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Orders In Council

Orders In Council (OIC’s). The Monarch and the Privy Council got their act together in the dark and bloody violent days of the Norman Kings.

Each man appointed to the Privy Council had legal or local knowledge the Monarch could call upon.

Down the centuries nothing has changed. Advised by her hand picked Privy Council the present Monarch (un-elected Head of State) signs-off the day-to-day business of running Britain and the Commonwealth through Orders In Council (OIC’s).

All powerful OIC’s control Act's Of Parliament covering everything from crime and immigration to banking in the dependent territories - the Cayman Islands, the Virgins, Bermuda, the British Indian Ocean Territory ect.. 

 When the Pentagon felt the need to build a massive nuclear staging post on the idyllic Indian Ocean island of Diego Garcia, (above) the Queen leased-out the island to Uncle Sam. Two thousand islanders were rounded-up like cattle and disposed of in the slums of Mauritius.
Imagine your family being dragged out of their homes. Transported to an alien environment 1,300 miles away and forced to live in crowded squats. That's what the Queen did to the good people of Diego Garcia. 
Eventually the islanders found a lawyer to fight their case. Eventually an English court ruled they had been illegally evicted and their homes stolen. George 'Dubya' Bush (who incidentally stole the White House) picked up the oval office phone and had a word with his cousin at Buck House. The Queen quickly issued an OIC that overturned the courts findings!!! Leaving two thousand dispossessed islanders in no doubt why some people choose to become suicide bombers.


                     And by the way

It was Churchill who saved Britain from Nazi occupation. Not the pathetic "royal family."

As Hitler rose to fame the German family masquerading as the British Royal Family  advocated Appeasement (which meant ignoring Hitler's bloody ethnic cleansing). 
When Churchill turned the public against the Nazi's the "royals" had to follow suit, or be kicked-out of Britain. 

Churchill's dad, Randolph, had been ostracized from the so-called "royal circle
" for criticizing the then Prince of Wales, Dirty Bertie, who like the present Prince of Wales was a criminal waste of space.

What Prince Willy Wants      more

Old Stuff

 England’s Rose

 31st  August 1997
A Light Went Out In Paris

Diana was the only real royal we ever had. She loved kids, hated the imbecilic pursuit of fox- hunting and spoke out against the arms trade. No one else on planet Earth could have persuaded 100 Nation States to agree to ban landmines. The phony royals, heavily invested in the arms trade, came to hate the girl. As her brother forecast at Diana’s funeral. Left in Charles's limp wristed hands Diana's son's became a busted flush. To pass the time day, Wills & Harry now go foxhunting & stag shooting with Clammy Cammy!
If they had any respect for their mother's memory they would not be speaking to Charles - let alone his buzzard-ugly-broomstick-riding-butch-bitch.  At this stage of the seedy "royal" saga William (22) & Harry (19) cannot be unaware Charles was sleeping with the unconscionable Camilla the week before he married their innocent mother. Are they so doped-up they really do not know right from wrong? 

see. The Royals.  K. Kelly. 1999. Time Warner Books pages 287-9.

         The Chas & Clammy Panto 

November 6, 2003. 9 pm. Palace flunkey Sir Michael Peat suddenly called in the media to deny Charles is a sexual deviant (As if an inbred-palace-pampered-spineless-prat could be anything-else! When in the history of this particular planet did a real man leave a girl like Diana for a boot like Cammy?). 

It was Peat's unprecedented smile that led mischievous pundits to suggest Peat was following Queen the Queen's orders. Not Charlie's. Peat explained. 'There is no truth in the allegation that we* are paying for the injunction** stopping the Mail on Sunday publishing these allegations.' Later that night, on BBC News 24, Christopher Morgan of the Sunday Times reminded viewers. 'Charles is now an isolated member of the family. His parents see him and Camilla as a pantomime.'  On the same channel retired royal watcher, Dickie Arbiter, said. 'This departure from protocol (of ignoring allegations) probably means there are more allegations to come.'  

* we means you - the taxpayer.    **Palace flunky Michael 'Pansy' Fawcett's Injunction stopping the press publishing the claim by another palace flunky Fawcett and Chas are an item)


Palace Flunky's: Sir Misery Guts Michael Peat

Sir Michael Peat. The walking dildo put in charge of the Cash For Gifts cover-up. Peat is one of the original ‘creative’ (read fraudulent) accountants. Three generations of the Peat family law firm book-cooking for the royal family led to his knighthood and his present job - telling lies for the worthless heir. Peat has all the sincerity of Homer’s boss - without the sense of humor. Charlie was furious when mummy transferred Peat to his staff. Peat hates Clammy Cammy, who faces him down. Her being more of a man than Peat will ever be. If Charlie becomes King - Peat will crouch for employment.  Some pundits believe Charlie's sick marriage to Miss Riding Crop 1890 has finally made Queen Lizzy decide William shall be King.  


        Bristol Sabs\ Best Dressed Worthless Pratt

Michael 'Pansy' Fawcett with his master

Charlie is the first Prince Of Wales since 1659 to have had a British wife, Diana Spencer. Daddy forced Charles into marriage.  Charlie would have been far happier left in bed with his boyfriends, their wives and sisters. Diana was simply too normal for a royal marriage. Charlie remains entrenched somewhere in the 16th Century. Presently he has a staff of 91 including 29 personal servants. Having nothing better to do, he feels the need for his team of dresser’s to change his clothes three, sometimes five, times, a day!  His hand-lasted shoes (John Lobb) cost £1,800 a pair. His walk-in shoe cupboards outshine Emelda’s. Charlie's countless Turnbull & Asser shirts cost £200 - £500 each. His Saville Row suits (Anderson & Sheppard) cost around £2,500 each. Although Clammy Cammy got rid of hundreds of ‘older suits’ when his mummy told him he was to separate from Diana, over 100 suits rarely leave the various palace dressing room wardrobes for the 'baggage train' of 100 suits that follow him everywhere he go's. If he becomes King he will have over 700 servants - presently attending his mummy. All at our expense, of course. Down the centuries total deceit has remained the "royals" first principle. We believe they should be sued for the return to the Treasury of all public funds given to the specious monarchy since George 4 plonked his illegal arse on the British Throne.

Apart from looting the Civil List, George 4, 1820-30, William 4, 1830-37, Victoria, 1837-1901, Edward 7, 1901-1910, George 5, 1910-1936. Edward 8 1936. George 6, 1936-52 and the present blasphemous occupant of the British Throne have banked an estimated £200 bn from illegal insider dealing in government contracts. Bristol Sabs believe the phony Queen should return at least £200 bn.

Britain needs an elected Head Of State. Not another congenital parasite born with billions in foreign banks, no concern for Britain's future and fit-for-nothing but buggering about with the servants & killing defenceless animals to pass the time of day. 

In view of the fact the Jury in the so-called "inquest" into Diana's death can only be selected from the Royal Household. Who, over the age of four, can see any bloody point? So called 'inquiries' into Diana's death and why we can't find the reason the Queen's mouthpiece, Blair, took Britain to war; are a complete waste of public money. The time and taxpayer's millions would be far better employed turning over the royals illegal private bank - Bank Of England Nominees.


