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 Set Aside, Water Beds  & Schoolgirl Nymphomaniacs

1952 - European politicians engaged in harmonizing the coal and steel industries of France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg, became famous for their champagne-life-style.
Before allocating the taxpayer’s billions to harmonizing schemes, French politician’s inspecting Italian mines and steelworks slept with nubile ‘researchers’ provided by enabling bankers and the mines and steelworks owners. Italian politicians received similar frilly-knicker’d-freebies in France. Harmonizing politicians sampled the finest hotels, cuisine, water-beds and schoolgirl nymphomaniacs in all six countries.

Most Tory politicians promoted the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) as a shining example of cross-border co-operation. Serious analyst’s agreed with the then Tory Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, who saw the ECSC as a sordid gravy train for hand-wringing merchant bankers and their attendant on-the-make-and-on-the-take politicians.

Churchill and his wartime buddy Charles de Gaulle saw "European Integration" as a political necessity. Both men knew Europe had nothing to do with Britain. The hand-wringing merchant bankers who mutter the mantra "we are all European" are also responsible for "globalization" both of which mean dirt cheap labour for the criminal bankers alliance . (Churchill & de Gaulle were educated men. They knew Europe begins at Callas NOT fucking Blackpool - as infantile "Remainers" believe).

Winston Churchill said. "Given the choice of taking Britain into a European Government and going to hell. I would rather go to hell".  On another occasion he said "Given the choice between joining Europe and the open sea Britain must choose the open sea".

The Queen's controlled media, BBC News and other sewers, are in the despicable habit of showing clips of Churchill talking about about Europe and omitting to say Churchill never for one moment thought of Britain as anything other than totally independent of Europe. Churchill refused to join the bankers gravy train the ECSC. Unfortunately he was far to old to stop what happened next.

1961. Queen Lizzy decided to join her cousin's in the European landowners club.
The wheels were sedately set in motion with the usual promises of percentage’s, blackmail from the Whips Office and for the really terminally stupid, ten-a-penny-knighthoods & similar tainted palace ribbons.
Farmers who understood Lizzy's endgame were aghast at the idea of subsidized-farming dictated by Europe’s largest landowners. However. Lizzy's placeman, as always, eventually got their way. In 1971, Member's of Her Majesty's Parliament voted 356 to 244 to join the so-called Common Market...        

1992.  Tory MP and Privy Councillor, Sir Michael (now Lord) Joplin, introduced Set Aside. Set Aside serves as a benchmark for twenty-thousand similar EU frauds.

What Set-Aside actually means:

(1)  A grain field that would normally yield a crop worth £10,000 is left unplanted (Set-Aside)

(2)  The field-owner, then applies to Brussels for his £10,000 compensation. Not only is he paid £10,000 for doing absolutely nothing!  He receives 20% bonus for taking part in the scheme!? 
£2,000 ‘bonus’ for the average grain field in the above example.
Privy Councillor Joplin had told Parliament. ‘Set Aside would reduce grain mountains.’ Joplin failed to remind Parliament. Grain mountains were created by his greed stricken boss joining her cousins in the Land Owners Club.

None bribe-taking MP’s (then as now shamefully few) urged John Major to pull-out of Europe all together. Like the Batty Baroness before him, Major did exactly what Queen Lizzy ordered. 1,294,000 acres, an area the size of Lincolnshire, was Set Aside! Useless to the economy - but not to the Land Owners Club who bank their unearned £Billions, of stolen taxpayers money, in far-far away places.

If the Queen had any intention of using British resources for the benefit of the British; anybody proposing Set Aside would have been taken to the deepest dungeon in the Tower of London and fed to the rats. 
Oct. 30 2004. For his part in EU Cover-up's Queen Lizzy made her arse-licking EU Commissioner, Neil Kinnock a Life Peer. As Leader of Her Majesty's Opposition Kinnock had refused to use a leaked Tory document proving the Tories planned to close down the pits, throwing half-a-million out of work! His reward for doing fuck-all while the mining industry was destroyed was to become Lizzy's man in Brussels. His starting pay was £200,000 and as much in fiddled expenses per year. Kinnock still claims to belong to the Labour Party!

