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Caligula, Surrender Monkey,
Fagan, The Spy Plane and The Tiananmen Square Butchers

April 2001.  A Chinese fighter was lost and a US Awac spy plane damaged and forced to land after a high-altitude game of chicken over the Sea of China. 
The following July EU intelligence agencies reported, in secret deals brokered by Bush Senior (aka Caligula) and America's answer to Fagan, Alan Greenspan.  Caligula's son President George W. Surrender Monkey  caved-in to all commie demands for the return of the spy-plane. Commie leaders in Beijing received $40 BILLION TAX DOLLARS courtesy President Surrender Monkey Bush!

 AWAC Spy Plane  Above Top Secret

Before the hand-over President Surrender Monkey had to promise his Capitalist lackey media would drop the frequently used term, "Red Chinese Secret Police."  (This cosy little caveat confirms 20 years of reports tracking Jackie Chan style axe murders across America by the, now unmentionable, Commie Secret Police).  President Surrender Monkey Dubya Bush banned all USA media publishing or broadcasting any details of his commie arsehole-licking-deal. His ban included the threat to jam satellite broadcasting. 
Fagan Greenspan used the US Federal Reserve, Goldman Sachs & Co. J.P. Morgan & Co. The Bank of England and other corrupt Establishment banks to guarantee the hand-over of $40 BILLION, Cash, on release of the 24 crew. The super-secret Awac spy plane, capable of jamming radar and controlling US made aircraft, was stripped bollock naked by the commies then shipped home in bamboo creates.
Overseeing the secret pay-out of $40 BILLION TAX DOLLARS was President Surrender Monkey's uncle, Prescott Bush Jr., known on Wall Street as the richest of all Dirty Money laundry men. Before the Spy Plane episode Prescott Bush was already washing Dirty Money for the commies through Chicago Mercantile Exchange & The Chicago Board of Trade.
Prescott was named after his Traitor father who ignored the Trading With The Enemy Act
and continued his family's dirty business of supplying weapons to Hitler's Nazi hordes. Weapons that killed American and British troops until the end of WW2.

President Surrender Monkey's cousin, Queen Lizzy (who would later invite top commie butcher Jiang Zemin to stay at Buckingham Palace) invoked Her Majesty's
Official Secrets Act to stop the British media revealing the $40 BILLION Tax Dollar bung to Beijing. Violating this particular paragraph, of Lizzy's many Secret Acts, means jail and the confiscation of all premises and vehicles, audio and video equipment involved in banned (read truthful) broadcasts.

also see   Chinese  down satellite     SPACE - Chinese Anti-Satellite Weapon Test  BBC Inside Out


Greeting from the Queen's cousin

           A Product of Dope & Whiskey
1972, after three years part time reserve pilot training with the Texas Air Guard. George Bush Junior was never going to pass any flying test. He was excused flying instruction to work on Red Blount's Alabama election campaign.
Junior spent most of his time in Alabama enjoying sour mash whiskey and Executive Fartburgers at the Cloverdale Grill - where he never once said no to a Lebanese joint, heroin or Colombian coke.
Campaign workers recall how Junior parked his $500 hi-lift-hand-made-boots on the office desk and told everyone how important he was and how he could get away with anything.
Red Blount's nephew, C. Murphy Archibald, recalls.
"He would laugh uproariously as if there was something funny about drunk driving."
Female campaign workers dismissed the drunken Junior as  "a Texan soufflé." 
Campaign hands who had son's in the military resented how his father’s connections had ensured Junior stayed out of Vietnam by having him trained on the F-102. A plane that was coming out of military service. Even if he had the intelligence to acquire any flying skills Junior would not have been posted to Vietnam. Junior's campaign job, as the son of a US Ambassador, was canvassing voters. Unofficially he was distributing totally false information about Red Blount's opponent. A typical Bush dirty trick that backfired. The Democrat opponent, John Sparkman, won easily.

Before Junior ran for Governor (of Texas) his daddy had his military record "sanitized." What we do know is Junior was unfit to take a Flight Exam. He was posted as a Deserter months after he failed to turn-up for a mandatory drug test.
The fact that he was given an Honorable Discharge is irrelevant. Even the Washington Sniper, who had faced two Court Martial's for slugging officers, was given an Honorable Discharge. The Vietnam slaughterfest  (orchestrated by the same moneygrubbing swine who gave us 9/11 and the carnage of Afghanistan & Iraq) led to Honorable Discharges for Deserters. There were far too many Deserters for the Pentagon to want to record.
The few pages left in Junior's Service File show he was unable to comprehend flight instruments and refused further training in August 1972.

 George "Caligula" Bush Senior

     " Watch My Lips
I'm A Compulsive Liar"


Ambassador to UN (1971 –1973) Chief of the U.S. China Office (1974 – 1975).
Director of the CIA (1976 – 1977). Vice President (1981 – 1989).
President (1989 – 1993).
Appointed Knight Grand Cross by his cousin & arms business partner Queen Lizzy.

To get himself into the White House George Bush Senior promised he would not raise taxes. "Watch my lips," he told the voters, "I will not raise taxes."
In office, his grasp of economics gave the world's richest country
the worst growth rate since the 1930's Depression. He did, of course, raise taxes.