The Prince Of Wales US Foundation is presently flogging $50,000 tickets to doshed-up-dummed-down-cowboy-buddies of shit-for-brian-Dubya who wish to spend an evening with Chuck and his bitch at the obscenely opulent Clarence House. For $100,000 the irredeemable can join the repulsive couple on a Sandringham or Balmoral shoot. Creative accountants, i.e. Sir Michael Peat, make sure the big bucks disappear in administration. For administration read Chuck's Swiss accounts. Anyone who thinks any so-called "royal" has any intention of helping anyone, other than ones-self, should seek psychiatric help. Diana left Wills & Harry more than enough money to breakout of the perpetual nursery they were born into. At an age when most young men are fiercely proud of making their own way in life, Wills & Harry are depending on knee-bending-flunkies to guard, wash, dress & feed them. Like Charles forty years ago they are settling down to a totally anodyne, totally worthless, chauffeur driven existence. Apart from insulting African photo-shoots nursing black baby's, they will spend their entire lives playing dress-up, hunting, shooting, skiing, playing polo and attending never-ending Palace piss-ups.  All on other peoples money - of course.


Film and TV  portrayal's of Prince Albert & Queen Victoria should come with a sick-bag.  The intelligent public hated the pair.  above. The hated Prince Albert is seen bagging gold Sovereigns from the Civil List for the family's foreign vaults. Prince Charles would have you believe his ancestors cared for Britain and the British. Nothing could be further from the truth.


Beaufort Sabs\ Queen the Queen's Role Model  


 In today's spending power Victoria was given a cool £M8 per-year public money to play with. Peanuts compared with her profits from the slave trade, the opium trade, the arms trade, tea, cocoa, cotton, sugar, grain, sheep, coal, iron, rail & shipping investments and similar anchors of the British Empire - where the sun never set. Following the well trod path of  her forefathers Victoria's agents banked her loot abroad. Forget the TV portrayal. At least seven attempts were made to kill her. Hated for their immense wealth. Victoria and her German husband, Prince Albert, became Britain's leading experts in feigning poverty. Rather than allow her staff to buy toilet paper. Victoria ordered all the free magazines and newspapers, sent to the various Palaces, to be cut-up in squares. Rather than buy new, she had decades-old carpets in Priny's (George 4) Brighton Pavilion removed and re-laid in the London Palaces. While all this fake frugality was going on, she stole millions, now worth billions, from the Civil List which made it's way into Swiss banks. After Albert died, 1861, Victoria hit the bottle. For over 20 years she refused to appear in public. Placemen and cousins shuttled her correspondence to her agents abroad. After a visit to Balmoral in 1874, Prime Minister Gladstone noted. 'The Queen was dressed as if Albert died yesterday.' Dubbed the 'Black Widow' Victoria slept with Albert's portraits by her bed. Even more weird, despite the fact she was sleeping with at least one of her bodyguards, John Brown, she had Albert's hot shaving water, razor and soap brought to her room, every morning for years after he died.  

Every Picture.  While the Highlands were being 'cleared' Albert & Victoria rebuilt Balmoral Castle, the original 'being far too small' and rebuilt Osborne House, Isle of Wight. Victoria ordered Osborne should be 'gutted and done in the Italian style.'  Agent's were sent Venice to bring back Italian stonemason's. The split-level ten-room Swiss Cottage, left, in the splendid gardens of Osborne was built for Victoria's noisy children to play in.  While most of her subjects were starving Victoria found time to sue an artist who sold an etching of her dogs! Public Records show how Victoria devoted her reign to looting the Civil List and banking her investment fortune abroad in case her subjects revolted (seven known attempts were made to kill her)  The present Queen has always had two over-bearing incentives to hide her ill-gotten loot offshore.  Firstly. Her first billion, secretly inherited and rooted in the Slave Trade, was already offshore. Secondly. Three years before she became Queen, as Princess Elizabeth, she was told a nuclear attack will close the Bank Of England. Along with Great Britain.


      'That Greedy German.' 

 Punch 1848.

Prince Albert loved killing dumb animals on a daily basis but hated going out in the rain. His servants have tethered game to the furniture so he can enjoy himself without getting wet.



Norfolk Sabs\Rewriting History

The ingenuity of the British working man produced the machinery that inspired the Great Exhibition, 1851. The exhibition was the idea of Henry Cole, who had organized smaller Machine Exhibitions. Joseph Paxton visualized and built the ground-breaking iron & glass Crystal Palace. Paxton, the son of a gardener, had designed and built glass-houses for his boss the Duke of Bedford. Without Cole & Paxton there would have been no Great Exhibition.  TV “historians” would have you believe the exhibition was Prince Albert's idea!
 In truth Albert was the unsavoury role-model for his freeloading descendants, he latched-on to anything that may make the royals remotely popular. Had GMO's been around at the time. Albert would have been marching with the protester's while secretly investing his unearned income in Monsanto.
 Forget the royal romantic fiction you see on TV.  Newspapers of the day record how the intelligent public despised Albert & Victoria. Especially. 'That Greedy German.'  Albert, like his despotic son Dirty Bertie, was a complete waste of space.


Norfolk Sabs/ Sandringham Sporting Estate - Mayfair Brothels

Dirty Bertie was welcomed into the world with a £200,000 Christening Party (£M2. In today's money).  Ships were hired to bring his German cousins to the party. His christening cake was eight-foot-round! His parents grew to hate him. Sandringham was purchased for Dirty Bertie. His mum, Queen Victoria, hoped stocking the estate (9 mile long, 5 miles wide) with woodcock, pheasants, hares, foxes  ect., would keep Bertie's orgasmic life-style and illegal gambling out of the 'Scandal Sheets' for a while. She hoped in vain. 


Norfolk Sabs/ London Flower Girl 1895.

Charles Dickens described the stinking squalor Queen Victoria's workforce were forced to live in. But that was only half the story. While the Queen's Establishment wallowed in unprecedented wealth from the fruits of Empire and slave labour. Her subjects sold their children into prepubescent prostitution. Mayfair's child brothel's (oyster houses) supplied the blood-sport-set with children as young as six!




Victorian Whistleblower 

               William Stead. Editor of The Pall Mall Gazette
In 1883, Stead exposed organized child rape. Queen Victoria's version of Judge Hutton jailed him!  Victoria's male relative's spent their 'lives' hunting, shooting and fornicating. Scotland Yard files prove most of them frequented Mayfair's infamous Oyster House's.  Where they pleasured their royal selves opening children. William Stead published an account of how the blood-sport-set obtained virgins 'as easily as ordering a meal.' His reward was a jail sentence.  

 "Victorian Values" London 1885

A crusading Chelsea Police Inspector, Jeremiah Minahan, collected ample evidence proving Mary Jeffries, a society brothel keeper, supplied scrubbed virgins to the so-called nobility at £15 each. Minahan's investigation revealed Victoria's favourite German uncle, Leopold, King Of The Belgium's, paid Jeffries £800 for one month's entertainment!  Not surprisingly, Jeffries client's included Victoria's estranged (and detested son) Edward, Prince Of Wales (better known as Dirty Bertie) and Lord Fife, who was engaged to Dirty Bertie's eldest daughter, Princess Louise. Queen Victoria ordered Minahan's superiors to drop the case. Child brothels continued to operate with impunity. Inspector Minahan resigned.

"Pain became an essential ingredient for pleasurable sex… and since the defloration of very young virgins can be excruciating, Victorians were obsessed with a 'defloration mania.' The screams of children became indispensable, shrill torture was the 'essence of delight' and many gentleman would not silence a single note…There were never enough 'voluntary prostitutes' to meet the voracious Victorian demand. Consequently, entrepreneurs established a system of obtaining 'involuntary prostitutes.' Gentlemen who wanted sex with little girls were prepared to pay as much as four hundred pounds…"

below. 'The Brothel King.' One of countless cartoons depicting Dirty Bertie's unflinching dedication to depravity. Bertie is seen entertaining prostitutes as-per-usual during the Boer War.


