The Stroke Of The Royal Pen



The Stroke Of The Royal Pen


The Black Death is caused by a deadly parasite that occurs in the stomach of a flea. Anyone bitten by these fleas will die in excruciating pain - turning black in the process...
1338. Northeast Manchuria a ten-month-long drought caused the Manchurian Marmot (a squirrel like animal) to leave their remote habitat in search of food. Marmots carried the fatal fleas.

The fleas transferred to village & town-rats, towns-people, ship-rats and sailors.
A decade later the fleas had worked their way through India, the Crimea, Turkey, Italy, Spain and France. Leaving fifty-three-million black corpses in their wake.

December 1348. Two ships carrying the fatal fleas docked at Greenwich, London. Seven out of ten people in Greenwich died within two months.  
In St. Albans on the outskirts of London, the infection killed three out of ten. Two hundred miles north, in the city of York, one out of ten died the same horrible death.


In 1348, a mere 4 million people lived in this green and pleasant land. By 1350 nearly half of them had turned black and kicked the wooden pail.    

Similar outbreaks of plague in 1361, 1368, 1371 and 1375 mortally devalued the economic strength of every Manor in the land. The wealth of the nation (the wages) was halved by the demise of half the work-force.
With only half the labour force to farm their thousands of acres of virgin fertile land, landlords were only half as rich as they thought they should be. As they wined and dined in the great halls of their castles they decided to impose an extra tax on the children of the poor, this was called the Poll Tax.

One evening in Dartford, Kent, a roof-tiler came home to find the King’s Poll Tax Inspector and his henchmen interviewing his family. The Inspector insisted the daughter of the house was 15 and therefore liable to pay the Poll Tax. 
The girl was in fact 12. Not wishing to believe this, the Inspector tried to strip the girl. In order (he said) to ascertain her age. Where-upon the roof-tiler did the decent thing. He took his tiling hammer from his belt and smashed the Tax Inspectors head in.

The good people of Kent immediately lent their support to Walter the Tiler (Wat Tyler). The good men of Essex crossed the border to join Tyler and decide on a course of action.
As news of the ‘Peasants Revolt’ spread through the Home Counties, Tax Inspectors fled the lush green rolling English countryside like startled rabbits. They locked themselves in their offices in the Tower Of London.
Five thousand men rallied round Tyler. Many, like Tyler, had fought in France to save England from the kind of oppression they were now subjected to from their greed-stricken landlords. They decided to march to London to tell the boy-King, Richard 2, exactly what they thought of his "government". The men gathered on Blackheath to hear the Preacher John Ball. Ball saw the need for violence against the rich as clearly as the rich see the need for violence against the poor. Spurred on by the preacher's truthful words the ‘Rebel Army’ marched into London to confront 14-year-old King Richard. Who, incidentally, was as camp as a row-of-tents.
They found him enjoying himself with his Falcons in the marshes - where Green Park is today.
Wat Tyler laid it on the line. Through no fault of their own the work-force had suffered twenty-years of wage reductions. Forced on them by greed-stricken-landlords. And now their rents were being doubled by a totally unwarranted Poll Tax. The King told Tyler he had no idea what taxes his uncle’s the Barons had forced on the people. Richard assured his angry subjects, crowding around him, they would hear no more of this ludicrous Poll Tax.

The uneducated peasants were daft enough to believe him.
Tyler made the fatal mistake of allowing the King to return to his Palace. Richard immediately summoned his Privy Council. The next day the King addressed a mass meeting at Smithfield. Tyler was quietly surrounded by a gang of the King’s thugs led by William Walworth. Walworth knifed Tyler in the neck. Walworth’s gang later smashed their way into St. Bartholomew’s hospital and cut Tyler’s head off!
All the other rebel leaders were murdered by the King’s thugs; some were followed home and knifed to death in their beds!


right, King Richard 2nd parades to keep the peasants attention while his thugs slash and stab Tyler to the ground.

In a stroke of the royal pen the king revoked his promise to lower taxes.

Another stroke of the royal pen signed John Balls Death Warrant. For advocating violence against the violent rich, the King had Ball hung, drawn and quartered.

Tyler’s daughter, along with every other worker, was forced to pay the brutal Poll Tax. The workforce was condemned to an early death caused by grinding poverty. William Walworth, who was the Lord Mayor of London and the owner of a score of Southwark’s disgusting child-brothels was not, of course, brought to justice for the bestial murder of Wat Tyler. Then as now, any thug who supports the Monarchy is above the law. 


The Black Death was originally known as
"The Great Mortality".
Frightened people burnt suspected witches and - I kid ye not - even black cats were burnt alive at the stake in the mistaken belief "The Great Mortality" was caused by witchcraft.

The Black Death - now called Bubonic Plague - still occurs in remote parts of the world.  



The Black Death killed over fifty-five-million people. Over the next century the nuclear poison released from the Queen's bomb factory at Sellafield, England, Chernobyl in Russia, Fukushima in Japan and Sellafield-made-depleted-uranium ammunition (DU) being used in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria will kill hundreds of millions…  In the event of a British nuclear disaster. The Queen, her family and friends, have escape planes standing by, 24/7, ready to fly them out of the country to a place of safety - 8,000 miles away.
Why should the royals give a flying fuck what happens to you and yours?



