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A Little History

The Black Death

The Black Death is caused by a deadly parasite that occurs in the stomach of a flea.
Anyone bitten by these fleas will die in excruciating pain - turning black in the process...

In 1338 a ten-month-long drought caused the Manchurian Marmot (a squirrel like animal) to leave their remote habitat in Central Asia.
Marmots carried the fatal fleas. The fleas transferred to village & town-rats, towns-people, ship-rats and sailors.
A decade later the fleas had worked their way through India, the Crimea, Turkey, Italy, Spain and France. Leaving fifty-three-million black corpses in their wake.

December 1348. Two ships carrying the fatal fleas docked at Greenwich, London. Seven out of ten people in Greenwich died within two months. In St. Albans on the outskirts of London, the infection killed three out of ten. Two hundred miles north, in the city of York, one out of ten died the same horrible death.

In 1348, a mere six-million people lived in this green and pleasant land.
By 1350 half of them had turned black and died. The wealth of the nation (the wages) was halved by the demise of half the work-force.
Similar outbreaks of plague in 1361, 1368, 1371 and 1375 mortally devalued the economic strength of every Manor in the land. With only half the labour force to farm their thousands of acres of fertile land, landlords were only half as rich as they thought they should be. As they wined and dined in the great halls of their castles they decided to impose an extra tax on the children of the poor, this was called the Poll Tax.

One evening in Dartford, Kent, a roof-tiler came home to find the King’s Poll Tax Inspector and his henchmen interviewing his family.
The Inspector insisted the daughter of the house was 15 and therefore liable to pay the Poll Tax. The girl was in fact 12. Not wishing to believe this, the Inspector tried to strip the girl. In order (he said) to ascertain her age. Where-upon the roof-tiler did the decent thing. He took his tiling hammer from his belt and smashed the Tax Inspectors head in.

The good people of Kent immediately lent their support to Walter the Tiler (Wat Tyler). The good men of Essex crossed the border to join Tyler and decide on a course of action. As news of the ‘Peasants Revolt’ spread through the Home Counties, Tax Inspectors fled the English countryside like startled rabbits. They locked themselves in their offices in the Tower Of London.

Five thousand men rallied round Tyler. Many, like Tyler, had fought in France to save England from the kind of oppression they were now subjected to from their greed-stricken landlords. They decided to march to London to tell the boy-King, Richard 2, exactly what they thought of his "government." 
The men gathered on Blackheath to hear the Preacher John Ball.
Ball saw the need for violence against the rich as clearly as the rich see the need for violence against the poor. Spurred on by the preacher's truthful words the ‘Rebel Army’ marched into London to confront 14 year-old King Richard. Who, as it happened, was as camp as a row-of-tents.
They found him enjoying himself with his Falcons in the marshes - where Green Park is today. Wat Tyler laid it on the line. Through no fault of their own the work-force had suffered twenty-years of wage reductions. Forced on them by greed-stricken landlords. And now their rents were being doubled by a totally unwarranted Poll Tax. The King told Tyler he had no idea what taxes his uncle’s the Barons had forced on the people. Richard assured his angry subjects, crowding around him, they would hear no more of this ludicrous Poll Tax. The uneducated peasants were daft enough to believe him. Tyler made the fatal mistake of allowing the King to return to his Palace. Richard immediately summoned his council.

The next day the King addressed a mass meeting at Smithfield.
Tyler was quietly surrounded by a gang of the King’s thugs led by William Walworth. Walworth knifed Tyler in the neck.  Walworth’s gang later smashed their way into St. Bartholomew’s hospital and cut Tyler’s head off!  All the other rebel leaders were murdered by the King’s thugs. Some were followed home and knifed in their beds!

The King revoked his promise to lower taxes.
For advocating violence against the violent rich, the King had John Ball hung, drawn and quartered.
Tyler’s daughter, along with everyone else, was forced to pay the brutal Poll Tax. The workforce were condemned to an early death caused by grinding poverty. William Walworth, who, happened to be the Lord Mayor of London and the owner of a score of Southwark’s disgusting child-brothels was not, of course, brought to justice for the bestial murder of Wat Tyler. Then as now, any thug who supports the monarchy is above the law.   



The King's thugs knife Watt Tyler.

Then as now, any thug who supports the monarchy is above the law.






Child Rape:
 Business as Usual

 April 15, 2008. Visiting his pal, George "Skull & Bones" Bush, Pope Benny The Nazi above left, celebrated Hitler's birthday at the Yankee Stadium. He told the crowd he now wants forgiveness. He deserves a lethal injection.

When Benny The Nazi was using the name of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger he enforced a Vatican decree, Crimen Sollicitationis, issued in 1962, which protected church based child rapists from prosecution and effectively silenced the great majority of their victims.

