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 Alzheimer's Society links massive increase in Dementia to BSE/CJDv

How Her Majesties Government looks after you

“There is no danger to the food chain.”  
  Health Secretary, Kenneth Clarke. 1988. 

      “All British beef is safe.”  Prime Minister Thatcher, 1988.

 “There is nothing wrong with British Beef.”  
  Agriculture Minister, John Gummer. 1989. 

“There is no conceivable risk from British Beef.” 
Health Secretary, Steven Dorrell. 1995. 

“British Beef is entirely safe.”   
Prime Minister,  John Major. April 1996.

“We shall be culling all cattle over 30-months-old.” 
 Agriculture Minister. Douglas Hogg. March 1996.  

Thanks to the above Ministers of the Crown BSE, like Scrapie, is now in the soil. BSE or Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy, to give it its Sunday name, takes twenty to thirty years to incubate in humans. The symptoms of Premature Senility, Dementia and Alzheimer's are similar to BSE. Only a post-mortem can find the altered proteins that confirm BSE as the cause of death. Her Majesties government re-branded BSE in humans as a variant of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJDv). The NHS cannot afford post-mortems for Premature Senility, Dementia and Alzheimer patients, who are dying every day, ergo Her Majesties BSE murders go unreported...

Major riding a doomed cow.

 In the first year of the BSE cull John Major gave his Tory, abattoir owning, cronies £M631 of the taxpayers Money., for a job that honest men wanted to do for nothing! At the start of the cull, long before cows were incinerated whole, most British abattoirs offered to slaughter the beasts in exchange for their hides. Her Majesties passing Prime Mouthpiece, John Major, gave his Tory abattoir owning cronies £87. 50 per cow - plus the Hide!

 The BSE Murders

1978. The Royal Commission On Environmental Pollution (RC) reported a growing danger of Toxic & Pathogenic contamination in our animal feed mills.

James Callaghan’s Labour government drew-up Draught Legislation to stop feed mills using accidentally poisoned animals in high-protein-animal-feed.   A new law would mean farmers would have to pay for incinerating their diseased and accidentally poisoned animals. Most farmer’s opposed the proposals. They wished to continue selling such animals to the knackers yard (the knackers divided the animals between pet food manufacturers, animal-feed-mills and glue factories).

Tory leader Mrs Thatcher promised farmers (potential voters) she would drop Labour’s plan to clean-up the feed mills. On winning the 1979 Election. As promised. Mrs Thatcher shelved the Draught Legislation. A year later Her Majesties Government deregulated the animal feed industry. Rendering Plants and Feed Mills would no longer be subject to unannounced government inspection.  Before being deregulated (privatized) Rendering Plants were legally required to boil down butchers waste for eight hours to kill any potential infection . Deregulated (privatized) Rendering Plants and Feed Mills halved their energy bill by halving boiling time to kill infections.

Note. The Queen receives the final draught, which she can alter, of all Royal Commissions before any mere Prime Minister. In short. Thatcher could not have shelved Labour’s proposalso  without the Queen’s signature.

Research into Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE ) has focused on an altered protein - science has named a Prion (pree-on) Our most common Prion Disease, Scrapie, was first recorded in British sheep in the 16th Century. If you eat Prions they can take-over from your normal proteins.
Put simply: Normal proteins are a line of adjoining squares which carry signals from the brain. Prions, however, are shaped like triangles. Triangles, where squares should be, make holes the signals can-not cross. Signals to the hands, feet and everything else, fail to arrive.  

Signal loss depends on two things. The amount of Prions eaten and the victims genetic make-up. To those who are genetically susceptible. The more Prions eaten, the quicker the development of signal loss - and a lingering death.

A ten-year-old who eats half of a Prion contaminated beef-sandwich could die in 10 years time. But the child’s best friend who eats the other half, may not develop the disease for twenty years. Or may-be not at all. It all depends on the individuals unique DNA make-up.

All Prion Diseases develop slowly.   