All Things Nuclear

by  Jim Hutchinson

As thousands of brave men were giving their lives fighting the Chernobyl fire, the Kremlin began the usual despicable-cover-up that accompanies all things nuclear.  An All Soviet Directive (U2617) was issued forbidding details of radiation victims ever being released. For two days the Politburo enforced a complete News Black-Out. Only when Chernobyl's uranium fallout triggered nuclear alarms in Norway, Finland and Sweden did the Kremlin admit they had a problem. The orderly evacuation of every person, and every farm-animal, living within nineteen miles of the reactor was going smoothly to plan when Moscow Television reported. "There has been an accident at Chernobyl. Measures are being taken to eliminate the consequences".
The newsreader had no idea the Kremlin had ordered everything, within 19 miles of the nuclear fire that could be buried, was to be buried. Including the forests!

From every direction the Red Army were heading for Chernobyl. Bringing in their fleets of highly efficient earth-moving-machines.
In the next ten months over six-hundred-thousand civilians, from all parts of Mother Russia, found themselves conscripted and transported to the Ukraine. They were cheerfully told they were needed to assist the Red Army in "Burial Duties".

Many of the villages in the surrounding woodlands were bulldozed into the same shallow grave-pits as the forests.
Some villages and the towns of Chernobyl and Pripyat were (and still are (2018)) too radioactive to demolish. Nuclear dust would have killed the demolition crews.
Hastily formed "Battalions" of civilian "Liquidators" were ordered to empty these same highly contaminated buildings.
Earth-movers dug eight hundred "emergency nuclear waste dumps", of all shapes and sizes, to take the contents of factories, food storage depots, builders-compounds, office-blocks, schools, libraries, garages, hospitals and clinics. Even the telephone exchanges were stripped out. Nothing that would attract looters was left above ground.
Everything from typewriters to butchers-benches; from teddy bears to dentists chairs was tipped and crushed into makeshift nuclear waste dumps.

FALLOUT 1986. After three months of "Burial Duties" dozens of civilian Liquidators and super-fit soldiers died of what the Kremlin called "heart-attacks".

 Soldiers were threatening to go on strike. Tours of Duty were scaled down from three months to three weeks. Army Chiefs began to question the wisdom of sending anyone to fight nuclear waste. Thousands of Battalions of civilian Liquidators were returned to their respective corners of Russia - after falling sick (most of the Liquidators have since died of "ionizing cancers" (i.e. both; skin peeling-off and internal organ failures)).


Hundreds of thousands of “Liquidators" were liquidated by uranium poisoning. The prognosis for their offspring is "bleak".

As the summer of 1986 wore on, birds, rats and foxes left the Chernobyl area. Trees, grass and flowers stopped growing or grew mutated. Remote-controlled mechanical-shovels, flown in from USA, refused to move or went comically berserk in the radiation...

 Over 200,000 convicts arrived in the First Exclusion Zone. In return for forgotten sentences they did most of the work building a 450,000-ton concrete tomb over the wrecked, red hot radioactive, reactor.
After twelve months of "Elimination" the Politburo realized no amount of people and machines can ever clean-up a nuclear power station accident.

Tens of thousands of army vehicles that became fatally radio-active in the attempted clean-up were used as roadblocks covered in eight feet thick mounds of concrete. They now seal-off hundreds of roads and lanes into the first nineteen-mile round Exclusion Zone (twice since extended). 

Kiev and Moscow city buses (used in the evacuation of 135,000 townsfolk and farmers) also became too radioactive to ever use again. They were parked-up along with countless units of army and contractors building and earthmoving equipment forever to remain in the "Dead Zone" rusting into everlastingly fatal nuclear dust.

To stop the migration of fatal nuclear atoms, one-hundred-miles of fifty-foot-deep-sunken-dams were constructed by Red Army Engineers assisted by tens of thousands of civilian Liquidators. Unfortunately the dams have served to raise the water-table. This has hastened, rather than hindered, the spread of fatal nuclear atoms from most of the 800 emergency nuclear waste dumps. People living 200 - 300 miles away are now - 2013 - falling ill with low-dose-radiation-syndrome (LRS), a sister of Gulf War Syndrome, caused by uranium fallout in the food & water supply. Burying contaminated forests, or any other kind of nuclear waste, is no answer to nuclear poison. The sensible answer is stop fucking making it. 

Queen Elizabeth The Useless who has trillions invested in nuclear weapons intends to build ten more Chernobyl's in Britain.



Chernobyl: How it happened

by  Jim Hutchinson

"The reactor over-heated and flipped its lid. It was a steam explosion.
A nuclear explosion would have been a million times worse".

Reactor No 4. Chernobyl:  best described as a gigantic kettle standing forty-feet high. Made of twelve-foot-thick steel. With millions of gallons of water constantly on the boil.

The kettles elements were 1,661 six-foot-tall uranium-fuel-rods arranged in ascending circles.

Over 200 tons of black graphite bricks surrounded and supported the metalwork holding the fuel rods in place. Threaded around the fuel rods were miles of hot and cold stainless-steel-water-pipes and channels that carried the heat from the fuel rods.
The water came in from eight enormous high-pressure-pumps.
A reactor this size needs nine tons of water every 60 seconds. Nine tons of steam leaves the reactor every minute. The steam drives the Turbines generating 1,000 Mega-watts of electricity (enough for ten million 100-watt. light-bulbs).
The safe working temperature of Reactor No. 4 was 600 degrees Centigrade.
When uranium fuel passes its melting point (2,700 Centigrade) it can double it's temperature as it melts. Going from 2,700 to 5,400 to 10,800 to 21,600 and so on, quicker than you can do the maths.

