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 Sexier Stories

 Smarting at the Den beating them at their own game, tabloid editors pulled reporters off Widespread Floods and GM Food: EU Diktat, to find sexier stories.  Wednesday's Star headline read. Extinct Tories Found In Woods!  Readers learned how Star photographers colluded with Bucks Sabs to ambush and flash-bang a dozen huntsmen gang-banging a stable-boy in Wycombe spinney. Ferrets from the Sun flushed out an irascible Berkshire Hunt Master who, according to village gossip, 'that worded' his daughter. Master and daughter woke up at 3 am, thinking it was lightning. A man on a ladder was taking photos through the bedroom window. At 8 am four police cars arrived to prevent reporters following the couples departure. The Master did a Lucan. Taking his over-developed 12 year-old to finish her education on a private game reserve in South Africa. Where reporters thinking of pursuing the pair would be shot as poachers. 
The Mirror started a daily feature.
Royal Pleasure Hunters. 'From Catharine The Great, who got so bored with having everything she shagged the odd donkey. To King Edward 7th, who, likewise jaded, fell into bed with an ancestor of the polo club mattress Camilla!' 
Under the headline Unprincipled Huntress. The Times published a statement by a retired member of the Royal Household, challenging Camilla to deny she was sleeping with Charles in his 29 room Buck House "flat" the same week he married Diana. Editorial's noted 'a deafening silence on the palace servant's sworn affidavit.' Once again pundit's poured vitriolic scorn on. ‘Charlie's clapped-out town hall wife.’ ‘The  Duckegg Of Cornwall.’ Palace Injunctions rained down like confetti on the broadcast media after the London Evening Standard published these sample page's from the Den website.


The Den Website: Kent Sabs/Enemy Report/001

Foxhunters: Who Are These People?  

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George Augustus Frederick Of Hanover Prince Of Wales, Duke Of Cornwall, Duke Of Rothesay, Earl Of Chester, Earl Of Carrick, Baron Of Renfrew. "Priny" to his mates.  
This particular foxhunter was the eldest of fifteen "royal" bastards George 3rd knocked-out to a German Princess. Princess Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelizt. Before his gluttony got the better of him Priny made dressing-up like toy-soldiers to "hunt" the uneatable fox the height of Georgian fashion. Having slept with him, the bisexual Duchess of Devonshire described the young Priny as. "More like a woman dressed as a man." The cartoon shows him in his London Palace, Carlton House, Pall Mall, twenty years before he became King George 4th. On the right are two patent treatments for VD. One for Piles and another for Stinking Breath.
Beneath which a stack of unpaid bills signify his £160,000 gambling debts. Eventually paid by Parliament. He expected to sleep with everyone he invited into his society. From his late teens he sipped cherry brandy all-day-long to take away the disgusting taste of his favourite drug - liquid opium. Aged 23 he had 300 suits! From his mid twenties he was known and despised as "The Prince Of Whales." 

1785. Priny secretly married a banned Roman Catholic, Mrs. Maria Fitzherbert. He was later forced to commit bigamy with a Protestant German Princess, Caroline of Brunswick. His second marriage, ordered by his hated father, was solely to increase the family Civil List. It had nothing to do with love. Even so he was none too pleased to learn his father was shagging Caroline!       

 1789, as their father unexpectedly recovered from a bout of insanity Priny and the scheming Duke of York saw their chance of running the country (read Treasury) slipping away. They consoled themselves with mindless blood sports and wild-wild parties staged by the debauched Duke's of Queensberry and Norfolk and the utterly vile Barrymore family.
The young Earl of Barrymore was pleasure bent on burning his £20,000 per year unearned income on 24 / 7 depravity. He was known as Hellgate. His sister revelled in the nickname Billingsgate. Her foul mouth being more than a match for any fish market porter. The youngest Barrymore brother had a clubfoot. Hence the name Cripplegate. The Reverend Barrymore was known as Newgate. Despite his efforts to walk the straight and narrow he was often thrown into jail for gambling debts. His siblings never even pondered the righteous path. Billingsgate, Hellgate and Cripplegate livened-up Priny's Pall Mall orgies with a family threesome (Theatres of Incest were to Priny's gang what Snuff Movies were to Thatcher's yuppies). When they tired of blood sports and orgies Priny's gang raced their coaches from Carlton House, Pall Mall, London to Priny's seaside palace, Brighton Pavilion. On the way they forced coach-loads of legitimate travellers off the road and uprooted road signs - hiding them in the woods. Passing through sleeping villages they startled the inhabitants out of bed by firing pistols and screaming 'Rape!' 'Unhand me Sir!' Help! Kidnap!' 'Murder!' Titled hangers-on and palace servants alike placed heavy wagers on these madcap races.
Wearing macabre masks & hunting pink and carrying an empty coffin. Priny's gang often knocked on Brighton doors in the dead of night and demanded a corpse! They called themselves the Merry Mourners.
The Brighton press came nearer the mark with 'foul born drunkards' and 'the very lees of society.'
Priny ignored the provincial press. The Times was a different matter. When John Walter, who founded the Times, reported 'Priny's Pleasures.' Priny had him jailed for so-called libel... 