By 1999, the Central Veterinary Laboratory (Surrey) had published evidence showing Prions in cattle take 3 - 7 years to incubate (become apparent). An early sign is a slight change of colour of the udder. At the early stage, before signal loss, the cows behaviour is normal. Only a farmer or a vet would detect the changing skin tone of the udder. 

Two Prion Diseases, found in humans, before the human form of BSE occurred, are Creutzfeldt-Jakob-Disease (CJD)  and Kuru. Kuru has been observed taking as long as 34 years to incubate.

Kuru victims and their descendants have been monitored from the 1950’s following an epidemic in a cannibal tribe, the Fore, in Papua New Guinea. Noble Prize Laureate Dr. Carleton Gajdusek proved the epidemic was caused by the tribe eating diseased cadavers. BSE was spread the same way. Diseased cattle were fed to healthy cattle.  

When the first cow fell ill, probably in 1980 or 81, the nature of the illness - falling over etc., would indicate Toxic poisoning. Because the proposals to clean-up our feed mills were shelved, farmers were still selling Toxic poisoned beasts for use in meat and bonemeal high-protein-feed.

Subsequent cattle fell ill 1984-85. Just one Prion infected cow, weighing three-quarters-of-a-ton, boiled-down and ground-up into cattle food would poison hundreds more.    

Scrapie, BSE, Kuru, and CJD Prions survive in freezing conditions. And in higher temperatures than were used after deregulation in making animal feed. BSE Prions contaminate the actual metal of the feed processing machinery. The metal then contaminated clean meat and bonemeal - spreading the disease into every batch of feed produced.     

 1987. Irrefutable evidence submitted to Mrs Thatcher’s cabinet proved how contaminated Rendering Plants and Feed Mills were spreading BSE throughout the national herd. The evidence was patently ignored. Her Majesties ministers do not eat Supermarket meat why on earth would they care what the public eat.

Some researchers believe, the first cow was infected by sheep that had died of Scrapie and were then rendered down into cattle-cakes. However under the microscope there are many strains of Scrapie. Research, to date, has found only one strain of BSE.  Which suggests all cases, to date, stem from just one infected cow. 

Some researchers believe BSE was caused by human sludge, containing CJD, spread on fields where that first cow, later, grazed. They argue, CJD transmitted from man to cow - and then back from cow to man - becomes Kuru.  

 Under the electron microscope the human form of BSE looks like Kuru. It do’s not look like CJD. It do’s not look like Scrapie.

Some researchers argue, the over-use of Organo-Phosphates, (OP’s) has weakened the immune systems of our cattle - making them more susceptible to Prions. OP’s are banned in most EU countries.  

A few cases of what was called Cattle-Scrapie were recorded in France as early as 1829. In middle England, in the early 1900’s occasional cases, of what looked like Scrapie in our cattle, were also recorded as Cattle-Scrapie. But was it Scrapie?  Some vets and animal scientists believe BSE is a dormant Bovine disease. Which surfaced because modern chemicals had weakened that first cows immune-system.  A dormant disease may also have been triggered and accelerated by CJD Prions spread in fields. Likewise a dormant cattle disease could be rekindled by Scrapie Prions in high-protein-feed.

In order to chomp on longer grass, docile looking Daisy will use her great weight to push down fences. The longer grass is often in woodlands treated with Herbicides & Insecticides. Eating Cyanide based Herbicides & Insecticides can cause poor Daisy to drop-down-dead in the woods.  

Published in 1978. The 1976 Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution (RC) Studied what happens to animal waste, taken from our farms, abattoirs, knacker yards and butchers shops.

Commission officials visiting Farms, Rendering Plants and Animal Feed Mills were dismayed to find cattle, that had died of toxic poisoning, and sheep that had died of Scrapie, being rendered down to make high-protein-feed. Officials reported animals, that had lain dead on the farm for days, were later mixed with fresh [healthy] butchers-waste. Which, mixed with grain became Cattle-cakes, Pig-crusts, Poultry-pellets etc..