April 26th 1986. Reactor No. 4 went out of control because the Automatic Temperature Control (ATC) had been illegally disabled. The ATC was disabled to speed up maintenance work!

Imagine the operator's sat in the control room watching all two-hundred of No 4's temperature gauges flying into the red! They were powerless as the surge of nuclear heat flashed hundreds of tons of water into super-heated-steam.
Walls of black graphite bricks turned white and disintegrated.
Miles of stainless steel water channels melted and vaporized into exploding, expanding gas.
Within minutes of the operators realizing something was wrong, an almighty explosion tossed the 2,000-ton steel & concrete reactor lid up in the air like an old penny.
It somersaulted and landed on top of the reactor, balanced on its edge. Oxygen rushed in causing a spectacular series of Roman Candle explosions; shooting out blazing lumps of melting nuclear waste. Aircraft reported some of these lumps went one-mile-high. Radiation warning klaxons screamed from the roof of every building in the sprawling nuclear complex. Erupting cascades of flaming nuclear waste started thirty more deadly toxic fires. Every fire engine within 50 miles answered the call to Chernobyl Power Station.

01:23:40                       01:23:42

Fourteen hours later. The smaller fires were all under control but the raging reactor fire had failed to respond to the millions of gallons of water hundreds of high-pressure-fire-hoses were pumping on it - from the station's own, massive, water storage pools and the local river.
By now an Emergency Meeting was in progress at the Kremlin.

The Politburo heard their top nuclear scientists explain how the increasing temperature could cause a fast-chain-reaction (as in Hiroshima). At one-million-degrees-Centigrade (super-critical) all the nuclear atoms in the blazing reactor could split in unison. Causing a nuclear explosion bigger than Hiroshima and Nagasaki put together. The blast would smash Chernobyl's other three reactors into atoms - sending over 800 tons of eternally fatal fallout up in a mushroom cloud. Prevailing winds would have brought tons of fallout to Moscow.
The Politburo were left in no doubt Moscow could become a nuclear ghost town if Chernobyl went nuclear.
Kremlin scientists ordered-in squadrons of helicopters to bomb the fire with ten-ton-loads of wet sand and clay, limestone, and chunks of boron-carbide steel. The chunks of steel would slow down the splitting nuclear-atoms and lessen the risk of a fast-chain-reaction. Limestone when burned releases carbon dioxide, which would starve the fire of oxygen. The wet sand and clay was intended to form a heat-sink to trap some of the fatal fallout...

Day 7. May 3rd. Geiger-counters recorded the radioactive release was steadily increasing. So was the temperature! The attempt to smother the fire was apparently feeding it!
It seemed the sacrifice of over 2,000 fire fighters, who, by this time, had received fatal doses of radiation, had all been for nothing...

below Clinic No 3 Moscow. April 27th 1986.

Most of the firemen who raced to attend Chernobyl died horrible deaths of radiation poisoning. Plane-loads of firemen like this poor man were rushed to radiation specialists in Moscow, Kiev and Minsk - to no avail.

(Unlike the fire-fighters who rushed to the Twin Towers anyone attending a Nuclear 9/11 will be knowingly committing suicide).


Day 10. May 6th. By the Grace of God, the Geiger-counters slowed down...
One year later the remains of the molten nuclear fuel had cooled and set like warm volcanic lava. Scientists found 70 tons of the original 204 tons of nuclear fuel had escaped (become lighter than air and quite literally gone-up in smoke).
Chernobyl was surrounded by farmland. By 1994, fallout-poisoned collective farms and nearly 2,000 villages covering an area the size of Wales had been abandoned - forever...


Nuclear Power: Wasting The Planet

Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station murdered an area
the size of Wales.

right, Pripyat the nearest nuclear ghost town to Chernobyl – 2017.
Pripyat is the same size as Dover in Kent. The town is still too radioactive to demolish! Nuclear dust would kill the demolition crews. Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station can be seen in the background, two miles away. In a thousand years or so, Pripyat will disappear in a nuclear poisoned mutant forest.
The poison will become part of the water table and continue to mutate and kill anyone who ingests it for tens of thousands of years.

"It was a steam explosion that released Chernobyl's everlasting nuclear poison.
Had the reactor gone into a nuclear chain reaction Pripyat - and its 45,000 inhabitants - would have disappeared in a mushroom cloud".


In 1986 these woods glowed red with radiation. They buried them. Trees and plants that manage to grow here now are loaded with fatal cocktails of nuclear poison.
The firemen who were sent to put out the reactor fire were fried on the spot by gamma radiation.

The readings on the asphalt paving are 500 - 3000 micro-roentgens. That is 50 to 300 times normal radiation.
If I step 10 meters forward towards the trees my Geiger counter will run off the scale. If I walk towards the reactor the radiation will reach 3 roentgens per hour - which is 300,000 times normal.  If I walked all the way to the reactor I would glow in the dark tonight - and never ride my beautiful Kawasaki Ninja again. Not on earthly roads anyway. 

by Elena Filatova




Chernobyl's Dead Zone


                         Nuclear vehicle graveyard - in Chernobyl's Dead Zone


                Vehicle graveyard - inside Chernobyl's Nuclear Dead Zone

Nuclear Power mutates anything and everything, it touches.

