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Charles Prince  Of Hypocrites

The Charity Commission (in itself a totally criminal Tory organisation)
is investigating the way Prince Charles uses his "charity work"!

Prince Charles Prince Of Cock Sucking Hypocrites personally appoints the trustee board of his so-called charities. Their strategy documents have to be approved by Charles, despite him only holding an honorary position. Few could doubt Prince Charles' charities are used to promote his own personally profit motivated agenda.

The Foundation for his Environment’s annual report describes the Chief Executive’s role as managing relationships with Clarence House! The basic principle of charity governance is that the board run the charity for the benefit of the public for which it has been set up. Prince Charles puts his opinions over his charities stated aims.

And it’s not just architecture. His Foundation for Integrated Health was established to promote the Prince’s views on alternative medicine. The Foundation has received nearly a million pounds of public money to establish a register of complementary therapists (so far, only a few hundred massage therapists have actually signed up).

And it’s not just architecture. His Foundation for Integrated Health was established to promote the Prince’s views on alternative medicine. The Foundation has received nearly a million pounds of public money to establish a register of complementary therapists (so far, only a few hundred massage therapists have actually signed up).
Meanwhile, his education lobby group the Prince’s Teaching Institute, Charlie's campaigns for education are in line with Mrs Thatcher's "Victorian Values". The Institute organizes summer schools for "teachers". As Queen Victoria said to Disraeli. "We must never educate the peasants". 

The Prince's Trust 

& Foundation

The original idea was to attract donations from royal apologists. Mainly the chinless, hunting, shooting, polo playing idle rich. The donations, they were told, was for "good works." i.e. creating jobs.

In the 1980's the Queen's highly successful campaign to widen the gap between rich & poor gave Charles millions of unemployed to play with. A tiny percent were selected to receive a few thousand pounds to start small business's. The object of the exercise being to provide photo opps for the Prince Of Charlie's appearing to care about the unemployed. As if. 

Unlike genuine Registered Charities Charlie's so-called "Trust" gets away with keeping 60% of all funds collected for "administration."
Profit from this particular royal rip-off led to the setting-up of another one in USA. The Prince Of Wales Foundation. The snake oil salesman selected to seek donations from oily Texas billionaire's is a pal of Mark Thatcher who also works for the equally immoral Thatcher Foundation.
(Not surprisingly, but truly disgustingly, Charles did not return the $500,000 donation his "Trust" received from the Enron slush-fund. Mummy gave a palace ribbon to the Director of Enron Europe.
Liz's Energy Cabal & Enron )
The Prince Of Wales Foundation is presently flogging $50,000 tickets to doshed-up-dummed-down-cowboy-buddies of Dubya Bush who wish to spend an evening with Chuck and his bitch at the obscenely opulent Clarence House. For $100,000 the irredeemable can join the repulsive couple on a Sandringham or Balmoral shoot. Royal creative accountants, i.e. Sir Michael Peat, make sure the big bucks disappear in administration. For administration read Chuck's Swiss accounts.
Anyone who thinks any so-called "royal" has any intention of helping anyone, other than ones-self, has lost one's plot.

Diana left Wills & Harry enough money to breakout of the perpetual nursery they were born into. At an age when most young men are fiercely proud of making their own way in life, Wills & Harry are depending on knee-bending-flunkies to guard, wash, dress & feed them. No less than nineteen Specialist Instructors were pulled off their proper jobs and sent to assist training officers at Sandhurst to make certain Harry-Half-Brain did not escape his army training as Prince Edwina did. Similar arrangements were necessary for Worthless Willy. Like Charles forty years ago the pampered Princes are settling down to a totally anodyne, totally pointless, chauffeur driven existence, surrounded by  ten armed bodyguards wherever they go. Apart from revolting photo-shoots nursing black baby's, which they will say they care about! They will spend their entire lives, surrounded by armed guards, telling their personal servants what they want doing next, shopping with their new mummy, playing dress-up as soldier boys, skiing, playing polo, hunting, shooting and attending Palace piss-ups. All on the taxpayers money - that should be spent on far better people.

Charles, Prince of Parasites, displaying his total lack of intelligence 'hunting' the uneatable fox. Charles is the first Prince Of Wales since 1659 to Marry a British wife, Diana Spencer.
Daddy forced him into marriage. Charles would have been far happier left in bed with his boyfriend's and their wives. Diana was simply too normal for a "royal marriage." Why you may ponder are we still paying for this royal Pantomime.