 [ As stated above. The RC proposed Legislation to stop Rendering Plants & Feed Mills using Toxic or Pathogenic contaminated carcasses. Mrs Thatcher could not have shelved the RC proposals without the Queen’s written permission. The history of totally meaningless “Royal” Commission’s, alone, makes the case for ending the monarchy.]

1980. The Common Market decided to Subsidise milk production.  Cattle are happy and content eating grass - producing eight gallons of milk per day. Cattle fed on high-protein-feed increase their out-put to twelve gallons per-day. An increase of 33% profit.

1984. Feed-stock figures published by MAFF*  proved Britain’s Feed Mills supplied 20 % more high-protein-feed, in 1981, 1982 and 1983.  To the same number of British cattle supplied in 1978, 1979 and 1980 (UK had eleven million cattle 1975 - 85).   Her Majesties Ministry Of Agriculture Farms and Fisheries MAFF  *  conveniently shredded their own figures.

Surviving records prove the new Bovine disease was seen, and recorded by local TV News, in West Sussex in 1984. By Veterinary Surgeon David Bee at his suggestion it was officially noted as "Pitsham Farm Syndrome". 

The first case given the name Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) was first seen in 1985 at Plureden Manor dairy farm near Ashford, Kent.

1987. By June  that year 240 cases of BSE had been reported to MAFF. From the start of 1986 many scientists publicly warned the Her Majesties Government that BSE could cross to human beings. They were royally ignored.

Dr. Helen Grant, Head of Neurology at Charing Cross Hospital, warned BSE would cross to humans. Her Majesties passing Prime Mouthpiece, Mrs Thatcher ignored Dr. Grant’s written request for an inquiry. The Queen also chose to ignore the evidence of Dr. Joseph Gibbs - in Transmission Tests done in Maryland USA. 1961 - 1970. Dr. Gibbs proved BSE’s sister diseases, Kuru and CJD, are transmittable.  It is illegal to inject Kuru or CJD into humans, but Dr. Gibbs proved what would happen if we did. Gibbs injected chimpanzees with Kuru and CJD. Expecting results - if any - in five or more years. Gibbs along with British Neuropathologists monitoring the tests, was surprised to observe the chimps died in just two years. The unexpected results very soon became common knowledge in academic circles.

When BSE broke out Ministers of the Crown consistently ignored Dr. Gibbs irrefutable evidence. By destroying the contaminated feed and cleaning-up the Feed Mills, the Thatcher cabinet would have arrested BSE in 1987-88. As they were advised to do - by every honest person initially involved. 

Farmers, vets and scientists investigating BSE in 1985, 86 and 87, all confirmed every single case was directly linked to a handful of Feed Mills, supplying most of Britain's farms with high-protein-feed.   

The Thatcher cabinet refused to act on independent and government evidence proving high-protein-feed was spreading the disease. Stopping the production of contaminated feed  (as first proposed in the 1978 Royal Commission RC)) and culling the few herds affected in 87, (or in 1988 or 1989) would have saved millions of cattle from a futile end in the incinerator. And most of the 122 people who have died - thus far 1996 - of BSE. 

Irrespective of how the first cow developed BSE. The 1979 decision to ignore the RC proposal to clean-up the Feed Mills was directly responsible for spreading BSE. Not surprisingly, the Thatcher cabinet started the cover-up John Major would continue.

Veterinary Surgeon Colin Whitaker - who saw the first case of BSE in Kent (25 April 1985) told BBC TV, he was gagged, in 1987. Just before Whitaker gave a lecture on the new cattle disease, Downing Street Press Officers and MAFF Officials turned-up.  Whitaker was prevented from presenting the implications of his own research. He was told. He must not indicate how bad it could be. ‘As it may cause panic.’ Suppressing the truth from the farming community only served to spread the disease even faster.