The Queen’s 2003 Energy White Paper paved the way for more insane reactors by giving an insulting pittance to safe power systems. Operating potential Chernobyl’s is no threat to the Queen and her percentage politicians. After five decades of the stroke of the royal pen pouring over £1 TRILLION of your money into the Queen's Establishment companies - they can well afford to leave Britain. In the event of a British nuclear accident, the royals and their arse-lickers will be enjoying a barbecue on one of their private islands - thousands of miles away - before fawning BBC "reporters" are allowed to tell the British Public "Britain is unfit for human habitation".

Three Headed Frog found in Somerset near Nuclear Power Plant.

This is Nuclear Power. Not photo shop

   Guardian 2006

Nuclear Waste ""2013

Nuclear Waste - Far worse than the Black Death. Anybody who say's we need any more nuclear power stations (like the Queen’s three stooges below) have simply been born too soon. It will be many decades before medical science can help these degenerate throwbacks with a brain transplant.

How the Queen Ignores Her Own Royal Commissions

As far back as 1976 the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution, made it
abundantly clear:
The Defence Of The Realm is best served by decreasing our nuclear risks. NOT increasing them.

After the Royal Commission - 1976.
After Three Mile Island - 1979.
After Chernobyl - 1986.
Who? Other than a “royal” imbecile could have ordered Sizewell B in 1987?

The Head of State, Queen Elizabeth The Useless, pictured here with a business partner - inherited Scandinavian, Canadian, African and Australian uranium mines. Or to be more precise she inherited thousands of square miles of land “acquired” in Empire days, under which uranium was later found. The price of uranium has risen 500% in the last 7 years. The Queen's part in waging illegal wars has tripled her profits from the royals multi-billion-pound stake in Arabian oil wells and more than doubled her profits from producing nuclear waste to make depleted uranium ammo.

War Criminal Toady Blair's swansong was an
insane speech calling for more nuclear power stations

In his very first Prime Minister's Question Time, Gordon Brown, the Queen’s passing Prime Mouthpiece, confirmed Her Majesty's intention to continue refusing proper investment in safe, cheap power systems in favour of increasing her obscene offshore fortune by building more uranium burning Chernobyl's in Great Britain. Hansard Columns 994-5

Fukushima: Poisoning the Pacific

Like the Queen’s Sellafield, Torness, Dungeness and Sizewell B.
Fukushima was built on the coast for “safety reasons”.

Forty million Japanese in 'extreme danger' of life-threatening radiation poisoning…

The first to leave the disaster area of Chernobyl were – of course - those who could afford to. The same quite exodus of the wealthy happened in Japan. No amount of nuclear lies is going to stop Japan’s economy going down the nuclear drain. Nobody wants to buy radioactive cars, toys, phones or computers.

 Two years into the nuclear disaster, the world is growing weary of Japan’s seafood.
South Korea have banned all Japanese fish and seafood imports. 
Only members
of the Kami Karsi Last Supper Club are still eating sushi…

Nuclear Power: Poisoning The Planet

In March 2011 the nuclear power station at Fukushima, Japan, released ten times more nuclear poison than Chernobyl! above One-million-tons of nuclear contaminated debris ebbing its way from Fukushima across the Pacific towards America.
The US government shut down radiation detection monitors to hide the truth. 
Nuclear power station waste is in now in the process of killing hundreds of millions.

Above. Millions of nuclear cancers heading for the US food chain

Fukushima: Deformed seals washing up on California beaches.


Chernobyl Altered States:

These catfish no longer swim away from humans! You can step into the streams miles away from Chernobyl and catch them with your hands.
Eating one could kill you.

Everything that still grows around Chernobyl contains nuclear poison. Fish grow twice the size they used to, but only live half as long.
Other than a nuclear catfish, or a "royal" imbecile, who? Would have ordered Sizewell B a year after Chernobyl proved a nuclear power station accident could end British history?

Imbecile wearing a £1Million hat while ordering more Chernobyl's.




Sizewell B known locally as Nagasaki-on-Sea



          Chernobyl Fall Out Zones: November 1989

The BBC Panorama program visited some of the contaminated area’s around Chernobyl. In a town called Narodici, reporter Jane Corbin spoke to a District Nurse. The nurse was obviously angry and upset when she told Corbin.  "All our children have enlarged thyroids.
 What are we supposed to do now? Wait for every second child to die of cancer?"

February 1990

BBC reporter Bill Turnbull reported from Narodici for the Nine O’clock News. He found 'a gathering of young mothers crying with despair. They were waiting for a Faith Healer. They had given up on the doctors.' Doctors had run out of drugs to treat their dying children. The nurse's words were coming horribly true. Narodici, 40 miles South of Chernobyl, has since become a Nuclear Ghost Town. The fall-out poisoned 8,000 square miles. Countless farms in Western Russia, Northern Ukraine and Byelorussia, are now surrounded by concrete-posted razor-wire-fences and Fatal Radiation Keep Out signs.

April 1991

Horizon (BBC2) and This Week (ITN) visited the wrecked reactor at Chernobyl Power Station. Both filmed the remains of the reactor hall, and confirmed 134 tons of the original 204 tons of fuel has now solidified, like lava from a volcano, in the ruins. The massive explosion that tossed the two-thousand-ton reactor lid up onto the rim; also, blasted the two-thousand-ton reactor base downwards; allowing tons of the melting fuel to leak into the foundations. This slight separation of the melting mass of fuel reduced the temperature and with it the possibility of a nuclear explosion. Both programs made the point. Chernobyl could have been much, much, worse. 

