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The war years at Windsor

The Queen Mum with Lizzy and Dizzy displaying the fact that "royals" could never have anything to do with real life. Lizzy & Dizzy were born to play out their Pantomime lives while living in obscene luxury. Here they are posing on stage and in the Dwarf Bean plot at Windsor Castle while decent people were fighting Hitler's Nazi's


The London Blitz:  Winston Churchill inspecting bomb damage

 September. 7th  1940. The codeword Cromwell was issued. Hitler’s invasion was expected at any time. On that day, French Chef René Roussin was told, escape planes were on stand-by to evacuate the royal family. The Queen (later Queen Mum) had chosen him, as one of forty chosen Household Staff, to accompany the family to America. The invasion didn't happen but the escape planes were kept in constant readiness and "the family were always ready to abandon Britain at a moments notice." Throughout the war the royals pulled off all kinds of disgraceful publicity stunts (photo shoots) pretending to take part in the war effort.  "While all the time knowing their escape planes were only a car ride away."  In one stunt, Movietone News show’s Lizzy, "Digging For Victory" in one of the kitchen gardens at Windsor Castle. According to the commentary the royals had to manage, "like their subjects, on home grown potatoes, powdered eggs and that tiny ration-issue of meat and sugar that leaves everyone feeling hungry". In truth, the war made little difference to the royal menu. Roast beef, spring lamb, fillet-steak, venison, grouse, partridge eggs, pheasant, trout, salmon, most things the family would normally order, in season, were served as per usual. They even insisted on their personal Royal Coats of Arms stamped on their individual butter pats, as per usual! Throughout WW2, wherever the family were hiding, deep beneath Buck House or Windsor Castle, or up at Balmoral, they were served the usual surfeit of the best of everything. Their favourite chocolate pudding was served on gold plate, as per usual.
The King, George 6th, drank a decanter of 20-yr-old malt every night. The Queen Mum sipped Gordons & Dubonnet - day and night. While Londoner’s sheltered from Hitler’s bombs in foul-stinking Tube stations. The royals were waited-on hand & foot as per usual, in the ‘Little Palace,’ 100 feet beneath the 690 roomed Buckingham Palace.
 (The Little Palace, only 24 rooms, was built, at the taxpayer’s expense, shortly after the first bombs to fall on London were hand-dropped from Zeppelins - 1915).  
They did of course sally forth from their halls of plenty to visit the latest bombsite and tut-tut. Then as now, photo shoots were essential, to fool the ignorant into thinking the royals care about Britain. Had they not put on the walk-about-pantomime even the least intelligent 'subjects' would have realised how totally needless royal parasites really are. Visiting London's East End bombsites they had to be surrounded by armed guards. Men who had fought for King & Country in WW1, only to be treated like vermin ever-since, had threatened to lynch the two-faced bastards. Throughout WW2 a company of Grenadier Guards and two Troops of Armoured Car shadowed the royals. Ready to speed them to their escape planes the moment an invasion was confirmed. Anyone who got in the way would have been shot.  

As you read this. Helicopters are standing by. Ready to lift the royals to the nearest  ‘clean’ airstrip in the event of a nuclear accident or a nuclear 9/11. USAF jets will fly the family to 'a safe location somewhere in the Pacific.' Anyone who gets in the way will be shot. 
Shouldn’t we be shooting them?

The Annual Windsor Pantomime 1941

The Windsor Pantomime 1944



Queen Lizzy, royal touring on the taxpayers money, being carried around the Gilbert & Ellis Islands.

In the event of a British Nuclear 9/11  the Queen's subjects will be left to die like Sasha Litvenenko, the Russian spy who took twenty-three-days to die of nuclear reactor poison in a London hospital.  Google.  Litvenenko
BBC News Jan 2007. 
he royals will be enjoying the Pacific sunshine long before the BBC are allowed to tell you Britain has become unfit for human habitation.