January 26th 2007. When Charles heard he'd been given an American award for his nonsense speeches he decided to drop his weekend foxhunting to collect the award himself. Charles could easily have sent a member of his US "Foundation" to pick up his trinket. But no. After Mummy vetoed the very idea of using the Royal Airforce to fly him to the pointless piss-up he bought all 62 business and first class seats on a B. A. flight to America.
If Charles cared about anything other than himself he would spend the odd weekend campaigning against nuclear power here in Britain.
All this "green" nonsense Charles is constantly spouting boils down to a personal carbon tax and that means taxing the air we breath.

Given one tenth of the billions Queen Lizzy's last three "governments" have wasted on building the totally unwarranted Sizewell B, MOX and so-called “privatised” British Energy. Britain would now be the leading exporter of land & marine wind power technology. There has been no serious government investment in safe-clean-power-systems. Instead, acting for the oil-gas and nuclear-vested Establishment, Thatcher, Major and Blair did everything in their power to stop Britain leading the world in safe, cheap energy technology. Her Majesty's
Government Energy White Paper
(24 Feb. 03) was a classic-nuclear-rip-off.  The plan to develop safe-power will do no such thing. The paper simply signals a 15 % price rise in your electricity bill. As with the Tories Non Fossil Fuel Levy, stolen to pay for Sizewell B,* the public will once again be robbed to pay for nuclear waste outfits owned (albeit indirectly) by the Royals and the Rothschilds. There will be no serious investment in safe-cheap-power-systems until the thieving royals and their percentage placemen are behind Traitors Gate.    

*see The Tory Record. Paul Brown 1997


 9/11: The Shooting Script
Mr Bush Had To Shelve

 As President Bush takes his seat in front of a roomful of children an explosion is heard. He leaps to his feet and tells everyone to stay put and stay calm. He strides outside gesturing and calling for people to do this and do that. He appears to be taking charge of the situation. The media crew don’t realize the secret service goons are herding them into ‘best camera’ position. One of the goons produces a box for President Bush to stand on. The President fiddles with an earphone in his right ear while pressing an oversized cell phone to his left ear. Directly behind him a column of black smoke rises from the plane wreck that caused the explosion. He keeps glancing back at the smoke. He gulps and blinks as he appears to listen to the cell phone. Half-a-dozen reporters with microphones are now milling in front of him. He shouts. "Keep calm, Keep calm. It's OK. The danger is all over. I'm being told some terrorist group called Al Key-da, or Al Kew-da tried to hit the school with a hi-jacked plane. It sounds as if the passengers overwhelmed the hi-jackers. I’m being told these terrorists are some kind of Is-la-man-ic fun-da-ment group, who hit the USS Cole."
He breaks-off to listen to the cell phone again. Then he says. "These terrorists are claiming responsibility for the plane crash in New York. But there's no more danger. So everybody just stay calm. And just go about your normal business. The danger is over. Just stay calm."
He steps down from the box and makes his way to the motorcade telling everyone. "The National Guard are on full alert. So just stay calm. Stay calm."

One hour later; speaking at his desk on Air Force One. He repeats his call for calm. Then, gravely, reading from the autocue, he says. "Its my job to tell you. The Islamic fundamental group al Qaeda, who train their suicide squads in Afghanistan, are now claiming to have hit both the Twin Towers in New York, two Mississippi oil refineries. The Pentagon and a nuclear power plant in the north of Great Britain. We knew one of the towers had been hit when we arrived at the school just over an hour or so ago. But, as you know, that was reported as a simple accident. The other attacks happened just after the hi-jacked plane crashed near the school. Several Islamic websites are claiming al Qaeda suicide squads hi-jacked the six planes and smuggled a nuclear device into the nuclear plant in northern Scotland. I don’t think anyone can doubt that these are unprovoked acts of war on our way of life. Both myself and Tony Blair have issued instructions for all our citizens to leave Afghanistan immediately. We have no intention of talking to suicidal terrorists. Or to any folks who harbor them. Especially those folks who harbor them within our own borders. We will use every means available to stop these suicide attacks ever happening again. As of now. America is under Martial Law until such a time as those who aided these terrorists are either dead or put behind bars for life." 