 'Aren't you going to South Africa Sir?' 

'No I have to stay here to look after the girls.'


Prince of Wales for 40 years Bertie, like the present Prince of Wales, proved an increasingly loathsome toss-pot. 



Pump and Circumstance

 Ridiculed all his adult life for his childish self absorption. Dirty Bertie is still being reconstructed by false (TV) historians. Bertie spent his life touring round the country-house-party-shooting-party-circuit. At a really big posh wedding the wedding cake comes on a three foot round solid silver tray with elaborate handles. Dirty Bertie’s “set” used these trays for racing downstairs. Race's took place after dinner when everyone was half-cut. Ladies removed their gowns, jewellery and tiara's. Sitting on the tray in their bodices and ankle length drawers. Dirty Bertie’s favourite game, Charades, followed the races. Charades was played semi-nude to warm everyone up for the main game of the evening. Shagging. Chatelaine's (hostess’s) of the country-house party-shooting-party-circuit, were no more than brothel managers. Guests were “accidentally” sent to wrong bedrooms. Leading to threesomes and orgies. On one occasion one of Bertie’s set found himself climbing in bed with a Bishop. No one knows what happened to the pageboy the Bishop had ordered. As the present Prince of Wales set, married women, having provided their husband with an heir, slept with whoever they fancied.                                          

King Edward 7th (Dirty Bertie) bottom left. Crowned at the age of sixty, Dirty Bertie was quick to complain when Parliament removed the Buckhounds Hunt from his annual Civil List of £700,000. He wrote to his Prime Minister, Lord Salisbury. 'Parliament [the taxpayer] should pay the purchase and keep of my hounds, horses, kennels and stables, the salary of the Master and the wages of hunt servants.'


Sandringham Palace & Sporting Estate 1890.

 Dirty Bertie's playmates had to leave their visiting cards with a stuffed bear. Since the estate was acquired in 1841 the family have spent a minimum of £50,000 every year, of their annual Household Expenses, (taxpayers i.e your money) on rearing birds and animals to kill for 'sport.'  Public money still pays for entertaining on royal estates. The taxpayer also pays for the SAS to guard royal playmates to and from royal estates. The aftermath of the Paul Burrell case, Nov 2002, revealed Charles & Camilla recreate Dirty Bertie's obscenely opulent Sandringham dinners. Camilla orders a truckload of giant ferns from outrageously expensive specialists. The ferns go on the compost heap a few days after the dinner.

 Bristol Sabs\ AND DID YOU KNOW?

For every visible gunslinger packing a Glock machine pistol, like Carol Quirk, (centre,) there are six undercover SAS marksmen in close attendance wherever  "royals" happen to be.

October 10th  2003, Lizzy illustrated her total hypocrisy by attending a St. Paul’s service for those killed serving in Iraq while continuing to deny any responsibility for the family’s of over 600 Gulf War veterans who have died thus far, from Gulf War Syndrome.  the Queen's family, indirectly of course, own the companies making and supplying Her Majesty's
forces with dirty (depleted) uranium ammo. Ten years of satellite images show how the same ammo has left a Chernobyl footprint in Iraq. Thousands of Her Majesty's
troops returned from the first Gulf War with cancer caused by 'preventative medicines' and exposure to Her Majesty's
dirty ammo. Defence Minister, Privy Councillor and Lizzy’s shooting partner, Nicholas 'Fatty' Soames, denied there was any such thing as Gulf War Syndrome.  Fatty Soames owns one of the outfits supplying Her Majesty's
forces with vastly overpriced 'preventative medicines.'
 Apart from Miss Marples packing heat and an armed SAS team mingling with the mourners. A team of police marksmen were deployed on St. Paul's roof. Anyone even threatening to murder a "royal" will be gunned-down before any murder is committed.  Anyone who kills you or your children will be let out of jail to kill again.   photo October 10th  2003. London Evening Standard. 

     Palace Notes\ Local Arrangements.

 The Maharajah's of Mysore & Scindiah.

These guys wore jewelry too heavy for women!  What looks like bullets on the shoulder of the Maharajah of Scindiah is actually emeralds, diamonds, sapphires, pearls and rubies in heavy gold. Henry 8th’s perceptive daughter Elizabeth 1st granted the East India Company it's first Royal Charter in 1600. By 1770 the company was owned by just 2,000 shareholders, mainly, George 3rd, his bigamous German wife, her extended family and their placemen in Parliament. As the British Empire grew wider still and wider, the royals shipping investments (managed by the usual foreign bankers) likewise blossomed. India at this time was governed by over 600 local rulers like the Maharajah’s above. Over 400 traded with the East India Company. Local rulers were encouraged to use the company army to repress the local workforce. What the company couldn’t get by local trade agreements they took by force of arms. The Koh-i-noor is just one of thousands of large 'priceless' stones looted by the company army. High ranking British officers encouraged fabulously wealthy Princes, Maharajahs, and Nawabs to show their appreciation of ‘army protection’ by presenting chests of un-set jewels to the Crown. Reigning monarchs handed-out gongs and palace-ribbons to the said British officers. Everyone knows about the Crown Jewels. Few will ever see the royals centuries old private collections held in foreign vaults. 

The Earl Balcarres under full sail.

The mighty East India Company was slowly but inevitably replaced by so-called free trade agreements. To hide the royals "free trade"  arrangements in India, China, Africa, America, Canada and the Caribbean, profits were banked abroad.  Add to this; two centuries of profits from the Slave Trade, arms & ammo deals controlled from the Throne and three centuries of looting the annual Civil List and you begin to see what obscenely rich really means.    


Northants Sabs\ Queen the Queen's Clever Little Plan.

 As the Jubilee proved. Queen Lizzy is much loved. Albeit by the educationally-sub-normal who can not be expected to know Lizzy is the author of the Nuclear Agenda. By which the phony royals will be safely air-lifted out of Britain - to join their offshore £Billions the moment the lid comes-off  Sellafield. Lizzy’s knee-bending supporters are scheduled to be abandoned to choke to death on nuclear fall-out - without so much as a royal wave. Since 1974, when the Lucan's nanny, Sandra Rivett, was battered to death in Belgravia, the Chiefs Of Staff have referred to the royal family's nuclear-escape-plan as The Lucan Agenda - i.e. the filthy-rich will get away with murder, as per usual.

Nuclear Power?

No Thanks Lizzy

Emergency Services Rushing To Die

 April 1986. Clinic No. 3  Moscow.  Hundreds of firemen who raced to attend Chernobyl died within months. Planeloads of firemen like this poor man were rushed to radiation specialists in Moscow, Kiev and Minsk - to no avail. You will never learn the true extent of the misery caused by the Chernobyl accident from the British media. It is considered too frightening for the Queen's simple subjects. Emergency Services rushing to a Nuclear 9/11 at Sizewell or Sellafield will be committing suicide. Operating nuclear waste stations after Chernobyl poisoned an area the size of Wales shows the utter contempt Lizzy has for the people who pay all her bills. Lizzy and her landed pals, who together built Sellafield, have always planned for the day when a nuclear leak poisons Britain. From their palm-fringed-private-islands, ten-thousand-miles away, Lizzy and Co., will increase their present profits by leasing-out Britain as an international nuclear waste dump.