Years before Set Aside, as grain & butter mountains grew & grew honest MP’s were calling for alternative crops to stop needless over-production caused by Common Market Diktats. Honest MP’s, as you must have noticed, are royally ignored.

One alternative crop, constantly rejected by the Queen's cabinets, is fast growing trees. Five years before the nuclear power station Sizewell B opened, in 1995, Her Majesty's Government was informed by several environmental groups. Biogas, produced from poplar trees and miscanthus grass, is virtually pollution free.
Ten Biogas turbines will produce more electricity than Sizewell B. Ten turbines take-up less space than Sizewell B without risking a British Chernobyl.

And no fatal nuclear waste to pay for in the future.
As usual, the interests of Britain were royally ignored.

£Billions of taxpayers money was poured into building another totally needless nuclear waste station. Or to be more precise, into nuclear outfits owned by the royals shielded by unctuous nominees.
At the same time as following the Queen's orders to starve cheap-safe-energy of any meaningful development funds Prime Mouthpiece Major, was planning to cut the old-age pension bill.
Major's jolly wheeze was to freeze old-age pensioner's to death by adding VAT to their power bills.  Blair as Major before him, obligingly refused to allow environmental groups a forty second TV commercial to make the case for ending Set Aside and planting fast growing poplar trees for, safe, cheap, Biogas power stations. Blair did not stop British Nuclear Fuels advertising their puerile claim Britain needs more nuclear waste stations.

Instead of the Queen's immoral Set-Aside, Britain could have grown forests of fast growing trees, supplying Biogas stations - producing cheap power for industry.   Cheap power creates jobs. Fast growing forests clean the air we breathe, which cuts the NHS bill. Cleaning-up the environment and creating jobs at the same time, is not what Lizzy wants. memo Queen Lizzy ordered Sizewell B three years after Chernobyl!
By refusing adequate funding to develop safe, cheap sea-power, solar-power, wind-power and biogas-power the Queen proves yet again she has no intention of investing in Britain's future.
Billions of public money that should be going to schools and hospitals will now go to the royals nuclear outfits to pay for handling and storing Sizewell B's nuclear waste that should never have been made in the first place.

Reader's should also ponder the latest government estimate for cleaning-up Her Majesty's nuclear sites. The Queen has now signed the necessary Bills to divert £74 BILLION taxpayer’s money into nuclear site clean-ups. Every nuclear clean-up in the history of insane nuclear waste production has cost ten times the original estimate. You can expect the above figure to be revised-up in the same way the clean-up of a makeshift-nuclear-waste shaft at Dounreay, Scotland, went from £M12 1980, to £4 BILLION in 1998! And that could easily double. As is the norm in nuclear waste production no proper records were kept of what was dumped down Dounreay's 200 foot-deep waste shaft. The clean-up could take at least another twenty-years.
If they didn’t own the companies involved in nuclear waste production at least one of the so-called "royals" would speak out against the senseless production of totally needless nuclear waste.
Wouldn’t They?

Forward Planning

If the Queen had been listening to her own governments' so-called "Terror Warnings" she would have closed down Britain's Nuclear Targets of Mass Destruction in favour of much cheaper and infinitely safer power systems. Instead Her Majesty is hell bent on building ten more. Obviously the Queen has planned Britain's future as a lucrative nuclear waste dump leased out to her American cousins.


Mr Bush and his cousin the Queen



rich & violent


sad café on with the show 


Blair's Promise: Education  Education  Education
Joke Joke Joke

An educated public would hang Toady Blair by the bollocks and shove his boss, snotty Liz through the shedder. In order to maintain the medieval monarchy Lizzy need's pig-shit-thick-forelock-tugging-peasants. Not people who can think for themselves.
Any seasoned teacher will tell you how Lizzy's puppets have been slashing state education for the last twenty-five-years. Margaret Thatcher began her crawl up Lizzy's arse by stopping school milk. As Prime Minister her brief was to cram 40 kids in every state classroom. Ensuring the slow to learn - never learned. The success of this programme can be seen in Britain's overcrowded jails where, as Lord "Jeffery Jailbird" Archer reported, seventy-percent of the inmates are illiterate young men.