London 8 pm 

Rumours that radioactive clouds were moving south have sent international journalists scurrying to the nearest airport. The Downing Street press conference room is half empty and strangely quiet.
Enter Tony Blair in his smiling-through-adversity-mode.
He delivers the speech he agreed with the Queen and her cousin, President Bush, six months earlier.  
"I have just come from Buckingham Palace. The Queen and the royal family have refused to leave the country even though there may be more nuclear terrorists amongst us. The royal family are adamant they will not be driven from Great Britain by this outrage. Every member of Her Majesty's
Government join with the royal family in saying our hearts go out to those people living in the vicinity of Dounreay nuclear power station. To who we can offer no help. To send in the emergency services now would only forfeit more lives, as we learned at Chernobyl. The extreme North of Scotland is now being  sealed off.
Her Majesty's
Armed Services
will contain the contaminated area and the BBC will be issuing hourly situation bulletins from nine o'clock tonight.
I can assure those people in Southern Scotland and elsewhere in Britain, who are worried about radioactivity that they have nothing to fear. There is no need to stay indoors as is being suggested by some quarters of the media. Schools and public services will continue to function as normal in your area. As some of you may already know. The al Qaeda suicide squad who infiltrated the Dounreay nuclear plant as casual labourers are now appearing in so-called suicide video’s on jihadist websites bragging of their exploits. I think we can all agree these nuclear terrorists are the worst kind of unspeakable creatures on earth. Until we are satisfied there are no more of them in our country Her Majesty the Queen has authorized a State of Martial Law. Her Majesty the Queen will speak to the nation at noon tomorrow. Until that time the BBC will keep everyone fully informed of the Scots situation."
                            Bush Laid Plans © Jim Hutchinson 2002-2009  jhigate@yahoo.co.uk

Memo   The royal family have had escape planes on stand-by 24 hours-a-day seven-days-a-week since the Russians tested their first Atomic Bomb in 1949. 
 In the event of a British Nuclear disaster helicopters will land in the palace grounds, be it Balmoral, Sandringham or Buck House to ferry the royals to RAF Northolt or RAF Lossiemouth on the first leg of their journey to one of their private palm-fringed islands in the Pacific.
As far as the Queen is concerned. Her subjects are already dead.



Put yourself in the pilot seat of a 757 passenger jet. You're at 30,000 feet. Its a perfect morning. No wind, no rain, no turbulence, no problems. All of a sudden every light on the communications panel goes out. All channels, receive and send, are dead to the world, even the crew intercom won't work.

You then see an F16 fighter on your port wing. Amazingly you can hear the fighter pilot in your headset. He tells you there is a hostile threat to your aircraft and you must follow the F16 to a safe landing site. You follow for ten minutes then the F16 pilot hands you over to a military air-traffic-controller who talks you into a safe landing at a military base.

As you are coming to a stop the controller tells you there is a possible biological threat on your aircraft but don't worry. Just stay put while the ground crew flush it out. An Oxygen tanker pulls-up alongside. The ground crew quickly connect a pipe to the jets air conditioning system. Twenty-seconds later you and everyone else in the aircraft have choked to death on cyanide gas...

Study President Bush’s face when he was allegedly told. "America is under attack."
In fact, he was actually told.
"Some bastards have stopped Cheney’s remote control boys crashing a plane near the school and the same bastards stopped the WTC7 and Pentagon look-a-likes taking-off."
At this point Bush had no idea if Cheney could contain the bastards - who could easily arrest Bush for High Treason and hang the repugnant little shit before sundown. 



The Real Star Wars:

Laser Destruction Beams


The Boeing YAL-1 Airborne Laser (ABL) weapons system is a megawatt-class Chemical Oxygen Iodine Laser (COIL) mounted inside a modified Boeing 747.
The original laser-weapon concept was to target ballistic missiles. Thus far the airborne laser has proved far more effective on sub-sonic and stationary targets.

In order to kick-start illegal oil & poppy wars
Mr Bush used laser beams for his 9/11 atrocity


Smoke & Mirror's
Four Missing Aircraft


 Hard Facts   

All critical aircraft parts have their own, unique, serial number. Each number is tracked from manufacture to scrap yard by international laws governing every aviation engineering company. Most critical parts are virtually indestructible.

October 2009. The US "government" has failed to produce any certified numbered parts that would positively identify any one of the following four aircraft.  