1811, Priny's father, George 3rd, was finally declared insane and banged-up in the west-wing of Windsor Castle. Priny's Regency started with Priny trying to dump the energetic Princess Caroline. His pals were told to 'buy the press.' Caroline, much loved, like our own Diana Spencer, found she had far more friends in the press than her patently pathetic husband. 'Priny's coaches were hissed in the street even when empty...'  'Caroline was applauded wherever she went and given standing ovations when she visited London theatres.'

1820. Once again Priny tried to divorce Caroline. This time public hatred of Priny reached fever pitch. So much so many Noble Lords feared an insurrection if the divorce was granted. The House Of Lord's stopped Priny's Divorce Bill. Caroline's fearless lawyer, Henry Brougham, had witnesses waiting to testify Priny played three in a bed with the pre-teen daughters of a turnpike keeper, Robert Hyfield, who apparently hired the girls out to the "gentry" at reasonable rates.
Lawyer Brougham also had a gaggle of French and English prostitutes lining-up to tell appalling bed-time-stories about the 25-stone-blubber-mountain - Priny (now King Priny) Far worse than exposing Priny's royal sex-life Brougham had obtained a copy of Priny's will. Which proved he had indeed married a banned Roman Catholic ten years before his official marriage to the obligatory German Protestant Princess. Had the Law Lords allowed evidence of Priny's bigamy and the Catholic marriage into the public arena; the divorce would have to be granted. The London mob, always on the brink of religious violence, would have run amok. Republican's would have used the unrest to circulate evidence of George 3
rd's first, secret, marriage to Hannah Lightfoot. Riots would have spread across the country as the public learnt Priny was a real bastard born of bigamy and his loopy father had taken the Throne against  'all and every Church & State Law.' 
The press would have driven the last nail in the royal coffin by making it known Priny's only "heir," who had died in convulsions, was not Priny's child. But far more likely his raving-sex-mad father's. The monarchy would have ended there and then. Noble Lords were protecting their own phony baloney jobs when they threw out Priny's Divorce Bill.


The Happy Fox page 6

Bristol Sabs\ Enemy Report/001
Pampered Prince of
Fox Rippers


 Prince Charles displaying his total lack of intelligence 'hunting' the uneatable fox. Charles was the first Prince Of Wales since 1659 to Marry a British wife, Diana Spencer.  Daddy forced Charlie into marriage.  Charlie would have been far happier left in bed with his boyfriend's and their wives. Diana was simply too normal for a royal marriage. Charlie remains entrenched somewhere in the 16th Century.

Michael 'Pansy' Fawcett with his master. Presently Charlie has a staff of 109 including 29 personal servants. Having nothing better to do, he feels the need for his team of dresser’s to change his clothes three, sometimes five, times, a day! His hand-lasted shoes (John Lobb) cost £1,800 a pair. His walk-in shoe cupboards outshine Imelda's. Charlie's countless Turnbull & Asser shirts cost £200 - £500 each. His Saville Row suits (Anderson & Sheppard) cost around £3,500 each. Although Clammy Cammy got rid of hundreds of ‘older suits’ when his mummy told him he was to separate from Diana, over 100 suits rarely leave the various palace dressing room wardrobes for the 'baggage train' of 100 suits that follow him everywhere he go's. If he becomes King he will have over 700 servants - presently attending his mummy. All at the taxpayers expense, of course. The Sabs believe Britain needs an elected Head Of State. Not another congenital parasite; born with billions in foreign banks, no concern for Britain's future and fit-for-nothing but toe-curling photo-shoots, buggering about with the servants & killing defenceless animals to pass the time of day. 

Bucks Sabs/Enemy Report/001/
How the Palace re-writes history.