 June 1988. The Thatcher cabinet issued Order No 1039 (Animal Health Statuary Law 1988). Which Margaret Thatcher described as a Feed Ban. But the so-called Feed Ban only applied to cattle. According to "Tory logic" the same high-protein-feed that had proved fatal to cattle could still be produced and fed to animals like lambs and chickens that don’t live long enough to show any symptoms of the disease before going to market. Order No 1039 allowed the continued production of contaminated feed which continued to contaminate the very metal of our Rendering Plants and Feed Mills. Far from imposing a Feed Ban, Thatcher licensed the distribution of ten's of thousands of tons more contaminated feed.  

The same ministers of the Crown who refused to stop BSE spreading, decided to pay only 50% market price (compensation) for each new case of BSE, which - obviously - had to be incinerated.

Typically, the Tory cabinet left it to the farmer to report any new cases. A farmer who saw ten cows showing the early signs of BSE, the slight change in colour of the udder, could take them to market, and get £5,000. Or report them to MAFF and, eventually, receive £2,500.  

 Over the next six months ‘Mad Cows’ were reported on a daily basis. Beef sales dropped accordingly. Accused of  gross incompetence from both sides of the Commons the cabinet decided to pay farmers the full market price. By this time, thousands of farmers had knowingly taken BSE contaminated cows to market.

From 1990 onwards Margaret Thatcher’s replacement, John Major, continued suppressing the known danger of BSE crossing to humans.

January 2000. Two of America’s leading Brain Disease specialists. Dr Joseph Gibbs at the National Institutes of Health and Dr Micheal Harrington at California Institute of Technology, told BBC TV how they were denied samples of the disease.  The totally unethical excuse these eminent men were given, was, ‘A British Company had sole rights on BSE research.’  Not surprisingly, but clearly criminally, Electro Ferrics, the company the Tories were paying £Millions of taxpayer’s money to suppress BSE results, is part-owned by a disgraced Tory MP.  Sir Micheal Grylls, one of Harrod’s ‘pin-stripped parasites.’

 Scientists at the Governments Central Veterinary Laboratory, (CVL)  like Electro Ferric’s scientists paid by the taxpayer, have now told BBC and ITV their vital results were dismissed as incomplete, lost, or totally ignored by the Tory’s Chief Veterinary Surgeon - Keith Meldrum.

 Oxford Professor, Roy Anderson has revealed his Epidemic Research Team (and many other Oxbridge academics) had been illegally denied access to Meldrum’s daily records of new cases of BSE for eight long years. On receipt of these records, in May 1996, Professor Anderson’s team calculated 440,000 developing cases had gone to market; and on into shops and supermarkets all over Britain.

 Graham Medley, Epidemiologist at Warwick University, was also denied access to Meldrum’s daily records of new cases, for eight unbelievable years.  After studying the figures released in 1996 Medley pointed out. 250,000, of the 440,000 developing cases sold at market, were born after Thatcher’s ‘Feed Ban’ was issued in 1988.

Many farmers had bought six-months supply of high-protein-feed. They had no intention of throwing it away. They carried on using it confident that no-one was policing or enforcing Thatcher’s futile Feed Ban.

 1991. Public Health Microbiologist. Dr. Harash Narang applied for funds to market a BSE test. The test would have stopped developing cases going into our food supply. John Major and his Chief Vet, Meldrum, refused him funding.

Dr. Narang got private funding. He then demonstrated to MAFF how successfully the test worked. Her Majesties arse-licker John Major still refused to fund the test. MAFF, Major and Meldrum dismissed Narang’s research as incomplete. They did this in the certain knowledge BSE would cross to humans. 

Major continued as Thatcher had. Totally ignoring Dr Gibbs conclusive work (1961-70). While actively suppressing Meldrum’s scientist’s positive results, at the CVL and blocking equally valid independent research. And publicly and rubbishing vets and farmers who said there was a growing cancer on Britain’s cattle farms. 