Lizzy latest "pay-later" programme is clearly designed to create chaos when countless students, having got their degree, find they can't, or decide they won't, pay for it. What happens then? Will they all be banged-up with reporters who tap royal phones and single mums who can't pay their TV Licence? Whatever happens a few years from now; the kids are already getting the Queen's Message - education is for the rich.





old stuff

In An Onion Patch

31st  August 1997.
A Light Went Out In Paris.

Diana was the only real royal we ever had. She loved kids, hated the imbecilic pursuit of foxhunting and spoke-out against the arms trade. No one else on planet Earth could have persuaded 100 Nation States to agree to ban landmines. The phony royals, heavily invested in the arms trade, came to hate the girl. As her brother forecast at Diana’s funeral. Left in Charles's limp wristed hands Diana's son's became a busted flush. You can now see the palace-pampered- pair hunting & shooting with Clammy Cammy! If they had any respect for their mother's memory they would not be speaking to Charles - let alone his buzzard-ugly-broomstick-riding butch-bitch.
At this stage of the seedy "royal" saga William (23) & Harry (20) cannot be unaware the pathetic Charles was sleeping with the unconscionable Cammy the week before he married their innocent mother. Are they so doped-up to prevent "royal madness" they really don't know right from wrong? 

The media reported the Queen "paid" for Charlie's sordid wedding reception. The media should have reported the Queen's multi-billion fortune is rooted in Slave & Arms Trade profits & money stolen from the Civil List over the last three Centuries. see pages 287-9. The Royals K. Kelly. 1997. Time Warner Books.   


Left. Palace flunky Misery Guts Peat

Sir Michael Peat, the palace dildo in charge of the 'Cash For Gifts' cover-up, is one of the original ‘creative’ accountants. Three generations of his family's law firm, book-cooking for the royal family led to his knighthood and his present job - telling lies for the worthless heir. Peat has all the sincerity of Homer’s boss - without the sense of humour. Charlie was furious when mummy transferred Peat to his staff. Peat hates Camilla, who apparently faces him down. Her being more of a man than Peat will ever be. If Charles becomes King. Misery Guts will crouch for royal employment.

Thursday Nov. 6. 2003. 9 pm. Peat suddenly called in the media to deny Charles is a sexual deviant. As if any chinless-inbred-palace-pampered-foxhunting-prat could be anything else!?  It was Peat's unprecedented smile that led some mischievous pundits to suggest he was following Lizzy's orders. Not Charlie's. As Peat explained. 'There is no truth in the allegation that we are paying for the (Michael Fawcett's) injunction stopping the Mail on Sunday publishing these allegations.'
Later that night, on BBC News 24, Christopher Morgan of the Sunday Times reminded viewers. 'Charles is now an isolated member of the family. His parents see him and Camilla as a pantomime.'  On the same channel retired royal watcher, Dickie Arbiter, said. 'This departure from protocol (of ignoring allegations) could mean there are more allegations to come.'    
Some pundits say the antics of Charles and Miss Riding Crop 1890 have finally made Lizzy decide William shall be King. My money was on Wills before Lizzy snubbed the wedding. Watch This Space.

..  After the deaths of ex King Edward & Wallis Simpson, the Queen leased their onetime home Fort Belvedere, in Windsor Park, to one of her Arab racing pals. Being a multi-billionaire the Arab allowed Charles to continue stabling his eighteen polo ponies at the Fort. A year or so went by before the Arab realized he was expected to pay the stabling costs. When the Arab moved out the incoming Canadian billionaire told the Prince of Parasites to pay his own bills. Charles told his accountants the taxpayer could pay the bill. He threw one of his plate breaking tantrums when Gordon Brown told him (in the nicest possible way) to fuck off. Two million pensioner's living in poverty will never worry this particular mounted loony but the thought of paying to feed his own polo ponies makes him smash the China!