The UK Risk: See how much of Britain will have to be abandoned if Chernobyl happens at your local nuclear power station.


Three mile Island 1979 Dire Warning: Ignored by Nuclear Lizzy

After the mechanical fault at Three mile Island proved there's no such thing as a safe nuclear power plant. Plans to build forty new nuclear stations across the US were thrown in the bin where they belong.

March 1979. The mechanical fault at  Three Mile Island  was a dire warning to the British Head Of State - who totally ignored it. Four independent inquiry’s into the mechanical failure at Three Mile Island (President Carter’s Special Commission. Babcock, who built the reactor., Edison Power., who owned the reactor., and the US Dept. Of Environment) illustrate how Unit No 2 came very close to a nuclear explosion. Nuclear poison would have wiped-out Pennsylvania. Plans to build forty new nuclear stations across the US were thrown in the bin where they belong.

In 2001 the Queen's cousin, a criminal lunatic called George W. Bush, became President of America and announced he would be allocating Billions of taxpayers money to a revival of the insane nuclear waste making industry. The Queen is hell bent on following cousin George's lead. From the start of her reign the stroke of the royal pen has signed Acts of her Parliament pouring billions down the nuclear drain. The same billions spent on sea solar and wind power would have halved Britain's energy bill.

Every country runs on its energy the cheaper that energy the richer (and happier) that country is. Dirt cheap electricity from sun, sea and wind power-systems creates employment and reduces crime. Queen Lizzy and her comatose Privy Council could easily build these systems. They prefer their "percentages" from Big Oil and government controlled nuclear outfits funded by the hapless taxpayer.

Nuclear Lizzy is planning ten more Chernobyl’s in Britain. The Queen’s 2003 Energy White Paper paved the way for more insane reactors by giving an insulting pittance to safe power systems. Operating potential Chernobyl’s is no threat to the royals and their percentage politicians. After five decades of pouring over £1 Trillion of your money into their nuclear companies - they can well afford to leave Britain. In the event of a British nuclear accident, the royals will be enjoying a barbecue on one of their private islands - thousands of miles away - before the BBC are allowed to tell the British public Britain has been permanently poisoned.

photo left,  November 19, 2003.

Fifty thousand people protested outside as the Queen held a Banquet for her imbecilic cousin G. W. Bush at Buckingham Palace.

  Before "Dubya" left the White House he allocated $13 Billion Tax Dollars for "nuclear new build". The cousins will of course deny they mostly own and totally control the nuclear companies receiving an endless supply of the taxpayers billions. Instead of investing our money in safe cheap power-systems, that would save billions for pensions, schools, hospitals, etc., the stroke of the royal pen will send billion after billion of public funds to the Queen's new Chernobyl's that will create even more multi-billion-pound-bills for the taxpayer to pay the Queen's nuclear outfits for storing the Queen's nuclear waste.

A British Chernobyl won't worry the Queen. Would you worry if you had inherited land and property all-over the world along with billions of Slave Trade and Empire profits in foreign banks?


August 2009

Former head of the Green Party Sir Jonathon Porritt is stepping down as Chairman of the Government’s Sustainable Development Commission (SDC). Porrit has finally realised Her Majesty's Government is hell bent on building ten more Chernobyl's. Her Majesty will not tolerate losing her oil, gas and nuclear profits in favour of giving the bloody peasants cheap electricity. Porritt says. 'We had eight years of prevarication when we could have been deploying renewable energy. Little more than a year ago, nuclear companies were telling the media nuclear reactors would not require public subsidies. Now, they are all in there asking for billions of public money.'

The UK Risk: See how much of Britain will have to be abandoned if Chernobyl happens at your local nuclear power station.

  June 11,  2009.  SIZEWELL:  THE USUAL DECEIT

Using the Freedom Of Information Act nuclear power protesters have just found out how Her Majesty's Government covered-up a near catastrophe at Sizewell nuclear power station in January 2007. Were it not for a local man spotting a leaking pipe we could have had a British Chernobyl!  more


The Queen's Nuclear Business: August 2009

When Electricité de France (EdF) bought British Energy last year, it was envisaged that Centrica would take 25% of it. Centrica has now agreed to take 20% of the company for £2.3 Billion, along with the rights to that portion of production. It will pay £1.1 Billion and asset swap with EdF its 51% stake in the major Belgian utility SPE, giving EdF a significant stake in that country.

Nuclear Lizzy has also arranged for RWE and E.On to obtain two sites for new nuclear power plants - Oldbury in Gloucestershire and Wylfa in Wales. RWE and E.On are planning to build Westinghouse AP1000 reactors. EdF are planning four EPR reactors at Sizewell in Suffolk and Hinkley Point in Somerset, the first one starting up in 2017.


23 October 2009 SELLAFIELD has been hit by another plant failure. Evaporator B known as Bravo and which treats highly radioactive liquor has failed for the second time in six months due to coil corrosion. Thorp is in a seven month planned shutdown and Magnox reprocessing had already closed for routine engineering not long before the latest failure.
Magnox reprocessing is due to re-start before the end of the year by which time Evaporator A, known as Alpha will be brought back into service to treat the arising radioactive liquid effluent.
This evaporator has been undergoing a safety upgrade to its equipment at a cost. It is expected to cost the taxpayer around £500,000 to repair the corroded coil in Evaporator Bravo.
First published Friday, 23 October 2009
Published by
also see Finnish Folly:

   Poisoning Kids for Royal Profit

    Sellafield: Nuclear Lizzy’s Bomb Factory

1997. Three thousand molars extracted from British 13 & 14 year-olds were checked for contamination.
Every single tooth contained traces of man made Plutonium.