From the start of the epidemic, scientists forecast BSE would be passed on in the womb. Animal and human (Now proven in cattle).  Major, like Thatcher, acted Against The Interests Of The State by knowingly ignoring the dangers of BSE going into the food supply. Unless she is permanently stoned out of her mind. It would be churlish to pretend the Queen played no part in this homicidal cover-up. 

In the run-up to the 1992 General Election, the entire Tory front bench insisted there was no danger to humans. Even after US Bases and McDonald’s banned British beef from their kitchens.  Lickspittles Major, Gummer, Bottomley, Haseltine, Howard & Hogg, told the public British beef was safe. It must be remembered. Railtrack’s best friend, John Major and his sordid little gang were not expecting to win the April 1992 Election. They were looking forward to spending more time with their share of Privatising Loot. When, surprise-surprise, Major found him-self re-elected. He went to the Palace. Got down on his knees, kissed the royal glove and promised to continue the BSE cover-up.

June 1992, after producing sample data concerning the possible dangers of eating cattle, fed with high-protein-feed. Consultant Microbiologist Stephen Dealler, at Burnley Hospital, was refused government funding and even refused laboratory-space.

Also in 1992. Neuropathologist Dr. Robert Perry, at Newcastle General Hospital, produced similar evidence showing.  In his words. ‘BSE will, without any doubt, transmit to humans. In many cases fatally.’ Dr. Perry’s work - along with equally valid work of Dr. Helen Grant (Charing Cross Hospital ) Dr. Paul Brown ( National Institutes of Health USA) Dr. Hugh Fraser (Animal Health Institute)  Scientist, Iain McGill, (Central Veterinary Laboratory)  Microbiologist Stephen Dealler and Dr Harash Narang’s was either suppressed or publicly rubbished by the Major cabinet. Major’s cabinet carried-on, publicly, lying about BSE until young people started dying of BSE.

 As the effect on humans became fatally clear, Majors cabinet acted. But not - of course - in the Public Interest. That was never on the cards. Government Meat Inspectors were made to sign Her Majesty's Official Secrets Act. Under John Major - a Meat Inspector who found BSE meat going into your local butchers shop. Would go to jail - if he told you.  Blah Blah Blair has kept this pernicious use of the Secrets Act in place.

 Before BSE.  25 %  of UK Beef production was exported. By the time the Cull was announced. British Cold Storage Facilities were already full to capacity with unwanted beef. Supermarket prices had been cut by half. Thousands of small beef farmers had gone bankrupt (By January 2001, 82 farmers, hounded by the banks, had committed suicide).  

On Friday 29th  March 1996.  Agriculture Minister Douglas Hogg issued Order. No 961. The Beef Emergency Control Order. Banning the sale of all cattle over 30 months old. The way lickspittle Hogg tacked this historic announcement onto the end of an end-of-week-debate was yet another Master Class in government by gutless swine.  Over the weekend, the public realised the Cull would cost the taxpayer at least £6 Bn - which should have gone to hospitals and education. 

By May 1996 most of Britain’s abattoirs had tended a price for culling the four million BSE suspects. Many abattoirs were willing to kill the cattle for the price of the hide. Hides being worth a minimum of £25 each. An abattoir killing 1,000 per-week would earn £100,000 per-month.

Not surprisingly, some abattoirs, including Manchester - one of the largest in Europe, offered to pay between £2.- £5. Per-head. In return for a steady flow of work.

Clearly.  The cull of adult cattle could be done for nothing. HOWEVER. The cabinet of creative accountant John Major had their own, creative, agenda. Certain abattoir owners were invited to make their way to the tiny Channel Island tax-heaven of Sark - to discuss the Cull. The meeting took place, at sea, onboard a luxury cabin cruiser. The same group did a deal behind closed doors in Whitehall. Her Majesties Tory cabinet decided to pay certain abattoir owners £87. 50 per head. Plus the Hide.. Abattoirs willing to do the work for nothing and even pay for work were royally left out. The taxpayer would pay £Billions for millions of cattle going to cabinet selected abattoirs - no matter how long it took - instead of getting the job done quickly and paying nothing.