United Airlines Flight 175, a Boeing 767, registration number N612UA, carrying 65 souls. Reportedly flew into the south tower of the World Trade Centre. Reporters were later shown a jet engine in the debris. But refused permission to photograph that engines internationally recognizable ID numbers.

American Airlines Flight 11, a Boeing 767, registration number N334AA, carrying 92 souls. Reportedly flew into the north tower of the World Trade Centre. The Bush Gang had no problem finding the passport of an alleged hijacker in the rubble but no positive ID for the one-hundred-ton 767. 

American Airlines Flight 77, a Boeing 757, registration number N644AA, carrying 64 souls. Reportedly flew into the Pentagon. Emergency services attended almost immediately. In this case it would have been easy to use uniquely numbered parts to positively identify the 757 within hours. Had a 757 been there. 

United Airlines Flight 93, a Boeing 757 registration number N591UA, carrying 45 souls. Reportedly vanished in a Pennsylvanian field. Associated Press reported this plane was one of two that landed safely after onboard bomb scares. Local witness's said they saw some kind of plane braking-up in mid-air. Again no credible 757 parts.  

Retired USAF Colonel George Nelson has studied 9/11 from day one. In September 2005 he stated.  
"As a senior air crash investigator for over twenty years. I have never heard of a land accident where investigators failed to identify the aircraft. It would be impossible for a crash to destroy or obliterate all the aircrafts critical parts or their unique serial numbers.
I repeat, impossible."
  Google George Nelson + 911

As a young man George Nelson did not dodge the draft as did Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney.
As he worked his way up to Colonel he was in the ideal job to learn all there is to know about doppelganger aircraft. Whole squadrons of duplicate aircraft were built to use, illegally, over Vietnam. They operated from unofficial airbase's in a neutral country. The questions nagging the good Colonel are what really happened to the 265 souls onboard the missing aircraft? 
Where were they really murdered? Or is that nice Mr Bush using them as lab rats at Area 51? 


old stuff


March 20, 2008. Black Op's fly Cheney to Kabul

After an unannounced visit to Afghanistan Cheney stated. "America will ask NAT0 for a stronger commitment in the future.''
Puppet President Karzai said. "Some day, Afghanistan will be fully in charge of the security of this country. But that is not going to be anytime soon." 
Last year, 2007, at least 8,000 Afghani's died violent deaths as a result of the illegal occupation.
Apart from NATO troops the Bush Gang now have 29,000
US troops guarding their oil and poppy business in Afghanistan (the size of Texas).
Before Cheney’s call for more
NATO troops 3,000 US Marines were already on their way to "poppyland."


Charles Dharapak
October 24 2007.

Bush Gang protestor Desiree Farooz displays blood-stained hands to remind Ms. Rice she (if indeed it is a she) is a war criminal. Desiree Farooz told the murdering bitch "You should be tried at the Hague."

Another Chevron-oil-invested murdering monster in the Bush "government" is the Draft Dodging Vice President Dickhead Cheney.

Previously Chief Executive of the Dallas based Halliburton Corporation - the world’s largest energy services company. Halliburton has multi-billion dollar contracts with oil corporations including Chevron. Cheney negotiated Chevron's share in the Tengizchevroil Caspian Sea oil pipeline - a 900-mile connection from the Tengiz oil field to the Black Sea port of Novorossiysk.  Tengiz has 6 to 9 billion barrels of recoverable oil. None of which would be needed if the "powers that be" had developed sea-power and solar-power as advocated by Greenpeace and Friends Of The Earth thirty-years-ago.  The case for safe clean energy.  &  Shifting Sand


The Saudi King
doing business with Bush

Medieval Thugs

 November 14, 2007.

A Saudi judge doubled the sentence of a 19-yr-old gang-rape-victim. The girl was sentenced to 90 lashes last month. But; because she told the media she was the innocent party she will now get 200 lashes for disagreeing with the King's judge. Nothing unusual in Saudi where the King's Islamic Law has women publicly stoned to death on a regular basis and Princess’s who fall in love with "a commoner" have their heads chopped off. The girl's lawyer had his license to practice law revoked for sticking by the innocent victim and having the balls to say the case should be reviewed by a human rights organization. The Saudi royals must be wondering 'what will the bloody
slaves want next! Freedoms?'