Chas & Cammy's Role Models

Victorian cartoon of the theiving royals

  The cartoon shows Queen Victoria smiling at Prince Albert bagging Gold Sovereigns from the Civil List for the family's foreign vaults.
The Prince Charles propaganda team would have you believe his ancestors cared for Britain and the British. Nothing could be farther from the truth. 
Film and TV portrayal's of Victoria & Albert should come with a sick-bag. The intelligent public despised the pair. Albert was addicted to killing defenceless animals but hated going out in the rain. In the cartoon below, his servants have tethered game to the furniture so he can enjoy himself without getting wet. Punch 'The Queens Business'

.Palace pampered Prince of Parasites - known and despised as "That Greedy German"

Border Sabs\Enemy Report/001
Rewriting History 'That Greedy German'

The ingenuity of the British working man produced the machinery that inspired the Great Exhibition, 1851.
The exhibition was the idea of Henry Cole, who had organised smaller Machine Exhibitions. Joseph Paxton visualised and built the ground-breaking iron & glass Crystal Palace. Paxton, the son of a gardener, had designed and built glass-houses for his boss the Duke of Bedford. Without Cole & Paxton there would have been no Great Exhibition. TV "historians" would have you believe the exhibition was Prince Albert's idea!  
In truth Albert was the role-model for his freeloading descendants, he latched-on to anything that may make the royals remotely popular. Had GMO's been around at the time. Albert would have been marching with the protester's while secretly investing his unearned income in Monsanto.
Forget the royal romantic fiction you see on television. Newspapers of the day show how most people  despised Albert & Victoria. Especially 'That Greedy German.'  Albert, like his despotic son Dirty Bertie, below, was a complete waste of space. 
 'The Brothel King.' One of countless cartoons depicting Dirty Bertie's unflinching dedication to depravity. Dirty Bertie is seen entertaining prostitutes as-per-usual during the Boer War. Prince of Wales for 40 years Dirty Bertie, like the present pointless Prince of Wales, proved an increasingly loathsome toss-pot. 

A day in the worthless life of Queen Victoria's heir Dirty Bertie



'Aren't you going to South Africa Sir?' 

'No I have to stay here to look after the girls.'


  Kent Sabs/Enemy Report/002
London Flower Girl 1895

A London child at the mercy of the idle rich blood sport set.Charles Dickens described the stinking squalor Queen Victoria's work-force were forced to live in. But that was only half the story. While the Queen's Establishment wallowed in  unprecedented wealth from the illegal Slave Trade and the many other Fruits of Empire that flowed from slave labour. Queen Victoria's neglected subjects survived by selling their children into prepubescent prostitution. In Victoria's London, Mayfair's brothels (Oyster Houses) supplied the blood-sport-set with children as young as six!

London Editor and role model Whistleblower  - William Stead
Victorian Whistleblower  

 William Stead. Editor of The Pall Mall Gazette. 1883, Stead exposed organized child rape. Queen Victoria's version of Judge Hutton jailed him! Victoria's male relative's spent their pointless lives playing dress-up, hunting, shooting and shagging. Scotland Yard files prove most of them frequented Mayfair's infamous Oyster House's. Where they pleasured their royal selves "opening" illiterate children. Stead published an account of how the blood-sport-set obtained virgins as easily as ordering a piece of meat. His reward was three months in jail. Then as now Judge's are the over-paid lackey's of the Queen's Establishment. 
Lord No Justice Hutton

                        "Victorian Values" London 1885

A Chelsea Police Inspector, Jeremiah Minahan, collected ample evidence proving Mary Jeffries, a society brothel keeper, supplied scrubbed virgins to the so-called nobility at £15 each. Minahan's investigation revealed Queen Victoria's favourite German uncle, Leopold, King Of The Belgium's, paid Jeffries £800 for one month's entertainment!
Not surprisingly, Jeffries client's included Victoria's son and heir Edward, Prince Of Wales (better known as Dirty Bertie) and Lord Fife, who was engaged to Dirty Bertie's eldest daughter Princess Louise. Queen Victoria ordered Minahan's superiors to drop the case. Child brothels continued to operate with impunity. Inspector Minahan resigned.

The Happy Fox page 7

High Wycombe
 Any Questions?

 'You Sir. Second row back, wearing the blue tie.'

'Now that we are allowed to use cannabis. Which stops people being aggressive. Do the panel think foxhunters should smoke a joint instead of imbibing the stirrup-cup?' 

Everyone laughed except one panel member whose expression was as black as thunder. Dimbleby went straight to her.

'Ann. What do you think? Would cannabis? Or indeed, could cannabis change the physic of foxhunters?'
The missionary MP for Hangum-by-the-Curlies shook with honest fury.     