19th  September 1996.  MAFF published the cabinet approved estimate for the first year of the Cull. 

 Slaughtering adult cattle  (over 30 month )     £M631.

Support for abattoirs                                      £M130.   

Support for renders                                        £M118.

Support  for beef producers                           £M110.

Research    (see Electro Ferrics above)            £M20.    

Compensation to farmers                                   £M9.  

Slaughtering calf’s                                           £M80.

Export Ban, Inspection and Enforcement,       £M57.            

Total cost to the tax-payer for the first year£M1,156. 

 The Cull was expected to take 7 years. £BILLIONS of  public money - wasted on a disease that could have been arrested in the late 1980s for £Millions - had the Tory Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, acted on the irrefutable evidence on her desk.  

 As stated above. Prions can survive freezing and boiling conditions. This means, flop and urine contaminated fields can transmit BSE to grazing animals for yearss to come. Obviously - to reduce further contamination BSE suspects had to be moved off the land urgently.
Coin-operated-ministers, however, were not in the least bit concerned about new cases developing. Far from it. The more the merrier. The cabinets only concern was their multi-£million ‘percentages’ for sending every potential case through their pals abattoirs. Having "diverted" at least £M631 public money - for a job that could have been done for nothing - into Tory pockets, the last Tory cabinet failed to check if BSE meat was destroyed.

July 15 1997, British, French and American media reported. BSE Meat Not DestroyedRevenue officers had traced 1,650 tons of British beef carcasses, clearly marked BSE, through Belgium to a cold storage depot in the Netherlands. No doubt the same Tory fixers who met on Sark are responsible for exporting banned - potentially fatal - meat.  Revenue officers learned it was on its way to becoming canned steak. Under EU Law, most British beef exported for canning, comes back to British shops and supermarkets (1,650 tons of beef, makes one-and-a-half million cans of steak). Despite John Major taking £M57, off the taxpayer, to enforce his so-called Export Ban. Over nine thousand tons of BSE carcasses went “missing” on his watch. Before Major left office (May 1997) the BSE chief adviser, Professor John Patterson, warned him BSE could be passed-on (unknowingly) by blood donors incubating the disease. To find out how many people are carrying BSE - as part of  Professor Patterson’s BSE Risk Assessment Programme. John Major, without consulting Parliament, issued an order allowing blood and tissue samples to be taken from victims of fatal accidents - without asking the relatives consent. Results of this ongoing programme will remain Top Secret.     

June 1999, in response to pressure from scientists collating BSE dats , Tony Blair ordered the testing of removed Tonsils.

In July, it was announced the tests had all proved “negative.” If that were true. Why did he then (just two-months-later) allocate £M30 per-year for disposable surgical instruments for Tonsil operations?

9th August 2002. BBC News reported. Surgeons in some children’s hospitals have refused to use disposable instruments after "an intolerable number of breakages". The dirt cheap instruments could cause the deaths of their patients.

16th August 2002. BBC News reported. Children under six-years-old, needing blood transfusions, will receive blood from American blood-banks. Possible BSE in British blood-banks, has led to many surgeons demanding "clean blood."

The first year of BSE 1984-85 saw only 12 cattle dying of the disease. By February 1997 the total had passed 190,000 confirmed cases. The suffering inflicted on our cattle gets forgotten. Imagine living with a few dozen darning needles shoved in your brain. Humans get Morphine. Cattle get zip. By the time Tory turd Douglas Hogg ordered the most expensive Cull in British history, it was crystal clear Ministers of the Crown had consistently lied about BSE in the certain knowledge they would pocket £Billions from the inevitable Cull...

