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The Queens cousin, Doris Cameron (No 2 below), will build New Chernobyl's to suit the Queen's Nuclear Investments

Tory Tosspots who promote Nuclear Power on behalf of Her Majesty's Nuclear investments own land in faraway places. A Sellafield accident won't worry the Queen's Establishment .
The same tosspots have plans to lease-out Great Britain as an International Nuclear Waste Dump after Chernobyl happens here.

Divide & Rule

The Titanic carried enough lifeboats for First and Second Class passengers but not Third Class passengers. The metal gates to the lower decks were chained shut to stop the Third Class passengers (mostly emigrants) taking lifeboat seats from the rich.

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Out of the 2,200 passengers and crew; 1,522 drowned. The media coverage of the sinking of the Royal Mail Ship Titanic neglects to say most of those drowned were obscenely murdered. The lower decks were chained and padlocked to prevent the steerage passengers (poor emigrants) getting out of the lower decks and taking lifeboat seats from the rich and useless.
The Class War continues...

The French Blair & Nuclear Lizzy

President Sarkozy: March 26, 2008 Windsor Castle
After becoming the President of France Mr Sarkozy, like Mr Blair, turned his back on the people who voted for him.
He now pursues the policies of the greed-stricken Queen Lizzy and her globalist partners. In France Mr Sarkozy is known as "Sharky". He is despised by all except the comatose billionaires he works for.

Despite the fact that 95% of the population are fervently against nuclear reactors the Queen has invited her French and American business partners to build ten more Chernobyl's in this green and pleasant land.
The Queen's nuclear proliferation has nothing to do with keeping the lights on and certainly not with the Defence Of The Realm. It has everything to do with being born congenitally insane, obscenely rich and repulsively fucking greedy.


Her Majesty's cousin Mr Bush  allocated $13 BILLION TAX DOLLARS for "new nuclear build." The cousins will of course deny they own or part own and totally control the nuclear conglomerates receiving an endless supply of the honest taxpayers billions. These billions should be used for cheap power, better hospitals, more teachers, affordable housing ect..   
 Easily the vilest terrorist threat to Great Britain is the so-called "royals" and their foreign business partners - who profit from all things nuclear. Looting public money to build and run ten more totally needless Chernobyl's - will add millions of tons of fatal nuclear waste to the Sellafield time-bomb.
Who in their right mind could say the Queen cares about Great Britain? Let alone the British. 

Memo   The royal family have had escape planes on stand-by 24 hours-a-day seven-days-a-week since the Russians tested their first Atomic Bomb in 1949.  In the event of a British Nuclear disaster helicopters will land in the palace grounds, be it Balmoral, Sandringham or Buck House to ferry the royals to RAF Northolt or RAF Lossiemouth on the first leg of their journey to one of their private palm-fringed islands in the Pacific.
As far as the Queen is concerned. Her subjects are already dead.


I Feel Your Pain

December 24, 2008. "In an unprecedented move the palace has released parts of the Queen's Christmas Day Message." 
In short; nobody other than the seriously senile will be watching this Medieval Propaganda on Christmas Day. So the controlled media have been ordered to broadcast her majestic, pathetic lies - about how much she feels the peasants pain - on Christmas Eve.
Twenty-seven-thousand Woolworth's staff will be slung out of work in a day or two because the Queen's bankers feel the need for a recession.
No doubt the Woolies girls will be over the moon with the "Queen's Message." Knowing as they do, that they and their families taxes pay for this "royal family" to live in obscene luxury; in seven palaces with over one-thousand personal servants groveling to the "royals" every whim while the "royals" are guarded 24/7 by the SAS - once again at the tax payers expense. Over the coming year as the bankers plan, to reduce wages even further, bites and unemployment gets worse the Queen will order higher levels of security for the "royals." Costing the British taxpayer even more.
                                     God Save The German Queen?