old stuff

 Ivory Towers

     Balmoral                     Sandringham


                            Princely Pursuits

left, left Palace flunky Michael 'Pansy' Fawcett with his master. Presently Charles has a staff of 91, including 29 personal flunky's. Having nothing better to do, Charles feels the need for his team of dresser’s to change his clothes three, sometimes five, times, a day!  His hand-lasted shoes (John Lobb) cost £1,800 a pair. His walk-in shoe cupboards outshine Emelda’s. Charles's countless Turnbull & Asser shirts cost £200 - £500 each. His Saville Row suits (Anderson & Sheppard) cost around £2,500 each. Although Clammy Cammy got rid of hundreds of ‘older suits’ when his mummy told him he was to separate from Diana, over 100 suits rarely leave the various palace dressing room wardrobes for the 'baggage train' of 100 suits that follow him everywhere he go's. If Charles becomes King he will have over 700 servants - presently attending his mummy. All at the taxpayers (our) expense, of course.
This family pay for nothing. The billions they have in US and Swiss banks was made from the Slave and Arms trade or stolen from the Civil List over the last three centuries. The Queen receives a gift from the taxpayer of £M10.9 spending money (Civil List) per annum
, on top of which the taxpayer picks up the £7 Billion bill for royal security.

The Next Head Of State & Church

Exempt from direct and capital gains  taxes Charles, Prince of Parasites, receives £270,000 PER WEEK in rents and revenues from the Duchy of Cornwall - common land stolen from decent people 700 years ago. 






      old stuff

       Her Majesty's Parliament

 When the Queen opens her next Parliament with what is referred to as The Gracious Speech she is hoping to introduce the latest Serious Crime Bill * in which poaching a salmon or a trout is classed as a Serious Crime!
If you refuse to answer any questions about your alleged involvement in this heinous crime you will be jailed for FIVE YEARS for not answering questions!!
And, I Kid Ye Not. The same Bill, that Her Majesty can't wait to sign into law, do's not class armed robbery as a Serious Crime!!! ** And there you have it. Can you think of any sane reason for keeping a monarch who thinks more of what happens to her salmon than her subjects facing armed robbers? The time has come to end the royal pantomime and the blatant theft of taxpayers money it stands for.

* Baroness Ainley. ** Lord Goodhart & Viscount Bledisloe, Serious Crime Bill debate House of Lords 7 February 2007.

When she isn't throwing bones for her parliamentary poodles the Queen has her own gun dog stud at Sandringham where one's common subjects can snap up a royal pup for a mere £2,000.


  One's dogs and horses have always been better fed and housed than one's pensioners. That is the royal way. One's subjects never realize they work hard all their lives so we royals don't have to do a stroke.

The magnificent Buckingham Palace & Windsor Castle are public buildings. The royals have lived in these  buildings rent free for centuries.
In 1992 a fire damaged part of Windsor Castle
above Ministers of Crown immediately announced the taxpayer would pay the estimated £6 million restoration bill!
The public made it known through the media the royal parasites should pay their own bills. This led to a palace statement.  "The Queen [a multi-billionaire] has offered to pay the bill for the fire by raising the money herself."
 It was then announced. "Buckingham Palace [a public building] will be open to the public."
The Queen then sold tickets at £10 each for a quick tour round half a dozen of the palaces' 690 rooms. This proved an extremely nice little earner. In 2002 it came to light the Queen had collected £20 million more than she needed to pay for the Windsor fire.
Royal secretary Michael Peat told the Select Committee on Public Spending the Queen had "used" the £20 million on the royal art collection. So that's all right then! Anybody else stealing a penny from the Public Purse is labelled a scrounger - what does the theft of £20 million make the Queen?

Britain needs an elected Head Of State. Not another born parasite, born with billions in foreign banks and bent on asset stripping Britain before Murphy's Law pays a visit to Sellafield - making Britain unfit for human habitation.

 January 14 2005.
The BBC fail to report the Pentagon has today called off the search for Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction. By repeating Her Majesty's Government lie "Iraq has nuclear weapons." The BBC were instrumental in Queen Lizzy's plan taking this country into an illegal war - for no other reason than increasing Queen Lizzy's offshore fortune.


The Royal Klan

The present Head of the English Church has exempted herself from European Union Equal Opportunities Laws.
The Queen occupies seven magnificent palaces at different seasons of the year.
The taxpayers who have no say in who is employed pay for all the palaces and all 700 palace servants! If you catch ABC's "Good Morning America" broadcast from Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and Holyrood House. Try spotting a black servant. You may need to Google Hubble.


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