and Labour Governments.
The Queen gave her favourite "creative accountant" John Major and the Enron director Lord John Wakeham the job of privatizing nuclear power. This particular privatizing
rip-off sold nuclear stations, that cost the taxpayer £25 Billion to build, to city spiv’s for £1.2 Billion!
Having shed the nuclear millstone Her Majesty's Government could have built safe, cheap, clean power systems. But no. Ministers of the Crown were ordered to continue giving billions of the taxpayers money to "privatized" potential Chernobyl's!
From a royal point of view. Safe-power-systems means the end of obscene profits from oil, gas and nuclear pollution. Costing one millions of unearned income per day! And one wouldn't want that! Would one?


Megga?   WHAT'S?

 1 kilowatt hour will power a one bar electric fire.

 1 megawatt hour will power 1,000 one bar electric fires  

 1 gigawatt hour will power one million one bar electric fires 

2007. Worldwide, there were only 300,000 megawatts coming from 439 nuclear stations. Installing these 300,000 megawatts cost five as much per megawatt as installing oil, coal or gas or hydro.
Hermann Scheer Energy Autonomy

In line with Her Majesty's Government claim that Iraq could mushroom London within 45 minutes. Toady Blair's swan-song was the false claim that we need more nuclear power stations to save the environment! Only a time-served-palace-fool like Blair could ignore the fact that increasing the production of everlasting nuclear waste automatically rules out any possibility that nuclear power can save future carbon dioxide emissions.

Kami Karsi Pilots View: Nuclear Target of Mass Destruction

The nuclear poison maker (reactor) is covered by the white dome that will, in theory, stop any accidental damage by a crashing aircraft. An aircraft purpose filled with high explosive will slice through this dome like a hot knife through butter. There is enough nuclear poison in any British nuclear power station to permanently poison half, if not all, of Great Britain.

Royal Orders

Despite the danger of a Nuclear 9\11 now that we have created suicide squads living amongst us.
Despite the dangers of a Chernobyl type accident
Despite forty years of proven financial insanity of building and running nuclear power stations.
Despite the fact that increasing the production of everlasting nuclear waste automatically rules out any possibility that nuclear power can save future carbon dioxide emissions,
Ministers of the Crown have been ordered to build more nuclear power stations.

Nuclear Lizzy

The Queen's nuclear proliferation White Paper 10 Jan. 2008, has nothing to do with keeping the lights on or the Defence Of The Realm. Building totally needless Nuclear Targets of Mass Destruction has everything to do with being born congenitally insane, obscenely rich and repulsively fucking greedy.   




2009, A small part of Chernobyl's backyard, the size of Wales, where time has stopped.

So many Soviet soldiers and civilian labourers drafted into Chernobyl became terminally ill, working in the uranium-fall-out, the attempted clean-up was ended after eighteen months. Billions of Dollars worth of uranium-fall-out contaminated earthmoving, transport and building equipment had to be abandoned along with the poisoned land - forever


Nuclear Power


No Thanks Lizzy

Taking nuclear profiteers out of the loop by developing wind, sea and solar power is the only sensible way forward.


Japan: Nuclear Shut Down

       Tokyo Electric Power Co's Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear power plant in Niigata Prefecture Japan. [Image: TEPCO]

Japan: Typically the Nuclear Nutter’s Club built the worlds largest nuclear plant, with seven reactors at Kashiwazaki-Kariwa, in the land where the Kobe earthquake shifted half the city seven feet to the left.
In July 2007 the plant suffered fires and radioactive water leaks.
April 2009.
The plant remains shut down and - you guessed it - the repair costs are being revised upwards once again.

Unlearned Lessons

After Three Mile Island (TMI)  nearly poisoned Pennsylvania, 1979, an honest Head Of The British State would have directed her government to turn Sellafield and Dounreay into safe-energy-system production centers concentrating on offshore-wind and sea power systems.
These two massive government owned sites are ideally placed on the coast - to produce and test safe, off-shore wind-power and sea-power systems.
Safe, cheap power is obviously not what Nuclear Lizzy wants. The Queen ordered the Target of Mass destruction at Sizewell B ten years after TMI nearly poisoned Pennsylvania and three years after Chernobyl poisoned an area the size of Wales. She ordered Hinkley C five years after the triple meltdown at Fukushima!!!! To continue ignoring the insane dangers of operating nuclear stations after the lessons of TMI, Chernobyl and Fukushima gives you some idea how much the Queen cares about the British and how much she values her nuclear profits. The royal family, of course, have escape planes standing-by. If the lid comes-off the Queen's nuclear bomb factory at Sellafield tomorrow. The royals will be enjoying a barbecue on one of their palm-fringed private islands, ten-thousand-mile-away, before royal- arse-licking BBC Fake News readers are allowed to announce Britain has become unfit for human habitation.

     Reactor No 4. Chernobyl. April 26, 1986

01:23:40. am             01:23:42. am

Bad Day In April

To speed-up safety checks, the night-shift maintenance crew by-passed the Automatic Temperature Control (ATC Had they not. Reactor No 4 would have shut itself down safely. When a reactor "Fails to Safety" it takes 50-80 hours to power-up again. To save this time. The ATC was, illegally, disabled.  

Chernobyl plant manager Viktor Bryukhanov was sentenced to 10 years hard labour. Viktor was home in bed at the time. But. Viktor was held responsible for "introducing illegal practices that caused the accident." The maintenance crew told a specially convened Soviet Court they knew they were pushing the reactor into the Red Zone. But they believed it would "do no harm as they had done so several times before!"

No 4 was not jerry-built as the controlled media CNN, ABC, ITV, BBC et al reported. No 4 was abused.
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) records clearly show No 4 had not suffered any hideously expensive teething troubles - as most reactors do. No 4 had a better sustained-output-record than any British reactor.
Had it not been abused No 4 could still be working.


Lessons Royally Ignored

The mechanical fault at Three Mile Island, Pennsylvania 1979,
was actually more terrifying than the human error at Chernobyl!

Four independent inquiry’s into the mechanical failure at Three Mile Island, President Carter’s Special Commission.
Babcock, who built the reactor.,
Edison Power., who owned the reactor.,
and the US Dept. Of Environment illustrate how Unit No 2 came very close to a nuclear explosion.
Nuclear poison (Uranium Fallout) would have wiped-out Pennsylvania - along with it’s annual Gross State Product of $183,000,000,000.
Mechanical failure's are, legally, An Act of God. You should not need a priest to tell you; building nuclear power station's spits in the face of all that is Holy. Nuclear power station's poison God's Earth and everything living upon it.
Her Majesty's
Government remains oblivious to the lesson of Three Mile Island let alone Chernobyl.
 Saving Pennsylvania


The UK Risk

See how much of Britain will have to be abandoned
if Chernobyl happens at your local nuclear power station.

 Chernobyl fallout applied to the UK « No2NuclearPower 

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