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  Jessica Lynch told Congress. "My parents were hearing that I was this little girl Rambo from the hills of Virginia who went down fighting. But it wasn't true. I had the good fortune to come home and to tell the truth. Many soldiers, like Pat Tillman, did not have that opportunity..." March 2003. Private Lynch was taken prisoner after being ambushed in Nassiriya, Iraq.  Bush fiction writers told the media Lynch had been shot and stabbed, after she ran out of bullets. In truth her gun was jammed with sand and useless when she needed it. Her extensive injuries were caused when her vehicle crashed escaping the ambush. She can remember nothing after the crash until she woke up in hospital. When the Iraqi doctors attending her judged that she was fit enough.They tried to hand her over to the US military. Lynch stated. "The nurses at the hospital tried to soothe me, and they even tried unsuccessfully at one point to return me to Americans."

At that point Lynch had no way of knowing the US Army had rejected the doctors offer to send her out in an ambulance to meet US medics at a safe rendezvous. The repugnant Bush spin machine had decided to stage a totally unnecessary photo-shoot-rescue.

The so-called rescue took place at a perfectly normal hospital. There were no Iraqi soldiers in that area. Her real rescuers were the Iraqi ambulance crew and the Iraqi hospital staff who between them had saved her life.
Now that so many Iraqi's and her colleagues have died in a needless war Jessica Lynch is speaking out

American Football star Pat Tillman and his brother Kevin joined the Army under the illusion 9/11 was the work of foreign terrorists.
he Bush spin machine awarded Pat a posthumous Silver Star after telling the media the vile lie that. "Pat was killed leading a counter attack in the Afghan mountains." His brother Kevin, also serving in Afghanistan, found out Pat was killed by his own side in "friendly fire." The Tillman family came to Washington to register their disgust with the excuse for a President. Kevin Tillman told Congress. "We believe this narrative was intended to deceive the family but more importantly the American public." Kevin Tillman charged the Bush "government" with "intentional fraud."

       Real Movies. How Bush lied to create another Gulf War.
 A multi-billion little earner for the Bush Gang.
Produced and Directed by  Robert Greenwald.
Uncovered: The Whole Truth About the Iraq War


"Forever Stamp" Unveiled

WASHINGTON, DC. History was made as the United States Postal Service (USPS) released its inaugural “Forever Stamp” a stamp that can always be used to mail a standard letter no matter what first class postage may cost in the future.


  Also released was the “9/11 Mailer ” designed to be adorned with the “Forever Stamp.”  The resulting effect speaks for itself.  

 Created by The Santa Cruz Comic News.



  911 - The Inside Job  video by cremationofcare.com  Warning Not For Kid's!


 Katherine Gun  A Proper Lady

Having signed Her Majesty's Official Secret Act. Katherine was supposed to keep her mouth shut when she learned how the phony case for war on Iraq was being concocted.

Working as an intelligence officer at GCHQ Cheltenham, Katherine came across a grubby plot to bug UN officials - who's personal phone calls to rent-boys could be used to blackmail them into voting for an illegal war on Iraq. Being a proper Lady she told the Observer. She was charged with braking Her Majesty's Official Secret Act.

As an interpreter on the Chinese desk Katherine had no access to the grubby little memo she leaked to the Observer. In the thickening fog of their own skulduggery Blair, Campbell, Hoon & co., were uncommonly slow to realize the fair Katherine was acting on behalf of her bosses who also instinctively disagreed with creating an illegal war (Katherine had had to apply to her boss at GCHQ for permission to join the ten-million people who took part in a world-wide protest marches against the war).  

February 25 2004. The noble Katherine arrived at the Old Bailey prepared to plead Guilty and explain why. i.e. The Iraq war was and is undeniably illegal. She was told Her Majesty's 'Government' had dropped all charges. Had there been any legal reasons for the war on Iraq; Katherine would have been whisked off to Holloway and banged-up with Ian Huntley's girlfriend quicker than you can say knife. Alley Cat Campbell would then have minced around media studio's gloating how righteous Her Majesty's Government was.

Whistleblowers:  Claire Short, Never A Lady 

The morning after the Gun case was dropped to stop the simple truth coming out. Ex cabinet minister Claire Short broke her oath to obey Her Majesty's Official Secrets Act by accusing Tony Blair of ordering the bugging of the UN Chief himself!  Blah Blah Blair did not, did dare not, deny the charge. Short may have a few transcripts of Kofi Annan's phone calls tucked away in her drawers.

