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The Queen's Judge Fudge

           Lord No Justice Hutton 
                   Outside the Royal Courts

After the Gulf War, 1991, Iraq was starved to a standstill with merciless trade sanctions. It's borders bombed on a daily basis and its declining military safely contained for a decade. From 1995 onwards CIA MI5 could call-up real-time satellite coverage of all 168,000 square miles of Iraq. Yet in 2002 the Queen's Prime Mouthpiece Tony Blair, told Parliament Iraq had somehow managed to 'produce nuclear and biochemical weapons of mass destruction.'

Her Majesty's Arms Inspector Dr. David Kelly, who worked in Iraq for nine years, told BBC journalist's Susan Watts & Andrew Gilligan there never was any evidence to support Blair's alarming claim. When this was reported; he denied ever discussing his work with journalists.
Regardless of what Lord Hutton, above, said. David Kelly was arbitrarily brushed into the grave by his employer. 
Tony Blair chaired the meeting that decided to place Kelly in front of a televised Select Committee - without a cabinet minister to support and advise him.
Under the committee's grilling Kelly became a broken man. Hearing his own precise words quoted back at him. He realized Watts had taped their conversations.
He had no way of knowing if Andrew Gilligan had done the same. 
Rather than face the music, it seemed, he decided to face the Almighty. We were told he swallowed a handful of strong painkillers. Then he slashed his wrist. Kelly's family, along with most people, believe Kelly would be alive today were it not for Blair subjecting him to that very public grilling.

Judge Hutton ignoring the real culprit and laying the blame on Andrew Gilligan and the BBC management! Judge Hutton gave the 'government' another load of New Labour manure to churn-out in the shape of Teflon Tony, Mandy Mandelson and Alleycat Campbell mouthing sanctimonious sound bite's in the fitting style's of Neil Hamilton, Alan Clark and Jonathon (Sword Of Truth) Aitkin.

28 Jan. 2004 someone, allegedly Alleycat Campbell, leaked Lord Hutton's contemptible conclusions to the Sun to ensure Teflon Tony's alleged 'innocence' in Kelly's death was top story.
The next day, staff from every BBC newsroom in Britain staged a walk-out-strike to protest the Hutton whitewash and the BBC boards decision to sack their Director General, Greg Dyke. Jeremy Dear, of the National Union Of Journalists, told Newsnight.  'Her Majesties government do's not want anyone holding it to account.'

Downing Street addict's, as diverse as Max Hastings, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, Allison Pearson, Richard Littlejohn, Jon Snow, & Martin Bell all made the same point. 
BBC News will be even more deferential to the Establishment than ever before (and God knows it was bad enough before).
This was confirmed the following morning when a long-planned satire on the Hutton Inquiry was cut from the BBC schedule and a veteran anti-war hack, Tari Ali, was told he'd been de-listed to appear on BBC current affairs programs.
Rumour has it; Dyke could have stayed at the BBC. He was voted out by the board because he refused to read out the boards grovelling apology to Teflon Tony. Acting chairman Lord Ryder (a failed Tory MP) and Dyke's temporary replacement, Mark Byford, read out grovelling apology's which incensed most hacks. Older hacks expressed the need to vomit.  


Who Killed Kelly?

Dr. David Kelly was a United Nations weapons inspector in Iraq.
After telling Her Majesty's Government there were no weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in Iraq. He told
David Broucher, a former British Ambassador. "I will probably be found dead in the woods." 
When he was found dead in the woods Tony Blair was asked.
“Have you got blood on your hands.” Blair refused to answer.

An Oxford publisher has now confirmed Kelly was writing a book detailing exactly how his reports, that Saddam Hussein did not have anything like WMD, were ignored by Her Majesty's
Government. Kelly was also an expert in biological warfare agents. The book  covered Kelly’s secret advice on germ warfare given to the brutal South African apartheid regime. This aspect of how Her Majesty's Government really works could prove more explosive than the entire catalogue of Iraq lies.

Anthrax War, a new film about biological weapons, debuted in London on the sixth anniversary of Dr. Kelly's death. The film's director, Bob Coen, stated. "We have proved there is a black market in anthrax. David Kelly was of particular interest to us because he was a world expert on anthrax and he was involved in assisting the secret germ warfare program in apartheid South Africa." 
Bob Coen's investigation takes him from the U.S. to the U.K. and from the edge of Siberia to the tip of Africa. In a rare interview, Coen confronts 'Doctor Death' Wouter Basson, who headed Project Coast, the South African apartheid-era bio-warfare program,". Project Coast allegedly used germ warfare against sections of the country's black population. A Torrent download of Anthrax War is available. Clips can be found on YouTube. 