The Queen's Realm:

The first Sunday Times Rich List equates the Queen’s Realm with a banana republic. "Under 1% of the population own 70% of the land, something you expect from a third world dictatorship - an absolute disgrace…"

The Peasants Reward For Not Revolting   

Sixty million British subjects live in twenty-four-million dwellings. 
These twenty-four-million dwelling's sit on 7.7% of UK land.
The Queen and her pals - own around two thirds of the UK.
This means around 70% of the land is owned by 1% of the population.
Every British home pays £550 per year on average in council taxes while each landowning home receives £12,169 per year in criminally contrived EU hand-outs!
By signing Britain into the Common Market (EU) the Queen made sure her subjects would always be systematically robbed by the obscenely rich.

Reservations of land have been placed by builders to a value of £37 Billion. The land reserved is almost wholly owned by “aristocrats” which means none of it on the land registry! This land is a small part of subsidized rural estates held by offshore “trusts” and “companies.” These outfits pay no tax due to Her Majesty's
maze of tax loopholes for the rich and worthless, totally pointless people, like her "royal" self. 

The royals and their pals measure their land by the square mile whereas the Queen’s subjects survive in an average of around 300 square yards per family. Sixty-six of the Queen’s placemen (hereditary peers) were recently removed from the House of Lords. The total wealth of these sixty-six born parasites is estimated at £16 Billion.

Britain's top twenty landowning families own an area big enough to swallow up the entire counties of Bedfordshire, Essex  and Kent - and then some. All the above facts about the Queen's Banana Republic are referenced up to the hilt at


                 The Queen’s England February 2009

Roger Freitis worked for BMW on a temporary contract for two years.
He’s one of many who’s just been sacked with one hour’s notice.
Freitis helped to make his firm £3.4 billion in profits in 2007.
Now he’s jobless with a child and mortgage.

Andy Hornby sat back and did nothing while his team of spivs looted the HBOS banking group. Hornby pocketed at least £M1.3 in criminal bonuses derived from his spiv’s fraudulent figures.

When he got caught he was not arrested because this is “The Queen’s England” where any member of Her Majesty's
House of Lords can demand £100,000 for passing laws that favour criminal practices.

Instead of arresting the bank robber Hornby, Her Majesty's
Government allowed him to leave the bank he robbed with a £M2.4 pension!?

In “The Queen’s England” where criminal bankers get billions of the tax payers money to replace the billions they stole you probably won’t be surprised to hear Hornby is now receiving £66,000 per month for acting as a consultant to Lloyds TSB.   


Mugger's annual Piss-Up costs £500,000!

Crisis? What Crisis?

 As the BBC informed British taxpayers they will be robbed of £3-500 BILLION, to give to a handful of obscenely rich bankers who stole TRILLIONS, Barclays Wealth held their annual piss-up, costing £500,000, at the Villa D’Este Hotel, Lake Como, Italy.
'These bashes are real luxury affairs - no expense is spared’, a source told the Sun newspaper. 'Hard-working Brits face losing their homes, but it seems these bankers don’t care as long as they can sip chianti in Italy.'
While admitting the Italian piss-up 'sent out the wrong message,' a spokeswoman for Barclays Wealth defended this waste of money.
Muggers-in-Armani-suits should have been arrested, tried for false accounting, sentenced to life-in-prison and asset stripped by now.
Instead Her Majesty's
Government has been instructed to ignore the last decade of rouge trading by criminal bankers.
Bailing out these parasites by stealing the taxpayer's money from schools, hospitals and pensioners pockets is far more important to the Queen than any kind of justice for Her Majesty's
subjects being robbed by her bent bankers.
   also see Northern Rock



Nuclear Lizzy
The French Connection

photo above, Scarborough Evening News  April 25, 2008

The Queen's new Chernobyl's are absolutely guaranteed to increase your electricity bill and that's the very least damage they will do.  

Every nuclear site in the world leaks. Only now is it being reported nuclear waste dumps in Normandy and the Champagne region have been leaking for years. Radioactive levels ninety-times higher than all international "safe" levels have been found. No other type of electricity production produces these never-ending environmental disasters and never-ending costs.