Annan's office issued a short statement to the effect that nothing would surprise the Secretary General (above right) Who was walked all over by the Bush Gang and widely criticized by everyone else over his inability to stop the long march to a fraudulent war. 

below. Part of the Sky-Spy-System serving GCHQ where Katherine Gun worked. Amongst many other things these satellites 'can listen to any phone anywhere in the world...' 'Scrambled calls are now decoded in seconds.' For all their technical prowess these satellites will be sitting ducks if the gibbering idiot George W. Bush provokes a nuclear conflict with Russia or China.




Karen Silkwood

1974. Karen Silkwood, a union rep at the Kerr Magee Oklahoma plutonium plant, was on her way to meet a New York Times reporter. A truck shunted her car off the road, she died in the wreck.

The local Sheriff did not believe it was an accident. Primarily because CIA goons told him it was.

The Sheriff enlisted the help of the media. The "accident" was given prime time. Public outrage led to the Senate ordering the closure of the Oklahoma plant. Kerr Magee were ordered to pay the Silkwood family $M10. In return, the family dropped their charge of "Murder By The CIA Acting With Kerr Magee."  

1990. The New York Times published evidence showing the Oklahoma plant had been, illegally, producing far more plutonium than they were telling the public.
Had this fact become public known in 1974 it would have posed the question. "As this plutonium isn't shown on any of the mandatory records for nuclear bomb material. Is this plutonium going to Israel?
Karen Silkwood was murdered because she stumbled across this secret
plutonium production while investigating the ever rising cancer rates at the Oklahoma plant.

1992. Greenpeace were instrumental in getting the Pentagon to admit: 'The end of the Cold War left the USA with an incredible, 1,000 tons of undestroyable sweating uranium and plutonium.' That no-one wants, needs or knows what to do with!   

In the 1970’s 80’s and 90’s America was producing more than enough nuclear material to supply Britain with more nuclear bombs than we could ever possibly use; without choking on our own Fall-out.
Then as now, Her Majesty's Government could have closed down Britain’s potential Chernobyl’s and developed safe power-systems. But that would reduce the royal family’s nuclear waste profits. And One wouldn't want that would One!
1984. Passing Prime Mouthpiece Margaret Thatcher
told Parliament. Nirex, the nuclear research outfit, would solve the problem of waste disposal. The Queen happily signed the Bills by which her lackey's Thatcher &  Major poured a total of £10 BILLION taxpayers money into Nirex.

1997. Whilst in the contest to lead the long-dead Tory Party, greasy Spanish bumboy, Michael Portilo could not deny taking bribes from the oil and nuclear waste conglomerate Kerr Magee. Both BBC 2 and Channel 4 obtained the evidence in statements direct from Kerr Magee! 'Port-a-loo' is one of the Queen's many shithouses brown-enveloped to block the development of cheap power - by promoting needless oil and nuclear pollution waste. 

1997. Nirex admitted their “research” had been a total waste of time. Not one solitary solution to the problem of storing nuclear waste had been found. You do not have to look much further than Belize to know what really happens to your money written-off in the name of “nuclear waste research.”  Belize (nee British Honduras) is one of those lazy, hazy outposts of Empire where royal spivs of yesteryear iperfected off-shore banking in their opium growing and slave trading days.

Palace Flunkies: The New Defence Minister

Just play it by ear. Lizzy's phony consultancy bills your ministry for fifty-million each month. For secret work at Sellafield. You just sign the cheques. Lizzy wires your share to Zurich or Belize. Who’s to know? Why do you think we invented the bloody Secrets Act? ” 

    Lord Ashcroft: Tory Laundry Man

         Ashcroft's Group owns the Bank Of Belize

A typical smirking Tory bastard. Seen here smirking on the Tory stronghold of Belize. In the Thatcher - Major years when the Queen's designer dole queues turned into riots, Belize was said to have more bogus nuclear consultancies than palm trees.  

Nov. 2007 Bush Murders: Out Of All Control

 "We don't have control of all the coalition guns in Iraq. The Pentagon is hiring guns. You can rationalise it all you want, but that's obscene." General William Nash 

The contractor's License To Kill Iraqi men, women and children without fear of reprimand or prosecution stems from an illegal "Decree" issued by the Bush Gang puppet Paul Bremer. Acting as Pro Consul, Bremer oversaw the "shit happens" phase of destroying Iraqi freedom.  
Vol. 27 No. 13 dated 7 July 2005 | Ed Harriman

"We don't do body-counts." General Tommy Franks.
Iraqi civilian murders, caused by the illegal war, are not being recorded by either the US or the Iraqi governments.
As of December 18, 2007 officially, Mr Bush had sent 3,864 members of the US military to be murdered in Iraq. But Mr Bush ordered a false body-count. The media only counts soldiers who die within minutes, "on the ground."
If they die in the ambulance or thereafter the death is recorded as "at home." The true figure can only be estimated...