Not surprisingly, children living over one-hundred-miles away from Sellafield had less than half the amount of Plutonium in their teeth as children in Cumbria on Sellafield's doorstep. Until November 2003 Her Majesties Government managed to keep this evidence, for closing Sellafield, secret. 

April 7, 2009 Sellafield Nuclear Fuel Scam: Call for Public Inquiry

The Queen ignored millions of sensible people who protested against the building of her Mixed Oxide (Mox) nuclear fuel plant at Sellafied. Public opinion was brushed aside by Her Majesties loyal lackey’s in Parliament who stated that Mox would make money for the taxpayer. Thus far Mox has cost the taxpayer over £1 BILLION. Taxpayers were told Mox would produce and sell 120 tons of fuel rods per year. However, a long running investigation by The Independent recently revealed Mox has sold only 6.3 tons of fuel since it opened in 2001!

The Mox plant has never once run smoothly. For eight years Ministers of the nuclear Crown denied there was a serious problem. The plant's losses were kept secret until Ex Environment Minister Michael Meacher used a written question to wheedle out the facts and figures. Mr Meacher is now calling for a public inquiry into this latest waste of public funds at the Sellafield complex.

Mr Meacher said: "This waste of taxpayer's money is unforgivable. There should be a public inquiry into this scandal and those responsible should be held to account." Mr Meacher had tried to stop Mox being built and as a result was sacked from Her Majesties Government.

Liberal Democrat MP Simon Hughes stated. "The Mox plant has proved yet another nuclear black hole for taxpayers' money. Building a new generation of nuclear power stations is throwing billions of pounds of good money after bad. They are never built on time or on budget and they will not solve the UK's energy needs."

Nathan Argent of Greenpeace said. "This is a staggering waste of taxpayers' money, and we doubt that these will be the full costs of this sorry saga. Just imagine what the safe energy sector could have done with a billion pound plus subsidy like that.”  


Mountain Girls: The Urals 1953  

Fish suddenly disappeared from the river Techa. Children who played on the river bank and infants born near-by started dying of baffling organ failures.
It transpired nuclear waste was being pumped into the river. The waste came from one of the Kremlin’s secret little Sellafield’s tucked away in the Ural Mountains.

The Kremlin decided to evacuate the farming community, to clean land - 90 miles away. Most people in this pleasant valley were unable to understand the dangers of invisible nuclear atoms.
A squad of Red Army commando's were sent in - to explain things. 1,850 reluctant farmers were forcibly re-located. 

River dumping was drastically reduced. A nuclear waste dump, with 20 one-hundred-ton-refrigerated-tanks, was built to store the worst elements of the fatal waste...

Sept. 1957. One of the waste tanks, containing 80 tons of plutonium-contaminated-liquid-waste, overheated and exploded. The fall-out contaminated over 2,000 square miles of the southern Urals. This time, the Red Army had to persuade over 10,000 people to leave their farms and villages. All maps of the area were recalled to Moscow. Truckloads of dynamite were used to blast 20 foot-deep by 1,000 yard-wide craters - permanently closing the main roads.
A Guard Post was then built at the head of an access road to the nuclear dump. New maps would eventually show 2,000 square miles of forest and farmland had been emptied and written-off as a Forbidden Zone... 


1959-60. News of the waste tank accident, and rumours that 43 villages were demolished and buried as a result, reached the Pentagon. High-altitude spy planes, U2's and U2b's, equipped with infra-red cameras were sent to record the extent of the fatal fall-out. On one of these missions (Operation Deep Penetration. May 1st 1960) U2b pilot Garry Powers was lucky to survive when a Soviet missile sliced through his plane. He managed to bail-out as the plane broke-up. In February 1962, thanks to the efforts of his father who kept the story in the press and embarrassed the 'boneheads' in the Pentagon, Powers was exchanged for a soviet spy...

Dec 1991. ITN's intrepid science reporter Andrew Vietch was the first Western reporter to cajole his way into the nuclear waste dump - where Tank No. 14 had exploded. Volunteer workers, who receive double wages for working in the Forbidden Zone, monitor the Tanks day and night. Vietch reported on the poor state of health of this group. He found evidence of 912 cases of radiation sickness in local hospitals and clinics...

1988-92. A 'high incidence of miscarriages and deformed births' around the Forbidden Zone led to Kremlin scientist's confirming nuclear poison is now moving out of the zone, with the water table, into the local reservoirs. The healthy looking girls above were advised, 'high radiation levels in their environment makes for unsafe pregnancies. They should not have children.'

2014. Sellafield’s nuclear-dump, Drigg, now contains over 900,000 tons of plutonium-contaminated-nuclear-waste.

The IRA never even dreamt of hitting Sellafield. Fall-out on the westerly winds would poison their wives & kids. Suicidal jihadist's have no such reservations.

The Queen's Energy Cabal can afford to ignore the consequences of a British Nuclear 9/11.
How about you? Have you got billons orf-shore? Private islands in the Pacific Ocean and escape planes standing-by?

