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War On Terror Profiteers

      Bush, Bin Laden and Carlyle

The bin Laden family run a multi-billion dollar Middle East oil and construction conglomerate that has major investments in the Bush family firm.

Prior to 9/.11 George Bush Senior (known to his Globalist pals as Caligula) had been in business with Osama bin Laden for twenty-years. Osama’s brother, Salem, died in 1988 when his private jet crashed in Texas where he had attended a business meeting with the Bush family.

October 1, 2001 

George Bush Senior's Carlyle Group in business with bin Laden.

George H. Bush, the father of President Bush, works for the bin Laden family business in Saudi Arabia through the Carlyle Group,  an "investors consulting firm."

 Six months before 9/11 Judicial Watch the public interest law firm that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, called for Bush senior to resign from Carlyle.

Other top Republicans are with the Carlyle group, including former Secretary of State James A. Baker.  also see The Queen's Cousin


Bush Cancer Spreads

We all hoped the President of Paranoia would slowly pass into history. Unfortunately, for American's, that ain’t going to happen.
Mr Bush destroyed
American Civil Rights. Bush Legislation means the President alone decides who is and who isn’t an Enemy Of The State.
Once a “suspect” has been arrested and jailed he or she has no right to a civil court trial. The “suspect” must accept a military lawyer as their defender!
Who-so-ever tortures the “suspect” be it the Police, the FBI, the CIA or Blackwater goons, are now shielded from prosecution by the President Of America - whoever he or she maybe.

If peace brakes-out in Afghanistan and Iraq next year Barack Obama is hardly likely to give up these Stalinist powers especially now he has nailed his colours firmly to the Globalist mast by appointing the son of an Israeli terrorist to run his White House and Mrs Gobshite as his right hand man.
This cancer began with Mr Bush's 9/11 financed by the same Jewish bankers who want a one world "government" with 99% of the planets people born to die in slavery. This cancer will continue to spread until the perpetrators of 9/11, namely, Bush, Cheney, Rice, Myers, Rumsfeld, their bankers, bloggers and uniformed underlings have been executed for their bestial crimes against We The People.
                            Jim Hutchinson 2001-9 jhigate@yahoo.co.uk

America's Future
Money For Children's Health
 Another $46 Billion For Illegal War!

US Apache helicopter destroys
US armoured vehicle in Baghdad

April 12, 2008, a US Humvee was hit in Mashtal, eastern Baghdad when a US chopper allegedly spotted "a group of militants placing roadside bombs".
Apache fired two Hellfire missiles. One hit the group of alleged "militants" killing two of them. The second hit a US Humvee wounding two of the crew. US troops immediately blocked off the area. AP

The Bush War


  Britain & South Africa accused of "rendering"

"Rendition" is the gangster practice of kidnapping and disappearing Muslims to keep the illegal wars in Iraq & Afghanistan going. The phony "war on terror" has led to South African and British snatch squads being trained in America. These squads operate as if they are above the law in every country they are sent to. Rarely do they get caught. The victims could end-up being tortured on a British United States Air Force (USAF) base like Mildenhall or in the middle of the Indian Ocean on the British islands of Diego Garcia.

March 12, 2008. Two former captains of the Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior Peter Bouquet and Jon Castle and their ship the Musichana were arrested off the coast Diego Garcia for protesting on behalf of the illegally evicted population of the island.
When the Pentagon felt the need to build a massive nuclear staging post at Royal Air Force (RAF) Diego Garcia, (above) the Queen leased-out the island to Uncle Sam. Two thousand islanders (Her Majesty's
subjects) were rounded-up like cattle and disposed of in the slums of Mauritius - 1,300 miles away.
Eventually the islanders found a lawyer to fight their case. Eventually an English court ruled they had been illegally evicted and their homes stolen. George 'Dubya' Bush (who incidentally stole the White House) picked up the oval office phone and had a word with his cousin at Buck House.
The Queen quickly issued an
Order In Council that overturned the courts findings!!! Leaving two thousand dispossessed islanders in no doubt why some people choose to become suicide bombers.

Environmental and Human Rights activists including
Peter Bouquet and Jon Castle have formed the People's Navy to draw attention to the inhuman treatment of the islanders by the Queen and the fact that RAF/USAF Camp Justice, on Diego Garcia, is now being used as a torture camp to keep the phony war on terror going. Ships of the Peoples Navy will continue to draw attention to Diego Garcia where the spineless wankers at ABC, BBC, CNN, CBS, ITV ect., dare not go.

                                  Orders In Council    The Enemy Within

Don't Mention The War 

Michael L. Weinstein


How Bush Gang Avoids Paying US Tax

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