The Worthless Heir with an old boyfriend Michael Pansy Fawcett.  Ask Your Dad. 'Can you name one sane reason why the taxpayer should continue paying for seven Palaces & over 700 servants for this "royal" family  - who will abandon Britain the moment a nuclear accident or attack occurs?'

The Fiji Option

The Squidygate & Camillagate tapes shed light on “life” in the Royal Household. Squidygate proved beyond reasonable doubt Princess Diana was up-to-here with the in-laws. In her own sweet words, to James Gilbey, ‘this fucking family.’
Camillagate was six nauseating minutes of Clammy Cammy playing with herself telling the excuse for a man in her life ‘I want you now. Now. Now.’ Charles tells her. ‘I want to live inside you like a Tampax.’
Nobody in Britain was surprised to hear Cammy tossing-herself-off. Or to hear Charles admitting he has all the ambition of a sanitary towel. Let's face it. What else is he fit for?  However, unlike us blasé British, the good people of Fiji were deeply offended. The Fiji Education Minister issued a Public Press Statement.
‘The Dirty Prince is no longer in our school prayers.
His birthday has been struck-off the list of national holidays.’  Now that Diana has gone. Isn’t it time we struck the phony "royals" off Britain's payroll?   


Did You Know?

Nuclear power stations make Plutonium by splitting uranium atoms in nuclear fuel rods. When uranium atoms split the flying particles collide and stick together making different atoms. Plutonium 239 (239) is just one of many atoms made in this way. Used fuel rods are placed in acid baths to separate-out the 239 atoms for nuclear weapons. When an invisible atom of 239 splits, it releases enough heat and energy to fire a six-inch-bullet! Ten million 239 atoms will fit on one grain of sugar. Imagine the firepower of ten-million six-inch-bullets exploding in a space the size of a grain of sugar. Now times that thought by ten trillion. That’s what happened to Nagasaki... 

Queen Lizzy’s Last Update

1945. The Nagasaki Bomb contained just 8 Kilos of Plutonium 239. Nuclear reactors, the only machines on earth that make plutonium, can contain over 100 Kilos of Plutonium 239.
1979. Unit No 2, a brand new nuclear reactor, at Three Mile Island Pennsylvania, developed a mechanical fault described as an Act of God. Pennsylvania came close to being a No Go Area with the world’s largest radioactive bomb crater.
Three Mile Island revealed there is no insurance company, on this particular planet, willing to insure you & yours against Nuclear Acts Of God.

Weeks after Three Mile Island came close to ascending in a mushroom cloud. The Queen drew up a new Nuclear Agenda.

Under the royal family escape plan for nuclear war (1949) drawn-up by the late Queen Mum. Any gold salvaged from bank vaults would go to America, along with British Sovereignty for the Duration. Lizzy's new plan guarantees Britain’s Gold and Foreign Currency Reserve will only be used to pay companies holding Top Secret Contingency Contracts. All these companies are actually offshore procurement agencies created to supply, when needed, all the necessary equipment to turn Britain into a nuclear dump. America made radiation-proof-vehicles, radiation-suits, lead-lined-body-bags, etc., until the Gold and Foreign Currency Reserve has been spent. Through their nominees (you guessed)  the royals own all the companies holding Top Secret Contingency Contracts
Under the infamous Maastricht Treaty  Lizzy arranged for Britain’s Gold and Foreign Currency Reserve to be moved to nuclear proof vaults under Frankfurt.
Selling-off our water & power supplies; and every other governmental responsibility was only Part One of Lizzy’s clever little plan. Public Services Are Not Required In A Nuclear Desert. Leasing-out Britain as an International Nuclear Dump is Lizzy’s Final Solution. Government employee’s - doctors, nurses, policemen, firemen, ect, not employed in the armed services, are off the pay-roll the moment an Alpha Rated Nuclear Event is declared.




Don't Ya Wish?


        All books on this page from Amazon. Or Oxford Book Search.

 Annoying But Essential Reading

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Himmler and the Final Solution.                                    Heinz Hohne. 1991.