Risk Assessment:

Chernobyl                         Sellafield

April 2, 2009 The Sellafield Cesspit: Another Near Miss! click on Press Releases

Who Cares If Britain Becomes A Nuclear Desert?
Certainly not the royals and their cronies. Ninety-two-percent of the British population opposed the building of Sellafield's reprocessing plants Thorpe and Mox. To please their boss Thatcher, Major and Blair totally ignored the public protests and poured billions of public money into these totally needless Targets Of Mass Destruction.

If the Queen didn't personally profit from needless nuclear risks she would have closed them down after Three Mile Island; and certainly after Chernobyl. Wouldn't She?


Learning Curve

Good schools teach our children the real reason nuclear power stations are built is to "cook" uranium. Some of which will turn into plutonium - as used in the Nagasaki bomb right.

Most teenagers know we have now produced more than enough plutonium to split the planet into a flying rockery if we start firing nuclear missiles at nuclear power stations. 

For every £1. Of Nuclear Electricity you buy from so-called privatized nuclear outfits. The next generation of taxpayers will have to pay twice as much for handling and storing the nuclear waste, produced in the making of that one-pounds-worth of electricity! A never-ending and totally insane expense no other type of power station can incur. As the nuclear waste piles up, you, the taxpayer, by Law, now have to pay the ever-increasing ever-lasting storage bill. By signing the above Law in order to "privatize" nuclear power stations, the Queen confirmed how she sees her subjects – fucking stupid.

In line with his claim that Iraq could mushroom London within 45 minutes. Toady Blair's swansong was the bizarre claim that we need more nuclear power stations to save the environment!?  Only a royal arse-licking-cretin like Toady Blair could ignore the fact that increasing the production of everlasting nuclear waste automatically rules out any possibility that nuclear power can save future carbon dioxide emissions.

 Think about the carbon dioxide emissions that will be emitted by that one-thousand-year-building & re-building program to "keep safe" the fatal waste in this aging nuclear pool. And you can see why "government experts" who say nuclear power will curb global warming should be smacked on the head with a fifteen-pound-sledge-hammer - at least twice.


Sellafield: Depleted Uranium (Dirty Ammo) Factory:

The Most Radioactive Place on Earth

This 50 year-old storage pool at Sellafield will cost as many BILLION to dismantle (decommission) and replace. An insane expense that no other power system can incur. But that's only for starters! The nuclear waste in this pool has to be kept like this for at least one-thousand-years. Which means building another hideously expensive storage pool every fifty-years, which means building more and more nuclear dumps, destroying even more of God's Earth to store the used nuclear plant - which like the waste stays fatally radioactive for thousands of centuries.

What kind of lunatic would advocate building more Chernobyl's?


April 2001. Not surprisingly, the United Nation's Sustainable Development Conference dismissed the nuclear apologists puerile claim that "nuclear power is a sustainable technology."
Only a lunatic could fail to see producing everlasting nuclear waste demands a constant industrial chain of carbon dioxide emissions in the mining, washing, crushing and milling process before we get anywhere near the perpetual monitoring of the man-made-poison nuclear power stations produce. As you may have noticed, lunatics do not come anymore profound than those employed as the Queen's passing Prime Mouthpiece.



Royal Oily Rags

If you think the Queen's passing whipping boy, Blah Blah Blair, was responsible for sending the Queen's troops into Iraq. Grow up. Blaming the oily rag instead of the engineer ignores the bleeding obvious. If the British Head of State, like the Russian Head of State, French and German Heads of State, had refused to go along with the American Head of State. There never would have been a debate in Her Majesty's Parliament on the false claim, rightly rejected by the Russian, French and German Heads of State, that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction - ergo no British involvement in an illegal war. To increase the royal fortune the Queen ordered her whipping boy to tell the blatant lie that Iraq could arm and fire nuclear missiles at London on 45 minutes notice.
The Queen's favoured spooks whispered to doubting Members of Parliament that Blair's Weapons of Mass Destruction hysterics were probably true.
That's how the Queen took Britain into an illegal war; where incidentally her Majesties BNFL stocks of dirty ammo (DU) are now making billlions for the royal family fortune.



Knights Of The Realm

Sir Fred of Thievery-on-the-Fly

March 2009. Her Majesty has now decreed there will be no inquiry into big bank spivs who stole £300 BILLION from British banks.   On the contrary; the Head of State has ordered the honest taxpayer to pay-back the £300 BILLION the spivs stole!!!
One of
the bank robbers 50-year-old Sir Fred Goodwin, above, is now in receipt of a £16 MILLION annual pension paid by the honest taxpayer. Goodwin will get over £13,000 per week for life (that's over £1,900 per day for life)  -  while Her Majesty's  old age pensioners have to live on £92. per week. How's that for taking the royal piss?



The Death Of Innocence  

A bloodstained wall a frightened child and her murdered father.

Just one of millions of young Iraqi's who will never forgive the British and American Heads of State for their wars for personal profit.

 'It is inexplicable why we are not demanding Her Majesties Government mass resignation.'    ""Lancet   


The Trial of Tony Blair  Channel 4 TV June 2007.

Another Fine Mess @ Sellafield-on-Sea

Between August 2004 and May 2005 twenty-odd-tons of dissolved nuclear fuel rods containing enough plutonium to make twenty Nagasaki size bombs was happily sloshing around the floor, unnoticed by the staff, at the Sellafield Thorp reprocessing plant!
The liquid waste had escaped through a broken pipe.