The Safe Way
“Renewable energy” means safe, clean, cheap energy

Near-shore 100ft high turbines cost  £M2 each. The £M348 slated for safe energy (White Paper 24 Feb. 2003) would be well spent on 174 of these. This would reduce the price of turbines. But this did not happen. Blair was ordered to spread the money between a assortment of energy saving initiatives & safe energy schemes.  And. To make extra sure the royals oil and nuclear profits are in no way reduced, Her Majesty's
Government will spread the money out over a period of four years. This will guarantee no real progress towards much cheaper and infinitely safer power supplies. In the meantime should the Suicide Club visit Sellafield. The royals will be more than happy to do a Lucan.

The Queen’s personal fortune (in Swiss & US Trusts) makes at least £M4 every 24 hours. That’s  £M348 every  87 days. The royals obscene fortune rooted in the Arm's & Ammo and the Slave Trade will continue to grow at the same rate irrespective of any British Nuclear disaster. The fact that a Sellafield accident could end British history has never worried Queen Lizzy. Would you worry if you owned land and property all over the world and had billions in foreign banks?      

Note. If the world ran out of uranium, coal, oil and oil-gas tomorrow. Wind-power, sun-power, sea-power and biomass-power-systems would be up and running the day after. Britain would have dirt cheap, safe power now were it not for the Queen's cabal. Virtually free electricity would reduce the Queen's obscene profits from oil, gas and nuclear pollution. the Queen's profits, as you should have noticed, always come first.

Northants Sabs\ Sea Power Suppressed
By The Queen.

When the sun is down and the wind don't blow the moving weight of the tides around our coast can produce ten times more electricity than we can possibly use.
Seabed Power Systems like the Snail, recently developed by Edinburgh University would drastically reduce the Queen's profits from oil & nuclear pollution. For no other reason than making a handful of billionaire thugs richer. Wind, Solar and Sea Power Systems have been criminally suppressed for the last thirty years.
 memo. Jan - July 2003, The stroke of the royal pen gave  £7 Billion taxpayers money to  “privatised nuclear outfits.
That’s another £7
Billion diverted from public services into needless nuclear outfits owned, albeit indirectly, by the royals and their cronies.
To protect her oil and nuclear profits Lizzy used an Order In Council making it illegal for anyone to build a housing estate running on green power. Cheap power is not for the peasants.

Surrey Sabs\ Passing Puppets

Michael Howard, a lawyer, became Tory Home Secretary. A colleague at the Home Office, Anne Widdecombe, rightly noted there is "something of the night about Michael." After which he was buried with a wooden stake driven through his chest. True blue Tories being extremely hard to find these days Widdecombe was later persuaded to find the grave, dig him up, and make him Tory Party leader.

 It was Tricky Mickey Howard who convinced Mrs Thatcher to go ahead with the criminal Poll Tax; when the conscious world advised against it. As Home Secretary, Howard claim's he 'reduced crime.' He did this by telling police chiefs to record crime's in one street as one crime. i.e. In one night, seventeen cars were stolen from one street in central Manchester. This was recorded as one crime! Howard's rules made it possible for your granny to crawl into a police station after being mugged. But because there were no witness's to the mugging. No crime was recorded! According to "Howard's Rule" Granny mugged herself!

None of Queen the Queen's Chief Constable's objected to this indecent deceit. "Howard's Rules" falsely reduced housebreaking, assault's and burglaries. Wherever crime blossomed; the true figures were easily halved by Howard's criminal "Recorded Crime" accounting.

Senile TV pundits will tell you more people went to jail when Howard was Home Secretary. The senile have no way of knowing the same amount of people would have been jailed irrespective of any passing Home Secretary. Under Thatcher & Major crime soared along with the Tories dole queues. Unemployment increased from 650,000 in 1979, when Thatcher took-over, to FIVE MILLION - 1989. The crime binge and the benefit culture Thatcher started in 1979 continues sapping the Great out of Britain.

Adding insult to injury; Howard & Co., are continually telling TV viewers 'the Tories left the economy in good shape!!!' The truth is they should have left it twenty- times richer. Instead of stealing the oil money Howard & Co., could have used it to develop cheap power for British industry and given Britain full employment.

1976-1979 Tory leader Edward Heath was fond of telling party meetings, "profits from the North Sea oil will give Britain full employment." With all that income tax revenue coming in, the Bank of England was supposed to become the Central Bank of Europe, with reserves of over £200 bn. The Queen had other plans. Her puppet's Thatcher and Major "disappeared" half the oil money. They used the other half to create mass unemployment and Cardboard City’s from Edinburgh down to Plymouth.

Between 1979 –1997 Gods Gift of £310 bn sheer profits from North Sea oilfields rolled into Her Majesty's
Treasury. The fact that Thatcher and Major left a mere £27 bn in the vaults under Threadneedle Street (Gold And Foreign Currency Reserve. 1997) can only be described in one word. Theft. What better arsehole to lead Queen the Queen's Tories? Than Tricky Mickey - who casts no shadow - Howard? Graphic. Independent 4th Oct 2004.

October 2005, Tricky Micky handed over the leadership of the Queen's Foxhunting Party to an old Etonian Doris Cameron.


York Sabs\ Royal Bankers

Every Picture: Queen Victoria arriving at Waddesdon Manor, Buckinghamshire. The newly built home of her favourite banker Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild. Ferdinand's French style Waddesdon Manor was one of the first 'piles' built with electric light and central heating in every room, 67 rooms in this case. Ferdinand imported a thousand fully grown tree's to surround his new home.  In his words. 'I won't have time to watch them grow.'  

Throughout Victoria's reign; imported timber,  from Scandinavian & Canadian forests, was but one of the royals and their bankers ever growing maze of clandestine investments.  Baron Ferdinand was a great-grandson of Mayer Amschel Rothschild the founder of the famous Frankfurt banking house. The Frankfurt banks' first customers were the royal family (Who at that time were still using their real name - Saxe Coburg Gotha. Not the phony Windsor).  Like the Saxe Coburg Gotha's the Rothschild's' married their own to safeguard their lands & fortune. Baron Ferdinand had married cousin Evelina, who's father, Baron Lionel de Rothschild, was the first Jewish Member of Parliament.  In today's money, Victoria's unearned income, discreetly managed by her bankers, equalled at least £M8 per year. For 64 years. Most of which was banked offshore to be secretly inherited by her heir Dirty Bertie.

Kent Sabs/ Every Picture

The Prince of Wales, Dirty Bertie, attending Royal Ascot with his chief financial advisor Baron Leopold de Rothschild. Bertie's unearned income bought him three Derby winners. The present Queen has spent untold millions, of her unearned income, trying to win big races. One of the Queen's stud farms is in the racehorse Mecca of the world, Kentucky. As a young woman Lizzy and then her boyfriend, Lord Porchester, spent many a dirty weekend at the Kentucky stud. Porchester was her racing stable manager. the Queen's present American Ambassador is also her race horse trainer. In Empire days the royals used their Ambassador's and their off-shore bankers to acquire plots of land all over the globe.   

Kent Sabs/ Royal London

Royal London 1871. The worst of London's slums were owned and left to stagnate by The Duchy Of Cornwall. This family in Bow are making match-boxes. They were paid 2d. Per-hundred-boxes (2d. = less than 1p). Children started this type of work aged three!  Starving families with no work sold their children into the sex trade. Pimps boasted they could supply a virgin on a day's notice. The Victorian 'gentry' - who the pimp's supplied - had no intention of changing anything. 'Even if in work the fathers of these wretched children live hand to mouth. Her Majesty's
Government perpetuate this vile trade by doing nothing to improve the insulting wages of the poor.'  