 Adolf Would Shudder!

Bush family crony Henry Kissinger describes the US military as "dumb, stupid animals to be used." 
Sadly, Mr Bush is proving him right. Adolf Hitler would never have thought of using his armed forces catering services to feed his Swiss bank accounts with the taxpayers billions, as Mr Bush has done. Every US cook and cookhouse in theatre now has to be supplied by Halliburton, Bechtel and Blackwater. And that's just for starters. The President of 9/11 is planning a similar inside job. This time he will declare Martial Law within hours of his "terrorist" attack. To keep the Bush Gang in permanent power the grunts themselves will slowly be phased out and replaced by Backwater Robothugs - recruited everywhere except America. The illegal and insultingly named "Patriot Act(s)" will then be enforced to the letter. Concentration Camps to torture and disappear nonconformists, like Ladies Who Play Bridge, are already being built.    

  Mr Bush's Budding Belsens 

Click on maps for list of Belsen locations and videos

                                       Update: Google Halliburton + US Concentration Camps


Top Gun Speaks Out

 Sept. 5, 2007.  U.S. Navy Commander Ralph Kolstad stated. 'I have 6,000 hours of flight time in Boeing 757’s and 767’s and I could not have flown a 757 at the Pentagon the way the flight path was described by the 9/11 Commission.' Kolstad believes the alleged crash of the other 757, in Shanksville Pennsylvania, is another Bush Fairy Tale. Kolstad is not the only pilot asking. 'Why, after six years, can't the Bush administration produce one credible piece of wreckage for any of the four big jets?' Kolstad is speaking-out now because he fears Bush is hatching another 9/11 to fool the gullible into accepting Martial Law. 

False Flag Clock Ticking

Unless Mr Bush is thrown out of office very soon. His next  attack on America will bring with it the end of Presidential elections (permanent Blackwater-shoot-to-kill Martial Law).Dictator Bush will then attack Iran to start another protracted Cold War and divert $Trillions of taxpayers money (that should be spent on health care and affordable housing ect.,) into Bush Gang conglomerates i.e. BAE Systems, Bechtel, Blackwater, BNG, Boeing, Carlyle, Halliburton, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed andRaytheon all of which are partners in the war on the poor.


U.S. Military Gulf War(s) Records. May 2007.

- Total number of disability claims filed: 1,620,906.
- Disability Claims amongst Deployed: 407,911.
- Disability Claims amongst Non-Deployed: 1,212,995.

Percentage of combat troops that filed Disability Claims 36%.   

   Gulf War(s) U.S. Military Deaths: 73,846
– Deaths amongst Deployed: 17,847
– Deaths amongst Non-Deployed: 55,999

  death toll  http://www1.va.gov/rac-gwvi/docs/GWVIS_May2007.pdf

Troops killed in the needless war in Iraq 2003 - Today


Guilty of the foulest premeditated crimes ever committed against humanity


To ensure the chaos they needed to keep the illegal occupation going the "powers that be" sacked any General who forecast Rummy Rumfeld’s mini-army would never conquer Baghdad let the whole country (168,000 sq. miles). The "powers that be" embarked on this slaughterfest with every intention of privatizing war itself. Armed contractors (Blackwater et al) now outnumber US troops in Iraq. Each Blackwater Robothug cost the taxpayer four times the price of a regular US troop. 
All profits from the growing Legions of the "powers that be" private army are destined for the same Swiss & Liechtenstein accounts in receipt of stolen Iraqi oil money  ($M30 worth of Iraqi oil has gone missing every single day since the Bush Gang's illegal invasion).

 Today's Oil Price     Uranium Price Up 300%  

Blackwater et al

October 2007 the US Army could not remain in Iraq without the "support and protection" of the Bush Gang private army; 180,000 contractors, Blackwater et al, financed by the hapless taxpayer now out-number 170,000 US military and support staff in Iraq!  
(Each Robothug earns four times the pay of a regular US troop. All profits from the growing legions of the "powers that be" private army are destined for the same Swiss & Liechtenstein accounts in receipt of stolen Iraqi oil money (As the British MP George Galloway told Congress, over $M30 worth of Iraqi oil has gone missing every single day since the Bush Gang's illegal invasion)).



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