Dr. David Kelly was but one 13 scientists “suicided”


October 2006

Apart from David Kelly's unnecessary death there have been 3,038 coalition deaths, 2,803 Americans, two Australians, 119 Britons, 13 Bulgarians, six Danes, two Dutch, two Estonians, one Fijian, one Hungarian, 32 Italians, one Kazakh, one Latvian, 17 Poles, two Romanians, two Salvadoran, three Slovaks, 11 Spaniards, two Thai and 18 Ukrainians in the unnecessary war in Iraq as of October 24, 2006, according to a CNN count (Graphical breakdown of casualties). also see  war in Afghanistan  The list includes seven employees of the U.S. Defense Department.  At least 21,077 U.S. troops have been wounded in action.  As you would expect in this illegal war. Iraqi's killed and crippled have never been counted.  

Iraq Body Count

 “We don’t do body counts”
General Tommy Franks, US Central Command



Mockery of Justice

Nothing Dr. Goebbels Ministry Of Nazi Propaganda used to control public opinion through false press reports has been over-looked or left unused by Toady Blair's sinister pals Mandy Mandelson & Alleycat Campbell. Not too long ago, when Jo Moore was still spinning from the Downing Street end, Blair's Dirty Tricks Department sought out the political leanings of rail crash victims in order to label them troublemakers! 
Rail crash survivor Pam Warren is one of many victims still waiting for compensation - after being brutally battered, fried alive and left disfigured. Pam lives with constant pain and recurring nightmares. Recently as Her Majesty's 'government' continued to procrastinate on compensation Pam told ITN News she was contemplating suicide.

Judicial Inquiry's, unlike Lord Hutton's travesty of Justice, should lead to life sentence's for those who kill for profit i.e. Gerald Corbett (Railtrack) Steve Norris (Jarvis) and politicians who tell lies to take the country to war to feather their off-shore nests via the arms & oil trade. The record shows The Scott Inquiry. The Clapham, Hatfield, Southall and Potter's Bar Inquiries, along with Judge Hutton's whitewash, were the stage managed production of the Queen's favourite Privy Councillor's. Can you wonder why Ministers Of The Crown and their privatizing pals always walk? 

Appointing Lord Butler to head her 'inquiry' into the Hutton leak farce speaks ocean's about the Head Of State. Butler told the Scott Inquiry it was perfectly acceptable for Ministers Of The Crown to lie in Parliament!  

Butler cleared Neil Hamilton, Tim Smith and Jonathon Aitkin of being on-the-take! Were it not for the Guardian's reporter's publishing the truth, Hamilton, Smith & Aitkin would still be in Queen Lizzy's Parliament. 

So called 'inquiries' into who leaked Hutton's palace script and why we can't find the reason Blair took Britain to war. Will prove nothing more than designer distractions while Lizzy's placemen continue dismantling the Welfare State.

The 'Royal Inquest' into Diana's death will be another royal waste of public (your) money. The police time and taxpayer's millions would be far better employed turning over the royals illegal private bank - Bank Of England Nominees. (BEN)

Before the Kelly Affair. Award winning journalist Andrew Gilligan had fearlessly put himself in the line of Establishment fire writing about landmines, arms deals and Establishment dirty deal's with the European Landowners Club (EU) 

   * Jo Moore. Following paragraph below from www.red-star-research.org.uk    where you'll find the seedy history of everyone promoting 'New Labour.'

Moore was active in the battle to throw Militant Tendency activists out of the Labour Party in the 1980's, describing herself as 'the hammer of the Trots'.  When she was Vice-Chair of the National Organization of Labour Students, she wore a silver necklace with an ice-pick on it. An ice-pick was used to kill Trotsky - geddit!  She came under pressure to resign after an e-mail she sent in the first hour after the World Trade Centre attack was leaked to the Media.  ' a very good day to get out anything we want to bury.'  