This latest accident to close the nuclear fuel plant and the clean-up will cost you the taxpayer appox.  £180 million on top of the £74 BILLION taxpayers money already allocated to cleaning-up the unholy mess previous nuclear waste power stations have made in Britain.
 A little research into the amount of taxpayers money the Queen has signed over to the needless nuclear waste industry in the last forty years explains why her pensioners are given a pittance. 
It also explains selling off all Her Majesties Government responsibilities like British Rail, water, gas and all the other Public Services. Public Services will no longer be required when the lid comes-off Sellafield and no-one can live in Britain.


Chernobyl: Coming Your Way


Welsh Contamination

Parliament. Friday, 27 April 2007.
Dai Davies,  Blaenau Gwent, Independent MP. To ask the Secretary of State for Wales.
How many farms, representing what total surface area, still have restrictions on (a) grazing and (b) other agricultural uses arising from the radioactive fallout from the
Chernobyl reactor incident in 1986.

Peter Hain, Secretary of State.

There are currently 359 holdings in Wales within the restricted area with 180,000 sheep under restriction arising from the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.  Hansard


If the Martians landed tomorrow and took away all of Earth's coal, oil, gas and uranium. Wind-power, sun-power and sea-power would be up and running the day after. Britain would have dirt cheap, safe, clean power now were it not for Queen Lizzy's oil & nuclear cabal. Royal profits, as you should have noticed, always come first.

Born To Rule Fool


Anyone who listens to G.W.Bush will soon realize he has never lived in the real world (very difficult when you have no brain). His cousins right remain palpably untouched by real life.

Anyone who listens to Mr Bush will soon realize he has never lived in the real world (very difficult when you have no brain). His cousins left remain palpably untouched by real life.


British Establishment leader, King George 5
th (Lizzy's grandfather) hid his massive stakes in oil fields behind the usual nominees – Rothschilds, et al. The royals will of course deny that George 5th invested millions in the Anglo-Persian Oil Company. Which came into being to exploit the Iranian oil reserves (Anglo-Persian became British Petroleum (BP)). Nothing would please Lizzy more than a re-run of the royal rape of Iranian oil fields.  


Lizzy wearing one of the fabled Romanov Tiara’s (made for the mother of Hitler's role model Zsar Nicholas 2) shares a joke with fellow multi- billionaires.

Lizzy and the The Saudi's: At the time of this photograph Queen’s Privy Councillor Jonathan Jailbird Aitken, was working on Lizzy’s best ever arms deal with the Saudi regime (£30 bn with much more to follow).  This particular arms deal - sealed with the stroke of Lizzy's pen - was riddled with multi-million-pound bribes paid to the despotic Saudi royal family. Who, incidentally, chop the heads off unruly Diana's.

January 2007.  The Attorney General directed the Serious Fraud Office to drop their investigation into the many bribes BAE Systems paid various Saudi Prince's to sweeten a £30 billion arms deal. Dropping Britain's biggest ever corruption case was, we were told, in the "Public Interest." 

Royal whipping boy Blair was laughed at and jeered when he told the House of Commons the Saudi Royals (who get all their terrorist intelligence from CIA-MI5 satellites beamed down to Riyadh) could stop passing terrorist intelligence to Britain if the bribery case continued! 

House of Lords Foreign Corruption Debate.
Feb. 1st 2007.
Tory Lord Lyell of Markyate reminded the Lords. "The Attorney General speaks for the Queen.
Not for the prime minister." Royal servant


 BAE Systems

The Queen will of course deny she is a major shareholder in BAE Systems. Years-ago to stop your inquiries in that direction the Queen told Her Government set-up her own private bank. Bank of England Nominee's, also known as BoEN or Ben, which can only be used by Heads of State and their families. Saddam Hussein was one of the many Heads of State using this corrupt bank to hide his "commissions" (multi-million-pound bribes) from outfits like BAE.

Note.  The Pentagon is still, de facto, in charge of training the Saudi Army & Navy and Britain’s Royal Air Force are likewise, overtly entrenched, training the Saudi Royal Air Force.
Long term US and UK government contracts continue supplying aircraft, aircraft parts and military equipment to the Saudi Kingdom as before the illegal Iraq war.
Should the Saudi people rise-up against the Saudi "royals" as the CIA asset Osama bin Laden advocated; and the House Of Saud becomes a busted flush, the "powers that be" are already in place to occupy Saudi in a heartbeat. Saudi oilfields, coupled with the Iraqi booty, would give the warmongers frightening control of oil. Cutting oil supplies to the  manufactured "axis of evil" would lead to a state of permanent global war. Left in place Lizzy will provoke the ultimate suicide attack on a Nuclear Target Of Mass Destruction i.e. Sellafield.

Taking oil and nuclear profiteers out of the loop, by developing sea & solar power. Is the only way forward. The first step towards a safer world will not be made by greed-stricken profiteers. They Are The Problem.        

                             More on the The Queen's Friends    &   The Saudis


Fukushima:  Radioactive Japanese cars banned from entering Russia



Nuclear Lizzy's Business Partners





Miss-use of drugs and her ten-second-temper made her very popular with all the wrong people. "Screaming Mad Belinda" was arrested so often the media lost interest. Aged 25 she opened a photo agency in Camden Town.   Lady Belinda




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