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Nuclear Power Victims
Get Twenty-Five-Cents Per-Month!

The "New Russia" can only afford to give Chernobyl’s victims twenty-five-cents per month to buy clean food! Along with the Russian media the American and British media continue to ignore the millions suffering from the small leak at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station.

Annya was born in a village highly contaminated by the Chernobyl accident. A cancerous brain tumour at the age of four marked the end of Annya's childhood and the beginning of a life of pain and illness.
Residents have been advised to leave the area but most cannot afford to move. Because the ground is too contaminated to grow food, those who stay get US$0.25 cents per month to buy clean food.



 The museum keeps no record of hundreds of thousands people who died and are dying of nuclear power station cancer. "That information" they say, "is government business".

Kiev's Chernobyl Museum

This section has names, maps and previous population figures of some of the abandoned villages permanently poisoned by a nuclear power station. The museum keeps no record of hundreds of thousands of people who have died or those who are now dying of nuclear power station cancers.

              HMG Bomb Factory Sellafield

A Clear And Present Danger

Her Majesty's
little earner
- Sellafield.
A Clear And Present Danger.
But NOT if you have billions in offshore banks, escape planes standing-by and long-standing-plans to lease out Britain as an international nuclear dump.

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 Nov 27th 2002  8 am. Two surface-to-air (SAM) missiles narrowly missed an Israeli charter jet carrying 261 tourists. The 757 had just taken-off from Mombassa airport. At the same time. Three suicide bombers in a four-wheel-drive smashed through the security barrier of the Mombassa Paradise Hotel and drove straight at the entrance. The explosion, of an estimated 300 lb of plastic explosives, killed 14 and destroyed the 200 room hotel. As our TV screens were illustrating how close the SAM’s had come to the jet’s starboard wing and showing the smoking ruins of the hotel. Her Majesty's
Government casually released the news another £2.1 bn taxpayer’s money will be given to shore-up British Energy, (nee Nuclear Electric) the failed privatized nuclear outfit an honest Head Of State would have shut-down years-ago. Lizzy chose to keep it running on your money. British Energy are running eight Targets Of Mass Destruction-cum-Chernobyl's.  The stroke of the royal pen keeps these needless nuclear risks open by stealing money from the Public Services. 


Bow Street Magistrates Court: January 24th.  

 Corporate lawyer, Marcus von Bock und Polach, 38, was jailed for one year. While acting for Enron subsidiaries he embezzled a cool £400,000. His Defence stated: ‘He was caught-up in Enron’s culture of dishonesty.’ The London based lawyer used the much-loved ‘accounting device’ of  diverting other peoples money into a bogus consultancy. Had he not had the corporate conceit to use his West Hampstead address for the phony consultancy he may well have got away with it.
While Enron blossomed, a much older culture of dishonesty flourished in Downing Street. Queen’s Privy Councillor's John Major and John Wakeham came-up with many ways of robbing people, i.e. the Non Fossil Fuel Levy.  The levy added 10% to your electric bill. Major told Parliament the money would be used to develop safe power systems. As usual. He was lying. The money was stolen to fund Sizewell B! Explaining the levy on Lifeschool (BBC2 Feb. 1995) long-time nuclear analyst Gordon MacKerron, of the Science Policy Research Unit, told viewers: "Over one thousand million. That’s more than one billion pound, every year, go’s to Nuclear Electric." [now British Energy]  Years earlier MacKerron had advised Her Majesty's
Government to close down Britain’s potential Chernobyl’s. He was royally ignored. Instead of closing down reactors, the ungodly ‘privatised’ them. Queen's Privy Councillor's Wakeham & Major made the sale possible by making the un-consulted taxpayer pay the horrendous cost of dismantling reactors and storing ever-lasting nuclear waste. Adding yet more insult to injury; a possible terrorist attack on these needless nuclear reactors, is ‘justification’ for the cabinet to maintain, at your expense, nuclear escape plans. Nuclear escape plans do not include the public. In a nuclear ‘event’ you & yours will be left to fry. Not surprisingly; the fraudster Wakeham was invited to join the board of Enron. Along with a three billion Dollar share fraud; the Enron board face charges of using unwarranted job-cuts to engineer crippling power-cuts - leading to a 200% hike in the price of Californian electricity. Enron chief Kenneth Ley, who gave Dubya Bush $770,000 towards his election campaign, diverted another $M104  ‘stolen from Enron shareholders’ into Mrs Ley’s Swiss accounts. With Bush in charge of US justice you can expect the Enron board to walk. Little fish, like the corporate lawyer above, will do a few months in a soft nick. Where they can plan their next scam with the likes of Lord Archer.

500,000 Victims

March 25, 2006 the Guardian reported: 'Leading scientists and doctors claim that up to 500,000 people may have already died as a result of the world's worst environmental catastrophe... '
Three-hundred-and-ten-miles west of Chernobyl, doctors are coming across an unusual rate of cancers and mutations.
'In the 30 hospitals of our region we find that up to 30% of people who were in highly radiated areas have physical disorders, including heart and blood diseases, cancers and respiratory diseases. Nearly one in three of all the newborn babies have deformities...

                    BBC: Economic With Uranium Truth

Check-out  BBC News website for the 23rd anniversary of the accident, April 26, 2009 and you will find no mention of the ongoing, brutal, old style Soviet cover-up suppressing the fact that at least 500,000 Russians have died - thus far - of Chernobyl's nuclear power station poison. So-called "BBC reporters" are under strict orders not to upset the Queen's plan to build ten more Chernobyl's in Gt. Britain.  

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