 More on Moore & Gestapo Lite -   www.red-star-research.org.uk



The Thug Running America

Nearly two years on and President Bush continues to ignore the victims of the Katrina Hurricane disaster. Only 16,000 of 130,000 families made homeless have received government aid.
May 2007 President Bush has now short changed his own 'Katrina Aid Program' by $2.9 Billion


story image 1

New Orleans 2005

I fled to Texas
 Latrice Pinkins, Local Reporter

 At dawn August 29, Katrina blasted through Barataria Bay bringing a twenty-foot-wall of sea-water. The bowl of New Orleans started to fill. People were trapped in attics, stranded on roofs and drowning in the streets. 
The Superdome, “safe harbor,” became a den of horror and a living hell for all evacuees. My cousin who chose to stay behind in the 9th Ward found himself evacuating his home through the roof. He and four others rowed a boat to the Superdome only to find mayhem. “There were children getting raped, shaking junkies, gunshots, abandoned dead bodies and other scenes from hell,” he said.

Days later, when help finally arrived, he made his way to a shelter and someone picked him up to reunite him with the rest of the family.  But thousands of people still do not know where their relatives are or even if they survived.  Latrice Pinkins. September 06, 2005.

New Orleans: May 2007

katrina.jpg Hundreds Of Billions Of Tax Payers Money For Illegal Wars? No Problem

Following his 9/11 attack on America President Bush manufactured two illegal wars on Afghanistan, Iraq that has murdered over 650,000 and cost the American taxpayers $456 Billion thus far. Katrina's victims have been forgotten.                                            photo May 8, 2007 New Orleans.  




Katherine Gun. A Proper Lady


Having signed Her Majesty's
Official Secret Act. Katherine was supposed to keep her mouth shut when she learned how the case for war on Iraq was being concocted. Working as an intelligence officer at GCHQ Cheltenham, Katherine came across a grubby plot to bug UN officials - who's personal phone calls could perceivably be used to blackmail them into voting for the Bush-Blair war on Iraq. Being a proper Lady she told the media. She was charged with braking the Secrets Act.
As an interpreter on the Chinese desk Katherine had no access to the grubby little memo she leaked to the Observer.  In the thickening fog of their own skulduggery Blair, Campbell, Hoon & co., were uncommonly slow to realize the fair Katherine was acting on behalf of her bosses who also disagreed with starting an illegal war (Katherine had had to apply to her boss at GCHQ for permission to join the ten-million people who took part in a world-wide protest marches against the war).   February 25 2004. The noble Katherine arrived at the Old Bailey prepared to plead Guilty and explain why. i.e. The war was and is undeniably illegal. She was told Her Majesty's
'Government' had dropped all charges.
Had there been any legal reasons for the war on Iraq; Katherine would have been whisked off to Holloway and banged-up with Huntley's girlfriend. 

photo's above & below London Evening Standard. 25 & 26 Feb 2004.

Claire Short. Never A Lady.


The morning after the Gunn case was dropped to stop the simple truth coming out. Ex cabinet minister Claire Short broke her oath to obey the Secrets Act by accusing Tony Blair of ordering the bugging of the UN Chief himself!  Fittingly Short was speaking on BBC Radio 4's Today. Andrew Gilligan's old program. Blah Blah Blair did not, did dare not, deny the charge. Short may have a few transcripts of Kofi Annan's phone calls tucked away in her drawers. Annan's office issued a short statement to the effect that nothing would surprise the Secretary General (right) Who is walked all over by the Bush gang and widely criticized over his inability to stop the long march to a fraudulent war. 


 Real Movies. How Bush Junior lied to create another Gulf War. A nice little earner for Bush & Co. Produced and Directed by Robert Greenwald.

Uncovered: The Whole Truth About the Iraq War




Chernobyl Today:
Mother & Baby Units No Longer Required  

The nurse, Vera Konstanov, is quoted.  “This used to be a happy place, now it is just a depot for the graveyard.” 

The photo left,  from the Minsk Daily October 14, 1992 shows a clinic 30 mile from Chernobyl.
Five years after the nuclear fire abnormal births in this area had increased ten-fold. By 1996 the clinic and the villages around it, had been abandoned. There will be no going back.  







07:15:00  January 14th. 2003.  It took a squad of Greenpeace girls ten minutes to reach the doors of Sizewell’s control room. A squad of suicide bombers would have made 9/11 look like a flea bite. Spreading Sizewell's nuclear poison all over England would not worry the royal family. The royals have escape planes standing-by 24\ 7. They also have billions in offshore banks, private islands ten-thousand-away, long-standing plans to lease-out Britain as a nuclear dump and utter contempt for anyone daft enough to support the phony "royals."