Victorian Values:
Child Slaves.

The Earl of Shaftsbury visiting a midlands coal mine. Shaftsbury actually tried to improve things for poor. Mine owners Albert & Victoria wrote pious letters saying how awful it all was. In Victoria's reign the average age of London's working population was twenty-nine. Forget the palace financed royal romantic fiction.  Victoria never once spared a thought for her subjects. Victoria had "royal" things to think of. For instance she decided the Royal Mews should breed pure white horses and ponies for young royals to learn to ride on. Victoria pupped nine kids for the royal stables to cater for, at the taxpayers expense of course.

 Victoria & Dirty Bertie. As the press saw them 1880. In truth they were never even this close. Even in death mutual hatred prevailed. One of Victoria's lovers, John Brown, had been in the habit of telling people what an arsehole Dirty Bertie really was.  Victoria's Ladies in Waiting enraged Bertie by making certain she was buried as per her precise instructions; with John Brown's photo in one hand and a lock of his hair in the other. Before her corpse was cold. Bertie ordered Brown's life-size statue, made to Victoria's order, be smashed-up.  Servants who thought more of Brown than they had ever thought of Bertie hid the statue in Balmoral's cellars.

 Every Picture: Balmoral Estate 9 x 15 mile. To keep 'starving gangs' and 'family's of skeletons' well away from the Balmoral estate Victoria passed three Acts Of Parliament to close public roads and stop the railway being built within the royal earshot!  

         The Den: Beaufort Sabs\ Hiding The Loot

Victoria. Checking Her Percentages From The Empire Where The Sun Never Set.  Recently released Civil List Select Committee Papers, now at Kew, prove Queen Victoria stole the present day equivalent of £M34, from the Civil List.  Select Committee Papers concerning Victoria's descendants show similar discrepancies in public money received and never accounted for.  Since 1992 Labour MP's have demanded a closer look at Palace accounts.  Consequentially Lizzy has been unable to steal as much as much as she would like. Recently it came to light 'the Queen has a Civil List Surplus of £M37.'  A half decent Head Of State would have returned that £M35 surplus to the Treasury for use in our schools and hospitals. Not Lizzy. Lizzy is holding it for 'shortfalls.' In short; until she thinks of some way to steal it. The £M30 she stole between 1952 - 1992 by illegally avoiding tax, would have realized £M300 by now.  Cash looted from the Civil List is extremely small beer compared to the Queen's inherited fortune from Empire investments and profits from Crown controlled arm's deals cosily covered by Her Majesty's
Official Secrets Act.

Her Majesty's
Official Secrets Act

Cabinet Ministers are only given a summary of the meetings they attend! They are not trusted with a full report of their own meetings. Only the Queen gets the minutes verbatim. The public have to wait a minimum of 30 years to know what was said in the Cabinet Room and the Privy Council. If, at that time, the Palace still don't want you to know, State Papers are shelved for another thirty-years, ad infinitum. Twice in 1959 Cabinet Papers were immediately stamped NOT TO BE SEEN UNTIL 2059.  These two particular meetings discussed the Queen's coming happy event. For the first time since the camera was invented the birth of a "royal" was to be played down and shielded from the press.
Other plans were put in place to handle the unlikely event of the public learning the child's' father was Lord Porchester.  

Records of Cabinet and Privy Council meetings during  the year-long Miners Strike will never see the light of day - 177 of Britain's 223 coal mines were to be closed-down in favour of more profitable oil, gas and nuclear power stations. Profitable for oil, gas and nuclear-vested Queen Lizzy that is. Through the usual nominee's, the phony Windsor family have held the controlling interest in the British nuclear waste, read bomb, industry since 1952. The royals have been heavily invested in oil since 1885 - when finding oilfields became the new gold rush. Britain's arms sales to Indonesia have a lot more to do with the royals century-old investments in Indonesian oilfields than any here-today-gone-tomorrow Minister of the Crown. “Ethical” considerations have never entered royal thoughts. Let alone royal family investments. Robin Cook reduced our arms sales to the Queen's pals in Jakarta. Cook was removed from the Foreign Office. Not one of our barmy army of political pundit's predicted Cook's demotion... Cook's sudden death came days after his article telling Mr Bush's bosom pal, Mr Blair, not to be so bloody stupid as to buy another American Trident doom system. Who killed Robin Cook? 


Herts Sabs/ Palace Ribbon Sale - Murder by Proxy.

Documents released in 2001 prove Dirty Bertie, as King Edward 7th, illegally sold titles to super-rich cronies daft enough to buy one. Daily Mail owner Alfred Harmsworth, paid Bertie £100,000  (£M2 today) to become Baron Northcliffe. Harmsworth would later buy the Times. Edward Levy-Lawson, owner of the Daily Telegraph also admitted he paid 'the going rate' for his Peerage. £Millions received for illegal titles was paid into foreign banks. Creating Press Baron's enabled the phony royals to promote the odious lie Britain had a worthy first family. Anyone doing any serious research will soon see why Dirty Bertie and his mother should have been hung for murder.
At the time Jack The Ripper was on the loose. Dirty Bertie learned his wayward eldest son, Prince Edward, (Eddy) had married a Catholic.
Dirty Bertie was given the 'secret wedding news' after being summoned to a rare meeting with his mother. As Head of a Protestant State the Queen had decided she could not allow the marriage to become public knowledge. Victoria had the happy couple and their baby kidnapped. Bertie was given extra guards to keep Eddy in check. Eddy's young wife, Annie Elizabeth Crook was given an illegal lobotomy. Illegally imprisoned in a lunatic asylum and slowly starved to death.  The baby 'disappeared.'  Sir William Gull, the royal doctor who performed the illegal lobotomy had taken part in at least one other royal murder.
One of Bertie's hottest 'Bed Warmers' was Lady Harriet Mordaunt. Harriet's promiscuity was no secret from her husband, Sir Charles. On one occasion he returned early from a fishing trip to Walton Hall, his country estate. He found Harriet and Bertie enjoying a boozy afternoon in bed. Bertie beat a hasty retreat in the royal coach & four. Sir Charles ordered his stable hands to fetch Harriet's pair of white ponies onto Walton Hall's manicured lawn. Harriet had acquired her white ponies from the Royal Mews. Sir Charles had his half dressed wife dragged kicking and screaming onto the lawn and made to watch as two estate workers were given 20 bore shotguns. With which they blasted the brains out of her royal ponies.
Ten months later. Harriet was suffering from post natal depression when she told Sir Charles the baby was not his. It was probably Lord Cole's, or Lord Lucan's or Dirty Bertie's, she could not be sure! Sir Charles had had enough. He sued for divorce. Under Victorian Law, no person declared insane could be divorced. The royals illegal lobotomy doctor, Sir William Gull, persuaded other doctors to convince the divorce court Harriet was unfit to plead. Dirty Bertie walked. Sir Charles took the case to the Appeal Court. Only when he dropped Bertie's name from the Petition was he granted his divorce. Along with the innocent Annie Crook, Lady Harriet was royally abandoned and left to die in a lunatic asylum - like a bird with a broken wing. The Missing Infant and the Mordaunt Case are classic examples of "royal standards."  



