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Saving Pennsylvania

March 28th 1979. 04: 00 EST. The brand new reactor - Unit No 2 - Three Mile Island (TMI) Pennsylvania, started to overheat. Nobody knew why?
The accident "nuclear expert’s" said ‘couldn’t happen in a thousand years.’ Was happening.

The night-shift controller started a frantic telephone-conference with everyone who could possibly help. One engineer, roused from a deep sleep, guessed a valve in the cooling-system had stuck open. The back-up valve was immediately closed. Had that pipe continued emptying the reactor, TMI would have literally gone pear-shaped.
The lost coolant exposed the tops of the fuel rods, which began to melt.
The melting fuel assemblies meant the brand-new $M20 reactor was a total write-off. But cost was the last thing on anybody’s mind. Despite finding the fault. The partial meltdown could still reach super-critical temperature - as in Nagasaki.
 "Nuclear experts could but pray for a drop in temperature." *
On the second day, as the so-called nuclear experts became unavailable for comment, the State Governor Richard Thornburgh announced on local radio he believed ‘it would be a good idea for pregnant women and nursing mom’s to leave the area. Just in case of a radioactive leak.’
Pregnant or not people left home in droves - causing traffic jams on all roads out of the nearest town, Harrisburg.

To stop the panic President Carter flew to a special press-call on TMI.
Jimmy Carter had served as an engineer on nuclear submarines. However, his unscripted answers to TV reporter’s did absolutely nothing to allay public fears. Over 200,000 left the area.

Before they all returned. Congress had made up it’s collective mind to dump the USA nuclear power program. Forty planned reactor’s were taken off the drawing-board and flung into the trash can - where they truly belong.  * see. Thirty Minutes To Meltdown. Daniel Ford. Penguin 1981.         

                                                Three Mile Island 1979

Fittingly it was April Fools Day when Jimmy Carter turned-up to reassure people nuclear power stations are safe.  Reporters from the Philadelphia Inquirer revealed Metropolitan Edison were lying about events at the plant. The Inquirer was awarded the Pulitzer Prize, for ‘balanced coverage of the disaster.’

Four independent inquiry’s (all four available from
President Carter’s Special Commission.
, who built the reactor.,
Edison Power.
, who owned the reactor.,
and the US Dept. Of Environment illustrate how Unit No 2 came very close to a nuclear explosion.
Nuclear poison would have wiped-out Pennsylvania. Along with it’s then annual Gross State Product of $183,000,000,000.  (the Hiroshima bomb contained  250 lbs of Uranium. Nuclear power stations contain tons of the stuff)


The Nuclear Nutters Club

Two hideously expensive nuclear cooling pools. Each one containing enough poison to kill everyone in Britain. The Head of The British State, Her Majesty The Queen has made British taxpayers responsible for replacing British nuclear cesspits every fifty years or so. The British would save Trillions by replacing the nuclear-vested Head of State. Nuclear Lizzy wants ten more  reactors to justify more hideously expensive nuclear cesspits - for you to pay for.

memo. July 8 2005. The Queen visited some of the hospitalized victims  of 7/7. She told the media "bombs  would not change our way of life." She was of course talking about the royal way of life. Had 7/7 been a nuclear attack the royals would now be enjoying a barbeque on one of their sun-kissed private islands ten-thousand-miles away.

April 2009 The Sellafield Cesspit: Another Near Miss!


Megga?   WHAT'S?

 1 kilowatt hour will power a one bar electric fire.

 1 megawatt hour will power 1,000 one bar electric fires  

 1 gigawatt hour will power one million one bar electric fires 

 2007. Worldwide, there are only 300,000 megawatts coming from 439 nuclear waste stations. Installing these 300,000 megawatts cost five as much per megawatt as installing oil, coal or gas or hydro. Untold Trillions of Taxpayers Money will be stolen from Public Funds to store the fatal waste from these 439 stations. Only a lunatic would advocate building more nuclear waste stations when every other power system is at least five times cheaper and a million times safer.
Hermann Scheer Energy Autonomy

God Bless The Fascist Régime

Nuclear waste workers are told "Don't have any children." But troops using highly concentrated nuclear waste as ammunition in Afghanistan and Iraq are told its perfectly safe to do so?!

 Memo. New York Times.  February 13, 1997
'The Dallas based Halliburton Company said today that its venture Devonport Management Ltd., had agreed to buy the assets and assume future liabilities of the Devonport Royal Dockyard Ltd. in Plymouth UK, from the British Ministry of Defense for $66.1 million. The dockyard services Royal Navy ships. Halliburton is an engineering, construction and nuclear energy services company.'

Vice President Dick Cheney's Halliburton is also one of the most corrupt companies on the planet - who better to partner The Nuclear Waste Queen?

Blackwater, the corporate-owned Robothug supplier, are presently setting-up barracks in San Diego for up to 100,000 employees.  When Martial Law is declared in the USA Blackwater Robothug’s will use brutal tactics learned in Iraq to round-up “suspects”.
Suspects will be anyone who refuses to believe BBC News, Fox News etc, etc..

 If you watched this film. You know too much...   

  Where was Cheney on 9/11? Jersey Girl 


The Boss  - Mrs. McGrath


old stuff

The Zombie Centre

below  BNFL’s mile-long nuclear poison making plant. 1999. Pigeons that hung around the Sellafield canteens and roosted in a local garden were found to be "highly radioactive."  BNFL had the birds shot and took away the garden’s top soil - which was also “buzzing.”  Most local people have no time for Sellafield.  Were it not for Lizzy's policy of creating unemployment no-one would work there.  offer many splendid holidays in the Lake District without ever going near the Zombie Centre. Or the Sellafield Visitor Centre as BNFL call it. Every year the Queen directs her passing Minister of Trade and Industry to give BNFL propaganda department £M4 - taxpayers money. The money is spent on stupefying false adverts claiming Britain's needs nuclear power! And bussing-in Senior Citizens from Conservative Clubs all over the country. No, they are not all ga-ga. They make the trip wholly and solely for the free meals on the motorway and free wine, cakes & ale at the Zombie Centre. All paid for by you - the taxpayer.

The Importance Of Proper Research

Nuclear Target of Mass Destruction:
Suicide Pilots Eye View

The nuclear poison maker (reactor) is covered by the white dome that will, in theory, stop any accidental damage by a crashing aircraft. An aircraft purpose filled with high explosive will slice through this dome like a hot knife through butter.
There is enough nuclear poison in any British nuclear power station to permanently poison half, if not all, of Great Britain - God Save Nuclear Lizzy?



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