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 Shifting Sands


Ships at sea can see the 1,920,000 candlepower beam of the new Dungeness lighthouse [next door to the nuclear power station] from twenty-seven-miles out. Whether the ever-shifting ness means that a newer lighthouse will need to be erected in the future remains to be seen...

         above paragraph sans italics from www.romneymarsh.org




Dungeness Nuclear Power Station
uilt on Shifting Sand!

January 25th 2007.
BBC News 24 reported: Dungeness nuclear waste station, on the Kent coast, now requires 600 tons of gravel dumped on the shingle foreshore, right, every twenty-four-hours
to compensate for the action of the tide (long shore drift). 
As is usual in all things nuclear the BBC only reported half the story. The BBC failed to report the £4,000 to £5,000 per-day cost of this constant earthmoving operation is paid by the un-consulted taxpayer. 
The BBC also failed to report., Despite local objections Dungeness was built on a shingle beach with a history of shifting. Stretches of this shingle foreshore have been known to shift and permanently disappear over-night!
Recent rising sea levels, not envisaged when Dungeness was built, bring with them the added danger of Dungeness being swamped in a surge tide.   

The insane act of making nuclear waste that the taxpayer will have to pay for, for thousands of years has recently led to
the  royal pen happily signing away another Seventy-Four-Billion-Pounds of the taxpayers money into nuclear companies owned, albeit indirectly, by the royals and their cronies. At the same time pensioners being robbed of their life savings by the private pension insurance companies that Her Majesty's Government recommended are being told by Her Majesty's Government to fuck-off and starve to death. 

In his misspent years as the Queen's Prime Mouthpiece Toady Blair did absolutely and utterly fucking nothing to close down Britain's Targets Of Mass Destruction.
Just to prove he thinks more of his bungs into his Swiss accounts than he ever thought of his country, Blair now talks-up the unelected thugs running the pernicious EU and tells anyone who will listen Britain needs to build more nuclear Targets Of Mass Destruction to save the environment!? You may have thought Prime Ministers work for you. NOT SO.
They work for the royals Establishment who will abandon you, along with Britain, the moment Sellafield's plutonium hits the fan. The Privy Councils long standing plan to lease-out Gt. Britain as Her Majesties International Nuclear Waste Dump- in the wake of British Nuclear 9/11 - is never far from the Queen's mind


Ministers Of The Nuclear Crown 

Ordered in 1965 for £M89, the nuclear reactor at Dungeness B, South East Kent, should have opened in 1972. Fundamental design flaws made it obvious the project should be cancelled. But, like Sizewell B, it was built with taxpayer’s (your) money.
The Queen’s ministers kept pouring your money into their nuclear companies until Dungeness B was finally declared open in 1989. Seventeen years late!!!  
Her Majesties passing Prime Mouthpiece, Mrs Thatcher, told Parliament the project had cost the taxpayer £M409. As with everything else that came out of Thatcher’s mouth, her statement on Dungeness was a lie. Thatcher quoted the cost of building materials.
The true figure, with labour costs, was well over £1bn. A nice little earner for Crown controlled nuclear companies. And another royal insult to the honest taxpayer. 

From Jan. to Nov. 1995 Dungeness B was shut down due to faults which cost the taxpayer another £M200 to rectify. Another nuclear bonus for ministers handing out repair contracts under Her Majesties Secrets Act. Ministers “say” their offshore accounts do not benefit from nuclear contracts - ministers administer under Her Majesties Secrets Act. If that were true they would close down Britain’s potential Chernobyl’s in favour of safer, cheaper offshore wind-farms, biogas power, solar power and water power stations. Actively denying Britain cheap electricity proves the Queen and her ministers are only concerned with stuffing their offshore accounts before Murphy’s Law pays a visit to one of Lizzy's nuclear investments and makes Gt. Britain unfit for human habitation.

Easy Targets Of Mass Destruction

Dungeness left  and Sizewell B right are a few minutes flying time from a hundred private airstrips in France.
They are also wide open from land and sea to any nutcase with a grudge and a shoulder launched missile.













November 27 2002. Two surface-to-air (SAM) missiles narrowly missed an Israeli charter jet carrying 261 tourists. The 757 had just taken-off from Mombassa airport. Queen Lizzy's (totally needless) nuclear waste stations are rather easier to hit. If you ever meet anyone who tells you we need nuclear power. Take the silly bastard bungee jumping and axe the rope :)

Impotent Members

There never has been any questions in Her Majesty's Parliament probing the Queen's control of the Energy Market. Members of Parliament are not even allowed to think of how much the royals are making every single minute from their oil, gas and nuclear investments. Which gives you some idea how patently impotent Her Majesty's Parliament and her arse-lickers  therein really are.