1935. Windsor Royal Park while decent kids were starving Little Queen Lizzy never missed her morning ride.





Every Picture:  In the hungry 1930's Little Lizzy, above and left, had her own child size six-roomed thatched house, above, in the garden's of Royal Lodge, Windsor Great Park. The Times reported.  'The "Small House" is fully furnished with running water electric light, and a wireless.' Architect John Nash rebuilt Royal Lodge for the sexual deviant George 4th. It became one of the Queen Mum's many homes. She died there, aged 101, pickled in the finest gin other peoples money can buy.  The Queen Mum was born surrounded by obliging servants. Her father, the Earl of Strathmore, owned two castles and three hunting estates. Yet for base financial gain she married a royal simpleton, Albert (George 6)  after being kicked-out of bed by his slightly brighter brother David (Edward 8) George 6 would drink himself to death. To keep the phony monarchy going the Queen Mum had to be artificially inseminated - twice. 

England 1934. 

The Unemployment Assistance Board was created in 1934, and was responsible for the long-term unemployed. The relief given, however, was totally inadequate.  

The Foxhunting Mentality: 
In the Depression years, while most kids were starving. Little Lizzy was learning how to kill animals to pass the time of day. She started killing  animals for "pleasure" aged ten. Thus far; she has spent more time with tailor-made shotguns in her hands, shooting stag, pheasant, grouse, woodcock, hare, ect, than the average British family will ever spend on holiday. While Lizzy was growing-up on other peoples money twenty percent of British children suffered growth defects caused by constant hunger (Rickets)  2005. Twenty percent of British children still live in degrading poverty.
Two million pensioners are now living in Means Tested Official Poverty. This is because Queen Lizzy capped their pension's.  That particular stroke of the royal pen has robbed every pensioner of  £12 every single week since 1981. Passing puppet  Mrs. Thatcher gets the blame but no decent Head Of State would have ordered such a cowardly attack on the old.

                                     Queen Liz's Concerns  

From 1946, the Queen's cousin Anthony Blunt, was Surveyor Of The King's (now Queen's) Picture's.
In 1951 the CIA accused Blunt, Philby, Burgess and Mclean of being Soviet Agents. Blunt and Philby denied the charge. Burgess and Mclean "escaped" to Moscow.
After renewed allegations in 1963, Philby followed Burgess and Mclean, to live in Russia.
1983, it was reported Blunt had spied for the Kremlin from 1940 onwards. He had admitted his Treason in 1964, the Queen had seen fit to give her cousin Crown Immunity From Prosecution.
In 1964 Peter Wright, author of Spycatcher, was in the process of interrogating Blunt when he was summoned to an audience with the Queen's private secretary.
He was told he must not record anything Blunt said about his 1945 mission; retrieving documents from royal cousins in Germany. These documents included financial records proving the royals had supported Hitler for decade.
the Queen's cousins the Bush family failed to hide their deals with Hitler. President George W Bush is presently being sued by two Holocaust survivors, Kurt Goldstein, and Peter Gingold, over Grandpa Bush’s profits from slave labour, widely used by Hitler’s Third Reich.  see How Grand Pappy Bush Helped Adolf Hitler Rise to Power.   Prescott Bush   &   Royal Support.  

Her Majesty's
&  Enron

 In the greedy 1980’s Enron directors learned a lot from Her Majesty's
"Government."  As with Mr Blair, Mrs Thatcher’s brief was to increase oil and nuclear profits. In the process of closing 177 of our 223 coalmines the Queen's little plan turned policemen into rent-a-thugs. During the year-long miners strike, police persons trebled their pay with overtime attacking the picket lines. Enron copied the Queen's phone-tapping-tactics to organise similar violence in Dhobai, India - where the Enron power plant sucked dry the town’s wells and poisoned vital fish stocks - with illegal effluent. People who protested had their homes trashed. They were then arrested and beaten-up in custody. Enron trebled police pay with daily bonuses. Enron’s thuggery led to an Amnesty International Report. Her Majesty's
"Government" ignored irrefutable evidence of Enron’s systematic violence and death threats - contained in that report. Officially, between 1997 – 2001 Enron donated over £30,000 to governing New Labour Party. Unofficially, Enron bribes led to Enron’s take-over of Wessex Water and New Labour’s lifting of the ban on oil-gas stations.
2001, Ralph Hodge, chairman of Enron Europe, received a CBE from the Queen.  Lizzy, of course, will deny she profits from the patent obstruction of safe, clean, cheap-power systems.

More at  www.amnesty.org /Enron

14th Feb. 2003. Wall Street Journal Europe reports.

On top of a whole new raft of dealer frauds; Enron used Swiss banks in convoluted asset swapping deals to avoid paying hundreds of millions of US taxes. The same Swiss banks have apparently closed ranks to ensure Enron director's  (Privy Councillor Lord Wakeham, & Co). will walk - as per usual. Queen’s Privy Councillor Lord Wakeham is also a director of royal banker's Rothschilds. No surprise there then.  

  Essex Sabs\ Public Records

Given, cheap power British Industry can produce the cheapest, and the finest, ships, planes, trains, cars, machine-tools, electrical goods and computers in the world. Unemployment and the crime it causes can be become a memory. But not until the British get rid of the nuclear-vested.  While God’s Gift of the North Sea oil profits were rolling into Her Majesty's
Treasury. Britain could easily have developed cheap power for industry. With cheap power our heavy industries, shipbuilding ect., would have expanded - not disappeared. British workers should never have become jobless, let alone homeless. the Queen's ministers made it happen. Had Lizzy ever cared about the British she would have sacked Thatcher in 1981, when 341 economists signed an open letter, published in the Times, describing how Thatcher was throwing away the golden opportunity to create full employment by wasting the oil money on tax-cuts to buy Tory votes and concentrating on everything except, ‘the future of Britain.’

1979- 1997 Public Records clearly show how Lizzy’s minister’s fed your money into their nuclear outfits.
For every £80,000 taxpayer’s money Thatcher & Major poured into “nuclear research.”  They spent just £1 (one) on research into safe-cheap-energy!!!  

1979 - 1997 Thatcher, a grocer’s daughter and Major, son of a circus worker, became super-rich by doing totally nothing for schools, hospitals or transport.
They did absolutely everything for the obscenely rich "royal" family - who will abandon Britain within minutes of a nuclear accident or attack. Blair like Thatcher and Major left office with untold millions in Swiss banks.

As far back as 1976 The Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution, made it abundantly clear. The Defence Of The Realm is best served by decreasing our nuclear risks. Not increasing them. After the near catastrophe at Sellafield - 1957.  

After her own Royal Commission - 1976. After Three Mile Island - 1979. After Chernobyl - 1986.  Who? Other than a greed-stricken billionairess, could have ordered Sizewell B in 1989?

Clearly. Sizewell B was ordered for no other reason than shovelling £Billions of taxpayers money into Queen the Queen's nuclear cartel.    