'Only those fighting the war can end it.' William Blum            

April 2008. Troop suicides in Iraq reach one-hundred-and-twenty-one. Recruiting has fallen to the lowest ever level missing expected State targets in 2007 by over forty percent.
Tens of thousands of troops have returned from Afghanistan and Iraq with developing depleted uranium (DU) poisoning. Since being poisoned by their own ammunition, the same veteran’s have learned Afghanistan and Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11.
They are now spreading the word on what they call.
'War’s for corporate profit.'  Groups of Iraq veterans are touring the USA organizing barbecues outside military bases. Other groups are warning teenagers of Mr Bush’s 'Politics of Fear' and 'Nazi Homeland' recruiting methods.  At their annual meeting In St. Louis, Iraq Veterans Against the War, made a convincing case that the US military are being used illegally by the Bush administration. In direct contravention of Articles 2, 42, 51 of The Charter Of The United Nation.

Iraq Veterans Against the War are aware of near mutiny situations in Iraq similar to those that spread like forest fire in that other manufactured war - Vietnam.  

2009  DU Coming Home
The Queen and her cousin Mr Bush are presently making a fortune out of killing their own troops with depleted uranium ammo (DU).

Children born to troops who use DU in Iraq and Afghanistan are destined to pay the horrific price of Dad working for nuclear-vested war criminals. Soldiers who blame birth defects on DU are being ignored or dismissed as "head-cases " by the "pro-life" President and the Nuclear Queen Lizzy - who both refuse to recognize Gulf War Syndrome  

Evidence Ignored
1973, Wives of employees at a British nuclear installation started a "love strike", fearing radiation sickness.
Nearly all 2,000 employees at Windscale atomic centre were affected. Union delegate, John Nuctur, said that "the young women had told him they refused to have any intimate contact with their husbands because their sweat might radioactively contaminate them." (Nucleus, 25 Jul 79; Thieberger p.8).


Water Power

 A century before Emperor Hadrian was born. The Senate voted against building water wheels to irrigate the fertile fields around Rome. Mechanical irrigation by Water Power would have made ninety-thousand, low paid, water-carriers redundant. Unemployment would have led to a breakdown of Law & Order. The Senate preferred peace & quite on the tidy streets of Rome. 

In and around 125 AD. Water Power mixed the cement that holds Hadrian’s Wall together. Roman roads, which, like the wall, can still be seen today, are made of concrete mixed in water-powered-mixers.

     William The Conqueror counted every wall, every ox, every plough every cornfield, and everything else in his Kingdom. The year he died, 1086, the Doomsday Book records William had 5,624 corn mills, one to every 400 people, 5,220 of Williams’s corn mills were powered by water. 

      When Bonnie Prince Charlie was marching through Lancashire, in the winter of 1745, much larger water-wheels than those in the Doomsday Book were driving the newly built textile mills. Water Power technology was coming along nicely-nicely.       

      James Watt patented his version of the Steam Engine in 1769. Watt’s powerful engines ran on coal. Coal which the rich and greedy were anxious to sell. It suited the landed Establishment, who were making a fortune out of selling their coal, (mined by child slaves) to suppress the development of Water Power.

      Those who promote nuclear power are as base and blinkered as their greed-stricken predecessors who polluted the air with coal-smoke instead of developing cleaner - but less profitable Water Power.

Work has changed since the Romans restricted Water Power to avoid unemployment and crime. Water Power can now provide the cheap electricity Britain needs to create jobs. And thereby reduce the crime rate. Hideously expensive nuclear power stations murder the Earth and everything on it. Those who speak in favour of nuclear power should be silenced with a cricket bat.

       1700 -1900. Coal carts like the one below earned a fortune for the royals. Coal and iron mine owners, the royals and their landed pals, were termed ‘Hostmen.’ Hostmen or their nominees held annual secret meetings to fix the price of coal and iron.  Illegal price fixing by mine owners was smugly termed ‘Putting Out.’  Every country runs on it’s energy. The royals fortune is inexorably linked to the supply of that energy. Be it coal, oil, gas or nuclear. Britain should be running on wind, sun and sea power. Obviously there is far more profit in producing nuclear waste, (read nuclear weapons) cosily covered by Her Majesty's
Official Secrets Act and paid for, at the stroke of the royal pen, with your (taxpayers) money.