Her Majesty's Transmission Charges

Bonnie Scotland has wind and water power in perpetual abundance. HMG has no intention of using them. The Pentland Firth, described as "the Saudi Arabia of tidal power." Has been left gagging for development despite numerous appeals to Thatcher, Major, Blair and Brown, Cameron and May.
A proposed hydro station with a 100 year design life could be up running at Loch Ness.
And more important could be the first of many in Scotland, were it not for HMG's contrived transmission charges, likewise, the Beatrice marine wind farm, out of sight in the Moray firth, will pay up to £20 million per year more in charges than a wind farm in the blue-belled fields of Merry England.

This is how Her Majesty's transmission charges stop our greatest natural resources being developed: Scots power stations now have to pay the government  £18 - £12 for every single kilowatt connected. The price drops to £5 in the North of England. But if you build a wind farm in Devon you will be given £5 per kilowatt!!!! 
Her Majesty's transmission charges (Energy Act 2004) were designed to stop safe, cheap power-systems being developed.  It is Her Majesties policy to promote the building of Wind Farms in beauty spots to goad the gullible into objecting against windfarms and accepting potential Chernobyl's -  tastefully landscaped in with rows of conifers - of course. 
Denmark’s development of safe, renewable energy has led to a £4 billion a year export market employing 15,000 people. Scotland could do the same if we had an honest Head Of State

The Danish Way - Safe, Clean & Cheap


Off-Shore Wind - Power Unlimited

 Half the American wind farms that ‘sprang-up like sunflower’s’ after Three Mile Island. (1979) Were built with Danish made turbines. Surprisingly  Danish offshore wind farms and turbine factories have created thousands of ancillary jobs by becoming popular tourist attractions. The Japanese are fascinated by these new windmills. The Danish government long-term energy plan, 1995, set a target of 20% of electricity consumption (6.8 TWh) from safe-clean-power-systems by 2003. This target was easily surpassed. Denmark now has 9.2 TWh of it’s electricity coming from safe renewable sources. Danish private investments in safe-power-systems are now 38% above the government suggested targets. By the Danes will have 50% of their electricity from safe-clean-power-systems.
Her Majesty's "government" will have less than 10%. Always providing a couple of embedded suicide squads haven't opened-up Thorp and Sizewell B and turned this green and pleasant land into a radioactive NO GO AREA.

When she ordered the totally needless Sizewell B in 1989 the Queen proved she couldn't care less if Britain is written-off in a nuclear accident. Keeping privatized nuclear reactors running on public money proves yet again how the Queen puts her nuclear profits before Britain and the British - who she will abandon to die of nuclear cancer the moment the lid comes-off one of her nuclear investments.   

Get One Outta Here!

From the start of her reign the Queen has had to plan for the possibility of Great Britain becoming a nuclear wasteland. The British public (you & yours) have never entered those plans. The royal family have escape planes standing by 24\7. If the lid comes-off Sellafield tomorrow the royals will be enjoying the sunshine on one of their palm fringed private islands the day after.
It will be days or even weeks before you and yours learn from the cow-towing media that Britain has become unfit for Human Habitation.


The Queen's simple subjects will be left to die like Alexander Litvenenko, the Russian spy who took twenty-three-days to die of nuclear power station poison. Google  Litvenenko + News + Jan 2007





 Launch Pad For Sale: Handy For Nuclear Target

 photo's London Evening Standard April 8 2005.




“Now who would want to buy an old, 143 foot high, lighthouse overlooking a British Target Of Mass Destruction? Uhmm…”

photo AP.




 Understanding Her Majesty's 'Flog It' Policy

1979. The near-miss at Three Mile Island nearly wiped-out Pennsylvania. The Queen had a very simple choice. She could direct her government to phase out nuclear waste stations in favour of safer, cheaper energy systems. Or continue pouring taxpayers £Billions into nuclear waste companies owned, albeit indirectly, by the Queen and her Establishment. Her Majesty's Government continued pouring the taxpayers £Billions into nuclear waste.
Readers should bare in mind
, from the start of the Nuclear Age, the royal family have had escape planes standing by 24\7. If the lid comes-off a British nuclear reactor the royals will be enjoying the Pacific sunshine on one of their palm fringed private islands before the BBC are allowed to announce Britain has become unfit for Human Habitation.   


Prevailing Winds Carrying Chernobyl’s Fall-out 

 During the ten-day-fire the wind took Chernobyl’s lighter Fall-out, two-thousand-miles in every direction.
Russian radiation scientists now believe all 650,000+ who took part in the aborted Chernobyl clean-up will die early. Over 470,000 have already died young of nuclear cancers.
What the media never report is the simple fact that the majority of Chernobyl’s victims have yet to be born.