   Beaufort Sabs/ Arms & The Royals

The Duke of Cambridge Whitehall London

Prince George William Frederick Charles, Duke of Cambridge (1819 - 1904)
Like his father the Duke was a meticulously military man. Educated in the royals hometown of Hanover he joined the Hanoverian army.  His total dedication to all things military would make him the longest serving Commander-In-Chief of the British Army - 1856-95.  
Under a Victorian Order-In-Council, (OIC) 1888, all responsibility for military appointments & supplies were vested in the Duke's office of Commander-In-Chief.   
Liberal Prime Minister Gladstone forced the Duke to resign over his crony policy of promoting any chinless wonder from a rich royalist family. Queen Victoria, who hated Gladstone, made certain supply contracts remained with the royals cabal. Gladstone could not stop foreign royal cousins and cronies acting as proxy investors in English, American, German and French arms manufacturers supplying the British Armed Services. Gladstone's lifelong unctuous enemy and Victoria's favourite Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli had no intention of stopping Crown controlled corruption. Disraeli, of course was a Tory. 
Using Crown prerogatives, (OIC's) covering energy supplies,  and nuclear  weapons, the present Queen's cabal are making the kind of money Queen Victoria could only dream of.


    memo. The Establishment)         While the Scots Highlands were being ‘cleared’ Albert & Victoria rebuilt Balmoral Castle, the original being 'far too small' and rebuilt Osborne House, Isle of Wight. Victoria had Osborne 'gutted and done in the Italian style.' Agent's were sent Venice to bring back Italian builders. The split-level ten-room Swiss Cottage, above, in the delightful gardens of Osborne was built for Victoria's noisy children to play in.  While many of her subjects were starving Victoria found time to sue an artist who sold an etching of her dogs

 Victorian Values were also applied in Ireland. Between 1840-52, Potato Blight caused country-wide famine. Victoria and her cronies, who owned the blighted land, manipulated Parliament to secure £M10 public money for Famine Relief. Which went straight into the landowners pockets. British Army Records, published in 1950, estimate two million Irish starved to death. Irish Port Records show two million emigrated. While banking her share of public money for Famine Relief. Victoria, for history’s sake, wrote pious letters saying ‘how awful’ and ‘dreadful’ it all was. The present Head Of State displayed her Victorian Values when she turned the Paddington rail crash into a photo-opp. She had a special platform built at the taxpayer’s expense. So she could  spend a few minutes viewing the site, saying ‘how awful’ and ‘dreadful’ it all was. In a sane world she would have been hung for selling British Rail to her asset stripping cronies. Flogging-off everything her subjects really need. Railways, power, clean water ect, ect, to vile profiteers who bank their profits offshore, shows the utter contempt Lizzy has for the public who pay all her bills.

The royals have been the main beneficiaries of Britain’s nuclear power (read weapons) industry since the start of the ‘Atomic Age.’  Fox hunting, stag shooting royals and their  supporters see the British as disposable - let alone our dumb animals.

              A Drop In The Royal Ocean

Victorian landlord John Camden Neild was the role model for the miser Scrooge.  No one ever saw him buy anything. Not even a coach ride. Rain hail or snow he walked the highways & byways between his London houses and Kentish farms collecting his rents. He made his tenants provide bed and breakfast.
In May 1852, Albert & Victoria ordered the best of everything for the re-building of Balmoral Castle. The original being 'too small.' And the rebuilding of Osborne House. Victoria wanted it 'gutted and transformed in the Italian Style.'
In September the same year a solicitor informed the Palace. Neild had died and left Victoria most of his fortune, equivalent to £M6 now.
An inconceivable sum to most people in 1852. A mere drop in the royals unearned ocean. Writing to congratulate Victoria on having ‘such a loyal subject’ her favourite German uncle, Leopold, (who became King Of The Belgium's) suggests the miser’s money should join the family’s foreign investment funds. Far from the prying eyes of her loyal subjects. ‘Dearest uncle Leo'  knew his ‘Dear little Vicky’ really didn’t need an extra £M6.  At this stage of her reign, her annual profits from Crown controlled Arms deals and countless clandestine Empire investments equalled her Civil List of £700,000 per year. To hide her obscene wealth Victoria had the audacity to pass an Act Of Parliament laying down royal wills need not be published 'Radical' MP’s were outraged by Victoria making laws for herself. Parliament eventually introduced a Disclosure Act. However, the entire royal family and their nominees have Diplomatic Immunity. Making any Act Of Parliament powerless to prevent royal loot leaving Britain. When Victoria died, 1901, ninety percent of her liquid assets, accumulated between 1837 -1900, were in Swiss and German banks. Queen Lizzy will deny she inherited Victoria's loot. Ho. Ho. Ho. In 1939, using the mindboggling excuse that one of her five brothers
2 had left money to a palace whore who he shared with his father-in-law. German born Queen Mary, as Victoria before her, made it possible to keep royal wills secret!  

 Anyone reading about the Queen Mum’s published will (the £M50 estate multi-billionairess Lizzy refused to pay Death Duty on) should bare in mind the Queen Mum and her forefathers only kept petty cash in British banks. From Georgian times foreign banks have held the bulk of  Establishment family fortunes founded on the Slave Trade.     

 1 People still leave money to the royals.  Liverpool Police doing a routine search of the  house of a deceased British National Party (BNP) organiser came across his will bequeathing £10,000 to the Queen's Privy Purse. Very few such wills ever make the public eye. After it became known royalists were leaving money and  land to Queen Victoria the palace legal department, have made sure ‘bequeaths’ remain secret.
  2 German born Prince Francis. One of many family nominee’s who ferried royal loot to foreign banks.

Thus far, Queen Lizzy has stolen £M30 from the Treasury by illegally avoiding tax prior to 1992. Like her German ancestors Lizzy only keeps petty cash in Britain. Foreign banks have always held this family's real fortune. Were it not for Phillip Hall's ground breaking book Royal Fortune, which led to independent scrutiny by none arse-kissing Labour MP's, nobody would have known about the present Civil List surplus of £M37!  It would have joined Victoria's loot and the stolen £M30 mentioned above in Swiss banks.

Royal Investments

"Glass beads & Brass buttons to Africa. Slaves to the Indies. Rum & sugar to England. One thousand percent profit! The Middle Passage being an inexhaustible source of wealth."

Ships owned or part owned by the royal family worked the Golden Triangle (right) for three centuries.  Many plantations requiring tens of thousands of slaves were owned or part owned by the royals. British convicts were used to supervise (read subjugate) the slaves.  


Royal Profit From British Convicts

In the reign of James 2nd, the Duke of Monmouth, one of King Charles 2nd’s fourteen bastards, tried to take-over the Throne. ‘The Hanging Judge,’ (later Baron Jeffrey’s) sentenced  1,000 'Monmouth Rebels'  200 were strung-up by the roadside, 600 were Transported to West Indies or Australia to be indented - sold to the highest bidder. The average price of £15 per head going into the King's Privy Purse. James gave 100 convicts to his pal the Governor of the Leeward Islands.1  He made another present of 100 convicts to his sexy French Queen, Mary of Modena. Mary would later collect £1,500 when the convicts were sold (£1,500 then is equivalent to receiving £75,000 today).

1 Caribbean land acquired through nominees in days of old  remains in the royal portfolio - handled by the same unctuous banker/ nominees the royal family have used for centuries. 

Bad Day In April

01: 23:00. Saturday. April 26th 1986. ‘Glasnost’ was lifting the curtain of secrecy around the Kremlin. The curtain came crashing down when President Gorbechev was woken with news from Chernobyl . He went pale as he was told. A  super- heated-steam explosion had opened-up a nuclear reactor.
Still in his pyjamas he ordered a News Black-Out.
Eight hours later, nuclear scientists told an emergency meeting of the Politburo. Everybody living within 70 miles of the accident must be evacuated. The Politburo decided an Exodus on that scale, involving over three million, would  cause chaos. Riots & looting would surely follow such an announcement. Gorbechev ordered the unannounced evacuation of every dwelling within 19 miles of the reactor. The nearest town, Pripyat, was emptied in the remarkable time of four hours. At 2 pm, 27th April, the Red Army arrived in town, 45,000 people were loaded into commandeered buses and army transporter trucks. At gunpoint they were told.  'Don’t bring any luggage. You'll only be gone for a day or two. Until the radiation levels have died down.'