 November 2002. British Nuclear Fuels (BNFL) opened an office in Moscow. Charlie Pryor, who headed a BNFL delegation at the opening, stated. ‘Strategically a flourishing Russian nuclear industry will help to achieve the long term vision of nuclear power’ ( a totally poisoned planet with no such thing as a normal birth). The Russian parliament is to press ahead with an agreement with the UK that will provide funds for restoration of sites of the former Soviet-era military nuclear activities (!!!???)  BNFL has signed a contract with the European Commission* to assist with modifications at the Leningrad nuclear power plant in western Russia. above paragraph [sans italics] from British Nuclear Ghouls  www.bnfl.co.uk

 * that’s your EU money!                                          

  memo. Article 1, of the European Atomic Energy Community Treaty, (EURATOM) 1958, states the intention:  ‘To create the establishment and growth of nuclear industries.’

Despite forty years of evidence proving the insanity of nuclear power. EURATOM  still takes billions of taxpayer’s money, which should be used for public services.

On top of the EURATOM annual scam; after 9/11, EU “regulators” wasted even more taxpayer’s money re-evaluating nuclear plant safety rules. As if everyone over the mental age of five didn’t already know nuclear power is an insane and totally needless risk. The only place for a British bomb factory and nuclear research is the Falklands.


United Nations: Not

The Treaty of Paris, 1763, signed by Spain, France and England ended the Seven Years War.  France and England relinquished all claims to South America - to Spain.

1764. A group of French fishermen, from St. Malo, set-up a fishery on a tiny group of islands off South America which they boldly named Islas Malvinas. They intended to salt barrel fish for the European market. The Spanish Governor in Buenos Aries sent two warships to evict the uppity French.  A year later the Spanish Navy were again sent to evict the English after they landed on the islands - intending to set-up a Naval outpost. 

1816. Argentine became independent from Spain. Generalissimo Manuel Belgrano was one of the new country’s leaders. The new Argentine flag was firmly planted on the Islas Malvinas.

1833, by now the English Navy was the most powerful in the world. The Navy squatted the islands and renamed them The Falklands. Argentine, with no military strength, could only protest.

1966 - 1982, through the United Nations, (UN) Argentine constantly requested meetings to discuss the islands, in a legal forum of the UN assembly. Her Majesty's
Government refused to discuss the issue.  

Public Records show; by 1982 Margaret Thatcher had proved the worst Prime Minister in British history. Between 1979 and 1982 Thatcher took over six-billion-pounds-sterling sheer profit from the North Sea Oil Fields. Not one single penny was invested in Britain. Instead of using the windfall from the North Sea to create jobs following her orders from the head of state Thatcher created dole queue's. By April 1982 unemployment had more than trebled. From 654,000 (June 1979) to over two million...  Labour MP’s were not alone in calling for an early General Election.

April 2nd  1982, Argentine invaded the Falklands. Governor Rex Hunt surrendered his garrison of 50 Marines, who were hopelessly out-numbered by twelve-to-one. Three Argentine troopers were injured in the landing. There were no British casualties.

April 5th. The United Nations (UN) formally condemned Argentine and demanded the troops withdraw. Margaret Thatcher (delighted with the distraction from her total incompetence) ordered a Task Force to the islands.

April 9th.  President Galtieri’s Junta announced, Argentine would withdraw the troops providing Argentine had an administration centre on the islands. Where the two parties could examine their respective claims under UN supervision.      

April 10th.  The UN announced Argentine had been formally requesting Britain to enter Sovereignty negotiations since 1966. Galtieri repeated his offer to withdraw providing an Argentine office was established on the islands. Her Majesty's
Government refused point-blank to comply with a new UN Directive calling for an immediate end to hostilities and proper negotiations in Geneva.

April 29th.    The UN repeated it’s call for an end to hostilities. A UN official stated: 'There is no known documentary evidence to support Britain’s claim to the Falklands.   Rather than engage in a proper legal debate, which she could not win, Thatcher escalated a war she could have stopped before anyone died. On the verge of being kicked out of office Thatcher wanted War War. Not Jaw Jaw. Winning a war would make her look good to the less intelligent voters. From her point of view Thatcher had nothing to lose - other than other people's lives.

May 3rd. Thatcher sank the Belgrano. Irrespective of which way the Belgrano was steaming; the ship was outside the War Zone Thatcher herself had defined & declared a month earlier. Her mass murder of 368 of the Belgrano crew had the effect she wanted. The Junta retaliated by hitting the Sheffield the following day. Fourteen hundred died in this eminently avoidable war.  After the needless carnage, the British public revealed the true state of British education when they voted Thatcher back in office. 