'First of all. I have to say. This is not a laughing matter. Our questioner obviously doesn't know drugs are part and parcel of fox mutilation. The whole mythology of killing defenceless animals, for no other reason than killing time, is rooted in hallucinogens. We may never stop self-abuse, with drink and drugs, but we can stop the obscenity of hunting with dogs. Let me repeat. This is not a laughing matter. Foxhunting attracts the lowest degenerates on earth. The Hell Fire Club, which, started not far from here, was an extension of the opium fuelled drunken orgies following the hunt in the reign of King George the second. We should be ashamed so little has changed.  When gangs of mindless cowards meet to slaughter dumb animals its hardly surprising drugs, child abuse, buggery and incest are on the same agenda. We should not be laughing at these perverts. We should be jailing them. Only this afternoon I was asked, by the School Prefect's Association, to deliver their national petition to the Queen. Which I shall do. If our vacillating prime minister allows a clutch of coin-operated foreign judges to override the elected Parliament of the British people.'

The audience were suitably admonished. Watching the program at home, Professor Murphy immediately posted a notice on the den & sxolsout websites.
Urgent. E-mail your support for the Prefects Petition to., Buck House, Downing Street and Widdy websites
The next day a joyful Widdy devoured three boxes of Black Magic while being deluged with an endless stream of texts, calls and e-mails pledging support.

The Campbell twins had signed the last schools petition, delivered by a posse of students to Buck House. Head Girls and Boys had collected 100,000 signatures only to learn the Queen thought school-kids had no right to an opinion on foxhunting. The kids were left wondering what kind of person calls herself royal and sanctions organized cruelty to animals?The same kids had become the backbone of the hunt-saboteurs network. Having studied the real history of the Queen they were the first to use the Den website to expose the myth of "royalty."


Herts Sabs/Enemy Report/002
 The phony Queen

Sovereign Rule means illegitimate descendant's of the monarch are forbidden to ascend the Throne.  
To strengthen the House Of Hanover. The first German King of England, King George 1st, laid down the policy of marrying British born heirs to their Teutonic cousins. Several unruly royals ignored the policy. 
The future King George 3rd and his English girlfriend Hannah Lightfoot were secretly joined in holy matrimony by the Reverend James Wilmot 7th, April 1759.

Hannah has been air-brushed as indeed Diana will be if the British people continue supporting their worst Enemy the Monarchy

Hannah Lightfoot.

Legend has it, the future King George 3rd was eleven-years-old when he got the hots for eighteen-year-old Hannah. The royal romance became the talk of London. Blonde, beautiful and shaped like an hour glass Hannah was the daughter of a shoe-maker from Wapping. Stories of young George and the gorgeous Quaker girl frolicking stark naked in the woods around Windsor Castle became too embarrassing for his German mother, Augusta, Princess Of Wales. Augusta asked her wealthy lover, the Earl Of Bute, to bribe Hannah's uncle to find Hannah a husband. Hannah then went through a marriage ceremony with a suitable Quaker, Isaac Axford. Isaac never slept with Hannah. He had arranged to have the marriage annulled before taking his share of Bute's money. The mock wedding, at a Mayfair Chapel, fooled some people but "Mad George," had no intention of losing his delightful Hannah. When she became pregnant, 1759, the loving couple were secretly wed. The following year George 2nd died - making his devious heir King George 3rd. Mad George's official, but bigamous, marriage to Princess Charlotte Sophia of Mecklenburg-Strelizt, in 1761, was typical of this family's total deceit. Sovereign Rule means illegitimate descendant's, (bastards) are forbidden to ascend the Throne. Descendants of George and Charlotte's unholy union, including the present Queen, were crowned against all Laws of Church and State! see George Rex: Death of a Legend.  Macmillan South Africa. Patricia Storrar. 1974.   Also seek.  Hannah Regina. Michael Kreps. 1972. Out of print. 

When White Anglo Saxon Protestants ruled the world. Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, was named in honour of Princess Charlotte Sophia Of Mecklenburg-Strelizt. (seated)

1770. Charlotte & Mad George with six of what would be fifteen illegitimate offspring.  When White Anglo Saxon Protestants ruled the world. Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina was named in honour of Princess Charlotte Sophia Of Mecklenburg-Strelizt (seated) Charlotte married cousin George in the certain knowledge he was legally married to an English girl, Hannah Lightfoot.
Hannah had at least three of George's children. The eldest boy George Rex, who some believe the rightful heir, would later be escorted to South Africa and given one of the family's larger estates to keep him busy and out of politics. Then as now, knighthoods and palace-pensions silenced those servants who know the royals are the worst type of irreligious bastards to disgrace the planet. With a little grave-digging, for DNA, there could be enough evidence in South Africa to prove the Lightfoot Case and bring down the curtain on the royal charade. Total deceit remains the hallmark of Britain's royal family. Who are no more British than they were ever royal.
Herts Sabs believe these parasites should be sued for the return to the Treasury of all public funds given to the specious monarchy since George 4th plonked his illegal arse on the British Throne.  

                                                Fling's With One's Flunkies


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