Snotty Liz wearing one of the fabled Romanov Tiara’s (made for the mother of Hitler's role model Zsar Nicholas 2) shares a joke with fellow multi-billionaires. At the time Queen’s Privy Councillor Jonathan Jailbird Aitken was working on Lizzy’s best ever arms deal with the Saudi regime (£30 bn with much more to follow).  This particular arms deal was riddled with multi-million-pound bribes paid to the despotic Saudi royal family. Who, incidentally, chop the heads off unruly Diana's.


Note  2009. The US are still, de facto, in charge of training the Saudi Army & Navy and Britain’s Royal Air Force are likewise, covertly entrenched, training the Saudi Royal Air Force. Long term US and UK government contracts continue supplying aircraft, aircraft parts and military equipment as before the illegal Iraq war. Should the Saudi people rise-up against the Saudi "royals," as bin Laden advocates, and the House Of Saud becomes a busted flush. The "powers that be" are set to occupy Saudi in a heartbeat. Saudi oilfields, coupled with the Iraqi booty, would give Bush frightening control of oil. Cutting oil supplies to the  ‘axis of evil’ can only lead to a state of permanent war. Left in place Bush and his cousin Lizzy will provoke the ultimate attack on a target of mass destruction i.e. Sellafield. Taking oil and nuclear profiteers out of the loop, by developing sea & solar power. Is the only way forward. The first step towards a safer world will not be made by greed-stricken inbreds like Snotty Liz and Dubya. They Are The Problem.    





 The phony Queen's Cousin. The Fake President.

The Lies of George W. Bush: Mastering the Politics of Deception.

Nuff Said.









Royal Family Planning:

Snotty Liz's Uncle.






  From 1946, the Queen's cousin Anthony Blunt, was Surveyor Of The King's (then Queen's) Picture's. In 1951, the CIA accused Blunt, Philby, Burgess and Mclean of being Soviet Agents. Blunt and Philby denied the charge. Burgess and Mclean "escaped" to Moscow. After renewed allegations in 1963, Philby followed Burgess and Mclean, to live in Russia. 1983, it was reported Blunt had spied for the Kremlin from 1940 onwards. He had admitted his Treason in 1964.  The Queen had seen fit to give her cousin Crown Immunity From Prosecution.
In 1964 Peter Wright, author of Spycatcher, was in the process of interrogating Blunt when he  was summoned to an audience with the Queen's private secretary.
He was told he must not record anything Blunt said about his 1945 mission; retrieving documents from royal cousins in Germany.
We now know, the documents proved the royals had supported and invested in the blossoming Third Reich. Hitler had guaranteed the safety of all the royals irrespective of who won the war.
 So. Why are British taxpayers paying all the bills for this family who never gave a fuck for Britain?


The Prince of Nuclear Parasite's

By 1979 British reactors had already produced a one-ton surplus of weapons grade uranium and plutonium.  (Surplus to the one-ton deemed necessary for our Defence Requirements for the next two hundred years!)  So. How come we never hear “Disgusted of  Highgrove”  speak-out against the insane production of ever more & more totally needless nuclear waste?  Why not e-mail Highgrove, Birkhall,  Sandringham, Buck House  & Clarence House and ask the spineless clown. "What the fuck are you on"?  



Fall-Out, Means All Out   

 From the Queen’s point of view; illegally flogging-off Britain’s assets is merely making-hay before the lid comes off Sizewell or Sellafield and stops it growing. Have you and your family got escape planes standing-by? Like the royals?
Safe, c
heap power from sun, wind and sea systems has been available from the late 1970’s. All we need to rid this green and pleasant land of Nuclear Targets of Mass Destruction is an honest Head Of State.


The Prince's Trust   &   Foundation

The original idea was to attract donations from royal apologists. Mainly the chinless, hunting, shooting, polo playing idle rich. The money, they were told, was for "good works." i.e. creating jobs.

In the 1980's the Queen's highly successful campaign to widen the gap between rich & poor gave Charles millions of unemployed to play with. A tiny percent were selected to receive a few thousand pounds to start small business's. The object of the exercise being to provide photo opps for the Prince Of Charlie's appearing to care about the unemployed. As if. 