In the 250 mile circle, around the permanently fenced-off 19 mile-round-nuclear-desert, birth defects have quadrupled. Missing limb’s, eye's and brains are common. Ministers Of The Nuclear Crown are not so stupid they think Chernobyl can’t happen here. They just prefer stuffing their offshore accounts with their share of stolen taxpayers money before Chernobyl happens here. 



Photo. London Evening Standard August 2 1993.

Marina, born with deformed toe’s. The parents of this cheerful young lady had no idea they had been chemically altered by fall-out in their food and water. The fall-out came from the Chernobyl accident one-hundred-miles from their home. The accident happened six years before Marina was conceived.  

Children born with external signs of fall-out damage usually suffer organ failures later. Marina is one of countless thousands left in care. Far worse deformed births lead to parental suicides. Many young couples delivered of something they could not understand have used the same noose to hang themselves.
Photographs of these suicides, and the cause, never appear in Nuclear Lizzy's controlled media.


Safe sea-power and wind-power means Cheap Power.

 Public Records 1979 - 1997 clearly show how the Queen's minister’s fed our money into their nuclear outfits. For every £80,000 taxpayer’s money Thatcher & Major poured into “nuclear research.” They spent just £1 (one) on research into safe-cheap-energy!  

Nuclear promoters used to claim nuclear power stations delivered thirty-two (32) million kilowatt hours per ton of uranium ore. Independent (proper) research has forced nuclear promoters to reduce this claim to nine-and-a-half (9.5) million kilowatt hours per ton. Yet nuclear promoters have failed to treble their estimates for Carbon Emissions in their infantile claim that nuclear could reduce global warming.   Environmental Maths


Indian Point nuclear power station
70 mile from Ground Zero

Had there ever been a gang of anti American terrorists capable of hi-jacking and flying 757 jets. Indian Point would have been their target NOT the Twin Towers.
The nuclear fall-out would have closed down New York for the rest of this
century. Point Taken? Photo/AP  

When this small steam leak,
right, occurred in February 2000., New York State Governor George Pataki's reported. "Had it been a full scale emergency plans to bus people out of harms way were found to be totally inadequate."
After 9/11 it emerged Indian Point still had no full scale evacuation plan! Governor Pataki is still waiting for a workable evacuation plan!!
Plans to evacuate those living near British nuclear waste stations are best described as laughable. Nuclear power stations put society on the precipice of anarchy. In the event of a British Nuclear 9/11 it will be every man for himself.

When Not If

 When the inevitable British Nuclear accident happens. You will not hear Joanna Lumley telling you to put your head between your legs and kiss your arse goodbye. As we are occasionally told by Her Majesty's Government.* There will be a News Black-Out. Exactly as there was at Chernobyl. Only when the kids start coughing-up blood will the British public realise fall-out has poisoned the food and water supply. By which time, the royals will be enjoying a barbecue on one of their palm-fringed private islands, ten-thousand-miles away.

1987, Ronald Regan pointed out. America had stockpiled enough nuclear weapon material to split the Earth in two, which Mr Regan cheerfully offered to do, Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD) At that time, British reactors had made enough nuclear weapon material to suit our Defence Requirements for the next two centuries. By which time nuclear weapons will be as irrelevant as flint axes. The Queen's reason for ordering Hinkley C can only be described as  insane fucking greed.


1989. The Berlin Wall came down.
1992. The Cold War ended. So why is the Queen using her nuclear waste stations and Sellafield to produce totally needless surplus to surplus weapons material?
If not to steal the taxpayer’s money?  * ‘Familiar Voices Will Warn Public.’  BBC News Feb.7.2002.   


Cheap Safe Sea Power
Suppressed By The Ungodly

 Crown Planning  

When the sun go's down and the wind don't blow the moving weight of the tides around our coast can produce ten times more electricity than we can possibly use. Seabed Power Systems like the Vickers-System summarily rejected by the Thatcher cabinet and the Snail, developed by Edinburgh University and ignored by the Blair cabinet, would drastically reduce the royals profits from oil & nuclear pollution.  Wind, Solar, Sea Power Systems are being criminally suppressed for no other reason than making a handful of despotic oil-and-nuclear-vested-multi-£Tillionaires even richer.

January 26th 2007. When Prince Charles heard he'd been given an American award for his meaningless speeches he decided to drop his weekend foxhunting to collect the award himself. Charles could easily have sent a member of his US "Foundation" to pick up his trinket. But no. After Mummy vetoed the very idea of using the Royal Airforce for the pointless piss-up he bought all 62 business and first class seats on a scheduled B. A. flight to America.
If Charles wasn't looking forward to inheriting Mummies obscene nuclear investments he would spend the odd weekend campaigning against nuclear power here in Britain.        more



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