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The phony Prince & Princess Of Kent

He is the grand-nephew of the mass murderer Zsar Nicky Romanov, she, the daughter of a top Nazi SS Officer who rounded-up Czechoslovakian Jewís, Gypsies and the mentally ill for Hitler's gas ovens.

The phony Kentís organise off-Palace meetings, for royal bankers and Lizzyís Arab cronies at little known grace & favour addressís - where they enjoy 24 \ 7 SAS protection. All at the taxpayer's expense - of course. Like the rest of the phony royals these two have nothing what-so-ever to do with Britain - let alone Kent. The Naziís daughter can be seen riding-out with the Royal Beaufort. Hooting & tooting with fellow public-money-wasters, Tampax Charlie, Coke-Fried Camilla, Half-Brain Harry, Worthless Willy et al.


"Royals"  The Russian Branch

right, Zsar Nicky, Zsarina Alex, their son and four daughters.
The Romanov family ruled over All The Russiaís, eight-million-square-miles, with an iron fist for three centuries. They amassed an immense fortune.

Queen Victoriaís granddaughter Zsarina Alex, and her husband Zsar Nicky ignored years of famine killing millions of their subjects. They could have imported more grain.
They didnít.
Subjectís who complained usually died in jail after falling down stone steps.
Surviving reels of Ďthe royal mobí show English, Russian and German cousins attending each-others birthdayís, wedding, summer balls and autumn shoots. Racing their horses at Ascot. Their yachts at Cowes. In the summers of 1904 -12, the royal cousins are seen skinny-dipping in the Black Sea, after dancing the night away onboard their royal yachts.

In the bitter winter of 1905, Church leaders in St. Petersburg organised a march on behalf of political prisoners. Thousands of families gathered outside the Winter Palace. Nicky sent orderís for the army to open fire. Over 800 men, women & children fell dead in the snow (Bloody Sunday Jan. 22. 1905)
To keep the starving in their
place Nicky ordered scores of similar mass murders.

1917 The Bolshevik Revolution. The starving stormed the Winter Palace taking the royal family prisoner. The new government hoped to ransom the royals to their richest cousin, George 5. The Privy Council however, advised George 5 rescuing the 'Tyrant Zsar' could cause his own neglected subjects to storm Buckingham Palace.

King George abandoned his kith & kin saying they could easily buy their way out of Russia.

At the same time George knew full well Nicky had been smuggling truckloads of liquid assets out of Russia since 1915 when he realised he was losing control.
As the Bolsheviks learned the various palace strong rooms were empty and there would be no ransom deal they were not best pleased. A firing squad was ordered. Bullets fired at the hearts of the female Romanov's bounced off! They had to be shot in the head. The Zsarina and her daughters had made their bodies bullet proof by replacing the whale-bone stays in their corsets with lines of the finest cut diamonds.
The "corset diamonds" weighed a dazzling eighteen pound (18 lb) The corpse s
trippers missed the Zsarinaís platinum teeth. They were still in her shattered skull, discovered 62 years later in a Siberian forest, with the bones of the Zsar and their children. DNA from the phony Queen's Greek cousin-cum-husband, the phony Duke of Edinburgh, confirmed who the bones belonged to.

As the Romanov Empire finally fell apart 1915 -1916, heavily armed convoyís of trucks, allegedly carrying the pick of Romanovís treasures accumulated over three centuries, left the various palace's in the dead of night. Heading for Swiss vaults. Along with the phony Queenís forefathers the phony Prince of Kentís forefathers were into secret banking long before the Naziís banked their stolen gold under the Alps. 
The phony Kentís own a house in Oxford, a 16th century mansion in Gloucestershire and God-knows-what (Polish farms, Swiss Chalets ect,) in Euroland. The Palace spin is. They donít get on with Queen Lizzy. If that were true. Why were they given a free life tenancy of a 22 room grace & favour apartment in Kensington Palace? They perform no official function. 
Unofficially they act as Lizzy's agents coordinating off-palace meetings with Lizzy's foreign bankers and a whole can of worms we can well do without. Nothing these two do is in the interest of Britain.

The Queen sets the rents of 300 + grace & favour homes, located all over Britain, with
current rental values of £14,000 - £90,000 per month. Until the Sun published the fact, Lizzy charged her cousins just £69 per week (the water bill) for their twenty-two-room, three-floor, apartment in Kensington Palace. To show what she thinks of the Sun. Lizzy dropped the water charge. The phony Kent's now live Scot Free.
Along with the other phony royals they
enjoy 24-hour armed-police and undercover SAS protection wherever they happen to be - at the British taxpayer's expense. British Republican's believe the taxpayers billions wasted on protecting phony royals should be spent on the pensioners who saved Britain from the murdering Nazi's.  U?




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