Unlike genuine Registered Charities Charlie's so-called "Trust" gets away with keeping 60% of all funds collected for "administration."
Profit from this particular royal rip-off led to the setting-up of another one in USA. The Prince Of Wales Foundation. The snake oil salesman selected to seek donations from oily Texas billionaire's is a pal of Mark Thatcher who also works for the equally immoral Thatcher Foundation. 

(Not surprisingly, but truly disgustingly, Charles did not return the $500,000 donation his "Trust" received from the Enron slush-fund. Mummy gave a palace ribbon to the Director of Enron Europe. Liz's Energy Cabal & Enron )

The Prince Of Wales Foundation is presently flogging $50,000 tickets to doshed-up-dummed-down-cowboy-buddies of Dubya Bush who wish to spend an evening with Chuck and his bitch at the obscenely opulent Clarence House. For $100,000 the irredeemable can join the repulsive couple on a Sandringham or Balmoral shoot. Royal creative accountants, i.e. Sir Michael Peat, make sure the big bucks disappear in administration. For administration read Chuck's Swiss accounts.
Anyone who thinks any so-called "royal" has any intention of helping anyone, other than ones-self, has lost one's plot.

 Sea Power:
Suppressed By The Ungodly

When the sun go's down and the wind don't blow
the moving weight of the tides around our coast can produce ten times more electricity than we can possibly use. Seabed Power Systems like the Vickers-System rejected by the Thatcher cabinet and the Snail, recently developed by Edinburgh University and ignored by the Blair cabinet, would drastically reduce the royals profits from oil & nuclear pollution. For no other reason than making a handful of billionaire thugs richer. Sea Power like Wind Power and Solar Power, has been criminally suppressed for the last thirty years. 
water power  

Building safe power systems will give Britain the cheapest electricity in history. Given, cheap power British Industry can produce the cheapest, and the finest, machine-tools, ships, planes, trains, cars, electrical goods and computer systems in the world. Unemployment and the crime it causes can be become a memory. But not until we get a half decent Head Of State. Britain should now be exporting wind power, solar power and sea-power-systems to the rest of the world. Given an honest Head Of State we would be.    

The Danish Way. Safe, Clean & Cheap

Off-Shore Wind. Power Unlimited

 After Three Mile Island had proved the insanity of nuclear waste stations (1979)  Wind farms ‘sprang-up in America 'like sunflowers’ Most of the wind turbines came from Denmark. 
Danish offshore wind farms and turbines came from de factories have created thousands of ancillary jobs by becoming popular tourist attractions. The Japanese are fascinated by these
"New Age Windmills."

The same year the Queen opened her nuclear little earner at Sizewell B, 1995, the Danish government long-term energy plan set a target of 20% of electricity consumption (6.8 TWh) from safe-clean-power-systems by 2003. This target was easily surpassed. Denmark now has 9.2 TWh of it’s electricity coming from safe renewable sources. Danish private investments in safe-power-systems are now 38% above the government suggested targets. By the time the Danes have 50% of their electricity from safe-clean-power-systems. Her Majesty's "government" will have less than 5%!
Always providing Lizzy hasn't provoked a couple of suicides squads to open-up Sellafield and Sizewell B and turned this green and pleasant land into a radioactive NO GO AREA.



Greedy: Murder The Needy

To increase their personal fortunes the British and American Heads of State have now murdered over 600,000 Iraqi's and made 4.2 million homeless. As of June 2007 two million of the homeless have left Iraq. Those who can't afford to leave are living on bombsites in fear and squalor with no power supply and no clean water.  

When she ordered the totally needless Sizewell B in 1989 the Queen proved she couldn't care less if Britain is written-off in a nuclear accident. The Queen thinks as much about the British as she does about the Iraqi's and Afghani's she is presently poisoning with nuclear waste to increase her uranium profits. Keeping privatized nuclear reactors running on public money proves yet again how the Queen puts her nuclear profits before her subjects - who she will abandon to die of nuclear cancer the moment the lid comes-off one of her nuclear investments.  


The Nuclear Harvest




Fall-Out Means All Out 

 This is what Nuclear Power Means








This is what Nuclear Power Means


This is What Nuclear Power Means


Draw Your Own Conclusions





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