At 6 pm the last bus, of the twelve-mile-long-convoy, left Pripyat. Not one of those 45,000 people had any idea they were leaving their homes forever. The army built a ten-foot-high, concrete-posted, razor-wire-fence around the 19 mile-round-nuclear-desert.

But. As the Kremlin scientists predicted, the poison blighted a much wider area. Those who could afford to wasted no time leaving the area. The break-up of the old Soviet Union disguises the true cost of Chernobyl . The last reliable figures came in June 1994, a Kremlin 'Statement on Chernobyl ' reads. ‘Relocation and medical treatment. Containment. Loss of land and lost food production has cost the equivalent of £800 billion.’

Feb. 1st 1995. Sizewell B Project Manager Brian George told BBC 2 Newsnight.  ‘Nuclear Electric (now called British Energy) has less than half-a-billion insurance to cover nuclear accidents in Britain .’ 
Divide less than half-a-billion between the ten million living in Sizewell’s Fall-out-zone, (which includes Greater London) and you can see why Sizewell B should not have been built.

The Queen's Business

November 2002 (Her Majesty's
Government owned
) British Nuclear Fuels (BNFL) opened an office in Moscow. Charlie Pryor, who headed a BNFL delegation at the opening, stated. ‘Strategically a flourishing Russian nuclear industry will help to achieve the long term vision of nuclear power.’ ( Pryor is obviously working for a totally poisoned planet with no such thing as a normal birth! )  The Russian parliament is to press ahead with an agreement with the UK that will provide funds for restoration of sites of the former Soviet-era military nuclear activities (!!!)  BNFL has signed a contract with the European Commission* to assist with modifications at the Leningrad nuclear power plant in western Russia.  above paragraph [sans italics] from British Nuclear Ghouls 
www.bnfl.co.uk  * that’s our EU money!!! 

                                     Royal Profit
September 29, 2006 the phony Prince of Kent visited Murmansk to open a new £M40 Nuclear Waste Dump.
Paid for, via the stroke of the royal pen, with British taxpayers money. Securing nuclear waste is in everyone's interest. Making any more nuclear waste is obviously the act of a lunatic. So why is the Queen planning ten brand new nuclear waste stations, or to give their real name, Targets of Mass Destructions, if not for personal profit?

                    Nuclear Standards

Between August 2004 and May 2005 twenty-odd-tons of dissolved nuclear fuel rods containing enough plutonium to make twenty Nagasaki size bombs was happily sloshing around the floor at Sellafield, Thorp reprocessing plant unnoticed by the “highly trained staff!” The liquid waste had escaped through a broken pipe. This latest accident to close the nuclear fuel plant is costing the taxpayer approx £1 million per-day. The clean-up will take six months. That's another £M180 Million on top of the estimated £70 BILLION taxpayers money already allocated to cleaning-up the radioactive mess previous nuclear power production has made in Gt. Britain. Despite the fiscal insanity and the dangers of a Chernobyl scale accident. Despite the London Transport bombs. Despite the danger of a flying visit from the suicide club. The Queen's prime puppet, Tony Blair, is following his orders and calling for more nuclear waste stations!

In line with the phony claim Saddam could mushroom London within 45 minutes. Blair is now claiming we need nuclear power to save the environment!

The Queen's cousin Bush is now mumbling weasel words to the effect. 'If there is such a thing as global warming. Nuclear power can not add to it.'
Ministers of the Nuclear Crown are wringing their hands and muttering Campbell scripted tripe to the effect. 'Nuclear power is the only way to meet our Kyoto commitment.' Both camps are doing what they do best - lying. Increasing the production of ever-lasting nuclear waste rules-out any possibility that nuclear power stations can save future carbon dioxide emissions.


The mechanical fault at Three Mile Island, Pennsylvania USA, was actually more terrifying than Chernobyl!
Human error caused the accident at Chernobyl. What happened at Three Mile Island can never be avoided!  
Mechanical failures are deemed, legally, an Act Of God. Had Pennsylvania been permanently poisoned. All and every insurance claim would have been null and void! 
You should not need a priest to tell you. Building nuclear power station’s spits in the face of all that is Holy. Nuclear power murders God's Earth - and everything on it. Ten years after Three Mile Island and three years after Chernobyl poisoned an area the size of Wales., Her Majesty's
"government" ordered Sizewell B.

And did you know?  The Queen used an Order In Council making it illegal for anyone to build a housing estate of more than 1,000 homes running on green (cheap) power in Britain!
Such is the "quality" of our politicians not one of them has questioned the monarch's illegal use of Crown prerogatives (OIC's) since the Liberal Prime Minister, William Gladstone.

Target's Of Mass Destruction

If Bush & Blair believed their own "terror warnings"
they would have closed down nuclear power.
 Wouldn't They?

Indian Point nuclear power station

Had there really been a gang of anti-USA suicidal fanatics capable of flying 767's.  Indian Point would have been their prime target. NOT the Twin Towers. The nuclear fall-out would have closed down New York for the rest of this century. Point Taken?

AP Photo/Ron From.

When this steam leak, above rightoccurred at Indian Point in February 2000 New York Governor Pataki's accident report concluded.  "Plans to bus people out of harms way in a full scale emergency were totally inadequate." After 9/11 it emerged Indian Point still had no full scale evacuation plan.  
9 despite billions of Tax Dollars allegedly spent on Homeland Security, 
but actually siphoned-off to off-shore Bush Gang accounts, Indian Point is still waiting for a "workable" nuclear evacuation plan!


Dubya's Cousin,

Oily Lizzy calls Privy's to Scotland

October 2000. The Queen was blowing holes in Scots deer, bred for her ‘pleasure,’ when some bloody uppity peasants had the bloody cheek to protest the price of fuel! This meant the Privy Council had to meet at Balmoral. The Queen do’s not travel to the capital in a crisis. Her knee-benders have to travel to wherever she happens to be. Toady Blair was ordered to use the army to ensure the delivery of criminally over priced fuel.


Wind Resources: Ignored Again 

 July 2006. Mr Blair’s Performance and Innovation Unit reported British offshore wind farms could provide ten times more electricity than Britain actually needs.
If Britain used its natural wind resources to the full we could halve every British electricity bill and supply the French with far cheaper electricity than their nuclear program. Thus helping them to shut down dangerous nuclear plant. Mr Blair was reminded how nuclear power stations threaten our national security and even without the terrorist threat a nuclear accident could ruin the British economy. He was also reminded how nuclear power production carries horrendous financial costs to the British taxpayer. On behalf of his multibillionaire boss, the Queen, Mr Blair ignored the advice of his Performance and Innovation Unit. He refused to drop the Queen’s plan to build ten more Chernobyl’s in Britain.  

Memo   The royal family have had escape planes on stand-by 24 hours-a-day seven-days-a-week since the Russians tested their first Atomic Bomb in 1949. 
 In the event of a British Nuclear disaster helicopters will land in the palace grounds, be it Balmoral, Sandringham or Buck House to ferry the royals to RAF Northolt or RAF Lossiemouth on the first leg of their journey to one of their private palm-fringed islands in the Pacific.
As far as the Queen is concerned. Her subjects are already dead.




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