Her Majesty's
propose ten new nuclear power stations "expected to cost £2 Billion each".   
The Guardian,
January 7, 2008

Twenty-odd-years-ago we were told Sizewell B would cost £450 Million. Her Majesty's
Government then "revised" the cost to "no more than £950 Million."  We now know Sizewell B cost the taxpayer £2.9 Billion.
So. We are expected to believe a nuclear power station that cost nearly £3 Billion twenty-years-ago can now be built for £2 Billion.
How dumb does
Her Majesty think the British people really are?



 God Save The Nuclear Queen?



King Obama's America

With Obama at the helm and American steaming towards a fully blown, illegal, Fascist State - with every child in a paramilitary school preparing to join the phony "War on Terror" you can expect one big change - in Switzerland. Obama's Swiss bank accounts will increase from Millions to Billions the same way the Bush Swiss bank accounts increased as America's poor got poorer. Queen Victoria was one the first "world leaders" to hide the loot from criminally contrived government contracts in secret accounts in Switzerland...    Obama's Progress   www.infowars.com



 Illegal Troop Deployment

Soon to be anointed, King, Obama intends to build new barracks in Afghanistan to house an extra 20,000 troops to police the CIA poppy crop. The given reason for invading Afghanistan was the blatant lie that a gang of deranged camel drivers, called Al Qaeda, had carried out the 9/11 attacks. Even if Al Qaeda had the technology to turn-off the Nine-Trillion-Dollar US Air Defence System and the high-tec explosives needed to demolish the Twin Towers their total “army” at that time numbered at most 3,000 low-tec, highly-religious, Jhadists in small groups scattered around the globe.
The illegal invasions and occupations of Afghanistan & Iraq have recruited another thirty-thousand or so Jhadists to Al Qaeda.
But guess what? None of them are in Afghanistan! In several interviews this year, British, Canadian and U.S military leaders have stated Al-Qaeda fighters are no problem because there are “none” in Afghanistan.
The Taliban on the other hand have attracted so many recruits they now control the south and send huge raiding party's to cause havoc in the occupied zones. The Globe and Mail’s Graeme Smith has taped dozens of video interviews with Taliban fighters and found no sign of Al Qaeda or Al Qaeda supporters.

Anand Gopal studies all the “insurgent” groups. Gopal has found no Al Qaeda anywhere in the country. In November 2008 Gopal wrote:
“The Afghan rebellion remains mostly a home-grown affair. Foreign fighters, especially Al Qaeda, have little ideological influence on most of the insurgency, and most Afghans keep their distance from such outsiders. Al Qaeda's vision of global jihad doesn't resonate in the rugged highlands and windswept deserts of southern Afghanistan.”

History shows how the Taliban will win

The much larger force of Soviet troops in Afghanistan (150,000) were soundly beaten by the same guerilla tactics the Taliban are now deploying against the US led, illegal, occupation. The Paris based International Council on Security and Development, which has offices in Afghanistan; have gathered evidence showing how the Taliban has grown since 2005. Other sources speculate the Russians are shipping arms to the Taliban. The more troops Mr Obama sends in; the more young men will join the Taliban who ironically could be using arms and ammo from the Kremlin.

Taliban “insurgents” - who the Bush/Blair press reported as “eradicated” in 2003 - see the occupying forces the same way you would see them if they took over your country on a blatant lie and missile’d & machine gunned your family and friends into mincemeat. 
The next time you see combat troops deployed downtown to “help out the police.” Remember that’s how the bloodbaths started in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Incidentally there are very few Al Qaeda in Iraq. Most Iraqi and Afghani people have come to see Al Qaeda for what they are - misguided mercenaries who genuinely don’t know they are funded by CIA/MI5.

Article 51 of The UN Chapter VII guarantees “the inherent right of individual or collective self-defence if an armed attack occurs against a member of the United Nations.” Afghanistan was not responsible for 9/11. Therefore the war has been and will remain totally illegal.

There were no Weapons Of Mass Destruction in Iraq. Saddam Hussein had no way, or intention, of attacking America. Therefore the war has been and will remain totally illegal.

BTW. Testimony in the Japanese parliament, broadcast live on Japanese television in January 2008, challenged the validity of the "War on Terror." Parliament member Yukihisa Fujita insisted that an investigation be conducted into the war’s origin: the events of 9/11.




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