 How Bush Junior lied to create another Gulf War. A nice little earner for Bush & Co. Produced and Directed by Robert Greenwald.
Uncovered: The Whole Truth About the Iraq War

While Iraq is burning Bush is trying to revive the US nuclear reactor business by flogging Doomsday machines to his royal cousin Simon Saxe Coburg Gotha of Bulgaria. Proof, as if we needed proof, the lunatics are running the asylum.  Who needs a bloody Conspiracy Theory when the facts speak for themselves? Taking oil and nuclear profiteers out of the loop by developing sea, wind & solar power is the only way forward.
The first step towards a safer world will not be made by a phony Queen or her criminal cousins.
They Are The Problem.

see.  Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election exposes the exact mechanisms used by the Republicans to steal the election in November of 2000. Produced and Directed by Joan Sekler and Richard R. Pérez. see The Best Democracy Money Can Buy.  Plume.,  Greg Palast.  from Amazon.com.      



The Insanity Of Nuclear Power.  

01:23:40.                   01:23:44.

Time Saved 60 Hours. Lives Lost 1,00,000 and counting

 When a nuclear reactor overheats it ‘Fails to Safety.’ It then takes 30-60 hours to power-up again. To save this time. The nightshift maintenance crew, illegally, disabled the Automatic Temperature Control. Had they not, No 4 would have shut itself down safely.

Chernobyl plant manager Viktor Bryukhanov was sentenced to 10 years hard labour. Viktor was home in bed at the time. But. Viktor was held responsible for ‘introducing illegal working practices’ that caused the accident. The maintenance crew told a specially convened Soviet Court; they knew they were pushing the reactor into the Red Zone. But they believed it would ‘do no harm as they had done so several times before!’ Reactor No 4 was not jerry-built as the Western press reported. No 4 was simply abused.  International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) records clearly show No. 4 had not suffered any hideously expensive teething troubles. As most reactors do. 
No 4 had a better sustained-output-record than any British or US reactor of the same age.
Had it not been abused No 4 would still be working.

The mechanical fault at Three Mile Island, was actually more terrifying than Chernobyl. Mechanical failure’s are, legally, An Act of God. In short; if Three Mile Island had poisoned Pennsylvania all insurance claims would have been null and void.

You should not need a priest to tell you; building nuclear power station’s spit’s in the face of all that is Holy. Nuclear power station’s poison the earth - and everything on it. Wind, bio-gas solar and sea-power-system’s are not only a million times safer. They produce much cheaper electricity. The wind, sun and sea, however, can not provide the ungodly with Cayman bank accounts. Government contrived outfits running on taxpayers money, like BNFL, can.

 below. Ten acres of surplus DU.  DU makes dirty ammo. A coating of DU makes ordinary 12 inch shells armour-plated-tank-busters. Each shell creates nuclear dust as it explodes. Radiation from particles of the dust causes cancers for centuries after the shells explode. Queen Lizzy, who produces DU at her Sellafield site, continues to ignore the families of six-hundred British veterans, of the first Gulf War, who died of Gulf War Syndrome. Which is partly caused by DU and partly caused by "preventive medicines" supplied by the over-priced drug industry.  Lizzy's Defence Minister during the first Gulf War, Nicholas Fatty Soames, is also the Director of the company that (still) supplies "preventive medicines" to Her Majesty's
Armed Services. Fatty and Nuclear Lizzy deny there is any such thing as Gulf War Syndrome. Passing Tory puppet Michael Howard obligingly made Fatty Soames shadow Defence Minister. Proving once again there is no such thing as Her Majesty's
Opposition. Just Queen Lizzy's placemen. 

Also see.  The Oil Monarchs: George W. Bush & His Royal Kin. Christopher Bollyn.  www.americanfreepress.net/    

memo. If the Martians landed tomorrow and took away all of Earth's coal, oil, gas and uranium. Wind-power, sun-power, sea-power and biomass-power-systems would be up and running the day after. Britain would have dirt cheap, safe power now were it not for Queen Lizzy's oil & nuclear cabal. Royal profits, as you should have noticed, always come first.



Safe Energy  -  Bio energy

Biomass systems are infinitely safer, and cheaper than any nuclear reactor. Britain’s nuclear workforce would be far happier producing and operating safe power system's like the one on the right. Taking part in the moronic practice of producing needless nuclear waste is, to say the very least, depressing. Biomass\gas systems, like the one above, can run on chicken shit i.e. the stuff between 'royal' ears. 


Big Ear's displaying his total lack of intelligence 'hunting' the uneatable fox.

Britain needs a proper Head of State not another nuclear-vested-inbred programmed to kill defenceless animals to pass the time of day.



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