After ordering the invasion of Panama (1989) Bush Senior said he wanted "nothing to do with Arab politics." Meaning Saddam Hussein's claim that "Kuwait was historically an intrinsic part of Iraq."
As his presidency went down the toilet and Saddam invaded Kuwait
(Aug 1990)  Bush Senior changed his mind. Allegedly after Margaret Thatcher told him how she stayed in office, despite doubling unemployment, by virtue of the Falklands War (The Falklands Factor) Bush Senior led the 16 nation coalition Gulf War that drove Saddam out of Kuwait (Jan-Feb 1991)  but he was still thrown out of office. 

Bush Senior: Commie Cronies

Back in 1989, Jiang Zemin was promoted by commie leader Deng Xiaoping to Deputy Leader for his part in China-wide mass murders of pro-democracy protesters.
May - June 1989. Students and workers in every major Chinese city were protesting government corruption.
On May 20th Deng Xiaoping declared Martial Law in order to clear
pro-democracy protesters from Beijing's massive Tiananmen Square.
The first troops sent into the square sympathized with the students arguments and had to be pulled out.
Deng Xiaoping then sent in a regiment of Mongolian soldiers with orders to target the students with AK-47 fire. Thousands died. Hundreds escaped the square only to be grotesquely flattened by convoys of tanks rolling down the narrow side streets. 
Pro-democracy Student Leaders were rounded-up in every major city and executed by firing squad. Their families were then charged for the bullets.
July 1989. President George Herbert Bush (Caligula) sent a courier to the mass murderer, Deng Xiaoping, the courier told Deng Xiaoping not to worry about the Sanctions US citizens and some congressmen were demanding against China. Caligula assured his commie buddy the Sanctions would be short-lived.
The US branch of the Commie Secret Police had reported Chinese students studying in America who voiced support for the now executed Student Leaders. These students faced jail if they returned home. 
December 1989 Caligula stopped a Bill that would have allowed the students to stay in America. Hundreds were forced to return. Along with the famous Tank Man many disappeared without trace.


Tank Man: Never Seen Again

Beijing Organic Carvery
& Take Away

Summer Specials
Eyes, Two For One

Refrigerated Chinese boxes of hearts, livers, kidneys, spleens and eyes yanked-out of executed dissidents are delivered weekly to Rockefeller Hospitals, Transplant Center, Chicago University USA.
Some of these fresh young organs are yanked-out while still twitching in the worlds first purpose built mobile
Execution Chambers. "Travelling Chop Shops" double as corpse operating theatres. The driver-operators of these super-sized military ambulances have been dubbed 'Beijing's best paid butchers.' Any reader in need of a cut price body part from a healthy young dissident should send their medical details to: 
Mr G. Bush Senior aka Caligula. c/o The White House,
Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC. USA.
As US Envoy to Communist China, Caligula hooked-up with the fresh organ farmers (the Commie Secret Police) thirty-odd-years ago.       

Skull & Bones - The Bush Family Club
Skull & Bones is the most nauseating club low life can join. Membership is restricted to the offspring of the world's richest white families. "Freshmen" lie in a mud filled coffin masturbating while "Mouldy Men" masturbate around the coffin chanting verses from the Klu Klutz Klan handbook. George Bush Senior has been known as Caligula since his
initiation into this vile collection of born useless scum.  Update Google Skull & Bones  but only if you really need to vomit   also see  Bonesmen & The Crown

October 14th 2006. The Nuclear Aircraft Carrier 'USS George H. Bush' was commissioned. Rumours that Bush wanted to christen his nuke carrier 'USS Caligula' are probably just gossip but you never know 

All Pals Together
Rummy Rumsfeld greeting Saddam. When Bush Senior was Vice President, Rummy was Defence Secretary.


December 19 - 20, 1983. Defense Secretary Donald "Rummy" Rumsfeld arriving for a palace-piss-up in Iraq.  Rummy gave Saddam a pair of solid gold spurs - a present from the Cowboy President, Ronnie Regan. Rummy was in Iraq to cut an arms for cheap oil deal. The arms he supplied to Saddam included poison gas. Her Majesty's
passing Defence Minister, Michael Heseltine, gave Saddam arms & ammo worth £M6, which Saddam never paid for, the bill was paid by the British taxpayer.

                                 Trouble at'th plute mill 

 The proposed sale of British Nuclear Group (BNG) is raising the hackles of environmentalists and Sellafield unions alike. Amicus national officer Doug Rooney stated.
 'The proposal to privatise British Nuclear Group will set up another Railtrack.'
Gary Smith, national officer at the GMB agreed.
 'Like Railtrack it will be dependent on public money,  any corners cut could lead to a catastrophic mistake.'
Apart from the inevitable accidents that cost cutting causes due to privatization; the billions of taxpayers money given to the rail industry, after Her Majesty's
Government sold it to asset strippers
, will pale into insignificance when Sellafield is sold to private companies owned (through the usual nominees) by the royals and their cronies. These companies will receive the taxpayers money by the trainload. 

The Queen's business partners, Halliburton, are already running the Royal Naval Dockyards Devonport & Plymouth and Her Majesty's
Nuclear Weapons Establishment
at Aldermaston.   see AWE



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