1990. Several oil surveys confirmed there are 'Saudi fields' of oil around the Falklands. This prompted the oil companies to invite John Major and the Argentine prime minister to a meeting in New York. A deal was done. when the Falklands Oil is exploited profits will be split equally between Argentina, Britain and the oil companies. The usual oil stained brown envelops will ensure Falkland Islands Sovereignty stay’s on the back burner.      Google The Treaty of Paris 1773


 2001. Had Toady Blair done the decent thing and sent the mass murderer Augusto Pinochet to jail. It could have set a legal precedent allowing  Argentine to arrest Thatcher - for her War Crime of sinking the Belgrano. Letting Pinochet walk pleased Thatcher, Mugabe & Kissinger. It did nothing for decent people.  

Feb. 19. 2003. The man who knocked the head off a stone statue of Thatcher was sentenced to a few weeks in jail. Had he penetrated her armed guard and beheaded the unspeakable tart itself. His own statue would now be surrounded by admirers in Trafalgar Square.     

North Sea Oil note.

In the late 1970's,. Economists were predicting, profits from the North Sea oil fields would give Britain full employment by 1995. With full-employment-tax-revenue rolling into Her Majesty's
Treasury. The Bank Of England was set to become the Central Bank Of Europe, with reserves of over £200 bn, by 1995-7. However. Queen Lizzy had other plans for Gods Gift of the North Sea oil money. Half the oil revenues disappeared in the ‘creative accounting' of her prime puppet’s Thatcher and Major. The other half was used to create dole queues and Cardboard City’s from Edinburgh down to Plymouth. Widening the gap between rich and poor is the only way Lizzy can preserve the "royals" parasitic way of life.

Had the Queen ever cared about the British she would have sacked Thatcher in 1981, when 341 economists signed an open letter, published in the Times, describing how Thatcher was throwing away the golden opportunity to create full employment by wasting the oil money on everything except, “the future of Britain.”

Between 1979-1997 the usual multitude of Crown dues, income tax, road tax ect. ect, averaged £1,000 bn per year. At the same time Gods Gift of £310 bn North Sea oil profits rolled into Her Majesty's
Treasury. The fact that Thatcher & Major left a mere £27 bn in the Bank Of England (Gold And Foreign Currency Reserve 1997) can best be explained in one word. Theft.

Typical Tories

Jonathon 'Sword Of Truth' Aitken

 Knowing no-one else would employ him, Jonathon Aitken's billionaire uncle (Press Baron Max Aitken) give him a job as a reporter on the Telegraph.  
Aitken came to the public notice when he appeared at the Old Bailey charged with breaking Her Majesty's
Official Secret Act.
Aitken had ratted on HMG's bent arms deals. Queen Lizzy was supplying opposing sides in African wars.
Hearing that Aitken had also written a book about his acid (LSD) trip's, the Old Bailey judge concluded Aitken was a spoilt loony who didn't really know what he was doing and let him off. 
After his
Telegraph story Aitken went on to become an MP and a bent arms dealer himself! Having kowtowed to the Queen's Establishment he was made a Privy Councillor.

Aitken counselled Queen Lizzy's pals the Saudi "royal" family who supplied British made arms to Iraq for eight years of the Iran-Iraq War. When the Guardian wanted him investigated for supplying arms to Iraq through the Saudi royals he was jailed on the much lesser charge of Perjury! Google Jonathon Atkin + Paris Ritz.
Since leaving jail Aitken had the gall to suggest he could become an MP again!
Public opinion stopped this happening but Lizzy will probably get him into her House of Lords where another typical-thieving-lying Tory Jeffery Archer is still a member despite serving a jail sentence.

Few could
believe Aitken's professed “conversion” to the straight &
narrow as his pal Prince Charles is said to. Aitken can still be seen dining-out with Saudi Prince's - i.e. conducting the Queen's Business as usual.

April 9, 2004. The Mayor Of London, Ken Livingston, told the Guardian'I long for the day the Saudi royal family are swinging from lamp posts and the people have a proper government that represents the people of Saudi Arabia.' 
What a pity 'Red Ken' hasn't got the balls to speak-out against his own phony "royals."
Only the Queen's nuclear-cartel could have conspired to pour £2.9 billion taxpayer's money into building another Chernobyl in Suffolk. Red Ken should study how the British Head of State leaves her pensioners in cold and hungry poverty. 



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