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The Queen's Business Partners

The Boys From Beijing

Tank Man: Never Seen Again

Beijing Organic Carvery & Take Away
 Summer Specials: Eyes, Two For One

Refrigerated Chinese boxes of hearts, livers, kidneys, spleens and eyes yanked-out of executed "dissidents" are delivered weekly to Rockefeller Hospitals, Transplant Center, Chicago University USA. 
Some of these fresh young organs are yanked-out while still twitching in the worlds first purpose built Mobile Execution Chambers. 
"Travelling Chop Shops" double as corpse operating theatres.
The driver-operators of these super-sized military ambulances have been dubbed 'Beijing's best paid butchers.' 

 The Queen's cousin Bush Senior
and the
Beijing Connection

George Bush Senior: Known at the Skull and Bones as "Caligula".
As US Envoy to Communist China, Caligula hooked-up with the
fresh organ farmers (the Chinese Secret Police) fifty-five years ago.       

    Any reader in need of a cut price body part from a healthy young dissident
should send their medical details to:  
Mr George Bush Senior c/o The White House, 
Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC. USA.


The Queen's Mates

Back in 1989, Jiang Zemin was promoted by the Communist leader Deng Xiaoping to Deputy Leader for his part in China-wide mass murders of pro-democracy protesters. During May and June 1989 students and workers in every major Chinese city were protesting government corruption. 
On May 20th Deng Xiaoping declared Martial Law in order to clear pro-democracy protesters from Beijing's massive Tiananmen Square. 
The first troops sent into the square sympathized with the students arguments and had to be pulled out. 
Deng Xiaoping then sent in a regiment of Mongolian soldiers with orders to target the students with AK-47 fire.
Thousands died. Hundreds escaped the square only to be grotesquely flattened by convoys of tanks rolling down the narrow back streets. 

Pro-democracy Student Leaders were rounded-up in every major city and executed by firing squad. Their families were then charged for the bullets!
July 1989
. President George Herbert Bush (Caligula) sent a courier to the mass murderer, Deng Xiaoping, the courier told Deng Xiaoping not to worry about the Sanctions US citizens and some congressmen were demanding against China.
Caligula assured his commie buddy the Sanctions would be short-lived.
The Commie Secret Police had reported Chinese students studying in America who voiced support for the now executed Student Leaders.
These students now faced jail if they returned home.  
December 1989
Caligula stopped a Bill that would have allowed the students to stay in America. Hundreds were forced to return to China.
Along with the famous Tank Man most disappeared without trace.

October 14th 2006. The Nuclear Aircraft Carrier 'USS George H. Bush' was commissioned. Rumours that Bush wanted to christen his nuke carrier 'USS Caligula' are probably just gossip but you never know  



Queen Elizabeth The Useless & Needless INSANE Waste

The Queen ignored six years of protests against the building of Torness nuclear power station. In 1985 she sent her passing Prime Mouthpiece, Thatcher, up to Scotland to open Torness. The following paragraph and figures from British Energy.

Nuclear Waste: Torness. The figures below do not include the used fuel but show the amounts of Intermediate Level Waste & Low Level Waste. These figures are from the UK Radioactive Waste Inventory 1994 and assume that the station is taken out of service in 2024. The figures are in cubic metres of waste as stored. Conditioning of waste will increase these amounts (Conditioning:  nuke-speak for quadruple)  


pre 1999




post 2060























No Honest Head Of State would have made the above nuclear waste. When Thatcher opened Torness. British reactors had already produced enough nuclear waste to make enough nuclear weapons to suit our Defence Requirements for 400 years. However, the royals had grown used to their obscene profits from their nuclear investments funded by the stroke of the royal pen with endless Trillions of the taxpayers (your) money.


Liz's Bloodthirsty Boys From Beijing

November 2015. The Queen held a state banquet at Buckingham Palace for the Chinese President, Xi Jinping. The pair stitched-up a deal in which the brutal Beijing Regime will invest 30 Billion in the Queen's new nuclear waste stations. The first, Hinkley C, is scheduled to open around 2025. The Queen's French collaborators, EDF, say Beijing will cover one third of the cost of Hinkley C. EDF already have the Queen's permission to dump French nuclear waste in England.

Its interesting to note the brutal Beijing Regime "disappear" anyone who complains about fatal nuclear waste dumps.

 Memo It is the Head of State who orders the building of nuclear doomsday machines on your doorstep. Not the passing-piss-poor Prime Mouthpiece.


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