 In the first year of the human form of BSE, (named nvCJD) ten people died. By Jan. 2002, officially 122 people had died. Official deaths from nvCJD are nothing like the true figure. Many old people have succumbed. nvCJD symptoms are similar to 57 Varieties of senility. Without compulsory post-mortems, for every person over the age of sixty, we will never know the true extent of BSE Murders. No Jury could find Her Majesty's Government  (1979-97) Not Guilty of producing and supplying BSE poisoned feed - knowing BSE would cross to humans. In a sane world. All concerned would be arrested & charged with Premeditated Mass Murder. Unprecedented Cruelty to Animals, and Grand Larceny of £Billions of public money.

 The smirking Tory Chief Vet, Keith Meldrum, grew fond of telling TV News. ‘We do not believe there is any implications for humans - at this time.’   Along with the cabinet’s of Thatcher & Major, Meldrum had seen all the evidence. By 1979 Noble Laureate Carleton Gajdusek’s published work on Kuru, in New Guinea, had shown an average incubation time of 25  years. The Queen and her puppets who poisoned this green and pleasant land with BSE will be to old and ga-ga to prosecute before the true scale of their BSE Murders becomes apparent. And the smirking bastards know it.

Ministers Of The Rotten Crown.

Mountains of evidence show the cabinets only concern was their back-handers for sending millions of potential BSE cases through their Tory pals abattoirs. By the time Douglas Hogg ordered the most expensive Cull in history, it was crystal clear Ministers of the Crown had consistently lied about BSE in the certain knowledge they would personally pocket £Millions from the inevitable Cull.

Major riding a doomed cow.

                                    Something rotten: Ministers Of The Rotten Crown.

Jan - Dec. 2002, over 800 cases of BSE, were reported. Thousands of developing cases going to market have not been reported. Thanks to bent Minister’s of the bent Crown, BSE is now in the soil.

April 12 2003, Channel 4 News reports deaths from BSE (NvCJD)  at 134. But as stated above most BSE deaths have been wrongly recorded as various types of age-related senility.

“All British beef is safe.”                  Prime Minister Thatcher. 1988. 

“There is nothing wrong with British Beef.”   Agriculture Minister. John Gummer. 1989.

“There is no conceivable risk from British Beef.”  Health Minister. Steven Dorrell. 1995.

 “British Beef is entirely safe.”      Prime Minister.  John Major. April 1996.

 “We shall be culling all cattle over 30-months-old.”   Agriculture Minister. Douglas Hogg. March 1996.    

The above gave their cronies £Billions of public money for a job that honest men offered to do for nothing. We believe these bastards belong behind Traitors Gate. What do you think?


  The Malignant Major/Update: Mayflower Fraud.      London Evening Standard. 25.2.2003.

 Johnny Major's Criminal Record. Not having the guts to become a proper mugger. Major became a creative accountant. The only outfit he could find to employ him was a hand-wringing merchant bank. The money changers encouraged his natural bent. His talent for balance-sheet-fraud led him naturally into Tory politics. He became a glorified tea-boy in Her Majesty's Treasury.
It was here the unspeakable Thatcher spotted the malignant Major. And - yuk - it was love at first sight (After admitting he sank as low as fucking Eddie Currie. He can hardly deny he serviced the ultimate Mad Cow) The Mad Cow made him Chief Treasury Secretary. He wasted no time exploiting all the smart-arse-accounting tricks that would later bring down Enron. Unlike Enron fraudsters Major had Her Majesty's Official Secret Act to shield him from any investigation – let alone prosecution. Apart from the millions he made from insider-arms-deals, BSE and the oil fields Major got his sticky fingers into every one of the Queen’s illegal sales of public assets. The old GPO infra structure (illegally sold at one tenth the asset value). Railway’s, gas works, water works and bus garages (illegally sold at one fifth their asset value).  After Diana died the Queen put Major in charge of Wills and Harry's off-shore investments. Come the Revolution, the malignant Major will be given the truth drug. Major is one of the royals nominees, his knowledge of the royals offshore £Trillions and which Tax Havens they are kept will be extracted before we nail the malignant
bastard to the nearest tree. 




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