Father Tom Doyle was a Vatican solicitor. He was sacked after he complained thousands of child abuse cases were being brushed under the carpet. Father Doyle described Crimen Sollicitationis as “an explicit written policy to cover up cases of child sexual abuse by the clergy.”

In January 2006 BBC researchers translated the Crimen Sollicitationis decree from the Latin and posted the translation on the BBC website.
The decree tells Cardinals, Arch Bishops and Bishops how to protect their understudy's committing child rape. The process involves a sacred oath of secrecy being imposed on victims and witnesses.
Victims and witnesses are then threatened with excommunication if they break the “sacred oath.”  
Skull & Bones use similar mumbo jumbo "sacred oaths." 

As a schoolboy Colm O'Gorman was abused by a priest when Benny The Nazi was enforcing the Vatican cover-up. In February 2006 O'Gorman presented a BBC Panorama programme in which he stated. "It's the same story every time and every place. Bishops appoint priests that they know have abused children to new parishes and more abuse happens."

The Archbishop of Birmingham, Vincent Nichols accused the BBC of "a deeply prejudiced attack” on Benny The Nazi! Nichols did not dispute the cover-up of rampant child abuse by so-called Holy men, or the fact that the rapes and the cover-ups continue under what Benny The Nazi now calls "Exclusive [Vatican] Competence" for child abuse cases.
Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor was rash enough to complain to the Director General of the BBC about the Panorama programme. The Director General, Mark Thompson, rejected the complaint.
Watch the full Panorama programme via Google  BBC + Pope + Priests + Paedophiles + Panorama 
Extract here  and here   

Pope Visits Dope

The aim of Benny’s Vatican Gang is exactly the same as The Bush Gang; breeding slaves for power mad rich perverts to abuse.
If these two ever get their way there will be no human rights. No age of consent. Sacrificing children on the alter for the entertainment of the idle rich would happen for real instead of the mock sacrifices they presently make do with at Bohemian Grove and similar venues.

Long ago Benny and the Bush Gang decided one "world government" is what they want for you and yours. The destruction of American Civil Rights was a small part of creating one "supreme authority" with one “church,” one bank and one army of low IQ Robothugs. The ultimate aim of "world government" is no courts, no jails, just citizens who behave exactly as proscribed and incinerators for anyone who doesn't.

The "supreme authority" will abolish money and wages as we know them. Your employer (Bechtel, Blackwater, Monsanto, Halliburton, Woolworth, McDonald's et al) will transmit Credit Units for your work to your personal identity microchip - in your arm.

If you should disagree with the "rules", let's say you refuse to go to "church," your credit chip, not your tracking chip, will be switched off. This will change your status from citizen to "terrorist" and a squad of Robothugs will be sent to kill you - in the interests of "world peace."   
The truth about chips 
Your death camp is ready


Apart From Choirboys
What Do Popes Do?

Pope Pius 12th. Former Papal Nuncio in Berlin supported Hitler during and after WW2. As custodian of a vast amount of Nazi gold in the Vatican Bank he assisted scores of Nazis war-criminals to escape down the aptly named "Rat-line" to the U.S. and South America.   

John Paul 1st. Signed his own death warrant when he wrote he believed it was time to change the Vatican policy and allow certain types of birth control.
He also signalled his intention to stop the mafia and the CIA using the Vatican Bank as a 24/7 money laundry for counterfeit currency, drugs & arms deals and gold bullion stolen by Heads of State from their own Treasuries. Financial writers welcomed the new Pope and urged him to look into the criminal dealing of the Continental Bank of Chicago, jointly owned by the Vatican and the Queen.
The happy reign of Pope John Paul 1st  lasted 33 days. He was poisoned with a cup of tea.

As a young man John Paul 2nd. Worked with the pro-Nazi Bishop of Krakow in occupied Poland. As a team they used all their dubious skills to subdue Catholic Poles while Polish Jews were being shipped-off to slave labour camps where millions were starved and worked to death or simply shot for being old or sick.

John Paul 2nd came under fire when an earthquake devastated a part of southern Italy. The Italian media appealed to the new Pontiff to use the immensely rich Vatican Bank to send urgently needed aid. He refused to send a penny.
In May 1981, a mentally ill Turkish citizen was arrested in Vatican Square moments after he shot John Paul 2nd in the stomach. The Italian press had a field day linking the “Mad Turk” failed assassin to the Mafia, the CIA, the Kremlin and the earthquake victims John Paul 2nd had refused to help.
In Mexico where countless millions live in over-crowded-stinking-squalor, John Paul 2nd  told his flock to carry-on breeding like rabbits because the rich need more slaves. Although he didn’t use those words. That would have been telling the truth.

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